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The Berbice Gazette

View original reeliveo BOUArS P. annum,
oe sit
weer me
TENDERS for’ from 30 to 40 bates of eood
c) aq" Coton trom Phoutact ,) Pals WIN, will be re-
ceived the tooseobl Doetor de Gerry in New Araster-
dain, uitb saturbyy toe hort vy ril: when they will
beapen dy aad ihe bishe. (Ose approved vf, wall
be aceepicd.
BR. PO ny,
IS March. PONEY PLS ows SEQuestT as.
’ tI ’ ”
VE! Py ea. dai Is or’ zy} 14 sot good elon
Colton tion | nt Mm hcele Maiicr witli be received
Oe 0 a a Twat the house of (he
second) uit: wa, pagyaul wet ead livery.
tS “arch, am dschotwi. S. ULNNGE ET.
SOR SALT LS fa 5U casks of Saear ald dd
ctr get J iran \" iussoe fe bo Vises
a Tobi ls badd yt paw lof vel {other
Joo poetry F ieee hoy Vidisclh Peaders ve tll
bt | EN AN Semery sy New Ntustcrdaan
to moow ty At fae Jothbist. anda. Pp coved or,
\, ' Gl <
i , W fed) viet \ bo soe af (hy). efanye of Teo STS,
‘on eet Oo Ong tel He Stee and Sac awilb be
deiyy lun. uo, Ne Oy bavimciit, C Pong lelive y.
Dt | Jt VP tha bit. . 7 ol ,
Coe i bea ctvedh byt | rororses Plan.
a Tey. Wath Saterday Cb oo thot cept oat the
meal Yaw NESS dr, Poe ce mM, sy tie ) by herds
Gir Vor proved af) will te eee ts heeds Merch,
I stam Pe —-l0n Piureaay
the Ciirer See wtih bo sa hice, the Creditors
DEO BOP os aad piowfrtion ©fotesy OO bytes of
eis poh’, fla ley Corse: oy Dor tis Reid &
Cor, Now Muustodeeg, JS Mareh.
A ae Uc. s Chee bt . Tee Tg vat d, a O-
7 . «| rE fe!
il c inded: et fad pedal
Vours MECOL sy MQ CUN.C doe ceccl Wea hig. Tye
ELL Sabervibe cf Z mee da tape
Tivels a Const how Me TE NE by mot mye pode
Bowimer, Vigr— rete com. bok ee site Nite
pepre pobiseu't, cheese mic) Dat | 7 uh
sorp amd canals. 4 Inet, .. a Caveat
and roe wafer vellea vant ye Ua dan Ghose ead
Childe cas [ it~. ly bytes, ft : \ (o> O44 ely tleor rf
patterne, rib oene. letaiee das diee am! evi. 6 Ue
cecsy sheet, coumferstaess cards crockery ware,
¢ . - . , . ’ . ’ - ‘
el ior \, treds dette ca Cob eae A chee Oil. toe \( Ufo
: ‘ ' °
‘ili t Coateesy rene y ede shirts, watsteouts,
o. 8 - ’ : ° . ~ ’ .
Chaves, teuncecons., eer peer en. fashionable eahew re
. ! . .
need I) Is., ray’ Salle dl booty.’ , “1 YuPy thyeles of lhe
Vee ce tid ae varrted
too e ntary sec.
Is Soaich. M.ED UR,
4 Uk bitol ie if ) enumeraiced,
JPOR 1 E dD, ros acreads, fine Bourde-
wun. cored im dblics., oe Ii poneckeons, herrings sud
ily 1) bier | , Cat ties al | Sop, an WssorfmMent of
pltac constores, Mew we. which with a larse assort:
Boeetiah concsy of fermen Iniportation, vill be sold
pease oty lo close sides,
$5 March. TOON CROFT,
e- -— o—-_- —_ —_—_ — _ -—
a So SO
PL NDED feom Ce Slop Simeon Cock, B
Wearren, Waster. até (he Store of Mp VW. Hlenery,
doree Purcheous, marked VB] pba cy she Con-
SIO Neer On fats hiner (hie « CM POL Ce menrred, voll ree iy ce
the sre by apply i incat the vid store, IS March.
ALL. Nersans wal Le fo the Eistote of the
Jute d. Po Sander. are reonested to mmbe imme Mate
py ttocither oat the aunderien cs who be om (dpa
all clanms ascainsé the LE state. Ls y lee oes ear! . pre.
sentccbasy: ostble. Wail!) VERY for seiand
I$ March. Weelthdsob., qq.
ee Se —
_—_ — -— — = -_
IN CUSTODY of the understened. a red
Co with white spots: die owner may bove the sine
restored’, on calling tor the somes aay ieothe fine.
expences. adveati ing, de. and donot edd for. the
same WH! bo seld, attes having boe a thice tinice ad-
werdisod, accernding tle pruchuuaho. ov the Court of
Policy. facd 6 July 1844. AO VISCTEEN,
duly wuihorboed.
View original ———$—————
= —— e-em
“ts FOR LONDON, the Brig) Nerina,
eee ALT. David Lauchlan, Master, to sail with
(he first convoy, having two thirds of her cargo en-
goced —for freight or passage apply fo said) Muster
IS March. or W.HENERY.
vy FOR LIV ERPOOT,, to sail with the
a= convoy appointed in’ April, the copper’d
Seaw Claud ScAt, RR, Cowley, Master—for freight,
opity fo tie Master oa board, ar to
Ke —__ Or
. oO
ees FOR TIVENPOOT. the fast: sailing
enll 1.2 scm ey ,
tufpollo, Thos. Brow, Master, to sail
with the first Coovov—for treight or passage apply
tothe “fister cn board, or
IS Merch, Wa. KEWLEY.
WHE) has on sale, from former importations, Ma-
Gelarire da pipes, bhels. and quarter casks, malin-
seyand sereiab in hee. catton and coffee bagging,
Oren unres, sucarin barrels, Ce.
S - — = — _———
Sy FOR GLASGOW, the brig Trapcr,
Me Deh Paltoy cou, Master, to sail trom hence
with he April cenvoy, for freight or passage apply to
(he iaster on boaid, or wo
ll Merch. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
Who have vececived by (he #vbowe vessel. building
aed Qimper lies and some bricks, which will be sold
on moderate ferns, if taken from aloaside.
- = — —— ——
—— —.._ -
View original _—
—_ —_ —
_ ——— —_ —_ - sete
SF, FOR LIVERPOOT, the brio Vrea-
ence ccnery, eon Neon. Master, stands A. 1
at P.leds, to sacl with the ist convoy from hence, for
trete ht or px ssage apy Ly lau the Master on board orto
II Maren. GLO. BONE @&@ Co.
\WWho request those pereons who nev have woods on
bored, to send alongside with as hide delty as poss
— eS Ce Cw ee —e—s- oe we
es FOR LONDON, the fust sailing brie
weer Pou ait, John Pary, Master, stands A. 1. at
Iloyids, copper ad Copper fastened, will posttively
vubowith the My rth convoy—-lor freight apply to the
sioster on board or G. PAL EES,
(apr, Pave bas excell nt accommodation for pas-
scaprers sand offers for Sale a consignment of choice
provisions an! dry eoods. Pl bch.
Wiho has jue eon Pre long boat, v) bich pulls ree
harhably fast and carries well,
22. POCQ AMSTERDAM, tle brig Ger-
mec Mae Vis Lowisa, Vanes Johanniscen,
Custer. Wied saad chic Sth of ‘Tarelen ‘ft. for Py. io lil
apmey ty GG. PAC GES and
—_ — ——- - —— _+__ ~
—_— —_ -<—
— —«_——
View original —_—_ ——— o~—— + __
—_—_—_- — — —— ——___—_ . =
NOUR LCE. those baying Cleans vemiist AI.
Huon Woe, dete ofthis Cotony, are requested to ren.
der the Same properly affested for eltrciieit, nyc
those indebted to cone tor warl with povmet, within
six weeks from date, fo Mire PL Gras te No Niet. or
1} Niasch. Me. NICOLSON,
FOR SALE by the Subseriber. lone les fto-
baeco. not less thaw £0 Tb, lor f2 pr. tb. fresh cod fish
—_ —
by the hha. at 6 stivers. neerve hain f}-5 pre vetlon,
Hed neeroe jackets {$8 pr. dozen, neeroe blankets
[26 pr. do.y neeros hats £23 pro dey tradesmearns
hats fo6 pro de. sulion ff Go pre barrccl, mackret
fo) pr. dow, tall barrel f 27-10,
1} Miareb. STOWULTP.
—— — —_—
-- ~~ — ~
Vk under ened haying returned to this Co-
lony, request all persons who are indebted to hhiiny to
come formant with payment, of (heir now so lowe
open accounts: healso informs those whom it nay
concern, thet ho has empowered ALG. Car MLK, [sq.
fo receive aud vive discharges tor all payments made
fo hun, sand a.G.Carsaen, Esq. being alsodirected
by the undersigned, in case of non ccmpliance, to sue
wil de“vulters for (he ensuins Court.
Ti March. P. A. BRAUN,
i eeeeeeeeeSeeeeeOSSSee
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View original SECRETARY ’s OFFICE.
This ts to inform the Public, that the following
Persons intend quilting this colony.
David Dwine in 6 weeks from 10 Feb.
A. Fleury in6 weeks from 18 February.
I). C. Scheidius mn do.
Ren Settle and child in do.
The free black woman Zephire in do.
David Millerin do.from do.
C.G. R. Eckhard in 6 weeks from 25 Feb.
J. 1. Stapel in do.
Wm. Luff in do.
Waller Kennedy in do.
J.A. Dicken and family indo. or 8imonilis.
P. Harrivelle and a mulatto servant in do. or do.
John Fraser (PL. Kilcoy) with the April convoy.
James Fraser with do,
The tree mulatto woman Philippina in 6 weeks from
Feb. 25.
—_—-_— OOOO OO oe eG
Notice is hereby gtzen, that a month aficr date the
following Transporrsand AJoitgages will Le passed.
Feb. 95. P. B. Bender will transport to J. Jo! an,
the one cight part of Lot No. 7, within the first
em polder ofthe town New Amsterdam.
—— dames Fraser will pass a mortyage in favor of
Jo. L. Maurenbrecher, as Representative of
San pson Sharp and Batard, to be vested on Pina.
Belladrum, or No. 6, Canje, and on 73
—— Jota Papin will transport to Sam, Taill, Plan-
tation No. 50, West Corentine coast, and 76
Negro Slaves, and all other appurtenances to the
sume beloseine, .
Sam. Tact will pase a morfgage in favor of J,
Tapin, for the purchase money of Pl. No. 50
and the Necross,
Vareh 4. R. Marper will mortgage unto J. G. Jones,
Ph voods of land, of lot No. 22) woth the build.
Ines thereon, situated in the frst enspolder of
Now Ampterdan.
—— |}. Downie, s v. will passa mortgace on Pins
tation Retreat and on 62 Negroes, in favor of
Volton and Litdedale, of Liverpool.
“arch 11. Maines Chalmers will passa mortgage. in
favorof J.T. and A. Douglas & Co., of Go s-
gow, to be vested on plantation Kildonand, sia-
Ves and apourlenances.
—— Fh dlystop will (ransport to Demerary 9 neeroes,
namely Mackenzie, Major, Foitune, Braham,
Alonzo, Pantie, Smart, Charles, and Justin.
—— Walter Scot will (ransport to Demerary 2 nee
grocs, Cumberland and Henry.
R.C. DOWNER, Secy.
a ee ure a
View original a Se ee re a
The Manners of Proceedings before (he Court of Civil
Justiee, in Enelish and Datch.
Vhe Charter of the colony Berbice, in English.
Uhre new Dutch Constitution, in Dutch,
Coffee Certificates, Bills of Exchanze and Lading.
All kind of Books, blank and ruled, Quills, Pencils,
Ready made Ink in Bottles, &e. _
The tlistory of Barbados, from tha first discovery of
the Island in the year 1605, till the Ascession of
Lord Seaford, 1801.
Tollundsche Koenosscinenten.
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View original :
. , +

@ ‘

. . 4 )
‘ c

View original
View original TO
Gis vtarday th 6th May e815, will be sold by or-
d-rof tie @xccutors of John Robinson, dec., and the
Bord of Ornhan Chamber, re: presentine the Estate
ofot Finlay Snith, dec. and in value of due antho-
Lily unc) fron ‘the PJonorible Court of Civil Jus.
Coes for that parposo, Phiitaitton Chester, on the
\V a Oasfty with all Che burkdiaes and cultivation
Cherean, together wal G2 Slaves, and fircher ap pure
oa Deria the you mt " dp é of ob. Saith and
FoR tao. —"Perins of Qste aS] haves at O ard six
montis; bh: ale, at, T2, amd [Simonaths eredit.
D.C Caupron, Dep. Veudue Meter.
Por sale atthe Vendue Oiliec, the following wines,
a consisuonent received by ve brie Nevine, tom
Londoa, which will be soll on peasos bls Cerms for
tnonreddi ite prymen) :— isl I hidom parleubur Vfa-
detra wine in pipes, fist quality, Bonrd aux. cried
Incases o' S dozen cock, olt ho KR imeases of 2 dorcy
each, rich matmseyv increas oF 2 dor on eaeh, Chane
pagne incases of one dozcretch.—tbih Varch,.
D.C. Camron, Diop. Vondue - Laster.
—_——— = —
Dom ALG. Calmer en G. Po ovina Ebolst.
Op Dondordas den SAsten Meat (S85, 73h in Vaivae
bro als Deliberesronde Peecgteuren ter Poe lel en
Nabiteas hap van au wyden des beer J. A. Leisner,
an desz ls plamacie, ceumamd Werk en Must, ta lio
_— — --—___
-—— i ao Se ee
- -~_ -—..—__
nome elo ren, aad icestbie den Lewobed teria
denver daten goo lesen: destauscnde ie coud en greta.
werk, coudeen 2 iver zoho boc (folkd en
Hie hoener.) cou le smmifdoos, gms aie Aledes y
meer ads ards cae oseworh oo PP stave Ny Wotro der
Sher aece hy Lace timer asen miolenal rs, ‘aise
hoseny waschrietdy Ginunerrere aschap, roade bast
Neo ory wtb. rode Porel on trea yy SOOT n
Von ves remen, 120 ps, Dacre wy lrout vie cl verse
Len) b.ada breed, bosr wy em kerpp laren,
cel hout det sedoete tyk ain de walertv ty Voor an
holy Noo Poin dese Stud: alwerve miles bs ee gion,
» | vl SC l\ n de Lie eemelhdle rl WIhreie Ve Ta Ch
Pts smet dents cep wen en bo priutiozens Paves.
SWrarvanis te zion, tea huize van een der boven-
cemeloe Paxcecwleuren,
bee Vernoooing zal beeinnen Ces voordesidd., tgs
fe dluaren, :
i). «, oan PRRON {) }’. t rile Mcster.
O° 2a E® > G26eae- «+ @ - ~ — we ~ NN we ean wee — = 2 — é ~
SAL boat wivow TS, ISl5.
Cace is here this coek, the brigs Croun Scorr,
and -fpor lO, fo one F, verpool, le jt hehiad frou the
Cork fleets ayo Cane in hec-e this mornive, froana
crue to windcurd, ales Majesty's ‘ship Ci avers-
Ve are sorry to annorvice the loss of IT, NM. shy
Cravir.ancntiancd in our lasts the erce was lajd-
ed hee Yost day.
Cleared the brig Brranricrain, for Anslterdani.
elh LOS,0%6 pow of cojjoe—NVe Goede Ves ach-
Cine”, ads for alinslori Mh1H wilh SOS sO 10 pountls of
coyfec, anid 1300 lbs. Quassie weod.
EE a ———_—
View original
View original
View original
View original
View original On Rice, forevery one hundred pounds net
weivht.....------ ----- wee eee eee 0 5S 4
And so in proportion for a less or larger
Horsses, Neat Cattle, or other Live Stock,
for every one hundred pounds of the Va-
thereof, at the Port or pli wwe of impor \-
tion. ....--- ee eee eee ee ...-.£10 0 O
(Sie ed) CHETWY ND.
(Copy-) Council-O fice, Tr hite halts
Zal Januari ;
Sin—Referring yo to Lord Chetwyiul’s 7 ttor of
the 221 ultimo, trausmitting an Order of His Royal
Hishness the Prince Regent in Council, of the 16th
ulliino, authorising (he Governors an |! Lieutenant-
Governors of Hlis Maiesty’s Istands and Colonies tn
the West Indies, &e. to peruil, for Six Stonths TO!
the date thereof, the iuapotation and cayatation o
Grain, and eert in oth) yoel c} SOL provi LON. CC. be
vessels belonging to Stites tacaimattv with fois Way ests
I ail now direct Jd by (he Joords. ot is Buy Sty ’
Most Honorable Privy SOU il, ton pain yay bor
the information of Iarl 8 ahinrat, thatas a breaty of
Peace and Amity Jins, since (hey SSL of the said
Irder, been si. ned betwee bis: rajesty and tie
States of / me Ca, ihappears ti > Council to be ex-
pedicnt, (hat his Lordship shar ne ostiuct the Gover-
nors and Tientenant-Goveroors ot [bts Marrosty’s Is-
Jands and Colonies ti the West Indies, &e. not to
exercise the Power wilh which they are invested by
the said ()) I, ra! thre loth ul( ine abe VO! a the Oeriod
oi four moaihs from € he date ot the sund Order.
] ain, Sir, Ac. XC.
(Sterne) Jamuss Duiyen.
Major-Gen. Dunkiury, oc. &c. &e.
i. —s 6 FS Se ee — = + -
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View original
View original
View original
View original SLEMMONS ny EDICT.
BY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
of the Courtof Cryil Justice of this colony, dated 16
January 18lo, given inthe cause entitled James Pra-
serand Simon Traser, in capacity as Curators to Che
Lstute of Cyan Duncan Fraser, Plaintitl by Mdict,—
rerstesy all Known and unknown Creditors against Che
Mstate of Evan Duncan Fraser, deceased. I the tae
dersicnea, birst Marshal of the Courts within this
oo ive ancdat the request of aforesaid C uratlors, do
hereby Summon by Hiliel, (for the second time ):—
aM known and unknown ( reditors against the Lstate
Ptovan Duacan Fraser, deceased.—'lo appear be-
lore the Courtot Roly on Nonday the 19th April,
Io. ne (o render in their claims, to verify the
sun, and further to proceed according to Law.
VWhis Sun nous by dict made known o the Public
by b at of drum from the Court Llouse of this colo-
Wy, and turther deal€ with according to custum.
Berbice, lo March, Isto.
i. Ran cxey. ‘Furst Ma irsh ral.
BY virtue of an. Anpointme ut from hus &x-
lacy fh. W. Bex vin sky Josquire, J.teutenant-
Gooverisor of tle Colony Berbice and ity Dependen-
Phos WO. WE. BO. given pon a petition presentoad by
Jatice braser, for himaclfand other Scqnestrators of
Prunalions NO. 10 w& 41, west coast of the col my
thice, the property ot Afessrs. Small ane Vluelfall,
deceased; said appointment bearing date the 9th oi
“area ISTS.
1 the undersigned, Girst Marshal of (he Courts
within this colony, a nd at the request o1 tforesaid
Sequestrators.—Do hereby Summon by Edict: all
hnownand unknown Claimants, as wellis (ois Colony:
astuthe United Colonies of Doincrary aad) sequebo,
om the proceeds of the zal of plantations 40 & Al,
west coust of this colony, the late property of p.
Siralland W. Phreltal! dee. fo appear in person or
yy proxy, at the Dar of the Courts of Civil Justice of
ibis colony, on Monday the 17th day of, iprill fos ),
ait folowing days, there, torender in their claims, (0
maintain the suiue, and to wit Hiss, UCT the dourth
bedictal Suinmons, the Court’s dectssion, on the jrc-
ferentas d concurrent right of Ute Clatuaule, op pain
Ga perl ect th ilenmce.
Yhas Saciumoas by Edtet, made known to the Pu-
bie by beatot drum trom the Court blouse of this
Colony, wat turther dealt with aecording ts aw.
Jocivice, this JGdi day of Marcel Isl5.
Ww. Brancnes, Firet Marshal
eS _ - -
ba virtue of an Appotatment from lls bix-
ecucney tl. We. Benrinck, Esquire, Lieutenant-
tsovecuor of the Color Vv bo rhice and its Depend le
vies, oo. Wc. etven upon a petition presented by
beod., can Cheanher olihis cglony, and in that eae
pact y baving charee of the unadniaistered Lotte:
wdappointment bearing date Che sth of March Isl5
I Ui undersigned First Marshal of Ghe Courls with-
In Uns colooy, and at the request of abovenamed
Orphan Chaubor —Do hereby Summon by bdict:
Wt aown and unknown Criditors apainel tie uuder-
tmucntioned: betales, vir s——
M. Haring, I. van Balk, G. FV. Smalley,
WP Joenald, tl. van Aken, A. Proc, UV. Di COLSON,
S.C. 4. tlarras, Re. hose, RL Vowicr, W. Agord,
N.C. Park, tl. Mueller, L. Stokes, J. Champlin,
ail J. Swnro.
Toappeu before the Bar of the Court of Civil
Justice of this ce ony, Which wil be held in) dhe
month of danuury IS16, Chere, to re in riother rey-
peciive Clanns, lovessiy the same, to hear « bycctions
made thereutto, ib necess ryy and ta wiltrs Che
[fonorable Cutrt’s Cecisstou, on thie m lerent and
Concturen richtot Claimant, aud farther to proceed
according to Lew, on pin of being for cver debar-
red (dete sieht of claus.
Vhis Stusnogs bw Ldtet, made known to the Pa-
pit by bert of dram from the Court Eouse of this
coloay,and further dealt with according do Law.
Berbice, (iis 10th day of March, IS15.
Ww FraNncnren, Birst Marshal.
View original
View original
View original
View original ——_—$ ———— eee
TE. KOOP, de volgende versche (via De-
merary aangebract) Hotlandsche uitgezoclite Prov.
sic, aly~—Rolpens in vaaljer, palig in dito, zuu -
kool, bloemkool, rode koool en gepekelde wore( t+
Wito’s, inofe zalin in'dito, saucysen de RBonlogn:,
peper- saipner- secrlare en geconfyten-khecken 'y
(rommels, banket en heiliemaker in dito, ecroo!‘e
zalm in blih. cerookte osse tongen, ingelegde anch
vies- agurkies- chatlottes em salade boontjes i In sfooy.s
Vicssch. prutmens rosyacn-s en corenten in dito, annie
reHon- brambozen- abrikoze Ne perzckes en proimesy
In brendewyn, eau de conlozne, diverse comfitures
In potycs, srauwe ca grocne erwten, EKaapsche boante
Jes, wopelde earst- vierste en vort- in puilen, Zwite
zersehe } LAB, O8se ubben en pater stulhea, S ftver
on Pachner water » Cer £ocve Riynseche en Vows!
Wynen, ecbrade osse en halfschyven in bie, fv
leoze pypea en tabak, stoops viessen met witte
bruine candy, Kleine Westphaaleche hammen, !,
-berdian in vaaljes, lyn olic, Jenever, butler, aarda, -
pelen, é&c.
JI Moeart. J.C. F. UTHTENS* 14,
em a a ——————s—S—“‘i‘ilN ————$—
View original ea eee... oe oe
TO all whoiwn it inzy concern! The Subse; -
ber hereby wives Notice, that be Ini, forvery wrec.d
reasons. resiened, at the Seerctary’s Office ef (his co-
louy, the Powers ‘af Aitorney of N. Volkerts and i.
J. Porhoroas far as reg: ids tor himself,
Jil Yareh, CL. RUE ACY.
PEN ondergetechende adverteerd aan a}
belanghebbende, dat hy van de Procuratie van N.
Votherts en [E. J. Portier, om zeer dringzende red +
nen, (cr Secretary dezer lalonic, beeft gerenuncitert,
voor / a yerre hem zulas aungaat,
1) Maurt. C. RULACH.,
Oo _—
View original - ——
Vik undersigned, late Principal A krer$ tor
(he Crown Property in this Colony, request all Cv se
that conceive to have claims agiinat the said Pro
perty, contracted daning bis aciniistration, or wy
Chitins apperts dubious, to render in their ecco. (6
previous to the P5ihi extents inorder te be examined
and regularty entered.—Phe undersivned intending
lo make no alterations whatever, after that date, and
never to (rouble his successo.s with cordicates,
A Maren. A.A. puta COURT.
—_——_—_ ~~ — — « - - et
Wanted for the Detachment ad ‘Batt. Gut
Reet. at tort St. Andrew, weekly. One Hundred end
lifty Benehes Planiains, to be delivered at th:
Warf, at the Port. tor which cash will be pid
every first of the month.—Tenders to be seud ta
Captain Koc h, at the Port. Ath March.
eee ——S_— i — ee eee
View original = ~~ ——— eee eee ee
LOST, drifted or Stolen from opposite the
premises, ocenpicd by the Commisary Hf. Efends,
Lxq., a Punt, measuring trom about 25 fetin levels
to 7 feet in bre ‘ath, painted with a white streck on he
stern—whoevercan give inforuation where the sar
may be found, will be liberally rewarded by apply.
ing av Wis Ollive, 4 March.
“ANY pe rson having Watches &c. given io
Mr. I. L. Sosset, dee. for repairing, are reques'od
to send for then, by Mr. A.D. Cuche, as otter siz
weeks trom date, not claimed, the same will be sold
for the bencebt of the Boedel. 4 Marelh.
_—_—_ —
— — ee —_ —_ -- — _—_ —_<._—___- -—— ——— .
ALU Persons having clalins against the Bore
delot Mr. Pe da. mlOssel, dec. are requested to res
ler the same, property attested, to Mr. A.D. Cache,
for examination ; and those indchted to come for nard
with pavincnt to Mr. i. k. Tantze, duly authors J,
before the siting of the Court in Aprif uext.
1 March. J. b. MOSSET, @
A. D. CUCHE, §
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18 March 1815