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The Berbice Gazette

View original PUBLIC SALE.
G. Worus anl J. Barwon, in their respective
quiulitic s,s Intend to offer for S; ale@at Public Venduy,
in the month December ensuing, and on fivorable
terms and conditions of payment, to Scll to the hieh-
est bidders, the Coffee EXtate called PLhECH TD AN.
KR, situated inthe river Berbice between the aban-
doned estate Juliivendure and plantation Zorg and
Viyt; containins 2000 acres of ma ntl, with 7O,000
coffee trees and orovision fields, with all the build.
Ines thereunto be Tongias, consisting iia coffee frverier,
cleaning house, with a brick cisters, and drogery,
out offices, carpenter logic, necro huts, and other
buildings, with all that may be considere al: as fixtury,
The same may be seen every ‘Tuesdsy and) Pri-
day inthe month of November next, (the preetes day
of sile will be tinely niade known by the Gazette),
on which day will also be offered for sole sm ble
plantation Cools, (vo coffee: stainping mills, sen Wy
carpenter Cools saael roaterials, amongs whie i will be
found several blocks bulletiyes wood, and an incom.
plete frame for a building,
Any person inelined to purchase the aforesaid Ms-
tate, buildings, tools, and nate rials, by private sale
on favorable terms, may address hinseltat the com p-
ting house of Fh Bakker, in New Amsterdam. los 25,
The said G Hobus and J. Bakker, in the sane
quality, tatend farther to expose, after the sale
the estate, ether by private or public sate, 102 Ne-
grocs, men, worrenand children, the day ol sale al-
ev to be made Known by the Cray (le.
Por further paris uliars apply as above,
PUELILEE Vil I. hE ] 1\ Gk.
G. Wours en J. Baxkeny in a we orespeoetive
qualifeilen, zya van wi oo ee oie de inaaad Decem-
beraenstaande, te op enbeve Vy Ii hee ie honp nantes
bicden, en ean dg mecsthiedeude op favorabele (er.
mynemvan betiliage te verkopens de Colly Pluntasic
genaamnd ? (PLECHY ANKER, reloson binnen deze
rivicr, tasschen de oude verkat perond Jubanenbare
en de ‘plant: Ie Jorg en \ dyt ~— bool — tk kers
land, be plant met FOECO cofllv-bomea en verdere
kostgronden, met pare cebouwen, bes “vate in een
drovery of eolly lenis, een cally wasceh floors, metvecn
Inde grond vemetsz Loe coly Groogerlonkier s zy de
gebouwen, Heo nes loots, negory en verdere @ebou-
wen, metoalles wet aad en mreclyast iss zoo aly
betzclve alles te gien zal avn eecurende de rmaand
November, des Dingsdacs on Viydaes, zuilende de
reclese dae der verkhoping nocer en in fyils in de
Gazette worden bekend wom: vi tyitls wanmeer ook ten
zelve deve, fer heop 2il worden sen ecboden conige
tuingercedschappen, (wee co? y Lreek-modens, ecu
timmiereer ‘ Ts¢ lenny Cre CT bata bicade ily Wwinronac: U
eentge blokhen beerewy hout, en cen IncoMplecl
fren voor cen cebouw pce,
Jemand inelincronde de voorzeide Viantyeie, ec.
bouwen, eerec@schompen en matenalon nit ce Invad
op tavorabcle co mo le Popeny aebresscren zich
ten kantore van wf. Bakker, ter Stede Nictiw c\anstere
dam, Erf No. 25
Bovenzemek I Cr. Plobusen J. Bakker, in zelve
qui Hiteit, z¥n nog van meenine openbanr, offe wel
vit cle asal | jn dezelve mmand Decen be roonn de ver.
hoop der gemelee plantagic, te ver! ape 1s MOI Muhks
Neve ‘TS, Nit ws, V * venoen hinde ren, ein c ad me Tc . de
prectese dag dezer verkopince, nacder in de Gazette
worden bekend cemaakt, iemand htorvan nader ine
formmatie begerende, adresseren zich als boven.
S Oct.
FOR $0,900 pounds, first qualify, in parcels of
10.000 Ibs. wil! be received by the understened, at
the house of Ph. Beresford, on lot No. 1, till Satur-
@ay the loth inst. when the highest offer, ifapprov-
ed of, will be accepted, payment. to be made in cash
er cod bills ot exchange on delivery,
Sequestrators of Pin. La Pratemité

View original —_— =
POR SALE by the subscriber, a fey
@rrenada rum, excellent Madcira wine in pipes, ;
Temper Lime in small Regs, very reasonable fo
View original a
——___—___ ee
STN thousand pounds first quality coffee, the pro-
dice of Pia, Gocedland, will be rcecived at the house
af the second understened, it Mon ny the Olst ine
stant, and if approved of, accepted—pavirent Co be
made in cash. G. Proves HORST,
a ees
View original es —_—-
Th’s is to tuform the Public. hat the Jolluzine per-
. . . , ) °
sons intend quiting this Colony.
Jobn Crosthwaite in 6 weeks from Serf. 2,
Rt. C, Wi) VV aN Faby Secy.
— -_—~—— — = = = -_-- —-— - --— —-——— __
NOTIN is herchy eiven, (hata mouth after date tre
folluxcinge Transporcs and Morlgaces cit Ge puss,
Sept. 47. Ge. Hobus will thansportto Robt. Waite his
riehtand? (fle foene th, loo los Now Ti, aud to
the whole of lot No. 72) on the Coc
—- Ph tee Dheek women ‘lav will frasspoittow,
A. boeisner, 1D Yr IN ‘) the coauthor baek re:
Of lol No. 10 in Now Auosterdans. with the wide
» dines th reon, adjomiag the polities alerterod
lL Oct. W. Pavson will (rvasy ort to SQoatta obliede
fall, seven roods of laud of lot No. 5, ia Now
Oct. S. Re Barnes will transport te Polly UU, a poet
of lol No.7, New Asst. adjoining the cents
ble ears,
R.C. DOWNER, Sery.
IS hereby given toall whom to mae concern, that
Powarn Tioracn, of this Town ot New Arister-
dam, is duly empowercd by J. UE Scurartuorsr,
Msq. for and in his name to tramact, settle, ane
vljust all his concerns in Uris Colony, Domerary, and
Berbice, Sth Octcber, ISTE#.
——— ee
On Thursday the [Sth instant, will be sold at the
Vemlur Office, a few cashs salt fishy rock salt in bare
rely, afew doo sugar, soapand candles inboxes, beef,
pork, draneht porter in bhds., newro bats, tekets,
frowsers, blankets, pease, barley, hocs. shovels cut.
Fisses, a fow firhins buttory linen, cotton and linen
cheeks, cotton and coffee brvoine, a fow canisters
fea TP oIb. each, old rai in keys of 3 gallons each,
sweet milk cheese. &e.
D.C. CAM EFRON Dop. Vendue Master,
—_— ee
View original —) $s
On Thursday the 27h instant, will be sold by or-
der, and at the Store of Messrs. Doulas Reid & Co.
The following goods, viz:—Co/lon and linen checks,
printed calicoes, colton shirting, fish linen, platillas,
furni(ure, chintz, Britamnias, weristeoats patterns, an
wssortmentot tapes, threads, ond bobbing, fine Welch
Harned, ginghams, diaper and towelling, woodstock
cloves, stk umbrellas, Oznabures. cotton Davcing,
beer and porter, stationary assorted, saddlery, car-
penters and coopers tools—also ta close sales. a few
cases wentlemen’s best silk hats, anda few hal barrels
pork, &c.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
EE ——L__———_ es eee
For Sale at this Office,
Cordial Stomach Brtters,
at f Ll- the Bottle.
94 Sept. I. tex BOSCITT.
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A gang of about Seventy Pome Neeroes.
further particulars apply to the Printing Office.
24 Sept.
_ — a
View original Who have
221i) .
‘ ~
View original ——___ ee
——— —
Lei hice, 8th October, 114.
WHEREAS it having been represented to this
Office, thet colony and other bows have been, ant
are constantly eniployed, in clandcstinely conveying
away the produce of this colony, as also brinving
Rumand all hind of non-Ennmerated Goods. with.
out (ether) Entering or Clearing, in dircet Violotion
of the Revenue Laws nad Customs, provided and ese
tablished for the protection of Trade in Lis Majesty's
Anpdas the Law requires the faster of every boat
or vessel, betng of Lo tons burihen, to report atthe
Customs, whether in ballast, ov if otherwise, coming
from another Port, the parCeahar description of ber
Ladine, and who consioncd to under cerftin Penile
fies directed in the sud Net, which penal ies will be
duly enforced in default thereof: and llewilse, that
NO Vesscl of this description can in tuture be allawed
Co remauinotanchor in orabout the catranee of the
Conetlea ting fromthe east corst or Came creck,
Wihent making, within 2b hours, after such arrival,
Vag usual report, required by lay, atthis Odice.
PUTs. CHIAPMAN, Collector.
ELS SS) SE | eee eee
View original OST OFFICE.
A Mail will be made up at this Office, and for.
warded to Demerary by the sloop .ddveature, on
every Sunday morning in future.
Berbice, Ist Oot. 1S14,
R. MeN UNZIE, Act. Dep. Post Master Gen,
ANY person willing tocontract for twelve ensuing
months, to keep in repair the Koker and Publie
Bridvres “and to keep the several Prenches within
(his ‘Town clean of Grass, Tilth, and other Obstructe
lous, whichmay topad the Drainage, please a tress
themsclyes with ‘Penders, on or betoce the 10th of
October next, atnoon, atthe house of Jolin Croil,
Lisq. New Amst. 2th Sept. [8 tf,
By order of the Tron Commitiee.
View original NOTICK. -
AN ox about three years old wos found a fay dave
ago, among the cattle on No. 7, West cout: whoe
ever can prove property, can heave it restored on
prying the expence of this advertivement, by apply -
ins fo (he Manaver.—Inverness, | Oct. IST4.
A new crabwood Pant, 19 feet lone, and 7 feet
wide, whoever can e@ive such ialormation as may
recover the same, will receive a reward of ove Joe,
1 Oct, JOA. LEISNID 2,
View original ae
Paris. July 31.—Y esterday the King received a de ‘Nile
fauiou from the Chamber of Deoutics,; when Md. Laine,
the President, spoke as follows:
“Sirce— In presenting to the two Chambers the ? TX pe
Of the situation of the Kingdom, and in thus calbne acon
the Re ‘presenlatives of tie Nation to coucurin h Pepalde
Gow of so many evils, your Majesty has avgured well of
your peoples your taithful subjects of the € camber of
Deputies, thank you, Sire, for not having des paired of the
salvation of France.
ePhis picture, athicting as it is, excited in u& NO sMre
prise, When all powers wore confounded, all rig) smi <
taken, when every avenue was shut again: t truths it Was
from tke excess of our cvils alone that we could Cxpect za
‘Under a just and pacific Ning. this picture docs not
inspire us with fears. Encouraged ly the zen os zeal
of your Majesty, secured Dy dutitutlons, the seats of
your protound wisdom, animated by your impartial tene
derness for all your children, the French will Siznalize
themselves by anoble emulation of sacrifices, now directed
towards the public happiness, Sire, there are no tong ec
in France any nrearabie evils, «hen the Sovervign, th-
yreat public bodies of the State, and all classi s of society,
ardently desire, with a common wis. and reciprocal coo.
Adence, nothing butthe security of the throne and the ree
establishment of their country. Tenceforward free and
protected, your sub), ‘ets will find, in the exercise of theic
iudustry, wicaie es furnishing cesourcus to the State. Je
View original Bs on toag towards the mort ueePal of the arte. that of
@.sieuleure, Uae Chere Hes end there capitals wall be
first direc cd. boutan order that their rich soil, aroisteacd
woh the sweat of thea brows. Way he the better ferulize
Gauaitd saoply Gio wants, Gacy hope that the goodness olf
Sour Mayes
flactures aod
On giving beck to our Colontes, reyiaced under your
Sceptre, peace aod aoundauce, we shall receive from chem
Ba inert ase GE riches, which the ew Genius of Krauce will
direct towards ainclhoratons at home.
sy Sire, expect to see
thespirw of the uation der. ected towards tose grand objects :
y Wili bactiilate Gavse resources Wich Manu.
cobmnerCe give ty a great peor te.
Poe Powers winch Surround
—ihey wall becotirely at ther case when the acms of a
Warlike peo; le shal be employed ta cultivating Ghose arts
©! Peace whieh Councet nitions with each other, “Phey
knoe chit your Majesty and France do not seck in Choa
aivacktz Ss common to all nations more than the part
narhed oul ty so by Provideuce in our geographical po
‘Te is thus thatanew life wil be given to labour in
@very vedich of the public eco tomy, and will diituse ate
flucnco and aturu fur domestic happraess Civougliall con.
ditions of late.
‘ Phis happiness, Sire, wil be the effect of the medita-
tons of your Mijesty, and of the concurrence of all
Ferenc NM fo Sccuid your patoin il totentions, Phie
Chauber of De owiies will neither disapporie Ge expecta.
tions of the Parone, nor Che hopes of (ae Nations dt wall
is. to Danisa if at cas.
@ven ble sclwcmbrance of Our wmistortuucs,
(vised) ‘Laisc, President.”
lb o WING’S ANS Visit.
Wille tls earls wit Close of the Iyi
OT recive, with vloasure, the Address of the Cham.
bor vl Dooutes, ‘The seutincuts which bare dictated it
Mie those which ambi ate me also. PE bave candidly des.
cribed tue suttatiou of (he Kinsdom, because it is the one
Jy method of communicanuon b ticen a good father and
dus coddecus Pb sce with eroeat satishietion, the untou
whee ovmts between the Chamber of Depun Sy the mati.
Ov, andanyself Dtts thus that we shad beal the wouuds
of the Sale amd by encouraging the great sources of
prbire y asperity, asricalture, Commerce, and the arts,
We shall restoreio kraace that happiness which is the
Woarest object of my heart ”’
Norwegiins-—Destined by the nature to an union with
Whe Swed sa nadon. your fate was decided when the Wane
© Jevoiire Cc dettoSwedooy by the peace of Kecl, tis
Tr S OFF; YO, NIN, ‘The oa Iyate ges Wicd Your O1U
Sovereion ders do coom that peace are known Co you,
Whe obtaingd. Hina diately after is signature, the evaci.
Atiod of te Do lis of schlesvig and dbolstein, the resto.
Patton of the forties es of Cluckstad and Fredencksfort.
anachnow! moot of the Sound dutics, the waving up ol
more thon P22 un oes of Coutiibutians imposed on te
Duchess, the couun ation of au eyual sum for captures
Made at ron poe coo posdera ole suain MMe wv, ol wiiuch
Jat hes veem pad 5 ano tial yy the pro nise of the Cosson
Of Pour g Hp toe Strrocdace dtid voce lo oafiond of he
fortress of wWongswauger, bvedeviekstall, liedsrickstadt,
ao! Nrzer> tus.
Vhose creat sacriices were made to > "mark, only bee
Cruse she promocd thar you would peaceably aad wiaou
Ovpoition, ackuowl doo the aut hovity ol ‘he hing ol
Budo; and you wil ep reciate them, on cerding thi
treaties which uniicd sweden, (usstty fugeland, Prussia,
and ANusteit, aginst (oe Common enemy.
Noiwegiins !— FF in tins age these treaties contd b-
eluded by civilised nauons, good faith would uo long
@xist upon earth,
At the ;e tod when your Government fornished to
Fiance sone Ciousend ob Seduced te altos of war. Sweden
percoved the pulispemable necessity of rendering berscu
bo dependent of the Contincet; sue refused to bow b foi
the idol of the day, and couadently relying on herse i thd
ov he. constitutional laws. she dared to invoke them i:
favour wi ver childrea, abd cep cted the demand of an eqaal
mumber of esnens she dtd more, she unites tiersell aca
period the inost critical roeor ded ano our annuals, with a
mouarch whose destree ion Napoleon had sworn isin
{cis proud, however, In having anticipated the resoludou
ef so nm ivy othoe mations,
Norwegians '—Sina td states are always moved by th:
More poweclul: you cannot form an tasulated govoemuient
aud the plan of che man who misicads you tounite owed ty
the Crown of Norway ty that of Donmack 5 but nature,
In accordiaace with sound policy, wills that the Norwe-
gians and the Swedes show ad be tuends and brothers.
Is alsu ay brothers that the Swedes wish to live with you,
Sweden and Norway united, and lending each other mutua!
Support, will present on every side an inpregnable front.
Tusu'ated and cist nited, they will have every thtug to fear
both from themsclves and from others, Look at Mayland
a—that istand, so funmous, founded her prosperity ona sie
Dilar union, Phat of Norway (eo swedenis guaranteed by
the firs¢ powers of the world.
An expericnees of many centurics proves that the divist.
ors of the Norh always led to tts ruin, ‘This idva had
struck the great Gustavus, After having laid the founda.
tion of the peace of Europe, and consolidated the Protes.
tant faith, his plan was to cifect your union with swedcn:
—death put an end to hia devigu. Its Consequences have
Been pernicious to you,
Norwegians! afier the memorable battle of Leipsic
Your intecests must have told you, that your union with
Sveden evaid alone cousuiure your lapidess ald veiableb
PT ae
View original your seénrity, The Goeat Powers whis thisanion, All
of them have recogmiscd that to was time to pucan end to
the disecnsions winch must fesu t from. the dt )) ration o
the two uations, Wall you alone og, Ose the goweral will ?
Will you aluwe combat the Swedes aud th: Seve reiza whe

have wuaraatced your union witihus % thor elory, thew
biterests, tac sancnily of ticaties mi woe, donidnd is acceme
de adone,.
I com: inthe midts of you. with the h ype that you wal
(reat as brotdeors that brave arity wilhielh b load baek frou,
LCi Pdpbas Qorcomts as AsO sug’. Nt Chee Calas arlry
lor that which bad yeu for a ovoar stationed ab yO
frontiers desire lanrels whieh must be troved wath youd
hlo v(t. ‘| be Swedes are liane YOu ve CO ors of th
Ck i lle
aeivian family : aud battles between fic wo natious are
equally repugmaat to walurey C0 redsun, and ta sound
Noiwegions © suffer not yourselycs to be beuted by the
mshi iGo of the qodividaais who have o ity thor per.
SOtral ee rest LO view. Sacrifice not the weitace of youl
counter, €e the docoufual dusioas which icy res ud to
vou. QOoov your eves tv the da yer] into whies a cil.
Wal aubthion is preeipitaning you. Sweden wall trot day
down bey adrins u ital Silk as toceled aun ulhrouw ecossary
(O her sacely atl repose, You tity pe Voule Ce Ca aii.
OF war witch cana only be advan ageaus Ca your sedtreces,
f ' : ‘
mOVOkK forwaecd to tue fulurtty whack awaits yous and to
( ‘*Yoory atid Plas) ( rity WC Leust (Moue FeOu al udbion
Ol tic (wo nations.
Norwcgidas > reject, then an iufloerce and errors cqaal.
! ,
‘y thumorfhy ob y Ly, lef (he mettre wilt Soe Ne bial Th
Pscaws undor Bass ol an cnlightemed and Dbemoueone vee
Narch ! bl. OteorS VOM WIV Pelow dad Of VON Sead Dail
GE War. adc om ees Li (Vy aid Gite goa atitoe ob a
vour priilaos. You hdoary shal be tue yp hodges; ine
virfas slial me Vour SeCuceblbss
on. ll v _ sr Lee PE wwe ee eo "le
7 ' 7 . . ;
\\ ‘shuinaual NVI. A .. CIN.
-_- oOo Orn ao + + Frt—SS C(O OOS Or? lhc O''—”700€C eee
View original ee 0 Oe ee 8 eee eee
. ,
( ‘ ie / PUM PU FEV CMY.
b}haagiel. oe AN. Law. Cond,—Cuourt of liul s.

vew Moon 6 11. 59 MM. Morniug.—s ros Tides
(> the Railings of all Pubtic Bridges throughout th
Colu iy are to be patatod over well) white aa Gas
Coyorxe oh Es oreseut marth,
i tl
View original ol ee
LViLE bu. csi ll “ GVuaLBZkltllihe.
a 6 i+ 8 ie
Sarvenva ¥, OcToOLER bd, 1814.
_—_— Se
? i ’ . :
No arrivale from Binope this wel. —twe have one
ly (hore fules lo 296 eur Peat MS SOM WOE 4 ihe
nostinterestineg, c#Qrads from We Luglah Lapis
(2 OU poset YNLOM«
D5 e reo
On the 20¢h ultiing Che Vence oF OcangeeNaean, So.
vers dol tue Netherlands, acnvcd lose drow Che Pogue,
mad took Up tis abode attic bigoen « Foinc fate Procet,
Hous as owellas Che Palace at lacking bad bec put aa
artes shies at 5 ai hie YS S8, Phe owas cups blely Visii-
vd Dy hh Horedatary Mirnce, Lord Ly ngocny and the sue
ooh Olivers ob Foc tg ist acd de gia troops, and bad
tlhotzs Comsecwence with vue Cruveruvure General, bso de
Or the Sisto his Royal Highness having attended di.
Vike sermce, winch wes peeluemed by the brooch Clergy.
inom Charli ry coe Qdemoers of the Adminatiation of tac
Vobhe bowds, the provcipa® Cava Oflicers of Belin s,
had the souvcof we audicice of his Royal Haghuvess 5 aad
tltooe Waoresses made ow hts oecasion shew cd the best
Sphit, by aeoiated Comidevee in the Soverciga unde.
whose guidavee the fate ol these proviuces will soon b
byeoped. Phas turning Was pubbshed, in the rene
ani wo. tas followin Peroclduation, by which our ex.
boat Gevorvor, Bavoide Vincent, takes leave of the
maids an sof Belrwaiues
“Poababiants of octuad—beny called to another
Jesnnation, avd the tame fincd by the Hash Allies being
incived for giving up the general government into th
Wands of bis Roya Wishness the Sovercign Prince of th.
Notherlanas, bt cannot take leave of your fine prow ee n
wittout evpressime first fo you My regret and my washes
* Phough the evils of war have been felt as uvng you
loncer than we had boped, tat least hupe that J have ne.
vloected noting coaltey ints the burden. — Phe peaee wiics
has given repose to Hurope is going to contirnay the hap.
piness of the people of Welgium and Elolland Alread,
connected by the natural bonds of common descent, of
Common tdustry and virtues, you will hud the pledge of
your durable pusterity in the strict conformity of your
adiing tration. Belgium, under toe Government of the
Serene House of Orange, uader asystem the most favour.
able to its commerce, and with the preservation of its ree
heion and wreasurcs, will soon be restored (0 ils ancient
lustre. Your iine cities, Ghent, Broges, Ostend, Ant.
were, &e. the mouvuinents of your ‘Aational industry’,
Whisk laoguihrd in the lateauuappy Ges, will again pie
View original ° bo ? q ° .
val in industry and prosperity the frst commercial natfe
** People of Belgium !—The general interest of Ki rope
de-titnes you a on able fates mbd the podissoluble Liiva
ali chore its duridou wader Lhe lavol weuciabdle Giiafalle
(¢ Ce) dU datldivade puwes lb vive,
bern aie, abler having strug <1 l with you arvinsé
Wives 5 (UO sihiuige a hi ‘tial ) Wiel Souietiugs > Ive
Weds Ie Nae ba la it Dili PEVsLCPIY,
( djucd) ‘Duron de Vincent.
© DRyrire els, j |
Aw tug sine Gaue, (he following was published in Dutcls
md Beonel:
PS NVR ati) aed ’ Fd INdSSad. NC.
fo Pteope owes ifs delivcriuce to the t. igiuanimity of the
ss OVC —sQon will it oweto Chote wisdom a U6.
WUcal sys > Ri it Ire fo ayitated nitions long
‘ lis i | i ) att: rel wo — Ph. iow Og tiation of
mrigely biti Prov Li bs.) C { 1S »oySt ,
i thes tj is | » be onencd ab
Vena wii vodor tacke object; Toctinse ity and cone
Glidtte the es tod Of bao pata om oa is cottformable
a ’ di r baa l ‘4 9 LU Lid dd ) ) Aria ‘ o'° MULES, a id ot all
=” \ fo bas Lae Os orthiavcire f ,ovr country for the
Ot bil vill \ ) ‘ ’ ai’ a ! nihe tuture s@
Ma esa ecaagms you wath the wash of being
Meoiul Co yoo, Gib hd elt Stay lyfs frictuly o a fae
{ ‘ bo. i loro Shed ) mou ( bout Val. Tho
lhosl & ! ‘ “] a rr a . Pl Y j i! \ t issiy vd
M), ! , (* or ] ‘ ’ A) cil . j ss F Cals, ial of
“eidecad | f i (oun bers . To nat an
( Ci ( , \ ' \ ‘ ie J 1a re | \ i » 4 | (lila, it <e
i , Wi Alel dale rul mda ol l "
\ A ! t bee Wetea CACTC f
O Or: 5 . ; ; Oo honay id prot 4
yo i of ‘ Vc i Vol) » ft tile | if dae ‘Oo
i { ) \ 2 ¢° rudd . Coli CU. a vc all
( vc hose wall byes 1 most d ir hefoll
. bd) tayo J oct of iy ee sari Care. Hay ) if
' lal fy Your Cen, | shal! SIC.
Codd roy LOUD a tanys eo rwhichts to fix
City) dod Woca wall) era y love to make ne
' ) | 4 Nal re | Te
» tu gost d ‘gsusin wid oO letum oue powe
fut ail ce *SWILLIAM.”?
“Cod al 1) » -d \ 7
J! Fly 2} HTis & } [Tiataoes the Prince Soe
\ by a resauti thellth July, thae
rl; ree tol tae does all (he wasigation of
On my the old loving
. ( fy 1) those cities where
les , | “Y) ] t OUD Net iV. ‘Tl bis
bi PoC wm iy L.' Foes ym alofv on f iuhe, iu (ace 3
vai [ [ Oo FCVIO y fo L769, ) Vcr! ls bound [Oo
chet al beet amy Che Levant, and port of Cadiz, as also
nl . y
my Mercia tae of tie Levent imporfed by waler,
Peibh de a ecid 5 exvem ted. 20 sols fui cacin Care » of
Pyossel coming frou a ja ch [rode l and vornd to the Mee
eloreinia 1, OF COLNE fio piheuce 5 “3X for ea h Cite
) Pvesseg ! mith ti fo Or tponw Chi ‘I nme Al | Jam
Mectes Oneehalf pee cont, on production f the Levant,
ocanclo ding cum, cotton, and freit in orted by land or
5 UII the value ol Pods insported by
rors vessels 5 tivo perecont, asa duty ios consulate and
2, OW Youds ta ported and exported frum the factOe
Pics f (hye Lo-vont. ‘| he produce will be» cniployed, aa
nfertor fo L705. ty defer y (11 Cl urge of presents gives
y the Perkish fume bchoN Sten Maer YC pPenses, Cole
eves Of Directors shiallbbe established at Ninsterdains tha
{) Vinsterdam s ito CO sed of cight ent r, one
rom ! eva WW, anal ray ) ) O11 TOUT Men borg,
ONS Deloneiay to Prey a one to Dordrecht. The
Cities rous Of heving siandar Colleges are to apply to
these Dircetors, J] homber of Amsterdam will lave
the title of Presidial Chamber. and the ditferent Coll gee
sull meet one a Carat Awisterdain, there to deliberate vB
ic i icreals of Columerce
—"_ --—
The Prince Sovereign of the Netherlands, with the cone
sent of tie States General, bas published au important ore
linanes, dated July 9. on the subject of the revewed ine
(ercourse between 1 vw United Netherlands and their old
colenies an f possesspois on the Woost Indies.
The ordinance sets forth, that until the arrival of the
') ‘riod when the Dutch colonies ani POssessions shall be
restored, that peoole, in consequence of uegociations etie
tered into with the Beilish government, may carry on trade
tad Commerce with the colonies of Svertnam, Lerbice
Demerary, Mssequebo, Cur (uo, SE, Frustattus y, Saba,
and S@. Mar my on the following conditions ;—
Art. 1. All Datch subjects wishing to trade with the
, must be provided with licenses issucd fug
that purpose by the Briti-h Ambassador at the Tague,
2. Persons wishing for sech licenses must certify thae
said colonies
they are subjects of the United Netherlands, resideng
therein; and chat the wesscl destined for the said ¢ MmMerce
isa Datch property and build, having the captain and 3.
(sof the crew Dutch seamen, or a vessel British built,
wd navirated aecording to the British laws.
h ship or vessel,
clearing ont otherwise thau iv ballast, shall be oue Suildeer
Oo. The tonnaze du y for every suc
per to i, rec Soning two tons bo (he Ia -
1. Tu order to place this trade on the same footing ag
that which is carricd ov between Great Britain and the
said colunics, tas following reguistions are tu be Observe
ol i—
View original §. All goods, wares, and merchandize, heing of the
growth, produce, or manufacture of the United Nether.
Jands, must pay, on Clearsng out to the said colonies, a
duty of 5 euilders [ste >forevery LOO guilders vasne
and aduty of 3 guilders LO stuivers, when Cie sane gre 61
the growt, produce, or manufacture of the United Niog-
dom of Great keritain and breland, this last making, with
the duty of 2 per cent. levied on Choir export tion leas.
Jand, the same charge of S$ per cent. as is patd ou inland
The followinz goods of the above-named orig
empted from this duty. whether sent straight from lene
to thee vlonivs ov from tinzland through this country, viz
6olfou yarn and other coltouw maunfactures 5 inens, ree
fined suzar, suygarecandy, tecacle, provisions of all hinds,
@orn and flour.
6. Certificates that the coods are of Deitch origin, drawn
wpin legal form Ly the local acdinimistrations., and stoied
by the British consulat. , must be
aud license board,
Tn respect to manufretires, all such goods wl be rec.
koned of native on cin which leave und re,
tion in Holland.
7. OF goods of Priti-h origin and destined for the celo-
Bivs, declaration shall donde umamcdiatcly ou Geis arrival
Bna Dutch port: and not only mostthe bales, packages.
are ex.
t rouuccd lO Lai CUNLVOS
Jie Sule O, VLAe
Tortks, numbers, and value of waien declan ition was mia
BD fogland, be civen up, butalso the warehouses in which
they aredeposited, and fron which they esonot be remoe.
es but for the purpose of being shipped for the colonies,
al farthest within a period of three moatas. ‘Phe ofhee
Of the customenay visit Che warchouses leom (ine to tune.
to secure the ide ucity ul Witt voods.
8. Goulds, wares, and ner ane nat of the growth,
Produce, of manufacture of the Ga ited Netherla ids) Mur
of Grreat Pritain and Tre
! ft. '
oe tual on export Co the Cu.o-
: ) 1° . wy liye
Bhs pay daly according tye the follows Ww scare 3—
Bottles, of green or common glass, of such — gdrs, sf.
@apacity as tovethor will hold one bundred quarts 23° O
Pwincd yarn per (OCIb. cc cee eee ee eee 15 10
Cotton var per ditto cece ccec ccc eeeeteeee 40 (
Com and mv’. duty free.
Hair powder por WOUID ccc c cee cee eee eee) = OB C
Ditto peeluneds or reriume . luv OU
Hats, wholly or partly made of hare felt, wool,
@F OPIver, Yer Wat on. be we eo ow BES Suwa aS 17 O
Jeon hous por LOO cic cc ccc wwe wee eee 12 60
Wood! BORS (AF 1h Odes oe wane ew ew hae me os 7
Thades, cow, tanned. por lbec. cece ee eee ass mM 10
Ditto, hows, tanesd, per lo... es O
Russia hides. Grom d...... Le eee iuves © To
Candles. sporuee sad wan, por locibe.... VIO O
Tallow cardls, por SOGIb. wee. eee veee 99D U
Canal ewichks, por! isp amu ws ee Rem > wee d)
Playin cards, (ie UNSC we cw ec ee eee . AQ U
Linen of all socts, orteeloth excepted, foe every
BOO guilders valucl ll... Dee Dee ee weer «40-0
Saileeloth, per (LU ellso cece ce ee eee Skee Ok ¢
Flannel, pore co... ce cee eee eee saeeae OL
~Allosorts of clochy, porell ccc. eee ee eee 12 195
Allctieor studs. wil yy vr part f wool, er ell 4 {,
Provision y Ul) free.
‘ . of %
Ail egods., Wares, and 1 erchand) Ce, 0 fan
gr mado, r «| ¢ q ) 1.) 1) MPaclaere { UC 4 ‘ si iv 3
@r Cinna acturlly iiasorted froin the Fomted vine
dom of Cercat Britian and ireland into the Umiicd
Netvherloads, duty free,
The RII LOC { ~ Wares, anid Y ‘rchandise nil hart 1°
been imported into the United cCteriands, Froig (he sa.
anifed Kingdom. as Foliows :—
Vea, duty free.
Plain white esicoos. niu meor white cali
CO ’
¢ 4] r bevel I aire ;
OW rod O Os I : Ls WH FLA i ley Wide
keens, anidall artie! male ol LU OT 6 Pert) WA I,
@r any Miivltre ol ture sauce, \ bh el wr pdera. +] /
[° ° . yo. } . } _: _ \ .
ai L! i ) ue )] ] Pdse4 a VA QP odde oi “ait,
per value of | 0 wee 2
(Hicre a vast husaber of Ledia covion goods ace
All other coo's., warce. and merchandise of the growth,
produce, or mat ture of the bast Pudis and Capa.
Bot otherwise tame dan to wells as fol.ows :—
Manufactured r (C0 Uilders, Vaiue,. eo... 40 Q
Unmannfacture) ditto. ccc cece eee eee eee = 20 0
J he fo! lowiny are Che duties on ernie Al ticles —
Yd of turpentine por LOUOID. cc... eee eee 629) 0
Ditto of vitviol, Mitton... eee... senses: ma. (Ut
Paper. brown or grey payer. per WOlb. oo... 39 10
Printed, paint dy orimarole paper, together with
Paperhangivgs por square chow... eee. sashes QO 9
Parchment, per twelve shecks... oe. ee ee ee 5 0
Stach per LOOIb..... 6... meee ees e eee eees§ OF UV
Rones, tarred or ontarred, Che VO! Mb. eoeeee L122 O
Calf skins, tanucd, without other preparation,
Bor lOOlb. ee ee eee eeuves ¥euae 40 ¢
Goat skins, do. do. Mie LOO... ce ee ee eee) QRE OO
Fawa skins, prepared... cc... cee ee ee » It ©
Jiamb skins, prepared in + alin, ec. per LOO, 9 ©
Ditto, nrenarel in Oil, dows... ee. ee. weer) 24 OO
Bheep skins, tawed, per 100. Pudesadevacss oe 0
Calabrian shins, tawed, do... cc. ee eee 5 O

Wolf skins, tawed, dow... .... 0. eee eee
Wines, French, per cask of 50 stekan (5 yal.
CD 80 O
Madeira wine, do. dow... ee. ee eee ee ee ee 6D OO
Rhenish, Geren 6 Oo » Lane ary wine, do. do. 7) (
Cape of Good Hope wine, do. doa... .... 0.62 «17 0
Portuguese, Spanish, and all other wines not
Otherwise mentiowced, do. dow..............26 50 O
Seap, bard, WOU lDie, psceccccrrevsevevecer dis @
View original Soft Soap, Vo... cece ess ee sec eeeeeveceee 35 ®
All other gooils, Waros, aud mercoaudise not of the
srowth, produce, or maau acture of Great Britain and
becland, or of the U atted Netieriauds, aud not otherwise
named in the present tai s—
Nanulacturcd, par value of 100 guilders.... 40° O
Utoanufacturcd, dov........ pe¥ sees peace ou
A}l goods, wares, andmeoechaidige, being of the growth,
produce, or manufacture of @M@rance, over and abeve the
duties imposed Uy this tarif ov goods not derived from
Muglaud or the United Netherlinds, pay also an additi
onal duty equivalent (9 one four of the said duties, and
all this tu consequence of, and tn asreement with the Laws
nd regutaiions existing in Grout Britain, as an etfeet or
cat cquansation of dates avove deciared to be one ot the
ye ‘
KR ebenn
conditions of thas trade aud comurcerce.
Ln order to distinguish the said zouds, not LDeing of
Gritshor Dutch origin, fron soods derived from Rrance,
t} :
Yformerunist be provided with cortincstes of oi sc from
due Consuls, or tion Quicers of Customs, and other
yuune authortics at the pliess of their origtas whea
brought $o this counters . the ure Co he de: usiled wider
the same precautions as goods from /netaud
LO. All goods not provided with certiticates of origin
and destiicd for the cotontes, shalt be co. adecod as derive
ed from [ranece, andshall be liable to thes une daties
1. Doclares goods toundto be of other oriin Cian that
declared, lable to coutiscaiion,
Te. Orders the restoration of the tarifof 1725, on pro-
(ivce LY orted tion (hr. Colombes.
12. Saears brow ht to tuts COUNEEY Prov Che colonies.
and Cycnce scut touther counties, shall pay cae bowuvans
du tit 5 ¢
Clayed sugar, per TOO tM... eee eee ge 5 15
{> . . ’ ‘9
Ai:4yv, OF wild Cuvado Sueur. mo LOU 4 er v o
-— a
Ih OM Til ry L J NV 4 rN G.: ~ . ] LE.
Tris Royel Piehuess tho} rience Reece ithe beer oleased.
- r \
imthe name aad on the: oohalf of [bis M. Westy, Coad pan
the WR lit { WO. Peovd Ceomsbiore di J e. More 4
bP. Wear i ‘ by Vem |. ( L, bo ‘ ph ) ‘
CUuibiission fos NED abu colbClods oa te yal
Peace with tas Comuiies.cuers Gi yo autho ot for thai
purpose ou the partof dhe Coited states of Am cica,
Itss Koval i) berets has aso Loe poets dow a |) Oint
Anthony St. Jonm Baker, Psq. (a be lis Mi jessy 72 Decree
tary to the above Comission,
His Roywt Highnoss the Prince Roge rt bas been pleased,
im the name and on the behall at His Mbggaty, fo a) ob i
wie doa, Algenouw Per Ye to bo acecetary coulis. ()
Legation at (he Court of Vaaes,
The Lords of the Advura ty tave appointed convoys t.
sail frou Ply imonth (oCork Cvery fortis. foe '
porte a the Davy acd to Gee Sousa ports eat ool Ca
Oetogals andthe ships watlisvoh eaovoys Wile ative eed a
(oO Cail on Chre de relurro at fhe bee d AI. FOR bd | ef Grcul
2iting protcetion to the bomeward trade feota Gite abo
Orts that tay bea sembled at thea rehora. { Castor
Vhi fleet TONVOY Prom L Ow bs WW a kohl Oth oa eli wl
Naywust, and Che fest fleas Cork oo the POtu :—anad fo.
(he further coutinuence of the Grades itwak be cade wore
#9 faras possible, Co arrange that Chey slaad Coutuue to
sbi On the aiterbate wees,
Pive Swedish ships, tiom Goottenburch, have been taken
Daiish, Dates Swedleuy and Russian vesccls.
A fetter from Dubay dited Nucust £, mentions a cir.
cttistance of rather a surprioaog descapuon, Au Amerie
CAU privitcory ea the satotday previous, catercd Dublin
bay, wae? she captured and destroyed several vessels,
lye ‘ }
nouest whieh a ehtp frou BRourdeaun, with a carzo of
by the Ategorines, who now capture indiscriminately
eran whic she burnt, and Peudod the crew at dduuloary,
a rots ( 1A niles f, 8m cule Cty al,
The Journal de Paris couwraiis the following remarks,
OM OUT Avcrssond va Chis COuntiv t CONTHPU ANCE uf the
hive Prade :— Some Euglish Journalists camplain vebe.
wmently asainet the project ior preserving, fora short dime,
the Slave Trade ia favour of the Beeneh colonics: they
ake Cine declamations on the subjeet, and etlect the most
tender scasibility. We cannot too mach prase them for
these noble dispositions— but why confius them to the
lacks alone, are White men so tittle w horty of ugtish
Vlolantiropy 2 Now every day Afitcan pirates scour the
seas, Garry of within sight of Ieuglshmen, unfortunate
Wuropeans, whom they reduce to the most abject shavery.
flow can En ctaud, the mistress of the seas, tolerate sich
vidauny 2 Whey do not the English Journals thundes
reainst this excess of audacity 2. and when will the marc
(ime Powers unite to make the pirates of Algiers and
Tunis trembic.”?
A Gottenborgh Mail arrived to day, (Aug. 4.) los.
tilitics have commenced between Norway and Sweden,—
Mr. Forester, the British Plenipotentiary, is once more
on his way to Nurway, however, with a view, we must
presume, (oO re-open the negociations.
“Gollenburgh, Ju'y %.
‘fA heavy cannonade was heard on Saturday last in the
direction of Indoreesvarm, which lasted from two til ten
o'clock in the afCcruecn, and is supposed to be an atiack
on the Islands, at the entrance of which the Norwegian
flotiila ts staugioncd, as troops were embarked on Wednes-
day and Phorsday last at Stromstadt¢ for that purpose,
“Pwo o’'Clock P. M.—Intelligence has just been re.
ceived from Uddeswalle that Mr. Porester aad the other
Comunissioners were to leave (hat tow at five this Werle
ing, de relura bo Norway.”
View original SULLG AT
View original MARSH AL's OFFICE.
BY virtne ofanapnointment from His Excellency
IH. W. Bestixen, Esq. Liewtenant-Governor of the
colony Berbice, and tts Dependencies, &c. &e. &e.
Dated QWst Sept. ISL4, given Qpon a petition pres
senfe tT by Lewis Cameron and "PT. Praser, as together
witli the now abseat Johi Cameron, Attornies foe
\W. Fraser, of Culbockie County of biverness, North
*rifain,g and part proprietor of Plantation Cuiory
West coast, teres, the Executor or Executors, Rvs
preenm ative or Representatives, of the state of R.
Coston, of Plantation Dorlwa aud of Drakics, in
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that T the
muderstaned intend to Scil, at Public Ux ceution Sale,
nm the presenee of two Couneellors Commitssaries and
their Seer tury, in the month of November, [S15,
Che precise day aflerwards notificd thro’ the Gazette
ol this colo \V).
The Cotton Estate called BORTUM,
Stufeon the bast ser cout of this colony, and there
snownaider Now O7, with all its cultivation, build.
ios, staves, and further apparte saaees thereto bes
loperrryantbofwhich an Inventory isto be seen at
The Marshals Oifice duvinge the hours of dutw. Said
lsiafe being the property of the Estate of R. Gore
lon aforesad t.
Whoever shoeld think to have onv right, action,
or daterest on the aforcnamed Plantutton Bar/yns,
ci annenis, and wishes to oppese the Us ccution
“ile thereot, tet such person address biaseclf tothe
Va shats Omics. declaring their reason for so doing
bide time and tormy as Phercby sive notices, (hat t
Wiilreeetye apposition trou: any iatermediate person,
appoint thom ade tohave his or her -clat us hoard
Notore the Court, and further act thercon as the Law
Tits First proclamation published as customary.
Berbice, Q2ad October, IS 4.
hk. PRANCKEN, Pirst Marshal.
View original SUMMONSES sy EDICT.
PY virtue of an appointment from the TTonore
able Court of Civil Justice of this colony, under date
ot 23d July, IStb, given upon a Petition presented
by John Lay feld, aq. Thos. Gudgeon, and otherss
as also ol W. Wkewley and Robt. Tritt, in their cae
picity as Curators to the Pstate of Re Garry, dee.
J the undersigned, at the request of aforesaid Cue
Summon Oy eilict:
All cliimants on the proceeds of Plantation 7Jores
fye, cumannenis, to appear before the Coutol Civil
Sustice, of this colony, on Monday the 17th October
'SH4, and fotlowing days, there lo render in their
Clams, and turther (0 proceed according to Law.
ThisStunmon by Ed etinade known to the public
by beat of dram from the Conrt House of this coluiyy
vnc turther dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, 7th October, IX t4.
KO PRANCKEN, First VarschZ,
— — —
BY virtue of an extract from the Minutes of the
Proceedings of the Court of Rolls, dated 2s h of
June, IST4, given in the cause, entitled W. Teach
and Wo Fraser, Curators to the abandoned Estate
of flevwood & Vaytor, Plainditts by ediet, versus, all
Known and unknown creditors against the said listate,
IT the undersigned, First Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, and at (he request of aforesaid
Summon by Edict, Easupcrabundanti:
All known and anknown creditors against the abe
andoned Estate of Heywood & Taylor, to appear bee
fore the Court of Civil Justice which willbe held on
Monday the (71 October, IS, and follow ine divs,
(hetr to renderin their claims, to verify the sane, and
hear objections made thereunto, imeed, and further
to proceedas the Law direets.
This Sammon by Pdict, made known to the publie
by beat of drum from the Court House of this Goluiy,
and further dealt with aecording to custom.
Berbice, 20d Aue. ISib.
h. FRancakn, First Marshal.
View original SILP avy EXLCvTION.
RY virtue of aa appointment from Tis Exeellen-
ev}. We bexrisen, Esquire, Licufenant-Gover-
norel the colony Berbice amd tts Dependencies, Xe.
&c. &e,
Unidler ue af OT Sept, [2 44, pen Nn petition 0!
JOH. b. Manrenbreebe ry us tac Adciney of Rou se-
montand Pehrends,
Notice ts herety oiven ta the PabUe, that TP the
va fersigned intend fo Sell, at Poblie Ex. cation Sate,
tr the presence of two Councettors Commiissa ries and
their Secrefiry, in tie mondy ol Noveriber, IS 15, the
Precise dav hereafler to be notiticd (hiough tie Ga-
gelte of this boa ny.
Phe Coffee stare coed VPTENDSCITAP, situate
bi the middle rivero! tiis Colony, with albits cultwa-
Vion, buildings, slives and) tueftuer appurtesances
teorelo belomeine,, and of which an diventory is to
be seen at this Ousees said pluaation betrg the pro-
porty of George Paucls.
Whoever should think to bove any ri st, ac lion
or mMtereston above Estate Vriemdse I Ip. dd Wishes to
oppore the bxccution Sate Chercol, betsach persons
adress themsclves to the amderioned, am weiling,
and indtee time and form, as to tercby give noitee,
iu Pwill recetve opposition from every tntermed crt
person, appotat thei a day to ave his or her clatn
heard betove the Court, and) further act thereon as
the Jorw directs.
Dots Yad proclimation published as custo nary.
Berbice, Qad Oct. IST.
KOE RANCIION, Tact Marhals.
- ior Ct ee nc
BY virfne of an appotitiment tom Fit PxecHeney
the Grove run, dated t3th September, INT d, given
Woeona Potiiiow presented us iv. Pravchken, as Pirst
Marhoty oraibinnane of DL Abit, Receiver of un
Chueh Pun L Vishin tits ¢ oto Vv.
Notice is herby given, chat the undersiened in-
torbto Sit, at Puete bxceation Sate, in the pre-
eence of two fonneetlors Como tissories and them S
cretiry, on Wednosdey the 2idor Now. ISH,
Collee Pstrte called Di VOLPSTIR, situate in
Canje Creech, with all ifs cultivation, Dbathditners,
saves aud further sprurtcaane s thereto belongne,
Che tnusotwhtch os also the Tiventory are to be
Bs a althe Marshow’s Omec, duaing the hours of
he Sile ts to tale Irce on the spot.
Whoever should think to have any neht, action,
orirerest, on atoresaid: Piantetion de Voedster, cur
@nvexis. and wishes to aprose the [execution Sele
th Peo’, Vie seed pp ofotels adress themselves fo the
Marsh 1. © Once of Ghis colony, declaring thoir recs.
ons terso doive ta due time and cormy as bE heveby
give hace 5 Hat bowel ree CVC Oo} } Osifion frome y i)
fiferio dice parson, § l I dnt Choma dy to have bis
Or her clus beord betre the Court, and tuther act
thereon os the buw diurecets.
Suis 2d Poor aation pablished as customary.
Berbue, 2.0 Cet. te 4.
Ko Ob NLS OREN, First Marshal.
— —
. 4 a (VX. & “PERN
Nn 4° &@ ata reaS py t | If rr
1: Ay rahe of di J 1) watiende from [Fis xe
eilency 'T. Wo. Buntixeny. Esquire, Ptentenunt.
Governor ol tee colony ieoiee and its ponds
Cc Ny Ge. Se. Xo. Given uy ona be fithe I, resell.
cd by tus [fowor MoS. Paisscary Pescal of this co-
lossy, RO. dated the P25 Soot. EST.
Porhe ancderdenecy Pict Vershal of the Courts
within this colony, sv the name and behali of M.S.
Besyedr, iseul ac. O.
se omen
anmon by Lidict:
Resi tents of the colony Demeru y.
PIRSONAT EY to appear before the Monarable
Counsellors Conanissarics of the Conrtot Police voond
Criminal Justice of this colary yon Vion’. y the 70h;
et October, IS'4, and followime days, io need,
the purpose of There bearing, answering, ind proceed
to such conelivsion and CGeonanlas his Sonor the Pic.
eal Ro. Oo tho mand there shatbextabit, and turth
ww ! rOCeCEd ACCO rdan v7 10 Loaiaw.
This Sammon by Eealiet, rade Known tothe public
Dv beaut of dram trom: the ¢ ‘out rouse of this colony,
pusted up, end further deal with as the Law directs.
Berbice, l4.h0 Sept. Ist.
; We. IRA: NCKEN, First Marshal.
BY virtue of an app bintment from His Excel-
Jeney the Governor, dated COU Septbr, ISI4, given
wpon a petition preseated by the Ory haa C iuntly: fs
of this colony, in capacity as Administering the ls.
tate ot S. Ar asselnar, in whose Estate is comprehen-
@ed aid yet remaining ihe Couceuru wi the Fis uo,
View original ° * ° ° r °
J ety. ly yf having } rrmerly Crrnied
on Nuycjneree.
under the nmameand styte ot J. f7ascclaar & Con.
Pihetraderstened.s at the request of atoresaid Or.
Dhan Choumber, in th Incapacity ay above expressed.
Do hereby Stanmon ly Vaict, Ea Super
by 7
tartlay °
ab l/liVe)) e
All Knownand onlnown crediors or cloimants en
of the Estate oJ. Passeliurre or of the lirm, mow
) ry '
iwoolve deo ‘ thas peared a (>|! i), nswellan th S COe-
My aS ¢ leew here, — POP ppear bclore Vive Ponoraly
Court of Civil fustiee of tis colony. af heir seestons
Which wilh be held on the d7h Qeiobers ISJ4. and
Mollawing abiys, Chere to vender ia Cheir efsiins. hoa
obyoetions, rnecd, made thereaato, and witness th
lecis.on of the floa. Court on the preferent aud con:
urront nich of Clatmoants., on pacool tyr.
his Stunmen v Patict. (NX thy I sal trrach arts) navy Y
Known to tipe prblie by beat ot deaun from the Couzt
Pfoase of this col Vy tl L further deal widh accord.
ine lo custom.
be. bic ) Ist October, 1874.
RRVNGWIUN. Foret Varshad
re en
mY Vie Clb Cb ay J poi ( } ’ ! Cds
ihe MO VOLUOT, an dusth Sept. be 1, wLVeed MiP rerda et
polloon presentad bey the Oiphan o tianboiy oa "
MMO Yy E- clr (*. L 4 Oacd 3 cs eae cha nl ab Utie
phan Chamber. cto hereby
ad (4 / ‘oe Mea cfe
yyy ‘ } ; ' . oy
Al! known MY boa, TOs Orecarors OF The uncer.
micntione dood, yz, —————-
; ‘ qt.
oe OTLIL eb cver S. Geor FC LN MISO).
eos tl) bliset. Pood tease,
Phos drier, Po bho IY.
} : )
i I¢ tect icl & Qdibl r. ! («a ‘ ‘ le
@’ . . ‘1 ‘ L ite
{y: nv 4 bu f .
, 4 :
Hew i) thin Ceo : ( \ —-,%) AP ped
i) booeg iq 14 \ ./ ) ~~ bed \
: 1
LE thelr S@ss | \ ) © | 5 | . ‘ot
reodecer gp tet uit iuS-
laifos, » \ ’ i . . { i ) 4 ‘ i ie bea 4
there antoy db vic Pla 4 tardy heed
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“itoil 6 tie prrarac ‘ i 4 ( Chae \ \? ( tiiboice
its. ea dhae blag {.t ) Fle \ , > daha 4
pain of 1) Po ' | \ ( ae ‘ rf il ( (i i
.\! } '
A ; , I tf} (pt) ‘ ea e rhe i ‘ ‘i ( | | if
ly I) cbt CI '! ‘ an ital \ { \ plas »>k Oar e
alahab oa ls spo Gat | \ } ‘ ky Clustudil.
L iU: a) i ‘ \ ‘ut 3 i i4
y° 7
er ‘ \ 7 ~ N4 é¢ s/ y is f
qres® - * vr °
View original ere Sse 1. Ff Ae ts £5 _ . ae). Ges . ees. 2A a
’ ‘ vy GC ?
I cr, at e' Lae
DY the Subseriocry on resonate (erms, Excel:
} easy
lenin tin Cows, calves, aid Gacn.
- , i
~~ -_—,—__— ————_—
View original . "a 1 ’ .
OP voordelice cand iter, bs don on fochencle
—Tinellonte mah dave ee Cs
‘ ‘ ' ‘ ‘ - “f°?
t at Jse . A . - \) AMA lL. wile
---- —— eee ee _——_- _——_ + —
ree SAng
PY the Subscriber, Duteh S ceet STI Chense,
O{s wt. VL. LN ae Re XK ok 1 AX Cy,
ee i ——
Waar be receive | | yithe Cea steators of Plintae
fayrivh for trom Sb tae) bales of eoodt clean cote
tony atthe stare of Vee, Chrorks Rates Gl Monday
the lth of Cectober WONT, Cher derertie st offer, it pe
proved of, willbe P@uied, payrentta be wade in
cash eray ‘proved Hills OF ene hange on delivery.
ly Sept.
View original Sa
row the Subserrbers, a ON ‘ro boy ened WILT,
f. yine rly the Prope ‘Vv of ov, i. Rau ley I: NM. hej INO}
the Congo Nation. vil Is We. i known bot in Ber.
beooams Demerarny: Ope Joe Rezord will be «i-
Ver foaay porson who wil apprehend and ladae
sed Necro boy inl vives kxi.m$tis mate bom as fo
proceed to Dermerry— Cour trinsof vessels are theres
Ore stricliy borbed takine sid Negro trom the colo-
WV. its Nhe I » veadl be rie ghily chiorecd agaist ail
such otlencdrs.
~ to Sept IW. BURTON & Co.
Tite buildings upou Plaatation Savssoncd, con-
Siting ina dwelling lonse » kitehen, stable and hos-
pret, and aif required, ae urpentor loge and newro
hotises.— All upon reason: a lerms, ly; applying to
the undersigned, CoC SWAY ING, qq.
24 Sept. NEC OSTENBADER, qq.
LL ee
View original i I Q] i , ' °
1); mebony ) } trys GS VOUC?, ly stagnate
mcehn woo () i) CNtaAl. Hoss il
( (it VOCrI ( Nowe CCl timmer! kW’ CU NCCT Ge-
Ova We Fy CS OP) ZCCE dan Vi ely ke Condilicn—
C1) ( l) Viaveh | y de once ele ‘hend ys.
(.¢. S\N LVING, qa.
Cc) — ' . J Nf ' f
ae 4 ~S 2780 di. A CUSaLNiashl Lit, i4-
View original
View original RIV.
KK, ascaald v
Zorgen Hoop WO [Ato SN
Ptlieea VIS") woe dt) Baininnen-
Geldertand I? bine 4 S
Sch wecuers Lust : OF Ostet I
Le drole rusce ee ee ee 4
Vussburg | ee Vol ouoakt U4
(reeborg Ps Pye cea hust 10
Scindyastiwheid 51 dist 1
SUbbavi 1; ; forrest 6 2 Nes " JU
Op loop van be- 1 a Voiend.
ter 137 SU 5
Sard lod ton ry > wel- x.
Viren MO} | vert pee
he ad lie l. | uj tod )s4
L¢ : aisthle PT San Obe ve ntia §6
Seuravent ce bE Ett tpi Lo
Yue. n Nescty iD fs.EC Cd toad
besten dieiend lai od. pe Ltt
Wanscaarid en (oye Noea sbrerae ets
Kerr toi Aids 3) er , 7,
"POTN Ga | | ¢ : !
Chrero syed 7 f°. s COAST.
Vieive Hoop « van ll 7)
Lud stella b et. lve 4)
bd. Daetde Ir lo.ra &
beet count steve. 5 7. V3
Zedden ast eo [Sv osans Phace bi
Nocuyy Verestcin £6 pee ts anor Q”
byes dbltr y Jot. heal :
Poverr ad Is_3! ws tlope :
sloobhie Noo d- lea ie re 1 ‘
rot Panel Poh op saoa l
Ve,r on ~ Hb Rue | roe | a)
oto et) | ' at ]
Sys ons (i ou? ~byoor !
( ‘ "i oo ae , ll 7
Nb "iret Y.| era, )i-
tie \iv lint'e | a | 1
Cf VWovnga true ptr ap Mi
1 ost OOM tren b>
loea \res oO.) ore in y.
wok Neor too La Ls. (ry eo
iran: Vite 141 O. 7, Nw)
Carla Woadlem’s ‘ ie ]
tne) 71 | ° \ kK , 9
hea Henrietta ‘ Perocan }
men Eo e| f ‘ ‘4 3 oo?
Snare SJvort- | ‘ Na a
meu 4 tov bor Ty
CVyerrm ttle Phy | GOW RENTY,
{oi yb lerting ( , | o:
vento re S lis- | ind Q
vested) | | 6.
hl aory rc ry o
‘bee ] | 5 0
{vam Plo," wou z
“| r'er 1! | 1]
dE 68 ) {:re Ys
frye 1] 1» eCWil-
"1 ’ EG | }i ' ' 5 £ ‘7
Deu devon 47 | v!
voor t feren bf ‘ » ioocnt 1!
"C98 etiet I. bwdew i
bea be theld <' | bce e
} re nhkor Y | | b»
) rout ( | i n -7
hese caren Sans | totes t
NOG! _ | of! isd &)
Nacne SN i‘ thandic ' 0 J cel _ uney t :
it bee) pet Ki
i) hal eh Vita oe
raiuw bn, efland & | tor 6°
Sey ved - | v
vi ber, I | | ‘ cr :
y.X ermants 7 bo OPstvue 7
ba Pronleace ed li ves 2-7
bose runecedilel- ‘lian ly
veia. P| ueyeie “
Woakaitaraheid Uo ae ) adhall l. >
Lbocniort Pee forici dap ‘ -
CANIT, { heuee
Voorberne {) cn fs rey b
Curse trand a" | ldonnaad 5. 4
Supply 4x). walla 1.8
af orrack 64
Whrope 48
ro larly 60
eC incs 95
sidovrte 2 ob
» wr sé
i if No. 36. (west
lott) 29
ee 18
~ drearna 1
‘om im 92
ir wall 33
os 6s
bfavn 34
im veil 39
‘rod ‘lope. 66
bs pi 4
i! l-ece Ale
‘ita *
i). . co Na, (8, 8
tre biope 18
Ion ah 6i§
. v4, ln
Pye nad s]-
SoM bott) T(r.
\, Votre) 29
, Hite Leong a9
Sri ardea 65
; sriacl 49
Lan <9
Ucrhind 44a
oui tial a +79, 3
ule jiae “f
lord ist
Tr ' i )" ry 34
i niree 2n'§
{7 -esiene 99
l ertowe b>
(ede 6<
‘tans rnes 159
Vrico ls Retreat 2de
»oodlaiteds 37
foil and 12 or
bya) 11
if. ao t rperde ube
(ronlez “S 44
iether 48g
(tene & Ixpert-
I tet 2ta
ati AX Na
ciel, id
rinasborg &
Oulemecss Ite
irl ge
’ Now? {. 49a
! cl.! (iruy2 &
} a.ely tise 1028
Yiver va yt 53
No x, 120
( lear 18
eon 1s2
eS Nursery 9%
cstey 50<
ti tol Dace 13
oe 560
n 658
ly 48
i” n:¢ 50
Jou. Welhelmi-
. uy 74
icon 1.34
em SOX 4h. The
ee | 4l
iW, i stoa 239
Th . 8
vilten Lieece 2506
} tail 76
fay 18 54
OF 256
“'simdry Individ. | »o®
Total 22,128
Rec. Gen,
Cy wr ere” err ee ee Ee ee eee ee
View original ee wr ere ween ee ee ee eee eee
The uncerstened) having entered) into Co-rte
nership for conduct ng business at Law, beg leave to
ete aottee hereol to their Prtends and the Pubtie.
Cheir Cfice will he tld on Lot No. 15, at the house
of the late Mrs. Buse, dee.
li, STA T, Attorney at Law.
CY Sept, Ih. van ROSSUM,
7-— eee
View original ' ’ - rn ’ ’
it bal r ( ‘) ; ‘ i.
j '
A CW | f ' ‘
; ' "
L Clys ( , bills of Exe
( heey (". | \|
‘4 ’ j y J . . .
a ; | Ol ‘ Mi) t ‘ ‘ + Pencils,
> \
V Pitill I dy Ci. i AB (U\yy hat (] \\ aid Ye
P, 2a a UVveci sil Crd AH tf 4h sve

8 October 1814