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The Berbice Gazette

View original PROCLAMATION.
By His Excellency uicutenant
Goscrnor 11.1. BEnTINncR,
(H.1V. Bexrinex.) and the L/onorable Court of
Policy and Criminal Justice,
of the Colony Berbice.
To all {o whom these pressents shall or may come,
Greeting! Be it hKaown:—
WHEREAS His Exccliency the Lieutenant Go-
vernor has this day Said before the Court a Dispatch,
received from My Loc Bothcrst, one of His Majesty's
Principal Scerctaries of State, conveying His Royal
Highness the Prince Rézent’s approbation of the
me isis stig, by the Courig! Voitey, tn the tor-
mation of a temporary Cougt of Civil Justice, on the
25th of November IS}4, on the application of His
Excellency the Governor, for (he reasons signified in
this Court’s Prochimation ci that dates
And whereas His Royal Highnesy the Prince Re-
ment has been pleased to approve of His ixcellency
the Governor's condnet, with regard to bis proceed.
invs (owards the Members of the late Courtot Civil
Justice, Which wasdissctved on the 19th November,
IS14 : asalsoofthe dismissal of those said Members.
Noti@ thereof is hereby publicly given, that the
Court oMBivil Justice having existed on the 19th No-
vember ISL4, has by HisReyal Highness the Prinec
Regent’s decision becumet dissolved, andetliat. we
consider the functions 6f the temporary Court of Ci-
vil Justice have ceased; of which all persons cun-
cerned are required (o take notice, and gevere Cue
selves accordingly.
Thus done imonur Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice #f the*colony Berbice, this Gtl September
J815. Present, His Excclilency Lieutenant Governor
FL. Bentince!, avd (he Honorable Members, Peter
Feirhairn, George Munroe, Dervid Carnegie, aud
Trancis Brittlebank,—adem plisthe Honerabic Mem-
bers, Albert Jan Ginsius, and the Rev. Francis
Whitfeld.—Aud published on the 7 September 1S15,
in presence of bis pdodiien: 7; and the aloremeationed
By Command,
. R. C. DOWNER, Sec. ,
; By Wis Excellency HW. W.
° Lentitick, Lsquire, Licwte-
. nant-Governor of the colony
UT. W. Benvixcn ar
( "— ) Berbice, and the S/onorable
Courtoef Policy and Crint-
nal Justice of suid colony.
To all to whom these presents may or shall come ;
Greeting! be it known :—
WHEREAS we have taken under our considera-
tion the incenvenience which this colony is liable to
in tle prosecution of the civil judicial dutics there-
of, bv the unwillingness of gentlemen who are cleet-
ed Members of the Court of Civil Justice, to make
upon themselves the birden of such appointment.
Ty Onpven, therefore, thatthis branch of ie public
service (which the Law requircs shall be gratutlous-
ly performed), may be cqually borne by all such per.
sons as are eligible, and that it shall be no longer at
the will and pleasure ofany individual to deeline the
appointment of this Court; We have judged it ex-
pedient to enact, as we do hereby Enact, that from
and after the date of these presents, any and all per-
sons duly elected as Members of the Court of Civil
Justice, shall be obliged to accept of such appoint-
ment, and serve the period prescribed by Law, or
eothkerwise shall forfeit the sun of to thousand guil-
ders Bolland’s currency, which shall be pant into
the Petly Datics of this colony, in support of the ex-
penses defrayed from out of that part of the colonial
rovenue. a
And in order tbats-none may plead ignorance of
this our Proclamation, these presents shall be pub-
lished, and dealt with according to cusfom. ~
Thus «q-}ved and resolved ip our Court of Policy
aad Criminal Justice, of the colony Berbice, this 6th
September, 1815, present, His Ixcclieney Lieute.
nant Governor £f. IV. Bentinck, and the Honorable
Members Peter Fairbairn, George Munro, David
Carnegie, and Francis Brittlebank,— dewptis, the
Eionorable Members Albert Jan Glasius, and the
Rev. Francis Whitfteld.—And published on the 7th
pepe ae 1815, present. ilis lexcellency the Licat.
CMH yernor and the aforementioned Members.
By Conimand of the Court,
R. C, DOWNER, Sve.
View original PROCLAMATION.
By His Fzcellency FI, W.
Renrince, Esquire, Lieu-
tenant Governor of {he colony
(12.7. Benrincx.) Berbice, and the ?tlonorable
Court of Policy and Criminal
Justice of the said colony.
Toall to whom these presents shall or may come ;
Greeting! be it Known s— ;
WHEREAS His Execllency the Lieutenant Go-
vervor bas Jai before the Court this Gay, a Dis.
pitch trom My Lord Bathurst, expressive of His
Koval Highwess the Prince Reg@avs Pleasure, rela-
live to the Courtof Civil Jastice which existed on
the 19th November, 1814, and which tn cuns: quence
slunds Gissolved.
And whereas the Royal, Pleasure having been thus
dehuitively siynifiixd the Duties of the Previsional
Coutfot Civil dustice, wis. lL was constituted upon
the Jissolutien of the Cour. et Civel Jiastice ou the
Mth Nov., 1804, until tis Royal Highecss’ judg-
ment way enown, we cousiter have thereby become
‘Lhe Court of Policy ded@rous to relieve the Ho-
norable Members of the Provisional Court of Jus-
lice from the arduouscharge imposed upon them,
and under gtatciul impresstous to these Gentlemen
ior their attention to the public welfare, have Chisday
proceeded agreable to the Charter of the colony, to
constitulé a new Court of Civil Justice.
And a Nomination having been tnade, and sub-
mitted to this Kxectlency, of sueh Gentlemen as
were Clivible tor Gie situation of Sic bers of the Court
of Civil Justiee. His Exeetlency the Governor has
beea pleased to select the nndermentioncd Gcaveinea
to be Members of oat Court. .
Simon Paasesn, Kilmorack,
dsaac anter,
W. Hens v,
James Wanker,
Joun Casiecuon, and
Henny Swuirfson.
Of which appaintnecat Notice i¢ h ichy given,
that all the Inhabitants of Gus Geverament may res-
pect those Gerliemen ia thew atoremenuuned capa-
city accordingly.
Thus Enacted and resolved in our Court of Pelicy
and Criminal Justice, athe colony Berbice, this 7th
September, 1815, presemt, His Bxcellency Lieute-
nant Governor //. IF. Bentinck, and the Honorable
Members P. Laibaita, UG. Alunro, 1D. Carnegie,
and f. fr ittlebcay.—cemptis, the Hon. 4. J. Glae
sius, and the Rev, 2°. Wielfield.~-And published on
the Sth September, 1815, present, His Exccleney
the Licutenant Goyetior,
By Command of the Court,
. Kk. C. DOWNER, Sce.
View original a
Seeretary Office, Berbice, Sth Sept. I8I5.
THE Court ot Civil Justice will meet for the dis-
patch of business, on Tucsday the 19th Sept. ISIS.
By command,
rn ee OW NER, Sec
Tihle House formerly eceupied e (he late Widow
Buse, deceased, situated on the Southoin ton Cuar-
ter of Lot No. 15.—Also the Premises ; { present oc-
cupied by J. H. L. Maurenbrecher, Esq. ; for fui-
ther information, please apply to
16 Sept. kb. THEOBALD. qa.
—-- — —e
ALL those who have any cl.iuns on the late
Win. Miller, aie equ sted fo ronder their ac counts
to the finds rsi@acd, and all indebted, te Come for ward
with payment,
16 Sept. B. JEPPORY, Del. Exeéntor.
NOTICE, these who aré indebted to the late
firm of Cuche & Co., are heveby cicsired to come tore
ward with iinmediate setlement, either with Mr. A
1). Cuche, or with ke. F. Hantze, » who is duly he
rised to sclile and give receipts to their outstanding
debts; and as their firm is dissolved since a year, one
who does not come to:ward to a settlement, will be
sued for the next Courts.
A.D. CUCHE for self, and
16 Sept. J. GUHLEKE,
Se = —— oe
TO BE LET till the 4th of November next,
and enicred to immediatly, the house on the middle
road, lately possessed by the Rev. Mr. Wray; ap-
ply at the Crown Ayency Ofscee,—16 dept.
View original ey
FOR SALE, thuse valuable and extensive
Buildings, comprising if UNION COFPRER
HOUSE, the Propettveof the Subscriber, free of
Mortgage, with all the FURNITURE, PLATE, and
NEGROES, &e. .
‘The Premises are well! worth the attention of Mer-
chants aud Planters, and as fitting fora Commercial
Hall, or Public Offices, ‘They can be inspected any
lime by application at the House,
The above Promises, ifnot Sold by Private Sale at
the end of Six Weeks trom date, will then be put yp
M Public Venidue.
A of Purnitare, &e. will be made known pre-
vious to the Sale.
Union Coffee Tlouse, Georges
Town, Aug. S\, 'S'5.
View original et,
W AARSCHUOU WING, Uap Dirk Hensken
advertectt, dien hel aangaat, dat og aon boord van
zyn schip de Jonge Ypeus onafeehaaldeagyn, ver
scheide yocdercen, onder het meth Aare: blad in econ
drie hoen, twee vaten, gescheept door den Heeren
Engel¥erts & Co.yen het merk 1.8, J, rescheept
door de Heeren J. M. Stmons & D. Berk, ogq., diverse
vaten en vaaijcs van No. 85tot No. 99, en dager deze
goederen, ter vorzaak van de inkomende prodacten
nict laager in het voorr. »chip hemnen blyven, ver-
zoekt genelde Capitein ticusken, de gene die cr recht
foe heett, dezelve te doen af halen binnen den fyd van
zesdazcu nvdere alveit ntie, zullende anders dezelve
nadicntyd worden gelend ineen daartoe te huuren
Pakbuis, voor rekenin:: van de geene die het aangaat,
en van deze gocderen zoo veel openbaar worden ver-
kogt als nodig zal zyn, om de vragt aan te yerhalen.
. “oot J6.
View original rr
NOTICE ts herevy givea, that Cuche acd
Barnes went in Copartnership a yearayo, and ‘they
desires those gentlemen who are indébted to conie
f.rward and settle their aces unts, or givetheir vous
or the same, as they inte d etost g their beo«s every
yew. the Subscribets arc ilways ready to 0 lige
iheir peictioners, wiih conlifion, that in fu ure they
will settle their account: evry three moths, sithce
wit th trs goods or muney, only lo have no Gispule
16 fept. . CUCIE & BARNES.
7 sll ee ke a J.
ten thousand poundes of fest Guaiity coffee, Peader§
lor the above quantity, (he produce of Plintarfon
Good Land) willbe eeceived at the house cf the Gist
undersigned, until Monday the Qd of October heat,
and, if approved of, accepted, payment wehbe mace
in cash. for M.S) BENNY YT,
and scl GG. PL vaANHOLS'T.
16 Sept. Sequestrators,
FOR SALE, the whele Lot No 59, with
the buildings thereon, situate inthe second empolder
of this town, the ba@R part bearine in plantains and
fruiis—cither the front or back half wili be sold SC pte
rately, ifrequired—apply to this Office. 1G Sept.
—S==.6..QQQ°8 —— er eS
View original ——————_—_—_—————_————__
ABSEN TED herself from the Subscribes on
Thursday night, the 14th Sept. a good looking young
negro woman, about 17 or 18 years of age, about 5
tect 2 or Danches high, a crecle of Demerary, her
name is Josea, had on when she went away a trock
af cotton and linen check, formerly the Property of
Messss. M. Smith, and J. Derrick, Demerary; y hoe
everapprebend and deliver her to her owner, or lodge
her in the Barracks, shall be well rewarded, and who-
ever shall be known to harbours her, or take her from
the colony, the Jaw will be strictly inflicted azainse
such offender.
NB. She is suposed to be about the Colony-Twons
View original LK
FOR SALE by the Subscribers, in addition
to what they bad on band, the following aiticles for
immediate payment, in cash or produce :~
Prime Newloundland cod and seale fiish in 8 and 9
quintal casks at 5stivers per lb., fresh maekarel in
barrels f 55—smoaked salmon f 9- each, four in bare
els f 50- do, in tierces £77— Cumberland and Yorke
Sbire hams f I- perib., Bologne sausayes f2- per tb.,
Lishon onions f 1— per Ib., fresh pickles and oysters
.f 5- per bottle, spermaceti candles f 4~ per Ib., tal
low do. f I- per Ib.
— 9 Sept. WULFF & BROWN:
View original A Saddle Horse for Sale
Tas ,. Vihlsne c al
ADDI to LAkiS VWilce, cn a
View original NOTIFICATIONS.
By Command of the HMonorntle Cour’ of
Civil Justiee, of the Colony Berbice.
_ NOTICE ts hereby given, that E.F. Hantze, hae
this diy Seen adwitted, amd sworn as one of the Mar-
rate of this colony, inthe room of A. G. Calimer, re-
signe wl,
Kuigs Tiouse, Berisite, V4 Aur. 1375.
h. €. DOWNER, sod
—_ ss er
Berbice, 9 September, 1815.
NOTICE is hereby eiven, at the request of the
Soryivine Partnees of the late firm of Mssrs. Machin-
hy Cameron & Ce., that D. CG. Cameron, of this
vlonyy is daly author. os to collect all ou! standing
1). ‘ts tas the svid fires @ud, that hoawill pry all Dey
monds against the same, on ny ieation atthe Ve nduc
Oiice. R. C. DOWNER, Sec.
= a -— —_—
-~— Berhicc, Ist Septen her, 1815.
NOTICE is heréby given to the Public: That
the Firm heretofore earried on under the Stale o,
“© flan Stewart & Co., wi hin this colony, ts troan
thi. day dissolved by the undersigned, in cousequenc
of hfs Copartner Jamts Thomas nop having couture.
ed with the tevor of their agreement.
‘Those indebted to the aforesaid Firm, are carnest-
}y requested te make early payments, i order that
the demands avainst (he Conecra may be liquidated
as souh 8 Passible. ALI.AN STEW. AWOL
"This isto inform the: Public, that the folloxing
Persons intend quitting this colony.
Al-x. Bissetfor Demerary with 6 Slaves.
Goon re Stewart ia 14 days or 6 weeks from T2 Aug.
Trs Storey and Yphildren, in 6 weeks from dou. °
Alexander Simon in 6 weeks f ay 96 Aug.
Jd. Brondec!, in 6 weeks foom Sept. 2d.
View original Voticets hereby given, that a month afi vr dale the
folloiving Trans porrs and Mortgages wil! be passe
Aug. 26. C. C. Swaving and H. Staal, bxecittors to
the Estateofdbrtiena- Het baner, dec. wall trany-
port to C. BE. Gemon a piece of bunt ¢ led tn-
cluet, with buildings, &c. siluate on the Easi-
bank of the river.
Sept. 2. A. .b. Schott will transport to .1. J. Hilken,
pat of lot No. 27, within the Town New Am-
sterdam, particulars to be seen at this Olives
— J. 1. Schlarhorst, will transport to J. P. Broer,
the northern front quarter of lot No. 15, New
— W. Katz, will transport to Dariel Allf, plan-
tation Hermitage, known as lot Nv. 13, Last Sea
coast, withall(héslivesand otherappurtenances
and dependencics to the same belonging, as per
schedule to be seen at this Office.
— Panicl Allt, will pass a morigave on plantation
Hermitage or lot No. 13, Kast Sea coast, and on
the negroes and ether appurtenanees and depen-
cies, tn favor ofthe Exccutors of the late Robert
\Walson, the Heirs of the same, or their Repre-
echiatimes, particulars whercot May be seen al
this Ofhce.
—— Janie! Allt, will passa mortgage on Plantation
Horuitage or lot No..13, bet Sea coas', and on
the negroes and other appurt@anees and dlepen-
dencivs, for the balange of the purchase money
thercof, to take effeet next in suceession te the
mortgage deed, in favor of the Exeentors or
Jicirs or Representatives of the Heirs of Rober:
Wilson, in favorof W. Katz, particulars whereot
may be secn at this Office.
—— Lewis Cameron, will transport 10 negroes to
Di merary, names to be scea at thie Office.
Sept. 9. The Executors of the Esiate of the late wi-
dow HH. T. Buse, will traasport to the undermen-
lini d persons, the following Estates and pieces
of Lant, viz,—Plantation Oud Bercenstein, to
J. Ut. 1. Maurenbrecher ;—bLa Petite Bretagne
to L. FP. Gallez ;—De Velden Boven, De Velden
Bencden, J. G. FP. Seiffs—Reosendaal to Wm.
‘ Burton ;—De Eendracht to A. de Costa -— Nova
Cassa to L. F. Gallez ;—Christina's Rust to J.
Hi. L. Maurenbrecher.
The following lots of Land at the Old Fort
Wassiu, viz, Meerzorg, Rapenbure, Parippe,
Vredenstcin, Goede Verwagting, Ongeveinsd,
Minder Vices, Minder Weik, Jagt Ilaven, Ros-
ham, and the 13 Cantons, toJ. van den Brock.
The following pieces of Land in New Amster-
dam, via, the southern half of Lot No.1, the
whol iront Land af Lot No. 2 depth of upper
line 2b roots 83 feet, depth of lower line 19 red
$f teet to W. Katz,
Fart of the northern half of lot No. 2 west of
the contre ro ul, Nppes line 19 rood v fect, under
lin, Yt on ol, to Jolin Beresford,
Varlol ime souti.ern Lalf of lot No. 2. west of
View original the centre road, upper linc 24 rood, lower fine
00 rood, to W. Katz.
Part of Lot No, 1, east of the centre road, up-
per line 55 rvud $ lect, lower lime 47 roud 5 feet,
tu W. Cowie. , ‘
Part of Lot No.1, facing the back dam, up-
per line [1 coud S$ icct, lower line 14 rood, to
ii. Chaliners. e
Part of Lot No. ¥, east of the entre road, from
the centre road to the back dam, the tull width
oi the lut, to F. Nicolay. .
‘The whole ot Lot 4Y, sccond empolder, joint-
to the free people—Turiba, Aunaatie, Anna
Tadsman, Jacob, Dove Jan, Fredertk, aud their
children, and tu the survivors thereot.
‘Sept. 11. Phe Executors of the Estate of the widow
li. 1d. bsuse will executea free and uaincundber-
ed trauspurt (o 6. J. Schwiers and Lt. C. Dow-
ner, plamtation Lest toe ftust, situate unm the
Woot bank of the river Berbice.
Tie &xecutors of the Bsiate of the widow H.
I. Buse, willexecute a tree ayd unincumbered
transpuri to UD, C. Cameron, plantation Seesigé,
situate on Che west sea coast ul tue coluny Bese
bics e e
The Execntors of the Estate ef the willow H.
1. Buse, will exceute a lee and anincuimbered
Lansport to M. Kader, plantation Provence,
Siiuate on the cast bank vi the river Berbice.
Particulars of the abore Estates, may b:
Sccnal ihe garelary’s Upice.
Septl6. Lhe Atiomcy ot wie Assaznees of the ban-
hiupt Lstac of Lurnon!l borocs & Cy. late ol
davidon, Merchdnis. will traasport to Andres
Metville, plantation Zacdwyk, siiuaic ow obs
West bana of the river Lciuice, together with
1<7 slaves, and ail other appurtenances and de-
poudenews tv ihe same b lunging. further par-
UcuUiats Wihetcol, may De kuow. on app Aicatiun
at the Sccrctary’s Otuec, of this colony.
Androw Melville, or his Attorney: specially
Cc ustituted, willexceute a special wentgaye ou
planiauon Zuidwyk, with 127 claves, on roe ts-
suc aml mercasc thereof, and on ali vther ap-
puttenances and dependencics fo the saine be-
lonyins, and further generally on dis persva anu
property, i tavorot the Assignees of Lurabull
Forbes & Uy, late of London, Merehanis, ior sceu-
rite (ae purchase money of the said Estate, ena an-
nexis, further patliculars whereof, may be Known ai
(he Scerelary’s Oldec of this coluny.
Rt. C. DOWNER, Sec.
View original PUBLIC VENDUES.
‘ .
.On Monday the J8 instant and following day, will
be suid at the Store and by order of 1. HW. Seb lirhorst,
bsq., the following goods, witvout reserve, viz :——
frish mess beefand pork in whole and holt barrels,
hams, wackarel io borne ly, salt incdo., onions, pickles,
barley, spices, Trish tincn, sheeting, linea cambric,
table linen, diapernand hockaback, lincn and cotten
checks, chintz, cellicoes, thread, tapes, gentlemen's
London made coats, coatees, Watstcoats, and panta-
looms, bkfs. assorted, black cambrie, wiistcoxt pa-
terns, blacks blue- and greene broad-cloths, negro
Clothing, boots, shoes, saddles and bridles, cliaise
harnes, paints assorted, paint oil, an aasoriment of
carpenters Cools, door locks, bolts aad hinges, vat
houps and rivets, hoes, shovel+,axes, tron pots, grind
stones, trying pans, knives an forks, watters, donble
barici’d towling pieec-, glass and carthenware, bali
lamps, shades, also 3 water vats, a chaise and harness,
household furniture, &ce
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
On Thursday the @lst instant, will be sold on ac-
count of those concerned, the condemned American
sloop Pol/y, Captain Dicky, with all her apparel as
she now lays opposite Messrs. G. Bone & Co.—Also
ler cargo, Consisting of 80,000 fect superior lumber,
4,000 red ok staves, the whole will bé disposed of
in six dots, to suit purchasers.
D.C. Cameron, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original i
ley virtue of sn appointment granted by the Hon.
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, upon a peti-
tion of K. brancken, Esquire, in his capacity as de.
liberating Executor tothe Estate of J.C. Scholle.
vanger, begring date the 19th August, 1815, will be
sold at the Vea@ue Office, on Thursday the 98 inst.
the following slaves, belopging to the deceased's es-
late, viz, Adonis, a honse boy and Taylor, Febrna-
ry, a field negro, and a woman mamed Belsey with
her child, also a piece of land being part of lot No. 3
first empolder at the back dam, with the dwelling
house and out buildings.
D.C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Monday the 2d October next, will be sold by
order of the Hon. J. A. LL. Maurenbrecher, Esqr.,
al S months credit, the whole of bis household fur-
niture, consisting of glass, carthen and China ware,
lables, chairs, beds aad bedsteads, silver spoons and
View original o
forks, fable and bed linen, kitohen atensils, and a
collection of books in various languages, a six oar’d
tent yacht tn excellent repair, a curricle and chaise,
chaise harness, a superior chaise horse, saddles and
bridles, &c.—Also a few cases of excellent St. Julun,
Midoc, and Muscatel wines, and old hock by the
D. CoCAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
Se? 0 reese 2 ee FP”) lm Oe °
View original JAM#S GALLIE & Co. offer for Sale, on
reasonable terms, wallaba shingles, crabwood slaves
and paling, bulletree and éak y timber, silver-
bally and cxbdecally plank, house trames, punts and
kokers made to order, oa pplicativa to Mr. I. The-
obaldy New Amsterdam. 9 Scpt.
—_— — - —+
———__ ase SO
NOTICE.—AI! those who have.any demands
agaist, orate indebied to the Boedel of the late Mr.
J. V. Mosset, dee., are requested to render their
claims, and to poy their respective deb{s without de-
lay, tu the undersigned.
9 Sept. A. D. CUCL,
‘ Executors.
Capitain Dirk Hetiske®, voerend@bet Brik
Schipde Jonge Ypeus, canker leggende in deze
rivier, Voornemens aynde in de maand October aans
sfaanite,te zeiien naar Amsterdam, adverteerd cen
fexclyk dien het aangest, dat hy op Maandag dn
lide dezer maand, gereed zal zyn met zyn voorne
schip om de lading inteaemen, verzoekt derhalven
de heeren inladery, hunne eof'y aan boord te zenden,
en wel die genen die gecentrictead zyn, de door
huane gecontracteerde partyen binnen 30 dagen, te
rchenen vinden dice dezer maand, vulven® con-
tract aay boord te zenden, de venen die root:
7yt ta vaten fe sehepen, worden verzort dezelve het
eers&, en hoe eer zoo beteraan boord te zenden, wan-
vezicu de valen op het laatste niet sullen kuama
worden ingenomen, 9 Sept.
cade The fine copper bottomed shup URANTA,
Piowas Prakry, Master, will svil powtively oa oc -
sGomt the 20th iastant; havieg ha ot her cargo on
boatd, and nearly the waoleo. the remain lerengaged,
For treight ofa few Packages, or Pa.sige, please ape
ply io Che Master on board, er io
View original _——_—. oo
NOVICE to Creditors, 42,000 pounds of
wood Guality coffer, witi ve sold amongst the Credie
tors ol J. We Heyt ever, bsg. or Plantation fg.
Perance, in parcels of 1.500 pouadsesedh, atthe bonse
oF Mi. Li. Staal, on baosday the 19th of Sept., at 12
v'cLoch. —[Itis requésted, that the Creditors whe ine
tend to bis! jor the aboweaamed produce, will Gneon.
formity of Che proposals made to, approved of by them
and sanctione? by the Lbonorable Couttof Civil duse
lice.) substantiate and regulate their clhims with Mr.
IW. Heytneyer, ee Ofice J. F. Obermuiler,
Isq. H. STAAL, tor self, and 2.»
es ‘pt. W.KEWLEY, | . pscoe:
FOR SALE, very reasonable for immediate
peyment, Americen flour, Rock and Liverpool salt,
atew hundred weight of onions, also the undermene
tioned articles, viz :—
Best London Particular Madeira wine in pipes,
(verranted to have been imported to Demeracy three
years ago,) clarctand port wiqe London bottled by
the dozens and a variety of dry geods, &e.
9 Sept. M. LINDNER.
View original TUE Subseriber intend mg to quit the colony
with his family, for Europe, has obtained permission
of his Excellency the Governor, to dispose of the
house he at present occupies, sundry furaiture, &c.
by way of
ngrcealle to the following SCIIEMTE:
2838 Prizes, value together. 2... 22. ee. £57,883-10
2 Nominal Blanks, each entitled to 50
Joes. ,
285 Tickets, at f 176- each, is........ 50,160- 0
Balance in favor of Adventurers. ...{7,728-10
Tickets and priated particulars, myy be had of Mr,
E.J. Henery, Cumingsburg; Mr. G. M. Forrester,
Roubb’s-Town; Mr. Robert Marshall, agrshali’s
Hotel; Mr. F. Lindner, in Berbice: and ¢ A
Demerary, Aug.29,1815. J.L.FORRESTER.
View original _—
JUST IMPORTED in the last arrived
Dutch vessel, a consignment of real Schiedam gin in
large and small cases, real cogniac and white brandy
warranted gentine—also on hand, old Malaga wine,
ditto Rhinish wine in bottles, good claret in cases,
white wine vinegar in jugs, pearl barley in ditto,
paintsand oil, fine Dutch linen, stationary, &c. al to
reduced prices fur cash.
3 Sept. G. van TROJEN,
View original eee
FOUND straying among the catile at*plan-
tation Prospect, a young red OX with a white face.
Any person proving it their property, may have the
same restored by paying tic expences—and by apy
plication to
2 Sept. Tus. TAPIN.
View original FOR SALE on very reasonable terms, the
house formerly occupied by Dr Liot, on lot No. 24,
within the first Empoldter, of the Town New Amster-
dam ;—for further particulars please apply to
} Sept. R.C. DOWNER.
View original SEPTEMBER natu XXN DAYS,
Phases of the Moon.
New Moon, 3d Day, at 10h. 29:n. Morning.
First Quarter, 10th Day, at Sh. Sm. Morning.
Full Moon, 18th Day, at Oh. 22m. Evcnme.
Last Quarter, 26th Day, at 4h. 45m. Morning.
D. of Hh. W.
M. W. Holidays. Plhesomena, &c. H. M.
1, k pGiks. At, 16
9/8 | London burnt, 1660. O. S. 5159
£}Su | 15th Sunday alge Drivity. $ {4
4|M | Speing Tides. 2150
tu Oo! §
o| W 01x
97 | th|Enurches. 7 (bY
S| ko | Nauvity of V. BD. Mary. 8] 10
G15 8} 54
10| Su | 16th Sunday after Trinity. O/5P
yi | Mo] Neap ‘i ides. 10} 55
72) tu M) 2
12) 0) 48
14] Ph |tloly Cross. I} os
15|F 2) 46
16)5 3 jy
17} Su | 17th Senday ater Trinity. ; 4419.
is| M .
19| ful Spring ‘Tides. | 5 | 97
9,/ W 611s
91} Thy St. Matthew. 7) 9
92) F |inmg Geo Tih. Crowned i75!. 7 41
3}5 | Sunenters Qa:bra. Antomal Equi- | $}17
94}Su |] lsih Sunday alter Truty. (nox. | 9] 4
2,\|M 9/492
90 | Tu] St. Cyprian. 10 | 26
27) W | Neap dides. li} do
99|F [st. Michacl. Duchess of Wart.| 2% | 20,
S0|S | St. Jerome. - [b. 17662) S | 25
Oe we ae ee ew ee oo es SE
View original Niw AMSTERDAM,
SaTurvay, Saprearvnr i6, S15.
View original ee ee a —— |. —
By the arrival of the First August Mail in Barba.
dos, we have received this morning the following in-
tclligetice, (from the Barbados Papers).
The Duke of Welliagton bas been created by the
King of the Netherlan Is, “Pence of Waterloo,”—
and conterred on himthe Estate of La Be Me Alliance,
The integrity of France to .be maintained, The
expences of the war ‘to be defrayed by France in tour
years. The evacuation of the country by the Al-
lied (roops on the 25ih August.
Bonaparte to be sent to $1. [lelena,
Peace bciweer America ant the Algiers, by which
the lutter is no more entitlec fo an annual tribate.
Fiom a London Puper of the At July, 1815.
Bonaparte wrote a letter to the Prinee Regent,
which has been brought by the Captain of the Slane y.
He says in it, °* that events have taken aturn which
he did not exactly expect, and that that country be-
Ing ina stale ofa inarchy, he has retired from if—that
he throws himself apon his Royal Highness and thie
Country, the mos! generous, and the most constant of
all his cnemics—that in so doing he immitates the
conduct of Themistectes, who sought an asylum trom
his enemy, the sou of X rxes."—The |: tees isavery
short one, and the abeve is the substance.
The following circular has been issu: tod from the
War Office, viz:—
6 TheMeance Regent h ving been most gracious.
ly pleitt. Leto take into consideration the expences to
which Regimental Officersaie subject, whilst march-
ing with their corps on the heme station, and being
desirow. to afford thm relief in the manner which.
appears to His Royal Highness best caleulated to
meet the pressure to which they are cx pose din that
situation, His Royal Pi hives therciore has been
pleased to order, that trom asd after the 25th inst.,
an allowance of 5s. a day shall be mad: toevery Re-
gimental Officer tn Great Britain whilst actoalty
marching With his regiment or snpdeta: bent there.
of. (Signed) *PALWMERDSION.”
View original eee
The King of France has issued a Proclamation to
the following effect :— '
Lefebre, Nev, Suchet, Moncey, Champagny, &c.
are no longer Beers of France.
Ney, Lab “loye thetwo Lallemans, d’Erlon, Le-
febre, Grouchy, Clausel, Bertrand, Dronet, Savary,¢
and others—are tv be immediately tried by a Council
of War, ?
Soult, Excelmans, Carnot, van Damme, Marct, anc!
others—are to Be banished France.
; —_
Paris, June 90.—Vhe Ex-Emperor, before he de-
partid, addressed the following Proclamation to the
emmy t—
** Soldiers! While obeying thé necessity whicis
removes me from the brave Freneh army, | carry
with me the happy certainty Ghatit will yust: gy, by
(he eniinent services which the country expects tom
ity (be praise which our enemies the mosclves have not
becn able to refuse tt. Soldiers, | shall follow your
Meeps, though absent; TD know ail the Corps, and not
one Oo: them will obtain a singlegadvanttee over the
enemy, but T shall vive it cretlid tor the courage
shall have displayed. Both you and me have been
calumniated; Men, very onfit to appreciate our tae
bots, have seen in the ioeks ofatiachment © bich
you lave given me, a zeal vl which | was the sol.
Lut your future successes fell them that it was the
country above all things which served by obying me,
and that if f have any share in your affection 1 owe
it to my ardent fove tom France, our common mother,
Soldiers { some efforts moce and the coliatiotis dis-
solved; Napoleon will reCbgnise yuu by the blows
which you are going to strike.
Save the honer, the indepen:tence of the French.
Beto the fast the samp men that Bhaye known in you
lor these last Cwe nty yours and you will be invicible,
: (Signed) NAPOLEON
Napoleon has rergned 100 doys, in which be has
spent 600 tailions, and lost 150,000 men. Prance is
ravaged by civil war, and the. capital besieged by
(woar es. v
Pusis, July}1.—The Dmperot Alexander has cone
erred on Proce Blucter the cider oi St. Anne of Che
first class 5 and accompanied the Kongur with a pro-
Seutor the value of a miblion of francs.
M. Laie, President of the Chan.ber of Deputies,
bas c turned to paris. He was presented yesterday
lo the Aing. - ©.
AL. Pobarie, Chieftof the Staff Division to the Mi-
Mistero! War, and who follow.d the King to Ghent,
with the Dune de Pettre, is appointed Intendant of
the Royal Houschuld. Me? borestier, Councetior of
State, whohad previously filled Chat oftice, will resume
his quondam iunetions in ke Macine Oe irtiment.
The Mlied troops who bave mgrched from Paris
within these lew days, dircet theif course upon Ly-
Oils, and towards Orleans, by Ch. routes of the Bouse
bonuaise and of Palaiseau.
The famous Spy of the army of Bons parte Snamed
Schulmecister, native of Straspurg, bas been arrested
at Lletibroan. He was distinguished wea porter, but
an Austrian officer recogniscd him,
‘The Emperor of {ussia dresses) ina blue coat, grey
pantaloons, and a round hat, withoutany decoration,
thought he should be able to walk tncognido Wirough
Parts, On OPssing the Pultis Royal be was known,
and betrayed by the cry of ** Livethe “nm peror Alex-
der PP which lew ftom n@uth (o mouth. Nations!
Guards, most of them unarmed, ran hastily from all
parts, and tormed two lmes for the passage of his Mas
Jesty, aod led him thus beck to his palace. The
crowd swelled on the way, and the Eaperor arrived
wil an immense (rain at the Elysee Bourbon. ‘The
cries of ** Live dhe Emperor Alerander! Live the
magnanimous Emperor! were ineessant.
Phe pedestal and the statue ol fenry EV. has been
restored on the Pont Neut. °
It is stated from Dyon, duly 7, that M. de Montes-
quiou had passed through that town, announcing the
arrival of the young Napoleon,
Paris, July \i.—General Count Reille, one of Bo-
naparte’s Peers, was Broucht last night to the hotel of
Baron Muffling, the Governor of Paris. It is said,
that he was escorted thither by Prussian soldi re,
[ve was put into one of the clamber of the hotel,
Whore he passed the nishton a mattress, guarded tyy
semfinels, who have orders not to allew any commu-
nication with hin. Ele asked permission to sleep in
bisewn hot], which wasrefused. ltappears that he
Is Very closely Lupriedmed,
Marsal Ney tet Lyons onthe 12th to proceed to
Switz cland. fa Lyons he wis several (umes assailed
with enics of down with the traitor.
Yesterday we remarked in the public promenades
A uamber ol persatis alw ‘ys walkine, Lifee or four to.
gether, and wea ing athe bottom-holes of their coats
ated pwn. Many citizens, perhaps, too readily
alarmed, wive c neeived this piak to be the succes-
sor OF the wvlet, and rallying sign. Some quarrels:
(ov place; the uaval scrivus of which we were eyes
View original wilnesses, occurhd 6n the Poub’vard of the Temple.
Sewcral obihe wiig’s Guards, rizhtorwrony, took of-
lence at some wonls ulfered amory ageonp ob iiidirie
duals, all of whom wore the red pink. Acis snccced-
ed to words, and the crowd and the tumult equally
faugmented. Some séditiou. cries were heard, | ut
the dist ppearance of the principal actors in theaffiay
terminzied a scandalons scene, which doubiless will
nut be rom wed.
Paris, July 15.—Vestewmay between one and two
o'clock, the Statt ov the English army with the Duke
ot Wellington at thor head, repairing to the Palace
0. the Thuillesies to pay their respects to the King,
lis Vajosty reeeived these disuuguished Ollicers
with that grace and kindness which accompanies all
hisactions. Phey were successively mamied and
presented to lim., Phe King wore the Oracr ot the
Garter, He addressed the Duke of Welliuytou in
i.nylish, saying s—
* My Lord Duk , | personally owe you a debt of
gratitude for yout humanity, and the good conduct
of yous army lowalds mv subjecls. Lam vlad to have
the opportnuity of yiving this testimony myself in
the presence of the whale of your Staff.” .
The Wing atlerwerds conversed with several of
the Odiicers, all of whom withdrew pen trated with
the gracious reception they had ex pericuced,
wwe eS,
A deputation from Live rpoo! bas been employed
tounduce the Minister lo dgpense with the law which
prevents Ca; tains of shtps tro reeciving [lices,
without their passing through the Post of cc, and a
‘postage being paid apou them: ‘The Mitastce bas
acceded, aad a Bilbis ww be brought in, which will
probably go through all its sages inth Cunnens
Cis week; and under itt Captainsind Mastr willbe
allow ad tv scecive letters with ul postage, vie reve
nue being to be satr fied by a deuble postage on those
that are brought to this couditry.
‘She Emperor ef Morocco bys, it is said, declared
war aywpst Russie, Prussia, aid Sicily, and titted
out two frigaics and a drigantiue +o Cruise againal the
flaws of those powers. ‘
Schaffhausen, July 3.-By repeated accounts from
Upper Alas, notenty the places already mon iw
have been mostly burnt, on account of suliers have
ine beea murderech in them, but (he tollowing cir-
comstaace, allended with datal cflects, has also ho p-
poned al Mulhouven s— One cvenmg, at the muster
of a Germit co ps, OU nen were missing 5 ona strict
exnminition the deal bodies of several of the wen
miss dowere found. These were s ewn to the as ene
bled corosg che commerder observime, thot iowss
lett t the mon to push th. crime 3 the coms ge ce
of Chis cnenuity, (be pallage and burmog oi thee
place, s0 istingeulstc (by lemunulactur gs.
The re-establishment ot the khinedom of Po and,
under the Bmperor Alexander, ss King, wos poe
clammed on the 20th of funcy at Warsaw. The Pe
lish Constitution of 179] is itie basis of the pucscut
system of Goveraomecut.
The Americzn prisoners, who were recently Sf ase
ed at Dartmom, in marching fiom that place, passed
a bauly of French privoiers, as they were conducted
to that depot. The Amernecans baited, and sawed
the French with a shout ot ** ire Phewperor!” but
this salute was not returned by the latter, who con.
tinucd their march in sullen s lence,
Accounts have been receive! fiom Car hag na of
the defeat of the Algarine fev tby the Am ican. ue
dion under Conmodore Decatur. Jhe action, which
fook place on the 20th Jane, lasted two hours ‘Lhe
Algerine frivate Mezoura, 40 gun-, is takin and car.
ried into Carthagena. She was commanded by the
Adinualof Alziers, who was killed. Next momings,
between one and two o'clock another Alverine irirate
was driven on shore by the Americans, near St.
Xavier, three leagues to the east of Cartagena. The
crew escaped on the shorc, and were persucd by the
Spanph peasants, who had taken some, of thom when
(he aocoun's came away. A corvette was Chased,
and would probably be taken.
Statementofthe quantity of Ale brewed in the Lone
don District by the six principal Houses, between the
Sih July 1S14, and the Sth July 1815:—
Barrels. Barrels.
Stretton & Co....-27,07'|/Gol ling Ts. & Jas. 14,498
W yatt & Co.. 2... 22,140] tale & Co... 2... 10,194
Charrington & Co. 20,411] atl & Co... 2.02. 7005
The Qucbee Papers, brought by the ships tat. iy
arrived frum thence, mention that a Bill las patsscd
both Heuses of (ie Provisional Parliament of (; nina,
and pf ecived the Royal Assent, tor granting to Liens
tenant-Colonel Bouchette, Surveyor General of the
Lower Provinee, the sum of five bundr.d pounds toe
wards deiriyng the expences of his lirve ‘Popo.
efaphical and Geographical Maps and Description of
the Canadas, aga mark of their approbation and cone
vietion of the ultlity of a work that ‘demonstrates ty
the iritish nation at large, the actual state and amaze
ing tTecourses oF ene of Us most valuable apprudazes,
fins periuemance is nearly finished, wid will iicet
probably maac ats appearauce Delure the rising of

16 September 1815