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The Berbice Gazette

View original L.)
eee = =e ——————————— Lh
lve dollars p. @ niente
nee, and one-third tothe powers to whom such for
ses shall appertain. a
‘he vessels and ships which are building, and whic‘! ''
L not be ready for launching in six weeks after th =

sent treaty, shall be coasidercd as materials, and a
h divided in the proportion above assigued, after bein briat
en to picees. Vy
‘ommissaries shall be mutually appointed to arrang iol
division, and draw up astatement thereof, and pass!orn
ts shall be given by the Allivd Powers, to seenre thliou
arn to France of the French workmen, seamen, ani |)
ts. }
Che vessels and arsenals existing in the maritime for , a
sses which shall have fallen into the power of the Allies ,4
erior to the 23d of April, are not iacluded in the abov ,
ulations, nor the vessels and arsenals which belonges
flo'!land. andlin particular the Texel fleet.
he French Goverament binds itself to withdraw, oy
ise to be sold, all that shall belong to ti by the abov
ted stipulations, within the period of Circe months af.
the divuYion has been ecHected.
[u future, the port of Autwerp shall besolely a port o1
16 The high contracting prrties wishing to place anc
isc to be placed tn entire oblivion: the divistons whic,
ve agitated Kurope, declare and protise, that in’ th
untrics restored and ceded by the present treaty, no in.
idual of whatever class or condition shall be prevented,
rasscd, or disturbed in his person or property, under
y pretext, or for his atlachmenteither to any of the coun.
icing partics or tou Goveruments which have ceased to
St, or for any other cause, unless for debts contracted
individuals, or for acts posterior te the preseut treaty.
17. Inail the countries which may or shall change m IS.
‘s, as wellin virtue of the present treaty, as of arrange.
‘ufs to be made in consequence thereof, the inhabitants,
th natives and foreigners of whatever class or condition.
all be allowed a space of six years, reckoning from th
chanze of the ratifications, inorder to: dispose, if they
ink proper, of their property, whether acquired before
during the present war, and to retire to whatever coun-
y fiey please.
18. The Allied Powers, wishing to cive his most Chris.
a Majesty a now proot of their desire to cause to dis.l
= —-
pear, as tauch as lies iu their power, the c USCqueNnces
the period of calunotty so happily Corminated by the
csent peace, renounce a tofo, the sums which the Go-
roinent had to re-demand of $
Rrance’s by reason of an
uteacis, supplics, of advances whatsoever, made to thi
reach Croveruimervt da cae diulereat wars which bave ta.
‘a place since 1762,
His Most Christan Majesty, on his side, renounce
ery chara which he might wake onthe Allied Powars o1
nilarc yroundds, ln exccution ot this AI ICle, the hig ’
neractiny Parties cilsayve Wutual y lo give up all titles.
mds. and documents relating to debts which they have
Siorocaily renounced,
19. ‘Lhe French Guvernment engages to canseto be li-
lidated) aud paid all sums which itshall tind itself bound
duty to pay in conntites bey vad its terri€uries, in vine
ve of contracts or other furtual ene as: menty, entered ie!
between individuals or private est. biishuents, and the!
rench authorities, both for sunulies oe! powers ul


Lif iS J
sa nO } 4 (
J ll CE ( a (
’ , ( } .
To all fy) . ‘
CO A . aA ° ‘
fhe pun ber: Hite
{ “yt Gg) - ae
‘ ¥ ‘
t pe fois ive itis th () ) al TTA
»* Qo)
1!) re are fooren ' Vi 1 5» Vib
' ’
per fos ald i
Wy! ehe ny oe . . : ,
hatha ducnre Every Bb bel
Poss eI
; 1° ' mI 1\<
ye \
f° } ]
} pial é uy
oe deat (0 PNCE LOC,
, e >
Voi? ( 1}
' 1, ‘ ‘' ' \ ’ )
» Pcfyfes ttyl Col
all Pstates tn (hes cule,
aves. Mill have Pwo OF ore \
’ ‘
D(\() {or. 19, ‘aa . \\ ita s “
6=0 and uy wore ive WI
? () ( i
re det \ } | _
Al . | 4 vr ny] cf f ¢ a | "1 ; q)>| j Jt j tO} ( 4)
pf re, pbb : ot : ,
: (oa | 1 ( : pee youd) TOE CVCTY
piiechnhec. THe 7 -
} ‘ i’ x ( rT) r{ TA } i] ” \ yj tii Lf Laie, mM pore e
Wiis tle : vo a ry Cire 7
portion to the nmmber of Newtocs. \ mn
‘ ‘ : . . ; . 1° ; . ‘ ; Yr
gf roe og the numer Oa hh (CS OF) ¢ uhh propel \
ing to be determined by | '
{ th CY Ov 1! cists C al (| to ly re Ola {4 yy Late ile-
aad i “s
turn of Negro
beins on the nee . ota tn ] }
ih y her ( eySs mye i) ¢

ame rit 4) bile atic
: } ) . rt) y,.Re é
Sciven up to tire Rccerver General, as
i WO
eidered aller Ue disal os vue divar Cialis, lO Lise
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View original La
View original SS —————————
the Estates in their respective diviscons, tn or ['
pascer in and report, how far these our Kegu-
Shave becn coniplicd with,
e nevertheless requ re it so to be understood.
nthe event of the decease ofany white peron
any plantation within this colony, that Six [s
hs time shall be givea to the Proprictor or At],
yy fo provide another white Substitute in bis |,
San that until he exptration of such 6 months,
lentotion shall not incur or be livble tor the fine
fore stated; exces tingalways Estates which only
ove white Persons as on the dermis:
ire by Lao
teh white Porson, of on his q iitting the Proper-
nother stall be placed in his room, withtn one
Hh after bis deecase or departure, on pain of in
ine (lye (isn as belore stu ar
asity we decree, (ut the Pines and Penalties tim-
us to be levied from those whoa dis Nye
cour Orders, still be dev: ted as follows: Ohuie
dtorthe Fiseat, One this dt for the Tneortuiver, aid
Sthird for the Poor ol che Reformed Church o
cod that no fenorance mey he prefen Ved of the
(); 1 mene, Wh ~sNde sh) \| hye poblished, cult wll
OTH) tlio.
\ i | GO cl more tere
ar rbd | cv
Phas resolved my) err Youn
Sel! in fle fown ob N w Nsstod rie da the oco-
vol Berbice, an the Tstot October PSO. Poeset,
s Excellency Miyjor Coon. Ser. ha! we Pr -
CES an | thre 1} mm). \I *t Mors J... (", t . y.
wae ®. Kendall, Pe. Teooaue aad oo. A. Oa
er ald published O.l th Oth «| the same mmo ctb.
Jo co ond off ‘, ( wil,
it. (, [«) \ Nuh, Sec.
(Third time of jp» hing.)
—_—_— er or ore
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View original
View original gD
[ Payable in advance
—— ee
View original
View original
View original Bernier.
Rine’s Touse, 7 th July, 1814.
DISPATCHES have this day been received from
the Right Honorable the Earl BAtHurst, announc-
ing the Signing at Paris, on the 30th of May last, the
Definiiive Treaty of Peace, by the respective Pleni-
potentiaries of Great Britain and France.
By the Lieunt.-Governor’s Command.
FF, WHITE, Gov. Sec.
View original NOTIFICATION.
THE Honorable Courts of Policy, Criminal and
Civil Justice of the colouy Berbice, having observed
that many persons presenting Petitions to the afore-
eaid Courts, frequently deviate from the general or
der, given out in this respect, under date of 22 No-
vember 1805, whereby all Petitions were required to
be delivered) into the President’s Office, within a
certain period previous to their sittings. NOW
ORDER, and require, all persons who have Petitions
to present to the Court of Policy, Criminal, or Civil
Justice, to render in the same to his Excellency th
Governor, as President, 48 hours previous to the sit-
ting of that Court te which such Petition is addres-
sed ; as otherwise Petitions will not be Noticed, ex-
@ept in cases of periculum in mora.
Court JIouse, Berbice, 23ih July, 1814.
By command,
R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
————&<&=—_=—_=—=—=—=—=_==_—=_— —_—_—_—$——X—_=—=—==="»"
View original SS — - — ———_—————
[S hereby given, that the Firm of Beysamiy
Jackson & Co. is this day desolved by mutual coii-
gent; all persons indebted to the said Firm, are re-
guested to Me ike payment to the first undersigned,
and those who have any demands, to render them fo;
examination and payment.
um me sts
View original ee ee
THE Domicilium Citandi ct Executandi of the
aubscriber, prio’ and in quality, is at the House of
Mr. R. MacXenzie, in New Amsterdam.
—_—_ -_—
View original NOTICE
TS hereby given, that a large Punt has been pick’d
mp, at sca, by the boat people belonging to plantation
Woodland, West Coast; any person owing the same,
ean have it, by prooving the property and paying the
expence of advertizing.
THE subscribers requests all those having demand:
ag¢iinst plantation Ad/tearn, since the 17th February
4818, for supplics, to date, to render the same within
fourteen days, when the accounts will be made up,
and no further claim admitted,
60 July. I). C. CAMERON, for self.
JOLIN ROSS, Sequestrators.
— LANDING trom the schooner Swift, and for sal
by the subscriber, Beet and Pork in Barrels and halt
Barrels, Hams, Butier, &c.
30 July, Wa. (ENERY.
View original rr eee eee eee
TO all whom it concerns ; that the several papers,
and documents, relative to Law snifs pending beiore
the great Court and Commissary Court of Civil Jus-
tice of this colony, must be called for previous to the
Session of any of the said Courts; and the fees and
expenditure paid, in order to prevent defaulls or
som pariuts.
50 July. J. THIBOU MATITEWS, Adve.
a 8
View original Ll ee gee
JULY, dl Days.
View original BIS Sth Sundayafter Trinity,
We }|A\UGUsl, Lamas Day.—Full Moon 3 h. 59 m
2) | (moruibg.— Spring udee
3) \\
4) l
GiS|Transfig. of our Lord.
[> ———E ee
———ai & Ny. © ee
Sarunvay, Jury 30, 1814.
By the unezpected arrival of our Guiana Packet this
Geek, we have received London Papers to the \\th vf
June, and Dutch Gazelles bo the 8th of that month ; y hap-
py we are lo luy before our Readers the PEACE signes
ocbween France and Great B: ‘iluin, Austria, Russia anu
Pr UsSBiG.
The Mail to be forwarded to Europe by the Packe:
For, will Le closet preesey “7 e@elesk en sonda,,
Meorntths, Lib dug.
View original | FRENCH PAPERS.
Paris, June 1.—Vhe Peace was yesterday anzonnced
to the inhabitants of Paris, between France, Austria,
Russia, England, and Prussia. ‘he Treaty which cement:
it was signed on the 30th May.
Article 1, ‘There shall be, reckoning from this date,
peace between his Majesty the king of France and Navarre,
am one part, and his Majesty the Emperor of Austrir King
of Hungary and Bohemia, and his Allies, on the othe:
vart, their heirs and successors, their respective states and
subjects in perpetuity.
The high contracting parties shall apply all their cares
fo mainta:n, not only between themselves, but also as fai
as depends on them between all the states of Europe, the
xood agreement and understanding so necessary to it:
2. The Kingdom of France preserves the integriiy of its
Limits such as they existed at the period of the lst of Ja
sudry, 1792. It shall receive besides av augmentation ov!
territory comprised within the line of demarkation fixed by
ihe following article :—
3. On the side of the Belgium, Germany, and Italy, the
cient frouticr such as itexisted on the lst January, 1792,
hall be reeestablished, the same commencing from the
North sea, between Dunkirk aad Niewport even unto th
Mediterranean between Cagnes and Nice, with the follow -
ng retifications ;—
ad fa the department of Jemmappes, the cantons of
Your, Merbeseleechateau, Beatmout, aad Chimay, shalt
remain to trance, the line of demarkation, where il
‘ouches the cantun of Dour, ahall pass Uctween that canton
nd those of Boussu and Paturayve, as well ds, farther Ol,
between that of Murbes-le-Chateau and those of Binch anu
b. Inthe department of the Sambreand Meuse, the can-
tons of Valcourt, Fiorcnncs, Beauraing, and Gedinney shail
tulig to France; the demarkation, upon reaching thi
lepariment, shali follow the tine which separates the fore.
nentioned cantons, from the departwent of Jemmappes,
aod from the rest of that of the Sambre and Nteuse.
c. tu the department of the Moselle, the acew demarka-
hou where it ditters from the old, shall be formed by a line
0 be drawn from Perle as far af Premersdorf, or by that
which separates the canton of ‘Tholey from the rest of the
department of the Moselle.
d. In the department of the Sarre, the cantons of Saar-
bruck and Arnwal, shall remain to Fiance, as well as tha
part of the canton of Lobach which ts situated to the sou tt.
of a line €o be drawn along the continues of the villages o:
Hlerchenbach, Ucberhosen, Milsbach, and Hall, (having
these diflerent places, without the French frontier) Co th
point where, taken from Quer-clle, (which belungs to
Kraace) the line which separates the cantons of Aruway
dnd Ottwebter, reaches that which separates those of Aru
wal and Lebach; the frontier on this side shall be formed
by the line above marked out, and then by that which se.
Jarates the canton of Ariwa from that of Bhescastel.
é. ‘Vhe fortress of Landau have prior to the year 1792,
furined an insulated point in Germany, rance retains
beyoud hee fromtiers a part of die departmen of Mont
fonnerre and the Lower Rhiue, in oider to join the fore
tress Of Landau aud its district to the rest of the Kingdom,
phe new demerkation, proceeding from the poiat where,
dt Obersteiubach, (which remains without tae F ench
fronticr,) the frontier enters the department of the Mo-
selle, and that of Mont Toouerre, Joius the departiaant of
he Lowe: Rhine, shall follow the line which separates th:
cantons of Weisscuburah and Bergzabern (on the side o!
france) from the cantons of Pirmasens, Dahn, and An.
weller, (ou the side of Germany) to the point where these
Imits, near the village of Wohnersneim touch the ancicnt
district of the fortress of Landau. Of this district, which
remalis as it was in 1792, the new fronticr shall folloy,
he arin of the river Qneica, which, in leaving this district
near Qoeichheim (which rests with Frauce,) passes ucar
tae Villages of Meclenbeim, Koiltclshetin, and Belheun (al.
g remaining Ferench,) to the Rhine, which thence con.
ues the boundary vetween Trance and Germany. As
(o the Rhine, the Phalve,, or cotrse of the river, shall
lorm the bouudary, the charges, however, which may oc.
cur in the course of the river, shall have no cilect on the
roperty of the bsles which are found there, ‘Phe posses.
son of these Isles shail be replaced under the same forin as
it the peciod of the treaty of Luneville.
f. In the Departorent of the Doubs, the frontier shall be
drawn, so as to commence above la Ranconnicre, near the
Loell, and follow the crest of the Jura between Cerncaur
Pequignot and the village of Fontenelles, so far as thar
summit of the Jera which lies about seven or eight miles
v the nuorthewest of the village of Ja Brevine, where it
sill turn back within the ancient limits of France.
g. tn thedepartment of the Leman, the frouticr between
he French territory, the Paris de Vand, and the diflcrent
iorfions of the territory of Geneva, (which shall make a
oart of Swisseriand,) remain as they were before the in-
corporation of Geneva with France. But the canton ot
Mrangy, that of St. Julieu (with exception of that pari
lying to the north of a line to be drawn from the point
vhere the river of la Jaire enters near Chauncey into th
(renevese territory, along the borders of Seseguiu. — Laco-
tex, and Seseneuve, which shall remain without the limits
f France, the canton of Regnicr (with exception of chat
yortion which lies eastward ofa line following the borders
ft the Muraz, Bussy, Pers, and Cornier, which shall b
without the French limits,) and the canton of la Roch
(with exception of the places named la Roche and Arma.
vay with their districts) shall rest with France. ‘Tho
frontier shall follow the limits of those different canton:
ind the lines separating those portions which France re-
iains from those which she gives up.
A. [no the department of Mont Blane, France shall ob.
tain the Subprefecture of Chambery, (with exception ot
he cantons de ? Hopital, St. Pierre, @Albiguy, la Rosette
tnd Montmelian,) the Subprefecture of Annecy, (with
‘xception of that part of the canton of Faverges, situated,
v the east of a line passing between Gurechaise and Mar-
‘us on the French side, and Marivod and Ugine on the
pposite side, and which then follows the crest of tha
‘w@amiaing be the freutivr ef the maceme! Alessi.) This
View original line, with the limits of the sforeanamed santon, shall cows
stitute the new frontier on this side,
On the side of the Pyrenness, the fronticrs remain ag
they were, between the two kingdoms of I’rance and Spain,
an the Ist of January, 1792. ‘Khore shall’ be appointed
on the part of both, a mutual Comission, to arrange
(heir final demarkation.
rance renounces all claims of sovereignty, supremacy,
Lud possession over all countrics, districts, tewns, and
laces whatsoever situated without tne above stuted fron.
der, “Phe principality of Monaco is replaced in the same
ituation as on the Ist of January, 1792.
The Allied Courts assure to France the possession of
(he principal.ty of Aviguo 1, the Venaissin, the country of
Mootbeliard, and all the incloscd distiiets once belonging
ty Gerinany, comprised within the above ludicated fron.
(ery winch hed been incorporated with France before or
aiter the ist of Januery. 1799.
f A A _—— se _- -
whaor de Verceniode Nederlandcn,
i In de Hotandsche Taal.
on Teven cerede betaling van f6.—
Ook zyn dezelve te bekomen, in Demcrary, tet
Cukkerv. van de Heeren Autcet & Steven SON,
1 .
uo prys f 0.
View original - {oN ow re dy for delivery, a( this Ollice, ia the Dutch
mnguage only, Copies of the
Er. For the Netherlards,
° Price £6.—Cash.
sm Also tabe had, in Demerars, atthe Prating OF
Luce of Vessrs AUER X& STUVENSON.—orice £6,
—_ --—-_----
as THE Charterer the Colony Datice, Manners o
doze Proceedigs, in the Coats of Civil distice, bork
Dyy the Mae'ich and Datch Paowitecs. Gling Bills o
laychane aed Lating, Codee Certificates, a few
heet Alinanacus for the present year, prmee fd
CC oyeral kinds of Poper, (C th, Wavers, &c. .
CU a Se _
Lo : :
ve THE Exccutors to the Ts ite of the I:te Mrs. H
J. Buse, willon the dntter cad ef September, ort
ofthe beginning of October next, scl,
CLCofy Phintation: al ( Riv rof
PROVIDENCE, Le sbtiee.
_ And the Cotton Plintstion ZERZYCUY, on the wer
coast of Berbtee.
G Poecther with about 699 Slrves, to be sold in lots ¢
wiruities. The conditions of Sale, tovether wii th
rf oventorics, are visible at Mire A. A. de la Conne
OQie..—The day of Sale will be nolified Dy fo'tow
7 .
1 meeadvertsement, Ld UT Ve
a nu SL ll et
View original TT
— ~ | | .
Stile Domicilium, eta) et ececuland, of
. . 7 ‘ voy ), ruse ’
bl sbseriber, both in prive aad as oo. Che heirs aud
. I “ay er re .
MP ratlces ot Roberta dos pdt lil, ocean wd, sat
' Pye ‘ en | .- f,
mouse of “Nleossrs. LT. LAU 1). NX A O. Ni . & (.\tea oe
Q) July, «)\S WN JON 1»,
t, eee ee eee spe Sens eee
. | . . e - t
Plantums for Sate.
Praxtarys to the amount of One SJendred Din
-Vehes can be delivered, thany quinttty im Pown
' eve , ." . . I ') eat) ron the Saf , (
‘ fit ht a v) ery |) J iD. oat 9 ‘ 5 ae >
(frhe Sunday in-eech week, ali the year round, tot
cett] d for Vodty,’ it) eer a. dit ome ki stink S$ cin atcg r
ceive occasion Lsuppies: at Nine Suvers per dune
sending forthen; application fo be made ty Mesa
G. Bonne & (o.— fou Pauly.
bible iva fHAND bas aQee,
Christian Majesty, and cedes ali the mguts which he migh@
have to that istaud.
LO. His wust Jaithful Majesty, In consequence of
Arrangements catered into with his allies, engages to rese
(ufe to his most Climstian Majesty, withia a period heres
after uxed, Krench Guiana such as it was on the lat of
Jan. 1792,
The eitcet of the above stipulation being to revive the
dispute existing at that period as to limits, it is agreed thag
(he said dispute shall be terminated by an amicable are
irasement under the mediation of his Iritannic Majesty,
11, Lhe fortresses and forts existing in the colonies to be
restored tu his must Caristiawn Majesty, in virtue of Are
‘icles 8. 9. and 10. shall be givcu up ia the state in which
they shall be at the time of the signature of the preseng
12. Ifis Britannic Majesty engages to cause the Subject
of his Most Christian Majesty to enjoy, in revard to cone
merce aud the security of their persons and properties,
within the limits of the British sovercignty on the Contie
nent of India, the sate facilities, privileges, and protectis
on, Which are at present granted to the most favoured nae
lions, Ou his side, his most Christian Majesty having
nothing more at heart than the perpetuity of the peace be.
tween the (wo Crowns of France and Kugland, and wishes
ing to contribute. as muchas iu him lies, to remove hence.
forward such points of contadt between the two nationg
as might one day alter a good mutual understanding, ene
gayes uot to erect any work of fortification in the estas
blishments to be restored to him, aud which are situated
within the limits of British sovereignty on the continent of
India, and to place in those establishmeuts only the nume
ber of troops necessary for the mairtenance of the police,
13. As tothe French right of fishery on the grand bank
vf Newfoundland, on the coasts ef the isle of that name
and the adjacent isles, and ia the Gulph of se. Lawrencc,
very thing shall be reitercd to Ge same footing as im
\7 9%
View original ¥ (4. The colonies, factories, and establishments to bo re-
stored to his Most Christian Majesty by his Britannic Ma-
jesty or his Allies, shall be given up, viz. those iu the Seas
of tie North, or in the Seas and ou the Continents ol
America and Africa, within three months, and those be-
yond the Cape of Good Hope within six months, after th
ratification of the present treaty.
15. The high coutracting partics having reserved t.
themselves by the 4th Art. of the Convention of April 23
the regulation in the present Definitive Treaty of Peace.
of the fate of the arsenals and vessels of war, armed and
not armed, which are in maritime fortresses, surrendered
by France in execution of Art. 2. of the said Convention,
it is agreed that the said vessels and ships of war, armed
and not armed, as also the nava! artillery, the naval stores.
and all the materials of construction avd armament, shal,
be divided between France and the country where the for-
tresses are situated, in the proportion of two-thirds tc
France, and oue-third tothe powers to whum such for.
tresses shall appertain,
‘The vessels and ships which are building, and whic!
ghall not be ready for launching in six weeks after thi
resent treaty, shall be coasidercd as materials, and as
such divided in the proportion above assigued, after bein.
tuken to picees.
Cormmissaries shall be mutually appointed to arrang
fhe division, and draw up astatement thereof, and pass-
ports shall be giveu by the Allied Powers, to secure th
peturn to France of the French workmen, seamen, and
~The vessels and arsenals existing in the maritime for-
tresses which shall have fallen into che power of the Allies.
anterior to the 23d of April, are not included in the above
stipulations, nov the vessels and arsenals which belonged
to [lo!land, an} in particular the Tevel ffcet.
The French Goverament binds itself to withdraw, o:
@ause tu be sold, all that shall belong to ti by the abov
stated stipulations, within the periud of three mouths af.
fer the divYion has been elected.
Tu future, the port of Antwerp shall besolely a port of
16 The high contracting prrties wishing fo place and
€anse to be placed in entire oblivion the divistons whic!
have agitated Kurope, declare and promise, that in’ th
countries restored and ceded by the present treaty, no in.
@ividual of whatever class or condition shall be prevented,
harassed, or disturbed in his person or property, under
uy pretext, or for his attachnnenteither (uo any of the con.
tracing partics or to Goveruments which have ceased to
exist, or for any other cause, unless for debts contracted
@o individuals, or for acts posterior te the preseut treaty.
17. Inail the countries which may or shall change m Is.
ters, as wellin virtue of the present treaty, as of arrange.
mou's to be made in consequence thereof, the inhabitants,
both natives and foreigners of whatever class or condition,
shall be allowed a space of six years, reckoning from thi
exchancve of the ratilications, in order to dispose, if they
think proper, of their property, whether acquircd before
or during the present war, and to retire to whatever coun-
try they please.
18. The Allied Powers, wishing to cive his most Chris-
€ians Majesty aoow proot of their desire to cause to dis.
Appear, as much as lies in their power, the consequences
ef the period of caluinity so happily Corminated by Che
present peace, renounce bul toto, the suis which the Cio.
Wernmert had to vesdomand of hrance’s by reason of am
@oulracis, sup) tics, of ddvanecs whatsoever, made Co th.
French Government in tae dulercat wars wiich bave ta.
Keun place since 172.
His Most Chitstan Majesty, on his side, renounce
every chu awhich he night wake onthe Allcd Powars on
Gimilar rroun.! Ln excecution ot thi dE ICle, thie high
@ontracting Pardes eugage mutualy to siveoup all tithes.
bouds. and documents relating Co debts which they have
BeCiprocally reuounced.
19. ‘Lhe French Guvernment engages to cause to be li-
@uidated and paid all sums wilach ishall tind itself bound
dn duty to pay in counties bey vad its Cerrituries, im vir.
tuc of contracts or other furtial eneagsments, entered iu.
tu between individuals or private est. bitshuents, and the
French authorities, both for supplies and iyal obligations,
20. The High Coutracting Powers, tuiuediatery afte,
the exchange of the ratilications of the present treaty, wit
appoint Commissarics to regulate aid cilectuate the exe.
@ution of the who e of the metsures Contained in Article
WB. and 19. ‘VPhese Comimissaries shaitemyloy Chenisely cs
dn the examination of the clans mentioned inthe preced-
fag Article, of the hg datiow of the sains ¢lanned, and ol
the mude whica the rouch Gorerniment sual pro jose fo
paying them. ‘They shall also be charged with tue gira
wp of the titles, obuigations, and documents relay: to tin
debls which the hivh contracting powers mutually ree
Mouance, in such Way that the ratiscatoa of Cae result) of
Gheir labours shall eotuplete thes eeciprocal venanciation,
21. Phe cebts specially hy puthecrted im theiy ongin o
the cou strics which cuase to beluag Co france, or con
tracted for their interval admuaisteation, shail remain
@harge ou these same countries. Av accounc shall incon.
sequence be kept for the French Gorerament, conmnenc.
dng with the 22d December, 18143, of such of those debis
as havedeeo converted into incriptions in the great) book
ef the public debt of France. ‘Phe tittes of all such a-
have not been prepared for the inscription, nor have been
yet inscribed, shall be given up to the Goveruments o:
the respective countries. Statements of all these debi
@hall be drawn up by a inixed commission.
22. The French Governinent, on its side, shall remain
@arged with the repayment ofall the sums paid by th
@ubjects of the above-mentioned countiics into the Frenc'
ebests, whether under the head of cantionments, deposits.
er consignments, Tn like manner French subjects, sere
wants of the said countrics, who have paid sums under thy
head of cantionments, deposits, or cousizuments, into then
wesp cctive treasuries, shal be faithfully reimbursed.
23. The titulars of places subjected to cauGonment, who
have not the handing of the money, shall be repaid with
fmter est, until the full paymeut at Paris, by fifths and an.
Bually, commercing from the date of the present ‘Treaty.
With regard te Whose whe arwacquuutable, (ho pay wei
View original shall take place, at the latest, six months after the presen.
tation of their accounts, the case of malversaiion alone ex.
‘epted. A copy of the last account shall be transmitted
‘vu the Government of their country to serve it for it for.
mation and as a starting point.
24. ‘The judicial deposits and consignments made into
the chest of the sinking fuudin execudon of the Jaw oi
the 28th Nivose, year 13 (18th of January, 1815), anu
which belong to the inhabitants of countries which france
vases (o possess, shall be restored withiu a year, daung
rom the exchange of the ratifications of the present treaty
tuto the hands of the authorities of the satd countries, with
the exception ofsuch deposits and consignments as french
Subjects are interested in; in which case they shall remain
in the chest of the sinking fund, not to be restored but os
proofs resulting from the decissious of the Competent au-
25. The funds deposited by the communes and public es-
tablishments in the chest of service and in the chest of the
inking fund, or iu any other govern. ent chest, shall be
repaid to them by fifths from year to year, reckuniug frou
the date of the present treaty, with the dedication of aa.
vances which shall have been made to them, and saving Lie
regular claims made upon these fuads by creditors ot thy
aid communes and public establishing ats,
26. Dating from the Ist January, [St4, the Frenct.
Croverument ceases to be charged with tue pay me ilul any
pension, civil, military, or Uclesiatical, pension of retiree.
ment, or half pay, to any todividual, who is uv louger.
Krench subject.
27. The national dumains acquired for a vatuable con.
sideration by Freuch subjects, in the cfedevaat depart.
ments ef Belgium, the left baok of the Rhine aad of th
Alps, without the ancient lunits of Brauce, are aad ic.
vain gutcantced (o the purchasers.
28. The abolition of the droits Wavhaine, delractte.,
wd others of the sane uature in the countries whiten rec
peocally stipulated with eaace, or which had beeu anc.
cedently ancrcd. ccc eeee eee COME MEd,
-etzed in the Provinces acCut ied by the rcuch advuncs on
tdunnistrations ; and in cases whore restitution cannot Le
eo these obigatins and titles are and remain aan tates
» Phe sums which shall be due for all works of pu.
otic “tility hot yet termiaated or terminated postenor tu
ihe 31st of December, 1612, on the Rhine, and in the D
partments detached from France by the present treaty , ,
shal! pass to the charge of future pussessurs of the territo.
ry, and shall be liquidated by (he comurission charged wath
‘he liquidation of the debt of the distr sets
3). All archives, charts, plaus, aud documents what-
soover, belonging to the coontries ceded, and conueetes
with their administration, shail be faithfully restored ai
the same time with the couutries, or, if that be iinprack.
cable, within a period nut more (hau 6 mouths aiter the
surrender of (he said countries.
The stipulation ie applicable to archives, charts, and,
plans which may have been carried off in puuoneles tur
the moment occupied by the diaverent armies.
32. Within a period of two months, all the Powers whe
nave dDecu engaged on boih sides in the prosecute Wer, shal
send Plenipotent aries to Vienna, in order ty regal ite, ain
4 general Congress, the arrangenients necessary lor cuin-
pleading the Jispositt ns of the present Ereaty,.
J3. The present Peeaty shall be rated, and the rat.
ictiious eachanged within @ furtoight, or svuner if prac.
ln testimony whereof the respective Plenipotentiarics
have signed Uie sac, and alhacd Uiesetu the seal of their
Doncat Paris, the 30th of May, in the year of om
Lord, 1814.
Locus Ségilly) (signed) The Prince of DrNevENTO.
hons Sigilla) Prince of Meriernicu.
Lucas dig ble) Count Sravion.
Additional Article.
The High contracting pactics wishing to efface all tra-
ces of the unfortunate events which have wetghed heavily
ou their people, have agreed ¢ explicitly to annul the eflect:
of the Treaties ul [805 and 1809, iu as far as they arn
wot already actually aunulled by the ptesent Treaty, Ii
Cousequeuce of this declaration, his uost Christian Ma.
jesty cngages that the decrees re aeainst French,
ee French subjects, being, or having been in i
service of his diapernal aud Royal Apostolic Majesty ,
shall reniain without cHect, as wellas the judgments whacs
nay have been passed in execution of those decrees,
Vhe present additional article shall have the same force:
tod cllect as iffit had been inserted in the patent Treat. of
this date. Dt shali be ratified, and the ratification shall be
Achinged at the same time. In testimony whereof, the
respective Plenipotentiaries have signed it, and athacd
nereto the seal of their arms.
Done at Panis, this 30ta Msy, 1814.
(Signed as above.)
The same day, at the same time and place, the
sune treaty of definitive peace was coucluded,—be-
tween France and Russta—between France & Great
Srituin—between brance and Prussia, and signed,
Vig i—
The Treaty between France and Russia:
For France, by M. Charles Maurice Talleyrand Peri-
yoid—and for Russia, by M. M. Count Rasomoufiski.
The Treaty between France and Great Brituin:
For France, by M. Charles Maurice Talleyrand Peri-
sord—aud for Great Biitain, by the Right Hon. Robert
stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, George Gordon, Earl of
Aberdeen, Viscount Formartin, Lord Haddo, ‘Tarvis,
inellie, Win. Shaw Cathcart, Viscount Cathcart, Baron
Cathcart, Greenock, and the lun, Charles William Ste-
The Treaty between France and Prussia:
For France, by Charics Maurice Talleyrand Perigord,
—and for Prussia, by M. MM. Charles Augustus Baron
(lardenberg, &c.
VV ita thy Jullowi ing addilional articles s
View original Article Additional to the Trealy with Russta,
The Duchy of Warsaw having been under the adminisé
(ration of a provisional council established by Russia ever
sluce that country was occupied by her arms, the two higla
coutracting parties lave agreed to appoint immediately @
Special Cominission, compesed on both sides of an equal
vumber of Commissarivs, who shall be charged with the
“xamination and liquidation of their respective claims, and
all the arrangements relative thereto.
The present additional article shall have the same force
ind ellect, as if inserted verbatim in the patent treaty of
‘his date. It shall be ratified, and the ratifications exa
chanaed at the same time; In fesumony whereof the rese
vective Pleniputentiaries have signed the sane, and aflixed
thereto the seal of their arms,
Done at Paris, this 30th of May, 1814,
(Locus Sigilli) (Sigued) Vhe Prince of BeNevente
(Locus Sigilli) Count RAsuMOUFEsKY.
( Locus Séigzilli) Count NEssELRUDE.
Articles Additional to the Treely with Great Britain.
L. [fis most Christian Majesty, participating without
reserve in all the sentiments of his Britannic Majesty relae
Ive toaspecies of commerce which is equally repugnan®
uv the principles of natural justice, and the lights of the
‘Imes i which we live, engages to unite, ata future Cone
ress, all his efforts to those of his Britannic Majesty, in
irder to cause all the Powers of Christendom to proclaim
ve abolition of the Slave ‘Trade, in such manner that the
suid trade may cca e universally, as it shall cease definie
ieely, and inall events, on the part ef France, within «
icriod of five years, and that besides, pending the duratie
of this period, no trader in slaves shall be at liberty to
Haportor scll them elsewhere, but in the colonies of the
fate to which be belongs.
2. ‘Phe british Goverument and the French Govern
ent willimnatdiately appoint Commissaries to liquidate
Nir Fespective expences fur the maintenance of prisoncrs
Wo war, fur the purpose of coming in aw arrangement on
he manner of | aying off the balance which shall be found
i favour of cither of the two powers.
3. Vhe prisoners of war resp ‘cively shall be bound to
scharge, before their dspacture trom the place of their
tention, the private debts which they may have there
contracted, or at least to give satiofactory security.
4. There shall be on both sides, iintediately after the
raitication of the presene Treaty, a semoval of the sequese
‘ration which, since the year 1792, inay have been placed
m the funds, revenues debts, and all other effects what.
ever of the high coniracting powers, or of their subjectse
The same Commissaries mentioned in Art. 2. shall eme
dloy themsclyes in the examination and liquidation of the
‘taims of his Britannic Majesty upon the french governs
nent, for the value of property moveable or immoveable
unduly confiscated by the French authorities, as well ae
for the total or partial loss of their bebts or other propera
ly, unduly detained under sequestration since the prac
France engages to treat in this respect the subjects of
ling land with the same justices that the subjects of France
Wave expertenced in Mngland ; and the Fa clish Governe
ment wishing, on its part, to concur in thisnew testimoe
'y that the Allied Powers have given to his most Christian
‘Lajesty of their desire to remove calirely the consequene
‘> of the epoch of misfortune, so happily terminated by
he proseut peace, engages on its side (as soon as complere
iistice shall be done to its subjects, ) to renounce the whole
amoannt of the
Coe oe eae eK ee were eens aneuoseraseserse
5. Thetwo High Contracting Powers, desirous to ese
ablish the most anticable relations between. their respece
tive subjects, reserve fu themselves a promise to come ta
an under standing and arrangement as soon as possible,
on their Commercial interests, with the intention of ene
courasing aud augmenting the prosperity of their respece
tive stales,
The present additional articles shall have the same fore
and validity, as if they had been inserted in those worke
in the treaty of this day. They shall be ratified, and the
rititications shall be exchanged al the same time. In faith
f which, the res; ective plenipotentiaries have signed themg
aud allined the scal of their arins.
Doue at Paris, the 30th of May, in the year of Grace,
(Signed) The Prince of Benevenr.
C. Stewarr
Alditional Article of the Treaty with Prussia,
Although the treaty of peace concluded at Basle, the
sthof April, 1795, that of Tilsit of the 9thof July, £507,
the convention of Paris of the 20th of Sept. 1808, as well
as all the conventions and acts whatsoever, concluded since
the peace of Basle between Prussia and France, are ale
ready in fact annualled by the present treaty, the high
contracting parties have judged it nevertheless proper to
declare again expressly, that the said treaties cease to be
onligatory, both in the articles that are expressed, and
‘hose that are secret; and that they mutually renounce
every right, and disengage themselves of every obligation
Which might result froin them,
His most Christian Majesty promises, that the decrecs
issued against French, or reputed Freach, subjects, being
or having beeu in the service of his Prussian Majesty,
Shall remain without effect ; as alsothe judyments which
may have been given in execution of those decrees.
The present additional article shall have the same force
and validity as if it had becn inserted in those words in the
treaty of this day. It shall be ratitied, and the ratificatic
vas shall be exchanged at the same time. In faith of which
the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed it,aud allised
the seal of their arms,
Done at Paris, 30th of May, in the year of our Lord,
(Signed) The Prince of Benevent, C. Ane
gustus, Baron of Hardenbargh, ©.
William, Baron de Llumboldt.
LT _
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—— —_—— ee eee
View original oo Oe
= — =
o~ -
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View original -— _ —_—
Ofthe Lionorable the Court of Civil Justice.
——_ —— —_- —_ —___—
Seqnuesty vf 7 of Plant roy yy : i
— 1s (NOL.
Curators’? Cf Rossy Sindh aati Ply Nice.
Wot! WNothe dhocorehos the Comet oof Cini
Justices ov cider berry do te the Obst cay of vuly
hist, hh Wr Pte Secon ode €. Syl
ecpbere oad M Phoital raesters of bblrnti-
bon fle, . ae, more be, rad Re. C. Down r,
S (iM VN ( l | | / th, / rland,-———\S Wd.
] mel) dlita (OO, \ CT 5 jel ers of Plantation
/ a y/ nor. —Coeo, wots il J Pain fic I. Sys
Cuesters Oo, vy VMaatiow fa. J.— Ths. b. Pay held
ond Robt. s, Eur hots FO feos. NO Saiclaa icf
Prvtitation oo lOUS as Sworn kccuumlants of Che
sad Court, (ove nor! thevcon,
NOTE Cais hereby given to all persons interested
theretuy tect atlendonce wilh be civen at the Ae
comntint’s Oirec, bo ddeat the hause of the seeond
mnderstancd, on Mondeys, Weduesdass, and (yi.
divs, from Soon unl oO eho k an the stlermoon, bony
tVyys sprvee oto ic rmronwth fron an (hate hereory i (ive
der to-enable such persens Co Mispeet such accor
apd state the ip ebyecttous or observations im witli,
vO the ex piition of whieh Gioey the regard ry pot
Wilh be awide date abovernontiooed matters. and of
Which Gf recmired) the paittes may obi aa oi le
copy al theirown expence, inorder if tiey urn
deem wt expedient to attend the [low the Court of
Civil Justicc on the diy co be appointed, vor hoare
ine the said report, aud (0 Contest the confirmation
thercol, Berbice, 25d duty, ist.
CS-cond time of publishins.)
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View original TS CO
OY virfte ofan Appombloent Tout Eis Excelledey
the Governor, viv ne tioca a petition of PE. Stash as
the general ands pecaal Atlorney of ALC. oodles
ol Demerary, eaid : Ippotvtment bearing date 2sela
June, Ist fh.
No Hoeas hereby given to the Public, that the Ev.
non and Sequestration of the undivided hal? of
Plantation Onvorcogt, sittrate on the west soa const
at this cok IV, thre pro} Crhy ol the late L. li. Dus’
Is thivsdty canectled a i taken off
Bu rbice, the 2d Judy. IS td.
Reba NNO UNS Fee Wott
View original SOE VMUWON oy TOC 4
BY virtue of au ex activo tit “lotee of
Procee tings of the Cott of Poul tan tai”.
INU orvem aa the eat rool boty PPh , iby ‘ «
ralor fo te bocite of Phen Cao cs he bia, \.—
Verstisg val big snd uiecitoowel Credsdors oa cas. re
Pett of Mer ote cee.
Poth vader Clad, Pirst) Marshal of the Courts
Willie tls Cow. Vs eodat the Pee tle (oof aforesaid
C UbAtor
Noarrman, for tie third Rane, bop Vevrs
ti ry" On yor the p.ite of
7 ‘ - ‘ . rf
rial, , yor at iue Cont or aalte
. ‘
) ! ( -
on oon bie the ih Oetobo ry Pst!) thetr to roct ¢
iy clues. Covet, Chie say a en PG yee
' ae !
L)eovd Mb ed IO, Li needy aad rua th , i » proce cd
asta [4 wan
- ) y. > ,,. : \ ~ , .
Wiis Pow wb ct published as custome
Ty. lade, Ze ey TS TB
= . , 9
é i | . | ) T. vf a / ©.
we eae = Gem © =
View original ~ ne
! (, i i,
Pay for yi Ce /orry.
Veerises all rey ho have Crt Scconn'ss
mooN, soot Pe ‘y boom C pysement for (is
(hose wh poy ng ottention to cbas subverts,
Pty Wollys tevin ceculed by their narses ta the
Homeless er at tias kh tatter date, andoothoret oo he
sued vor. witht poor to person — le itacs Collum
IN pUviccal, metrleter ree vo July.
Too ester ted Over for Sales OF Ply 8
‘Ic a) ello rena Toreb (he Cerso of te
Schooner Si AS haa ON Ono cy a will 0 terse
luce, t ¢ bsuin|} wieey OV ial ibid ais Ov oo ‘ “y's web cf ff
Vatllph lott.
9. July. P.O ORY,
View original ee —___.,
i ) ‘ a | ‘ ’ ak °
’ y. . ’ ' -
Dyed: ! it (1 i (), y blo, i vw ‘rs cf
tlhe | ( | { ( | . a | s 1! : | 9 I. ?
bry! i, | py | ihc u) | pou! of
i \ | ‘ on 3 uf | \ 1 i va “ee al aw
Ve { \ . { | (* . ° LV Lo * o.
} 4 / { . 9 \ “ J -*@
Seventh imaso. @aper, Oaibisy Wiarvecrs, xc
El ———__—
pinntams for Sete.
* LNTAINS fo the Qh OUT of — ec // unercnr .’ Me
! ] .. : 4° ear
Poe on he delivered, tear aaity unt Powis o¢
: : ' / :
Pe es pol mich ech ron the Seturdey, or
“ye? ) : oe
tocaeh Voens ale Cre year round.
; tO le
settled tor every thi
-aynonths.—bestates can elo pe.
cerve oocastonti sty) ties 5 at Nine Stivers per Ponca
Sondiigtorthoms application to be made to Messrs.
re ONE NOOK loth. July.
View original mr LLL LLG LL LLL
Cie Dae HAND Tis KOOP,
D> Plontecis Ve rernor gen, CON & hoele Mente
metab: abauaypop sts cde cel OUWOT', ere faande in eca
WOOT: const cre, eon gomakhuisye, en vee hok,
excell nt oo chikt voor teaacad echouren zy nde tot
cence vecetolds voor nadere maforuatic ad dressecren
mencioh by den ondery coda hae, op lot No. 31, MWe
potter, Nic trys oo
Aide ce CCH odie tet ic nrefenderen iY })] envae
Teodrron ten Tacs ibs- Rust, Abravani, mee, Contre
Jor Hoven) en Moon Curd, lle cel ‘ech ha bya 2
(je Vso dezelwe aan de Heer b. b. Gatlez, cule
loa worden getiausporteerd. ’
lo July. T. BRUNO.
View original eee SS
Na ewereod en te behomen ter dezer Drake sy
Eaxciap! renovan de
\ > + x %
~ ’ "PY oO 2 Tonys >
Voor de Vercenigde Neecriandcn
In de Tollandsche Taal.
Toren ecorede betaling van ff 6.—
Ook zvundezclve te behowen, tv Dcmerary, tee
Drukhery van de Heeren AULLET & STLVENDSONY
also prys f0.
=e —_—_—_——— TT a
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30 July 1814