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The Berbice Gazette

View original A PROCLAVLNEION.
BY His Beceliency Jounn Munaay, Esq.
Mayor-General, Lientenant-Governor in
anid over the Colony Berbice and tts De-
pendencies, President in all Courts and
Colleges within the same, and Vice-4d-
miral thereof, Kc. &c. Ne.
Tu all 0 whom these presents incy or shall
come; Greeting ! be it known:
VV HEREAS Lhave weeetved instructions from
N his Majesty's Ministers, to give such) pu-
bDlicity to the appointment of Mr. Auusaspen Veo-
rart ph ta Covert, as Vgent tor the Crown Pro-
perty wit tathe Colony Berbice, aad in that eapa-
city having the entice superinteauance aml conduet
overthe Crowe Property, that ne persons within
this Goverment may i. daw or otherwise, pretend
ienorance of his beiwsinvested with fill authority as
Avent; \salso, that che powers delegated tothe sate
Bir. Abexandes Allaire de la Court, extend to the set
flement and roced.t or vl outstanding debts, due to
the estabrichineats focmetly known under the appel-
lation of the Wonee! Departaent, and Colony or
Crown states; cid lastly, Chat the sail Mr. Alex-
ander Atlart de ta Court, is authorised and tnstruct-
ed to sue for ae beecover by Law, in name and on
Ochalf or thie OY (osty, all Debts due to the aforesaid
Winket Depaiiacns, Colony or Crown Estates.
In Guedience (0 (oc Cotmimands PT have been honor-
cd with, Phere, pucus ) btfy to all those whom
Momay core f that Mero Mecander Ailart de fa
Court is cely app cinted and authorized to collect,
settle, recuse cee ae tor an mime and on be ball of
dis Macedo, ru Dh tsahic to the Crown Property
Within din coon. tome dy taown by the appella-
tion of (he Wander Dep utneat, Coteny or Crown
Estates, from tne preortent steer scaned Properties have
been Ndministered tocandor be hadrot this Majesty.
Auld | do hereby order and GHeeet all pyeh Gs within
this Governnicnut, ta loke dite toticn ct bts Miagesuv's
pk astre, as comuuracorvehin ns a rockin on aad
to wove they ceive. a ards ots,
Nand ini crt det td etter viet iy) af
these pote Cols Me he eta nt ee outed
Aias's Mies, Prochee ct yh Ombr er, VSS
Ry rororene I
R. C. DOWNER, Sey.
Aisgl dete @
_——— oe Oe eee
. di 's / ve eflene V/ ' : en ae J ra N Vira:
Ray, Gi leran eliur tne cum on-8. the Cue lf
of hievbrne ‘hy el ths i) ic ety Bace- 2. sal,
and Presstent taal Con. aad Colleges aithin
the same, ac. Ge ac. 7
To allto whom these poeveuts hall or tadby CONCOTN,
Bev known:
\ HWEREAS Mico Nerxaveer AUrnaet pe ua
. Court, Pre tpal Veeat tor the Crown Pro-
perty in Berbice, hes thought proper (oO nominate
endappoint Mr. Wiiitam Boack, Assistant Agent
and having exbibited bis powers to me in due form,
snd re quested my sanction thereto. .
‘These are therelore lo slemily, that I have receive
ed the said Mr. Woilis Black as Assistant Agent
due the Crowt. Property in Berb.ce, and all. the sub-
jects of thas Govenmment are requacd (uv acknowledge
hina in that capacity.
Yo prevent ignorance theyeot, this proclamation
inserted iy the pablic Gaazctte.
Given under my Hand aad Seal, al the King's House
thes 22d day of October, 1813-
Ry His Lacellency’s Command,
Whos. C. EMERY, Act Gor. Sec’y.
evond lime of publishing.
_——_~_— ee or
View original “NOTIFICATION.
The Honourable Court of Civil Justice having been
pleased to order and direct the tollowing Resolution
to be made public, the samme is officially motified for
the information of those who it may concern.
View original
View original Fxtract from the Miautes af the Court of
(tal Justice, of the Colony Berbice, Satur-
day 21 August, 1313.
Bison ED, as it appears to the Court that
Suits instituted and detended beture their Bar, are
often lost thro’ the negligence of the Attornies inac-
curacy of the Deurwaarders, Sworn Clerk and others,
whose professional duty it is to place the same in an
accurate state of readiness; whereby great prejudice
amd expence accrue ty the ditterent Suttons betore
the Count; and thatas it has not been heretotore
custom ry to insert in the Sentence, the grounds to
which the loss of the action was to be attributed, se
ts to enable the party aggrieved to obtain reparation
from the person thro’ whose beyligence the cause has
been lost.
That forthe future, there be inserted in any sen-
tence, given by the Court in instances where the
cause has been fost thro’ the negligence of the Plain.
tif? of Defendant’s Attorney, of thro’ the inaccura-
cy of the Marshal, or other Ollicers of the Court, the
cause of reason upon which the decision of the © vurt
istoumted, inorder that the party losing bis cause
nay have recourse onthe Lawyer or Otlicers ot the
Court, thro’ whose neglect the said cause has been
Conformable to the aforesvidl Minutes.
Wuod A'le:tor.
Rh. &. DOWNER, Sec
Lhird lime Of parlde tds g.
eee eae aa esse oe
View original A PROCLAMALION,
BY Mis Berecth cy Jonny Meena, Bouire,
Major-General, Laieutenant-Gorcoro: in and
CCT the Colony Bevhi “¢ cud rls Ge /' te’ WOM ¢,
Presulent inal! Courts ot Co! eos wuthan ‘hy
samc, WO. Ye. Ne.
\\ PPPREAS Plis Moy tas hoen roast vraei
ously pleased toadiiit, of Uppeal Deing: made to His
oval person in Coune .. trom Seatences awarded in
the different Coarts of Jodicature within the colony
Berbice, undet ceriiin Restriction: and Observances.
ln order Goatlocd the sulveets of this Goverament
he Benene ofthis Majesty's Royal intentions, | have
eco if teelly requisite to make Known te the Pu-
Ihre the ti cractions (have received on this head,
aul the Bayculations that are to be otserved in the
prosecution of all soci Appeals, and as (he mode ol
curving on such proceedings is cortrary to (he prac-
Hice and crtom ued sant adopted Ly the tfonurable
Come. withts this colons, thereby publicly notify
th: followine crtract from ray rosteuetions, ti what
beer Vppea! Wheatiower to De prrers ecuted to
Hr. Majesty in Counci s Cerin t to be distin ily
eter tood, thareatier th potion Jom off (hese pre:
sents, the anctont mode of lostiteree onl carrying
on Vppoals to the Sovereren, wall oo longer be per-
mite. on alle cody or ah ws Vooral be adinitted
before His Majesty me Counct.. uilesssprosccuted: ia
contormmity to the present wotife aon.
“Hisour will and picasere that you allow “ ppeal:
to us in our privy Council, tron: the dec.sions of any
of the superior Courts of the said Set nents, in alt
cases where the imattes cela LVion exceeds a 500 st.
provaled that such Appeal be tonde within iourleen
days after sentence, and good security even by the
Appellant that he willedectually prosecute the sane
and answer the condemnation, and also to pag sach
costs and damages as shall be awarded by us, bacase
the sentence of any such superior Couris shall be at:
firmed and provided nevercheless, where the matter
in question relates to the taking or demanding any
duty payable to us for any fee vi office, or annual
Rent, or other such like matics or thing, where the
rights in future may be bound ; in all such cases you
are to admit an Appeal to us in our Privy Council,
though the immediate sum of value appealed for, be
of less value.”
And it ts our further will and pleasure, “That in
all cases whereby your instructions you are to admit
Appeals to us in our Privy Council, Execution be
suspended, till the final termination of such Appeal,
unless goud and sufficient security be given, tu the
appelice, to make a: ple restitution of all that the
View original
View original --——
appellant shall have lost by means of such judgment,
or decree, in case upon the termination of such ap-
peal, such decree or judgment should be reversed
and restitution awarded to the appellant.”
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
th's proclamation is made known to the Public by
beat of drum, and further published and dealt with
as Customary.
King’s House, Berbice, this llth day of Octe-
ber, 1813.
By Command.
Third time of publishing.
View original PROCLAMATION,
BY His Excellency Jonn Morrav, Esquire,
Major-General, Licutenant-Governor tn aud
over the Colony Derbice and its Dependendies,
President in ail Coarts and Colleges within the
same, und Vice-Admiral ther.of, We. &e. Se.
To all to whom these presents may or shall cor.r,
or concern, be tt kaown:
Cinceusrancrs having arisen, requiring @
Public Notification of His Majesty’s Pleasure, woth
regard to the Sequestration of Property within this
colony, tor the benefit of Aliens.
Ldleem it requisite to signify theo’ Cie Gazette of
this colony, the Commands of His Royal tHlighuess
the Prince Regeat, on the subject of Proceedings at
law, for the recovery of Mortgages due to persons
residing in any country cuder the contieul of France
of ils Agents, .
** The attention of Mis Majesty’s Goverment
* has been called to the serious inconvenience
‘Sto which those Proprietors of Estates, in the
Dutch colonies are exposed, whose proper-
‘* ties are under Mortgage to persons residinz
‘* in Countries under the imiuediate controul of
the Enemy.
‘© The payment of the annual instalments at
‘the present unfavorable state of the exchange,
* Cannot but be productive ot the greatest dis-
‘ess, toa British Tribunal, dhe Planters might
* protect themselves against the rizorous mess.
uresof the Dutch Mortgagee, by pleading in
Bar against them, that the parties suing, ace
* Alien Enemies.
* The conduct of the Fuemy towards British
* Subjects and their property would justify more
severe measures of retafiation than bis Royal
Uivghsess the Prince Regent is disposed to
*S adbnt,
* But itis the pleasure of Tis Royal Wigh-
ness, thar the Execution of ull Proceedings,
acainst the Estates of Proprietursin the Duteh
( olonies onthe partof Morgagees residing in
bellu and other countvies under the innnues.
dente Coutroulot Pianee or their Ayents, shall
tur ihe present be stayed; that no payment of
annual instilmeats sholl be insisted upon by
* Atten Enemies or theic Agents, and that no
Sequestration of Propecty shall take place in
detaull of such payinent.”
And that uno ignerauice may be pretended, these
presents are made huown to the Public, and printed
as Customary.
King’s ifour:, Berbice, this Wth day of Oto
ber, id's. a
Pu Cammaad
LAird tme of publishing.
- ee _ ——_—
View original PUBLIC ROAD
On the Vast side of Rio-Canje.
TENDERS will be received for Diging out the
Trenohes, and making up the Public Road, accord.
ing to Law, on Plantation Green Bank, in Canje, for
account of the said tamd, /Adidress to the underd«n-
ed, al the store of DoucLas Reso & Co., New Am-
sterdam, until Saturday the Gth November, when
the Temlers will be ry ned at 12 welock, arn! the
lowest offep accep. 1. SMITHSON.
320 Oct. Commenissany .
View original
View original ERE ING: 53
BY Wis Eecellency Magor-<Gencral JOUN VURRAY,
Lacatenant.Governor, and the Wonorable Court of
Puticy and Criminal Jastive of the Colony Berbice.
To asl to whom these presents shall or may come or
convern.—be it knoten:
WHERE US by the resignation and dJeprrture, ot
the Hon. Stwaw Praama, from this colony, a Vacane
Cy hes again token plaice in the Hon. Court of Poli.
cv and Criminal dustice of the Colony Berbice: and
Bis Exectlencey the Governor having been pleased,
fron ant of x Nomination, miacle by the Court, tu
elect faves Pracer, Exq. of Trafalgar, to be a
Momber of the anil Court.
Notice thereof is hereby given ta the Public, all
pPorens within this Government being required: to
ae Knowled vee and respect the aforesaid Gentleman in
Chat capacity,
Done in Conrt of Policy and Criminal Justice, of
the colony Merbtee,
Court Iluuse, New fiasterdam, Sth Oct. 1813.
By Command of the Court,
hk. C. DOWNER, Secy.
Firat time of nullichine,
THE reegmed Session of the Court of Civil Justice
Will Lake ylace on Mond iv the loth Novomber ISIS.
By Command of the Court,
hb. C. DOWNEM, Sec.
—_ ed
_ es os — —_ ee aaa
ATT, persons having any Clim or Demand against
the: Ship Speculator, of j ‘ ticle, or con the C angaed
the sul } veel, lated Condemned curved Soll, are tee
sired to render theiraccounts to The Avent toe the
Committee at Lboyds, within six weeks from this
a fer, a0) | atter the lapse af that }’ rien, the beelsenee
af the proceeds of the ship Specakwteor nol Carga,
wil! bys remglted far Prnelvnd, canal Hee further colunial
Chains awvinst thot vessel or cargoy be allowed.
Secrelary s U jee, Oct. 26.
kr. C. DOWNER, See.
—_——— nr ee OD
View original ON ap hl wectdec slot. tea his as to tnforin the ku.
de Pete ede’ | ee blic, ‘hui the fuolluwing per.
memens on ul hac Aolonse sons intend guillang this Ce.
fe -crtrehben, buny
Arlrew Black in 6 weeks tran: Sept, 25.
Alias Peay Cottier cmd thaee Stoves, for Demerary.
J. 1. Wiel ih) Bowel © freon Vet, YS,
Riuchod Harris by the hitst (yy porlunity,
R. C. DOWNER, Secy.
BORD hier de be hen) NOTICE fe hereby given,
gomaalt, head CCM Meta Ma that é month alter dute the
duly de vole. nile Transpos -{ Jolloxing I ransports ani
fen en Uipothcocken zuble "| Mortgages wsdl be pussed.
weorleden :curder,
Be pt. 25. 1b. sta will pass transporte of the follow.
ing pertsaf the tock baflt at lot Ne ne) in
New Ntust. vi7.— To Claas Peransen & Acfeoen
Ballets, PS reeds sto dos. boven I, GO Nitto:
tothe tree children Prederies & Jacob, 84 da,
andto Anti, Core lisse and her two mulatte
children, VOL rods.
Act. 9 Armes Praser will piss a morwrer on plint,
Peatelgar, west coast a the colony Berbice,
and on 150 slives.
ame FR. ale will transpart to GQ. Rone and P.
Quin, the worthern ballot lot Noi and build.
ings thereon, first empolder of this town.
es J. G. I. seiff will transport fo the {ree nee
gro woman Minerva, one eighth of Lot No.2?
firsteupoller ol ibis fioowena.
Oct. 16. Simon Fraser will transport to Mesere, J. T.
al A. Donelis & “an. aot Cilisvew, prlsered et icons
Brighten, ct annesis, aml 190 Negroes.
Oct. 93. A. Sinpson will transport to Demerary 50
Negrovs, wines to be secu at this office.
Oct. 30. J. Vieboul will transport to the Widow
HJ. Buse, the lot No. 40, tn the Ql cempol-
der, with the buildings thereon,
View original —_—_—elM_ <—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_____.
TAKEN up at phiotation Best Coffee Land, in
Canyr, a recl milk cow, the owner can have the same
bach Vey proving it his property, and prying the exe
pences. . 30 Oct.
View original MiChKED UP
NEAR planta sorae AND ny a colony Row-hoat.—
: ' ,
XY" huewer ¢ ie tor by lis ¢ } pra
= ®
1 ,
iCaliea & k IALBiVE AIVI
SL Sel. GVLIN SavVveV Aee
View original | FPENDUF's OF FICE
(00th or without afoul 50 Negroes),
Being Lot No. ¥ om the eat Corentyn coast of Kerbice,
and knvwn on the general Chiré os) of Lots
No 7.8 & 9.
‘The healthy and v. try desirable situation of this pro.
perty, areecll known, nv lands within the coluny, bring
better adapted fur tne growth of Cotton, besides
abundance of good Plantain Land.
dts pevsent cultivation conset of 318 Acres in fine bear.
ing Cotton, Plautains and Gronad Vroviswn: all ines.
ceilent order.—Te an approved purchaser, liberal term:
wil be given.
Should this property not be dispased of by privat.
Sale, befure the Lat July vest 1815, it will beoud at bu.
blic Sale.
Avptication to he made in the meantime, to Me. Mugh
Ruse, on the batal:, ur tu
Day of Sale fined.
On Monday the ts: of Novensbes neut, at the Vendne
Ottice’ by aidcrof Messrs, Kyau & Angus Fraser, a2 (het.
Mr Spectaliy autheetecal wall be soc tn Prortslae Sale the
Plantation HOSE PENELL. Courarine coast, Diccalotee.
sitvated and ad scritead as atove. wih allots S seca aial
cocry thoy attactwu, agrevably tu au Jiavcutury tw be
secu af thes Othee, ‘
Temes of Poyment— Jor ] and, Cultivation ard
Pu iilingsmmon satistictory security being given bey
the Purchaser,—1 2& 8 years by equal Auuual do-
talents, with Interest.
lor the Negroes.
Approved Bills of Livechonee, on delivery at 192. 18,
and 24 months sighti—or os an encourimeecment ten
Purchoser, who may be desirous of taking the whet
of thee Property, As it at present stands. sav Che ban!
wnd newroes together, the terms of pevenment will be
extended to 1, 2, and 8, vearsonsceutity being wiv.
en to the satistaction of Messrs. Evan & Angus Ura-
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Muster.
NB. The Sale will take place pn the spot.
and not at the Veimdue office as mente.
joncd before.
a a oe 7
@ On Thuormdoy the 4th Now. will be sold atthe Ven.
ae otiee, wethout reserve, ny onter of Wow. Croft,
bse). i tne ve raoceteredere of thee cate af the bety Liderstry
trom Newloundlaned, consisting in salmon jn barcets
wind ferees, herings ino do. do. and afew cases ot
salt: fish. -
IS: the Venda Vouster in CAMMission, Ald Waser le
ment ob dry winnds, pry Islons, Lquoms, beer «& peecler
ars Protthes, Qe.
Also several bansceheol) of furniture, &ec.
D.C. CAMIRON Dep. Vendue Master,
On Wednesday Pith Now. will be sold at the Ven.
du other, payable ino two months, by aonter of Ge.
Heobus, Dsq. Executor to the estate of Anna Catit Ws,
chevroa wenn with herehild an excellent: washer
woutan, tables, chairs, matrosses, &e.
DC. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Mastr
Op Phomdentae PL Now. zal verkoeht worden aan
het Vemdue Kantoor, oor den Pbeer G. Peotone, als
Mexccatene ten bocdel w vlenade vive Tnditsninne Ane.
rere Clartles, ren hevertine gvade cen bekwamen
waschmietd met daar kine, Pafeds, stereden, bureau,
cederhoute histen, Venn pe heuer bekler, hitteoem.:
l-vnematten, penede Taine nvatrassen, con hogel bus,
Keo. betaalboor in 2 oaanden,
D ©. CAMERON Den. Vendne Master.
View original LL
THE undersign d requests all thase indebted ¢o
him, to come forward with immediate peyment, all
those whose accounts are not pid by Mone tw the
wth November, will oe eviven ter the Denrwaarncdler,
30 Oct. G. BONE, Late Act. Vendueme.
LL —
View original ee _
TIVE front of the northern fore quarter of lot No.
QO, woithe all thee: Doertdelirars the recon, also a large wa-
terval conteining 15,00 zullons or thereabouts: A new
bulletree trame 26 feet long by 15 feet wide, one
sory high; aritile: gun, beyonet, and cartonch box,
a gewal sword: also 20,900 ears of corn. Apply in
town toCus. Kyte, Leg. or on plant. S otland to
30 Oct. JOUN Mchk AY
=== © 0 DOE | SO o 00 o———_
Bennick AGRicurturar
Tue next Mevting of this Society will he held om
Momlay the Sth November, af Plantation Alness.
G. «Waare, MW’. Dodzsen, and We. Lawton.
Rerbice, 30th October, 113.
WANTED for the Use of His Majesty's Troops
in thisculony, Twenty bharrele of Salt ‘Beel, aud
Fifteen ditto of Pork, of the best quality, for wi uch
Venders, in triplicate, marked, **Venders for Sule
Procésions,” will be received at this Office, unit
Monday inorming the 15th Now. neat, at 10 cha k
when they will be opencad, and the offeror others must
advantageous for Government, will be accepted,
The said Provisions to be subject to a Loard of
J. B. BUNOT, Dep. Assiet. Com. Gen
View original |
7 Berhice, 30th October, 1813.
CASIT wanted for the following Bills of Exchange
onthe Rieht Hon. the Pa yiuasters (reneral, ot Ibis
Majesty's Forces, London, at SO days sight, vis.
Tue Bills of FIM. Sterling each
‘Teo ado. of £150.) do. each,
Por which Remade re in triplicute, marked “Tepe
Weve Fon Pelle wall Ne nee ived at this Office until
Wasedev ihe Sale ot Nooven ber at 10 oclos k, when
Mey wrli tong pom Sd. and the ofh-e ar offers, mast ade
Valitse to Guoverument, if Approved, weer pled.
Dep. Assist, Com. Gen.
Le = - se eee . nail
Willian’. Port wine in butth ,
Povo. sheets ite «leo.
Choice Mader in doa,
Claret indo. and caske,
Drown stout in bbels. fd barre’s
Trish mess beet in barrels,
Colony salted fish in da.
Str, predune anil point oil,
Negro p pes and tobuceo,
Table, desert haves, torka, and earvere,
Nits, salempores, ginubams, Uritanmas, huee
hislarch, grech tea, ae, ;
View original a eeeeSeSeeSeSeeeeSOSséSé<éSU
Por Post OLEAR A, in Corentya River,
O Puees of Salen puree.
A dlozen hutves,
] bio. talline axes,
D Vda. co tbanseg.
4 Wo. razors,
4 le. seissare,
4 fo, (sorbose,
101 nics of ganpowdey.
Boy) Course hieete.
2 Jaws ol Uanpoil,
2 Voarcels of Salt.
4 Qu rey of foolscap paper,
2 bunches of quills.
190 gallons of rum, and
a | bags of shot.
Tenders for the whole, or any part of the abves
veticles, will be received by the subscriber, till ten
welock on Monday morning the tst Now. whenthey
Will be opened in presence of His Excellency the
Govern, and the lowest offer, ifapproved, willbe
accepted, Berbice, 9th Oct,
Wa SCOTT, Commissary,
View original LL LDL LL LC iy,
POR SALE twelve bales of youd clean cotton ang
four boles of yellow cotton, payable in cash on de.
livery; “Fenders tor the same will be received at Mr.
Howe's, until the 4th of November, when they will
be opened and the highest offer accepted,
W LAWSON for self, and
23 Oct. J. vay nex BROEK,
Sequestrators of Pin. Goede ‘oop.
ABSENTED April 23d last, from the subscriber,
in George Town, Demerary, a Negro boy named
Content, but gives himselt’ different names, he is §
feet Zor 3 inches high, from 16 to 18 years of age,
with a partly genx! tace and a blacher mould then
himselt on his top lip the right side of bis face ina
three angle with the nostril and mouth, the right foot
swelled» little, an old cut on the crown of his head,
he was alvertised in the Reval Gazette of Demerar
the 4th of May last, since the subscriber has been
informed that some of the negro Captains of colony
beats have past him from creek to creck on his wa
to Berhice or ecle where. Whomsoe rer will detect and
detain him, and torward bim to the subscriber, ia
George Town, Demerary, will receive all necessary
reward amiexpences pani. All perwne are furbid-
den to harbour or employbim, aad Mastere of yeg-
ecls to take him out of the colonies.
Geurge Tuwn, Demers: y, ¢4th Sept.
MENKY ds. oa LUY.
View original a ow a ea eee
——==> © -K-6 aa
October 12, 1318.
Remarks upon he recommn. ncement of the Computyn m
Atlenght we have received the French official account
ef the resumption of hostilities, but certainly a less clear
enue we tever read. Has Bonaparte been tictoriuus or
becw bation? Phas is a question which every ue would
ash. after reading the contents of the Paris Vapers tu the
Zise volt. which arrived in the ight of the 3d sept. We
have tirst a letter fiom Darn, the Secretary of State, to
th. Minister at Wace, deted from Gourits, an the Zith,
g ving asa reason for Lsonaparte’s nut weiling tu him, that
bh. was ebirete y occupied, *SsoimelimMes Upunl the bank.
ef the Bebe, sometimes upou the debuuches frum utc.
Bia, and scmetimes pon the bibe.’” Our readers will ob.
@.cve, that the Secretary does nut Speak here ul auty viber
Brinvy thaw that vnder Che tnmedidte mepection aud Cow.
Band of luna) arte. Ho then goes un tu say, that the
@ncmy's army, which was i Suecia, Nas been beaten and
Fo) sts dse dteadetavee. ‘Phe debuuches of bohemia have
boon occe) ied and fortified, Lt appears that 40 this mo.
Went bis Majesty is wanaay riley the ebemy’s army on the
diibe.’’ Mere then Me Dacu Inghe-, Mis Master make a
forward, then a lateral, aud Lastiy @ recrogare movement.
After leaving Deesden, he ad» mcd tu Goltz on the 19
Bt. without any resistance. ibe then push d@ on to hae
@ onbucgh on the Bobr, and came in contac: with the al.
Biel arty, which WDoru says hi boat andr pulsed toa dis.
dance.—Uut it is catriordimary that he cecher mentions
the place nor the time of this defeat. If ionararte was
foo much vecu: ied to write, bis Secretary was loss active.
by engaged at Georlitz, and he sucely might have fienishe
ed sume details of these glorious successes s he might have
told us where Chey were obtaund, how Inany thousands
were killed or wounded, how many standards and canna
taken, and how mouny prisoners. Au openiug of the cam.
Pig, so sectonious as he asserts it to) be, deserved of
@ourse a Clowmy account suited to the Ineredian of Waris,
especially at atime when cnother defection had taken place
from the cause cf Bonaparte, aod Austria had been cone
verted fro a fiend into a foe. But not Me Daru gives
Bulline but a oleatt meagre saecount, from which it i- Hie
possbbe todriw ane other infercace than this, that Bana.
partic, efter having adveneed to th Bobes was theroatened
en hes tack from the dk bouches of iohonua, aid was
forced tu make a lateral morcinent too mect this mowenent
ef the allices—and that, Minding the allics were marching io
Qivther dieccton Co throw theneeclees i his rear on the
Kibe, he was cuipelled Co retroal, Darn seys Cistinetly,
thar, Sat this moments CZ Ith N st) ot apy errs that Mas
Bl ajesty is Manceuyting Che enemys dry on the Oh.
Vie alaesy tren, have Chrewu an aeiny com te bite,
Oud Bousparte, who had bec onthe dobry wus. en tn
Bait, the date of Dacu’s letrery aut the ioteet ao coomt ths
ba- bean received of bis Operations, re ue ree on th
Bibe. GU mties in rear of the Bobro be cannot be saca
that Dacu means Co spoake merely of these ne ct ee nes on
the Elbe which had for them oby ct bie ca ture of ty rie
Gor he speaks of those Inaneuvses as destinet Tron tle.
Boder the wun diate directhon of drone artes bbe says ae
the neal parayraph, St hrone ul OUL BENS Watts — fe
Braneriveinig towaces Lsrandentur2, use have enter’
lin tasty Db ads, that Ss das Gusts WEY, ered
@ith the Dani-b cogs, geest now batsmen ateues fio
Ohat city. There are besides, articles trom the det nei
Frontioos, from Praukfort, and teow Meena, ‘bn yoo Stal.
Chat oma; arte beat the elroy am the Yih, at Ceab ld,
Srl echat outhe Vist he was al Lawenburg, aud ors pre been
Oho. etheonmy bev ond the Bebr— One tie Lact te y waits
from Virna, (hat the Pecuch advanccd troops had enced
Di cland and Maumboures and alsu Giat toe (roeps whieh
bus! Dectr assepiblia « Propy au beacd leer avevoad Fou tar tueace hy
Bpow | regue.—KRuinbourg is uipouu Clee Peorntere Of Ustene tice.
end stands on oue of Che great evade leading an rogue:
er rath at the antersection of Geo oads butt Cepeda Leertas
thitety. Gabelis within the Bohemian teomrer, seuate
Boon aiothe r of the agfeal routes eathiny ieler Cleat Cocnnls %.
uit a));ears probable, thereiove, that about the Tait or
orth the Beench made @ general attempt to penet atc ante
Bohemia by ditlerent coutes, and wis ewidear chat thisas
@ mp has sailed.— Lawenturg stands upon the iula, am
Gi'esia, and is considerably wathen the tercitery vccu pied
dy the French dunaz the Armotice. The Paris acconnts
lead us is @ ippose that, whralst Konaparte was end. adoure
ing ‘o penetrate into Bohemia on the 10th wath has right
@rmy and cengre, Bbiucher’s army Cehich had remained in
Upper Silesia, and of ebich Langerou's Rassian Curps
forms o part) had advanced and attacked the left wing of
the French oj) ow the bebe. Mle appears tu have forced
the ricer, and his success was probably considerable, as
we find Bonaparte bashed in bis attempts to enter Bohemia,
Sving immediately tu bis left wing, and “‘repulsing’? his
eemics beyond the Bobr upon the 2tst.—This danger is
bard y averted ; when he posts away to his catreme right,
Benaced either by the advance of the Prince Ruyal’s army,
er by some muvemrats of the Austrians on the side of
Dresden, which webes it necessary for Napuleon to ‘na.
Bouvee” in persun upon the kibe.— Of the operations uf
Davoust we have some account ine Hamburgh arucle of
the 23d. A Paris Paper of the 30th had stated him to be
ot Behworsm; bat sbe Mambergh secoent eouviness uo,
a a
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View original .
rnathe had made but sive p:ugress since kis atiack apen
Lawenburg on the 18th. Me had not got furtiver than
Mastu@ ou the 38d. ‘The allice seem tu have handled bin
ruughl in @ charge of cavalry ® de from the hemhts be.
fore that place. dhis line uf ub rch seems (uv be w the die
receion vf Schwerin, from which, however, he was ata
cousiderable distance un the 2d. Such 4 @ tie accounts
in these papers, and such the observations aud ifcrences
to which they seem naturally to giee coe. indeed the
Crisis is singularly eventful. Mualirary talents of the high.
“storder, arones furmed on the must gigan-ic scale, vo, ere
atians in comparison of which many of the most renowned
battles which swell the page of histury were mere okie.
mishes; Russia, Prussia, Austris, Sweden, Great Brite
ain, Portugal. and Spam, on one side; France, Hulaud,
Denmark, [aly, Bavaria, Saxony, aud the other Stats
v) Germany, on the other; and whether we reliect Upon
the vast tract of country over which the desulation of war
must swevp, the aide wast of human life, or the vast is.
sue at slake-—the pevlongatiun of 4 -ystom of oppression
and violence which has filed all Rurope with woes, or the
emancipation Uf miltuns of var Cellos semen Crom a capaci.
ous and restless ambition, no procedn g penyd since the
political formation of modeen hurope has born interests
So mighty, and occurrences suo pregnant with curses of
Dlessinge, suspended am the mncertan and waveung ba.
lance uf military fuctune, The allies are etiong an tin
Justice of the cause, “The moot, it as trae, ducs not ale
Ways prosper; Lut wtolent aggressiun, Ly «4 law of Peo.
Yrdcuce aud Nature which fy rants have at vain cndeasuu..
cl tu abelish, creates a power of tecaction og ust aie
self, which svldum fails Ultimately to uVerpoewedr —
lhvnaparle han ais. ail) etpeneoced this without peotitong
by it. Ube bas felon aS, acs he found at am assis,
acd the puighty pre, aranous Gow Urgaded agarost tatu
are but the ettects vl tual reeachion winch ots jruud ate
Cefipls uj on the Sev, roid tity ol the Cunt vent have | fur.
Yoked. db ever nations Could ap) eal tu che cqu taule ds
crvuns of thal Pom ir watch couitowrs tte wives be
alin d vations can make thitaypcai. bt tie gustiee oi
Cause CaN Lis pthe Tige nde the bre dts ol tinue tat st, -
port at, them the alle )owers must teel the Conse vay
furce of Unis miuiive.— Wee have but yet the patticuians uo.
the negouanons, if sug they nay De Caled Warcl have
OCCU ted the Gice of tue atmstice; but trou the coanoet.
lon of Che Court of Austria with Bonaparte, aod che cri.
cht dtanch atiou of France to mvuive tas States ao War,
WO dowbt can Yecutertaaed of lus hang vaend ve y Tose
suveb.c torms of peace tu beance, The report states,
iMat che evacuation of Prussia was node a cvuditiuon vo)
the roucwal of the armestice, 4 do reluscd. ‘Dias alum
names sbevident, (hat France stot clings tothe Credit of hes
tapacily and cuouberics, aud that war has been appeled lu,
vr duce she Colbanues tv assert Uluse Clastuae wan
fac aacrnce vi the todependcuce of every vin Power
What toa as the obj ct uf the War, as tu ach party 2—
Wort the Aitics, 10 as play to reduce prepund. rating
powe. of aman, who curploys ot vary Cu ddaue the bagiils
dual bappiteas uf Vlbcts, Whuse aniDiu Kies ie UUs,
4nd whose pomeples bid detance buth to justice aud hu.
marty. On thepart ot Brauce, the object as an upeny
Hheuncesloat, aud unbiusiiug ssowal of Uitiiuuted Gunns
UN. AN stbote Chane Of FINO sy Hol fob prelendeu—asl as
ewde tu subs et, vod tu puilage tie Word. - tue circum,
toves tuuw of the alleed b ‘hiagers uls ase ol @ Mature tu
waicant the Nulyenes Ol Claeertuny encien, @liuiis, Ff fance
bia PAN rh lave fur sinlabiy Cudslitluits, Gul the pevscul Co.
410100 stands Ubud grvuiius pocuise ly itseil. bt as tine
webs tactl auld turpo tant haute, that cach party to arene. a
meh Oho ttelt y Uh be Otic, otk ascuted va the best end
Must Contain, Pucipley thal of necessity. Poe pric, ow
eb most heen fia boes of the wahoo are Russia, Prue.
‘tay aed Nuestra, Ob these, «wo are playong Chere last
stake, ea the Chird os intcrotd cist they gu vot lose it,
SHO rudd the cause ol b rance (rivtagh, l russia Cvasea ty
caist aya hingdom, and the blouse of blapsba.g. must
descend from Ue throne of Austeia.—lf tue tentories of
these Monarchs be pares Med out mito vassal alates, then
the urope an froutier of Russia is noe louger secure, bee
cause france Cuuld thee sccond tine burt Upou that em.
p tre the furce of Gie a hele Coutent.—The bond ehich
Hols (hem ds t(herefure reer, focal, aud though itt allhauces
ble ateatest ditheulty Jes OM atddining Chat unity of wail
atid acon which ty sOessential to success, yet mutual fears
will op. fate tu rep sees those jealuusics which su often con.
fuwnd Che Calculations of the politician, aud the plaus ol
the Generat.—The power of France is immense, Bona.
patte has this advantage, (hat his attairs are sulely direct.
cu by lis own will, DPhereis atecoble energy tm @ milite-
ry deapotisin, where ali the bunes and muacles of an im.
Ihtse populavion are under the immediate impulse of vor
traoscendantly berce and try suul, elich, hike an evil
spirit, possesses the whule body uf the nation; but even
tus power, cxempliied asitisin moder France possessed
by Bonaparte, must yield, when every individuel uppused
‘eo hun fevls that he has @ suul and a country of his own
to fight foc and save. , Ane let st nut be lurgotten, thar
France hasclone her utinasi—the present is not vuly the
c t-ts of Leurope, but of the fate of Bonaparte. That the
war cen hav. lniile in it which 16 natwnal as tuthe Preach
soldier—nothing to conoble t—nothing tu call forth any
Other fecling than thatul mere russian vivience, aud that
with physical advantages nut at all inter, the allics have
all the wore! force un tues oe aluwe, The power of re.
pairing loser as theese cater tothem., If they can resist:
the frst onset of the eas forces ahich have bya dregged
tu the standard of Corwen usurpauon, they must rise
supenorty the enemy coery day that the contest is pro.
longed. — The States of Prussse, Austria, and Kussia, are
behind to Gil up the ranks @ehih may be hinged by the
CMOrd; wislet Dreuce aid Bes reiucieut vacancies ise cume
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View original peratively ia a state of exhaustion.— If the allied Corcta
Mens Fepase @ Proper conndcuce in theit peo le. oo sup
puse that the power of Fiance cannot be resi: is alibel
‘pon both the physical and mural powers vf wan.

The Second and Third Isuiietia of the Allied A: mies,
contains the Julluwiny °
‘*deud-quarters, Potsdum, August 16 —The Prince
R yal removed his heudl.g darters bo this ctly buch i che.
dine army is concentrating. At the expiruiton v s-
vaihing neguliations entered upon at Pra ue. the asi.
slice wus sicnuunced um the \Uth by the Allies, 0 taut
Austilitics muy be renesed lu-mourrom, On the \isth. af
une inthe murning, Count Metlernich delizered to the
(uount de Narbonne » Ob Prague, the De. laration of ilar
by dustria against Brance. Ifis BR yl Wighuess Aus
addre assed his uimy wslh a moss Guimuling Grech miealt .
**UMeadeyuusters, Charlottent: rg, August 1% — lhe
Prince Royal bejt Pulsdam at 3 o'clock yestirday moines
6ug, and transferred his heud-quurtersa to this place. —
k peuled advices have ben received, thal the eneor's
broops were asscmbds gin furve ut ! ayrouth avd tna the
direction of Lebbin, to mukea push on erkin. Sirs
Royal llighness concentrated the combined ur my hele @
4 (Gpilal GN Spundsae, cur fy YOUSOO comlhalants
Aire arisced in thal position since yest rday evening,
Yome curps haute marched VW German mail o in 36 Aone s.
feeut. baron de Win:singerude hus made areconnotsan e
Othe right wtth Bur BAWO carulry, he pushed Joruuard
se fur ws Wiktenburg und Juterbuck on the deft flunk of
the CNINY, Urie mcche seme prttone rs, ligo of tthum are
(aplaine, The tavartan Colonel. Count de So svel. has
eon asen with sume cavalry. Lieut. de Vine uf the
reg, of Avasare | lumeranta, lucked the en my af
woah, Gndblvvk Slmen and A remount bh 1se8 belong ig
vu aregiment «fl iess ltarmetad's ca atiy, Theene "y
‘S far ua is yel Anown, has nol passed the trons rs
reepl wih reconnettving parties. The Bren h Goncsad
Jf devroton, de Jomian, Chas of the Nlaff of tre asewy
command by the Priace of Vusktwa, came over 6a 4ce@
VA op this month to the allies, and pass treat th
ny af Gen. thlhacher, procecded to the Russaen hears
juarters, Ste has confirmed the intelligence ofthe Dom,
peror Napoleva's projects to attack th urn y curering
Merlin, Gen, Blucher oceujpiced Breslow un (he 14th.
On account of the Inclisposition of the Rev, Mr.
Wihettiekl, Divine Service will not De pettorn cd ag
th Pugdish Church to-morrow, 80 Oct.
SS _ O Se SSO ee eee
KO ir S.\ bok.
Planters prime mess beefin barrels & 4 do.
Pickled ox tongues & Cuniberland hams.
Irish butter in firkins & Puteh do. in keys.
Pine & bith lout cheese & petde hardy in barrele.
Vouble refined lual suxae & hyson tea of superiet
Derrbiannd onoustarcd in 1 & 3 lbs. bottles,
Piench olive ont,
Ucvtncdaonn pickles, catsup, & anchovis.
jo! more ciuipins & currents in pots.
Ceachies—ealt in barrels.
Pisilow candles 49. & Ga. and ROAD.
Dasosnedson Doritheal brown stout peoier & table heer,
Madeira wine in pipes, quarter cask & by the dozen,
bascnee of spruce & white wine vinegar an yy &
bncot tle.
Printed calicos assorted & checks.
Irish linen, cotton shicting, & do. cambric.
Ceentlemen cotton stockings,
Osnaburygs & do. thread.
lintia salem pores, nankeen, & silk handkerchiefs.
Sursuckirs & Russia sheeting.
Madras & pullicate hankerchiefs.
White balasore, huckaback, towelling, & ec wing
Ladies slippers.
Gentlemen Hessian bocts, atrong half dress & full
dress shoes.
Girls Morocco slipper: & childrens shoes.
Gentlemen fine beaver & white Leghorn hate
Tradesmens hats.
Csirke & boys beaver & leather bate.
Stationary assorted.
Strasburg & Curacas' enuffs
Lavender & honey water.
Tooth, nail, & shaving brushes & tooth powder.
Bitters in pint & halt pint bottles.
Poland starch & Spanish indigo.
Leaf tobacco & fig do.
Trible gun powder, shot & shot belts.
“pirits turpentine.
Dry red ochre, verdergreese & chauck.
Paints, paint vil, & du. brushee assorted.
Archangel tar.
Nails assorted from Sdy. to 40dy
Coopers nails & puncheon revits.
Pump tacks & cloutes ot all sizes.
Mand cross cut saws with files, whip saw files, gire-
diets of all sizes, carpenter & telling axes, sound
eye de. small batches.
Dutch tinder boxes.
Covhkshnives & frying pans.
Setteal fine ivory bandlcd knives & forks.
Brass & iron bovas, for chambers, boxes, deske, &c.
Oct. 9. B. ZIRGLAR, Le No.2).
View original FOR LONDON.
Ti Nal rath lhe hirs? (onvny
The Fast Sauieg Big KOGUAM
Nrand 4. | Lluy is
COpype red and coppe refasieoned, Jon N [Pa VY. [vid t.
has excellent accommodation tor passenger bor
freight or passage, applay to said Master, on board,
30 Oct ortod. van pen BROER,
a ee
View original seh he
To satl ietth the Jenvary Convey,
The ship MULLETT, Tuo. Smivu, Master, for ficight
Or passage, apply to said Masier, or to
16 Oct. W. DUNCAN.
View original sv
THE fine coppered Ship Harmony, Jou War
SON, Mister, will be disprtched with the convoy to
sailin January next. Apply to
Who have vee ved by the wbuve ship, small boats
for colony Crail.
. Berbice. Wt Octoher, U8t3.
With, PIONE ERS PUNT. ikke,
Sve persons as mity be wishtul fo Contract for
one year cern, from the 2oth December e nvuing,
forthe snpply ofthe whole, or any part, of the above
articles, of the best quality, in such quoentities and
at such pertods, astiay be require ‘fom time to time,
are requested to send in tenders in triplicate, anton
hilf sheets oF fookeap paper. marked Renders for
Supplies,” out Veaday morming the fst Novem.
Dee nest, al (Oo eloek. when they will be opened
andthe offer, orollers mostacdy aatageous to Govern.
neat, at APpPrOVe dd. with be acce pled — The ‘Teaders
to speeily tlie proce tu sterling, und to name two
Securities in the Pender, tor the due performance of
their coutrcet.
The Snoar, Codec. Rree, aut Vinegar, to be de-
Tivesed at he (ent tet Stores, Phe Buel Wood,
Candles, Oiband Wick at the Quecuter aad: Derrek
Stores, Port st. Vintren: . aad to be subject tor Ubeowrcds
of Survey, Ho requieedk Phe Plantums to be deliver.
edat Port st. Audvewo. every Satucdiv. atter-noon,
previous to bocloch tn the atternoon Sic) Pioneers
will be required jor the Comucasartiat, and tear tor
the Quarter and Barcackh De punnent, fohe approved
of by the Coron sary ti haviatene (Quarter and
Barract Mba bey Ges nctal, for the Hinnrer Une wey,
The jt hices nel Co De returned tothe Contractors
but COWL idesead the y rope ely Ol Gsovernament.
Payment oll te ocde on the 2hth of each month
Wie supplic sarc delicered in.
Further ports ulars ioay be had by application to
this Otlice.
SAVES B. BUTOR, D. Assist. Com. Gen.
ee Sees ee Se
View original Eee Sees Seer SE
-_-<-- a
By the Sai ther, tc Jollovinge vsetigles, tmported in
che Sh ip Cxpiunren Cuydrage Moore, fiom Londen,
Via Demme urn.—
Nails d to fUdy. boes, shovels, cutlasses, hand cross
endo whipweaw tiles, vinte, black, yellow, red, & green
point & el and pam beoshes, gentlomens Leghorn & bea.
ver hate, boys ccaver to. negro hats, Jackets & blankets,
Checks & whileshirt. csp & candles in buses of 281. each
JLoudow made white os eteea ivory handkd Knives and
urhks with deceres & Ctivers Gomatch, afew pairs supertor
sacots, Witticunia sce) chamber candlesticks, double res
fined suger onstbloaves, hy son tea in canmsters, corks,
coftun & cellee ba with cotlee bags, Russia sheeting,
Jutia blue and white salempores, Company white & yel.
low wankecns, Prk cinen, chintz, ginghams, calicoes,
pullic.t & Madiass handkerchiefs, laches & yeatlemen
cotton stuchings, miukcengloves, porter in hampers, port
and sherry wine. —The above goods having been laid in for
Cash, in the Lomwlon market, the subscriber trust they
will be found paruculariy worthy of notice ;— Ile has alse
for sale of former importations, Stationary, hook and eye
hinges and th do. socket chi-cly, collee manarics, and
Madeira wine in pipes.
16 Oct. CN. KYTE.
= ee —
View original FOR Sate! , iB. Acros dition to his for-
meradvertisement, suudsy articles, received by the
late arrivals, via Dem rary ——Split peas, pearl and
Scott's " ihe y, tripe, Cumberland ba: us, Mess beef &
pork in 4 barrels, black pepper, raisins & currents.
bleach “l real Kussia sheeting, cotton platillas, India
sulempores, Carlisle checks, nevro blankets, wh
Saws Con let » whip& I and saw files, shovels, hoes
and cutlasses, grid iroas, &c. 23 Oct.
View original
View original We eae ned 0, oy bed . . 4 wily
bwepurtedin tie Iacmoae, . wel » oe
of reusarnble, fur Cos.
Soap, candles, weil cee oc Si “Ow ry a Me
tre ao few Dutch ovane. oo ar ce by Vober ee vewl
‘hes, louse brooms, pris e htushes cluthes & hain de
eremb do, coffee bagging, © caburgs, superfine black and
yluc browd cloths, tradesmen hats, tackets, shiru. and
irowses, silk & beaver hats, gentlemen dress & half drees
hoes, planters strong lace do. ladies & chilérens do. Trish
‘tinen, fine cetton shirting, linen britannias, caticee, ging.
rams, muslins, blue ground handkerchiefs, checks, dow-
las, fine Prish shevting, ladies cotton stochings, gentlemen
ilo, & socks, tab e cloths of various sizes from 4 yards to
S~4, jeans, dimity, diaper, York stripe, corks, blank
books, foulscap & post papers, quills, wafers & a variety
of other articles. °
16 Oct. G. BONE & Co.
BY the subscriber, choice old Madeira wine in. pipes,
brown stout in hogshead and barrels, Osnabeugs and In.
reary bagging, imported per the Egham, from London
aud Madcira.
16 Oct. J. van vex BROEK,
NB. Cofive or Cotlon will be taken in payment, ata rea.
sonable price.

————— ea
1d. C. CAMERON & Co.
Have received per ship Harmony, from Glasgow, sundry
Merchandize, among which are the following arti.
eles, and which they well dispose of chcap, for
Cush or Produce, by the packuge,
Beef in barvels & half barrels, pork in half do. Bristol
tripe in jars, barley in do. haus, cheese, black pepper,
luaf sugar, suap, candles, Port and sherry wine, bottled
beer, purter, pale ale im barreis, browne stout in do. Gene
(hemen black & coloured Cuats, coatees, & jackets, fan.
Nel Jackets, sulk aod quilling waistcoats, geatiemen sib &
Leghorn hats, ctildronus hats, buck skin & woodstock
gloves, gentlemen & iadies cotton acd silk gloves, do. &
do. cotton and silk stockings, cottun socks Hessian and:
yellow top boots, planters shoes with buckles, dress &
chi dreus shoes, black silk florentine, Erish linen, sheeting,
Russia duck, diaper & tuwelling, long lawns, tive welen
Rane , stationary assorted, ruled bedyvery, yournaby, & thay
books, an elegant assoptment of printed cambrtes, furste
ture chintz, mourning prints, black tlombazette, au assurt.
ment of white thread, tapes, bobbinus, cotton A linen
plattillas, putheats & Maderass handkerchiefs, guoghames,
sicrsuckers, Cambric ousim, dimidies, jeans, cotton and
nea checks, sulk parasoley X ombrellas, ladies splitstraw
bonnets, sewlng silk assucted, boachkh sud coluured sulk
handkerchiefs, sarsnet tibbons, saver pencel cases x do,
thumbles, mahugany (reysing Cases complete, vegetable
p04), lack woud’s fasor straps, cases, & parte dtessing
and pocket coubs, ladies ornamental combs, soap boxes
with soap & brushes, silver wired touth broshes, cloth,
hat, shoe and horse brushes, house brooms wiih lows mane
dles, scrubbing brushes, double destilled rose & lavender
water, colton & tweeld cotice bagging, maths from diy. to
Pinch spikes, a complete assortment of cut hgared plam
glass ware, do. stone ware, tim ware assorted, double
block Gin tureois & dish covers, wine & portercotks, hoes
shovels, Cutceses, pruning Luives, wine cocks with hevs,
water vat cores wathco. eri trons, fry ine pais, Chat vet
plates, witow bolts Hh PX hooks andeyo hinges, stay
bars & staples, brass A black cim, caamber dede tos hs,
eek, bow, A liquor case brass locks, parts & paint onl,
spit of turpentine, neatefoot etl cr assortment of car.
penters tovls, whip Neeat A band aw tles, sadles & baie
hes, CUTEY J tnles, Vandre taes Notre cfd weeds spurge s,
spare Derndhe comm centlis & cokers wal buehtes, du. str.
rup feathers, negro hats & dlamchkets, (redesmen’s hats &
stere © timed Ko velimed peokets, cathy assorted, white
and coors banded Katves XM forks te cetis, dadus A tity.
irs Seassaes, teddles X pies, coGia furniture, sein & sew.
My twine, Cordage a utted. fram tote o ach cables.
double & single Blocks, comvess scrapers, wath «variety
Of other articles, 16 Oct.
v e VY
Notice to Carpenters.
Requinen to be erected in front of Pla. Brighton, on
the west coast of Corentyn, a Beacon, 60 feet bioh, the
frst SU fect to consist of a soll piece of hardwood, 16
inches square, with a foundotion famed of hardwood tim.
ber, Steet Jung by 15 inches suuace, to support it in a
perpendicular position, and the epper 80 feet to Comsise
of awother piece, at least 12 inches square at foot, aad not
less Chau 6 inches square at top, with a squape of litho at
the top, to make it visible at a distance. ,
Tenders for the above, marked, ‘Tender fora Pia-
con,” will be received by the subscriber, till monday the
let of November next, at 10 o'clock inthe morning, when
they will be opened in presence of His Excellency the
Governor, and the lowest tender, if approved of, will Le
A plan of the above can be seen, and every informati-
On respecting it given-by the cubscriber.
Berbice 16th Oct. 1818.
W. SCOTT, Com.
THE subscriber is obliged for the benefit of his health,
to leave the.colony with the first convoy, or by the Pac.
16 Oct. R. HARRIs.
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An excellent Chaise Horse, for Cash or Produce. Ap-
y to this Office. 16 Oct.
View original r rero>o ry. 4a cy 9 > «3 rf : ~
bdocbee. aS in plea read (Tae Foon. 4 tr?
; : —
cil Justi. of this colory, is tive ta Cy }
moth of August last, fo admit J. A. HeQsim, (ea
on with bits proceedings in Execution, »“aitnst
Notice is hereby given to the Public, that the a y-
ecution Sale of the by former Gazettes already auver-
lized Mortgage, passed by J.C. Spangenverg,
flavor of J. A. Leisner, vested on plantation Goede
Hoop, amouuting in capitaal to 770,000. under ce
duction however, of so much as shall appear on ti
day of Sale of what has been paid thereon, shall now,
lake place on Wednesday the 10th November Isto
at the Court House of this colony, at Il o'clock 4
the forenoon of that da Berbice, 29 Oct. Ist.
K.FRKANCRKEN, Fbirst Marshal.
— —
View original NOTICE is bereby given to the Public, by or.le
of the Hon. Court of Civil Justice, of the colony
Werbice, bearing date 22d October, 1813, that the
Meeting of Creditors of Huan B. Inauis, whieh
was advertised should take place onthe bith Octobe:
last, is postponed until Monday the 15th of Novet-
ber next. —Berbice, 28th Oct. 1813.
A. G. CALMER, Marsha.
View original NOVICK is hereby given to the Public, by order
of Wis Excellency Joun Mernay, Major-General,
and Lieutenant-Governor af the coloxv Berbice, &e-
Xe. &e.—That the Meeting of Creditors, of DD. Car-
necie, which was adverticed (o take place on the T!
October last, ts postponed aatil Momlay the Ist oc
November next. Berbice, 1d Oct. IS13
RK. FRANCKEN, Fors¢ Marchal.
— -—
+ x .
Suminons by dict.
BY virtue of an appointinent, granted by the
Hon. Court of Civil) Justice of thi, colony, given
upon a Petition presented by Soha Layficcd the vt-
foruey of Thomas Bond, of Lancaster, antl Pracries
forat plantation Lancaster, suualed in his colony,
nederdate of YL Nug. USES.
[the underiencd Piest Morshal of (he Tonos".
Courts withiwthis colouy, aml atthe regnest of and
JV. Layfield, gq.
Nummore by Edict:
AY known and unkoown claimants on piaidation
T ancaster, situate on the west Corentine coast of this,
colony, or on the Slaves, and) other appurlenances
“Hd dependencies thereto: belonging, of on ‘Thomas
ond, tor and on accoult ofany book debi, bond,
morctware, lerwey. of annuity, arising teom oul or
the willhof the late Robert Wilson, dee. or other-
wise, fo appest before the Court of Civil Justice, ot
this colouv, al thetr omdinicy Sesstons, which will
be held tn the month Oclober [si hs (here toes babet
and verty their claims, lo see Opposition made Chore
unto de need, and atten expiration of the (ousth sume
mous by edict, ta witness the Cowil’s decision as lw
the pretercut aud concnerent right) of claimants, and
further to proceed according to Law, on pain of bee
tuys forever adebaurced their right ot clatas.
Thi. stummon by edict made hnowiato the Bablie
hs beat ob adrumias os tomar -bBeabtce, boo Ogte-
ber, Ido. s
RK. ERANCKEN, First Marshal.
a oe Se
DE genen die iets te pects Seren mogte hebben
lasten dle boedel au Wi len chor theer J, c. Fr, llny-
VEewan, offe deszelis hope Liafone plantide Carel en
Willemshoop, gelieve dirven aauzave te deen bin.
nen den tyd van cos Vek, EX catu dozes, aan de on.
dergelechende Executeurcn, als ua dic (yd gene pre-
lenticn tegens gemolde nalatenschap zaileu worden
angenomen. ats satbende deze Goedci ua vuorsz. da-
: ° ‘
Cuenta diene! wera cee fate
‘Lest. Executeuren.
TYEE Stoscribers offer for Sale the following goods
just landed trom the ship Uernnony.
London porter, Bristol beer, hams, checse, pota-
toes, pease, barley, vinegar, Port wine, Grenadarun
in pipes, soap, candles, corlage assorted, negro
clothing, Osnabrugs, Russia sheeting, saleinpores,
counterpanes, calicoes, Jineu hhdy., turmituce chintz,
‘Irish linen, damask table cloths, cottun shirtiny,
thread, tobacco and pipes, glass and Queen ware as
sorted, silk umbrellas, ladies & yentlemen’s bats,
children caps, siationary in tin boxes, oats io punche
ons, sadlery, (in ware, planters & dress shoes, Ies-
sia & jockey buots, nails from 4y to 30y, spikes, iron
and wood hoops, cotton & cu ffee bagging, hoes, and’
shovels, cutlasses, pruning uives, carpenter & coo-
r tools, new Castle grind stones, fresh garden seed,
&e.—23 ci. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
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30 October 1813