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The Berbice Gazette

View original NOTIFICATION.
THE Wonorable Courts of Policy, Criminal and
Civil Justice of the colony Berbice, baving obs rved
that many persons presenting Petitions to the asore-
said Courts. frequently deviate from the general ore
der, wiven out in this respcet, under date of 92 No-
vember 1805, whereby all PetiGions were required to
be delivered into the Presiden?s Ofice, within a
ecrtain period previous to their sittings. NOW
ORDER, and require, all persons who have Petitions
to present fo the Court of Poltey, Criminal, or Civil
Justice, 19 render in the same to his lexcellency th
Governor, “AS Presid nt, 4S flours prevtous to the sit- .
ting of that Court to which such Petibon is address
sed; as otherwise Petitions will not be Noticed, ex-
eept in cases of periculan PP Word.
Court House, Berbice, 28th July, IST.
hyo mmand,
R. C. DOWNER, See.
(Third time «f publivhing.)
-_—_ ——_ ———_
WHEREAS the following persons have ad ressed
theinselves fo the Hon. Coure ot! Policy on yreo dna!
Justice of the colony Berbice, oC thoa s sous of Uh
4 duly, ISVA, dor Letters of Wari ss on:
J.J. Hauken, forthe Mulatto oy i uned AVvacs
i ilke 1.
J. van pen Rrorgvand A. A. re ta Corn.
in quality as Peecutors to he lot Wi Sohie \WWachos
He. J. Buse, for the Wefioomanm Teaco the Neeroe
man Jac ol, Dove Jor. deci! , bee ice Woman
Anna Tersman, the Neovoc woaan Turiba, and dae
Notice whereof is hereby given to thase whom 1
miy concern, and whoa wish fo Oppose Che grant
of said Letters of Manan isstanshat they inay addres
themselves in writing to Che und rst ned Secretary of
the colony, presviousto Ci ensuite Sessions of the
Hoa. Court, when a fii disposition will be made on
the aforesatd Peution. Reihiee, duly 4.
RoC. DOWNER, Scey.
This is totnform the Pil ®, Chut the Jullowing per-
sons ind ad quitting this (Joni,
Win. Gudon, MD. will cuit the colony Berbice
by the first Packet, for Poglind, oo uiy,
R. ©. DOWN at, Secy.
NOTICE is herchy gi omy thala vionth afrer date the
follozinge Tiausports and Morisalcs wile be pus a.
r , - ’
duly 16. \V. Rete, as thereunto so coitly andhrorizes
by J. DP Wemadirs, will poss corbe re by we
ot Jas. Marison-on (0 ui! fon eo, 27, casts
const, shives and oor. ‘ cos ocimd cee
pondencies, asocaulso (Wt) _ >! re
chased ( a wie J! S, » THAOD.
July LO”. The Pixocutos 9 4 Sof th:
Iestate of VE, Pore oe. et tay 7)
J. MLU. Dai ee ope "rafation
No. 2!', west. VCO ly Sled oa ation Per-
duly 9 Dre PMO Dr lo nassa mortoagee
n fivour of the Tx « ) yr presen atives of
the estete of TM Pusan. i, © the sutd western
DalFofydintitaw Noel st sca cost, for the
surchase money ol the sor fot
July SO. The Wee errr ob ih colony Berbice, as
representins the estate bop. ana A. Houston
willtransferta Wo Prose. obrtation Marysbur.
east sca cout, bnowtnos he eastern half of tor
No. Soand So, th same having been purchased
by him at pabhe sale. .
View original Sack persons as are still indebted to the Estate of
ND Van dey Horst, whoin lits ! fine vas kh pe rT of
the b rbice berry, and such tor thre resp) tive lere-
ry accounts, are once More request | (O Mal ke Pe
ment (hereof as soon as possible, as in case of default
they will b ‘posstiively sued for before the 1 Isulay
Courts of Ju tice. i
Appl cation to the same effect is made to such per.
son, who stand indebled to F. and W. Jeffery, o1
Ao de he rY5 dee.
@ Aug. A. G. CALMER, qq.
Berbice, 5th Aug. I8lA.
CAST wanted for the following Cills, drawn by
the Commissary aad Deputy Pay.nuster Geucral,
No. 57! £€ 100.
sit 10.
$1 5o9—— 1900.
aYS 100,
2500 Sterling.
For which Tenders in triplicat’y will be receryed a!
lois Oilice.
H. HENDY, Dep. Act. Com. Go.
— ee
ses 2S Ee see ee

“Ore. ne Honorable the Court of Civil Justice.

Scquestration of Plantation Horr.
—_—_—e—e—_—~—~——YX_ OOOO - e - Fhl 1 J IS y ANUR-.
Curatorship of Ross & Sincearr and Pir. Nice.
WHE OAS the Honovible the Court of Civ
Justice, by Over ve ring dite the Qlytdry of duly
mstaiity li iWing revebred (he ACCOUR Ss aid. Oe Spats
veuberg and SV. Porethatl, Seqacsters ob Prank
Won Licpo—md. Co Syrngenbe goad kh. O. Downer,
- ‘Qu Stcrs of Plan Added Cry ate wide clan /,——— \\ Whi
Leieh and Geo. Walrond, S quescors ot Phortation
“Leals Wanor.—Geo. Bagot and J. daylield, S.-
Guesters of Plantation dicgy.—mbhs. be dory field
ynd Robt. . Ouehis, Curuovs to Poss y Sinclar ai
Plantation Nie x. fous as Sword Lccoumlanis ob Cie
sid Court, to report thereon,
NOTICE is here by viven to all persons Liferes ted
(hie roan, that attend ace will be given at tie Ac.
coumlantls Olfice, heidi at the house of the second
undersigned, on Mondays, Wedvesdavs, ont tr -
days, fron n von until 30 ‘lock inthe atlernoon, for
the space ofone month from the date hereof, in ore
derto ensble sueh persons to inspect such accents,
avd state (heir objections or observadons ino writtae,
a the expiration of which time, the required report
Will be made inthe abovementioned matters, and of
se (if required) the parties ir my obt iinoan office
y at their own expene ey incorter ib they may
1 m it expedient to attend the Ton. the Court of
Cist Justice onthe dvy to be appointed, for hear-
ny the said report, and to contest the confirmation
(ucreol, Berbiec, 25 1 uly, IST.
CForcth time of purliding.)
View original ee.) wr ws, § =seses — oars =
wees ~_ — ———_ ee ——————
WteeSilALs OF i CK,
BY virtue oo avextriet: rom the Minntes of the
Proceedings of the Court of Polls, dated 7th June,
ISH, given in the enuse of Edward Theobald, Cu-
rator to the Estate of Henry Cro, dec. Plaintily—.
versas, all Known vnd uahknowna creditors against the
tostate of fl. Croft, dec.
Pth waderstgned, Virst) Marshal of the Courts
within this colony, and at the request of aforesaid
Summon, for the third time, by Edict:
All Known aa i unkaown creditors of the Estete of
Henry Croft, dec. to »ppear at the Court of Rolls,
on Monday the LOth October, ISI4, their to reader
in their claims, to verify the same, and hear objec-
tions made thereunto, if need, and turther to proceed
as the law directs.
This 3d Summon by Edict published as customa-
ry. —Berbice, 27th June, ISt4.
K. FRANCKEN, First Marhals.
View original SUVUMON sv EDICT.
BY virtne of an appointinent from the Tlonorable
“ourt of Civil Justice of ts colony, granted upon a
Petition presented hy I.G.C. de Nicuwerkerk, as
qq. both to the Estate of the late Marianna Au-
View original
View original to that of the late Susanna Jreanvetre Dennane
DINA VAN IMBYZE VAN BaTtennouna, svidl appoints
ment bearing dite the 16th day of May, [S14
Pthe undersigned, First Marshel ot the Courts
within this colony, and at the request of afuresaid J.
G. C. de Nicuwerkerk, qq.
Summon by Edict:
All known and unknown creditors or claimants on
the Ustites of the late M.A. van Imbyze van Biten-
burg, and the tate S.J. B. van labyze van Batenes
birs, to exhibit their claims before the Hon. Court
ol Civil Justice of this colony, at their session in
the month of January, 1815, to verify the same,
witness objcetions thereunto, if need, and further to
proceed according to liw, oa pain of being for ever
debarred of their right of claim.
This Stiamonby Edict, na le known to the publie
by beet of dena trom the Court House of this colony,
send to trotlind and England, and further dealt with
ie@cording fo castome,
Berbice, the 10th June, 1814.
K KRANCKEN, First Varsahl,
BY virtue ofan appointnent trom the Tonornble
Court of Civil Justice of this col MLN’, waited upon a
Petition presented by dG. Code N uwerkerk, qq.
(oe Estate of the late ALJ. van Dvbyze van Batens
bares deceased, said appointment bearing date the
lOlrifay of May, IST.
Pothe undersigned, First Marshal of the Courtg
wilhin this colony, and at the request of aforesaid J.
Gr. C. de Nieuwerkerk, qq.
Summon by Fdict:
Al known and unknown creditors or claimants on
the bistate of A. I. van linhyze van Batenbure, to
extbit thor cliims betore the Hon. Court of Civil
Justice of this colony, at) their session in the month
otadacucry, IS15, to verify the same, witnesss ob»
jections thereunto, if need, and further to proceed
recoe Tne to Lasy, on pain of being for ever debare
re their right of clitm,
Mts Sumimen by Edict, made known to the public
by beat of dro from the Court House of (his colony,
send to Holland and England, and further dealt with
scoording to custam,
Berbice, the 10th Jane, 18174,
K. FRANCKEN, First Marshal,
lo EE VE sa ee eee ee ee
—_—- —_———
eo Cea all. CL
A Proclamation of the Governor and Court of Pos
licy of this colony, dated St oof June, having been
published the 4th of July last, recubiting the nun
bh rol whites to be kepton every plantation within
the jurisdiction of the same 3 Phis is to in ‘gan snch
young men as are able to procure a good character
that there are several openings upon THis Mayesty’s
Estates, and that ft subjects will be liberally deie
6 Aug. A. A. pr ta COURT,
: —_—_—— NN Le
View original ef ——————— ee rr ee
THE Domicitinm Citandiet Executandi, of the
Subscriber, in prive and in quality as qa. John Roe
binson, and the andivided half of plinfation Chestee
west coast; is at the honse of D.C. Cameron, Esq.
. LANDING from the schooner Szi/t, and for site
hy the subscriber, Beefand Pork tn Barrels and half
Barrels, Hams, Butter, &c.
30 July, Ww. HENERY.
View original ———_——_———————————
EEN tede t zy gewarrschouwd, om voort: | op
het Ierf No. 9, vcen Vee, hovwen: rand, meerf: tren
loopen, zullende anders, volgeny ? sHlots Publikatic,
worden opgebragt.
Mede wordt gepresenteerd, aan een goede betante
der, voor 6 maande ny, 200 bossen goede Banannen
per week, van de plant: a » Angsbure,
6 Aug. J. A. HICHKEEN voor zich
en J. M. C. REUSS.,
View original NOTICE
IS hereby given, that a large Punt has been pick’d
up, at sea, by the boat people belonging to plantation
Woodland, West Coast : any persona owing the same,
can have it, by prooving the property an! prying the
expence of advertizing.
View original
View original BRBICR,
Militia Orders.
King’s ITouse, lth Aueust, 1814.
Tar Tientenant Governor has been pleased foap-
point W. B. Lior, to be Surgeon of the Sd Batt’n,
vice, J. Beresiord promoted,
In consequence of the prevalent misunderstanding
with respect to Mr, Kyte’s appointment, as Receiv-
erofthe Militia Fines, and the tardiness evinced hy
several members in making payment of the fines in-
curred by them — His Excellency is pleased to no-
tify that Mr. Kyte, by virtue of his appointment,
is charged to collect and compel the unwalling to
payment of said fines.
By Command,
em ee ee ee ee
View original GRON DWE
Voor de Vereenicde Nederlanden,
In de Hollandsche Taal.
degen gexede botuling van ii—m
View original tr ee re
On Thursday the ISth Angust next, will be sold
by order of Dr. J..A. Hicken, at the house of the free
woman Maria van Temminck, in the Qd Impolder of
New Ainsterdam, lot No. 42, the whole of his honse-
hold furniture, consisting inz—A settot dining tables
for 24 persois, card tables, a side board, mahogany
chairs, chests of drawers, aud wardrobes, salas, look-
ing glasses, a collection of pictures, spy glasses, a sett
of aliss lanips, a table service of painted blue ware,
fow ling picees and pistols, knife cases with 12 silver
spoous ard forks, a silver soup lithe, 2 eravy spoons,
sugar fougues, 2 cases (lo. each containing 6 silver
spoons and adozen lorks, silver the and salt) spoons,
Knives and forks, glass ware, medical books, &e.
medicines, shirting and Russia sheeting, checks.
forse nets, a plantation bell, the tront quarter of lot
No. 33, a honse frame 40 by U4 feet, timber, cattle,
&o.— NB. The goods &c. may be seen 8 days pre-
Vivus to the day of sale, at the said house.
D.C. CAMURON, Dep. Veadue Master.
View original eit dcnengiemeeemeeeenneeeeeeeee
All those having cliims against the estate of Win.
Ker, and [fenary Mhrelfall, deceasad. are requested
to render (he same, properly attested, to the sub-
scriber, on plintafion Seafield, west coast: and those
indebted to the said estates, to make pryment with-
out delay.
View original —_—
A white ov sree Coloured Sempstress, well) calcu-
lated to superiitend a Sewing School, and being able
to procure an unquestionable character, may apply
for farther paraculars concerning a situation,
13 Aue. to ALA. pera COURT.
View original eee
THE subscribers requests all those having demands
against plra tion J tdécern, since the 17th February
1813, tor sippli s, to date, to render the same within
fourtcen days, when the accounts will be made up,
and no further claim admitted,
30 July. D.C. CAM (RON, for self.
HOTIN ROSS, Sequestrators:
—---—_—— FF eee
View original NOTICE
IS hereby given, that ihe Firm of Brevganirs
Jackson & Co. is this d: ty desolved by mutual con-
gent; all persons indebted to the suid Piem, are ree
quested fo make payment to the fi s¢ undersigned,
and those who have any demaads, to reader them for
examination and pay iment,
View original TH: wadersigned Offer tor Sale, 92 PRIME
MULES, being the remainder of the Caivo of the
schooner Sice?/7, from Oronoque, and will take pro-
duce, at cash-price, or fat cattle, or sheep, ata fair
View original NOTICEK.
TO all whom it concerns ; that the several papers,
and documents, relative to Law suits pending belore
the great Court and Commissary Court of Civil Jus-
tice of this colony, must be called for previous to the
Session of any of the said Courts; and the fees and
expenditure paid, in order to prevent delaults or
50 July. J. THIBOU MATHEWS, Advt.
View original TO BE SOLD,
TO the Creditors of Davin Canrnecrr, on plan-
tation East Lothian, on Monday 15th August S14,
forty to fifty head ot Catile, and a “lock of Sheep.—
S July.
In the absence of more important mat-
fer, you may perh ips Spare a corner of your Paper
for the following semarks upon a disease, which ts
at present. and has Been for some time past, Com.
mitttag considerable though silent r IVares Upon Our
Negro Population—Io mean the ffoopine Cough,
which (hough common in (urope, is very rare with-
Inthe tropics. As the spaca allowed me must be
sinall, my observation will be brief,
First,—Then the disease is comlagious, but not
epidemie; the distinction here is Mn portant, (he in=
fection ts not eeneral, nor does it {] atin the air to
any distance from its SOUTEE, AS IL ts supposed to de
in plague, fever, &e., a therefore requires, tl nol
actual contact, at least breathine the same wir, Or al
a very short distince to communicate it. Chis has
been clearly proved on many places, where, by as-
stduous allention, ip preventing all imlercourse with
infected estates, Che uoatieion lias been dutherte
avoided in those Immediately ach ines and on most
estates under ny own Charve where the Gisease ex-
ists, Ifcan be easily traced either by the Negro wo-
men with therr children, carrying it with thei on
receiving 1 when Visititne: On Sundays, aod in some
Instances by huchster wo.nen with children in’ the
sume Way.
The practical inference from this is no less, than
that the discase um yy fouvery great certahity b
prevented, by diligent attencon in those havin the
conducting ot estates, preventing all intercourse with
an infected place, more parteoularly by women car-
rytng tbetrinfants alone with Uheiny and by sending
(he older creole children on Messages trom one estat
to another.
Second/y,—The disease is classed by nosolocists
as one of debility, and we find here, that cals ris
pari ws, infants, and those o| a puny or debihiia
habit of body, ftom whatever Cause, are its first
Victims, and tho a solit Ny instance to the COntaATY
Invy | eqGucnlly occur, eos mo exception to this vce
neral daw, and turthes (hough it Way frequenily
Ly py py Hy (hata stout heal liy st by cloois carried off,
Ina violent pdeoxysin of the ¢ deh, it is evident
(hat the cause of death here is tive ame as In apo-
plexy, VG ide A by« Ln faced by any olher Cause,
preventiig the free return of the blood from the head.
Lam also disposed to (hind y thatia this way, (he re-
petition of these parox ysis lrequcatly causes (from
the turzid state of the vessel J A deposition of water
in the cavities of the bi NN, dadicated by coma, and
and syiipfloutis of daluiy, which tr quently OCCULT,
and which ua tew d (Ys proves fatal.—TPhe practi-
cal taterence trom this oCOONC Observation ts Obvious.
Vo attend time sly to the venere] health of the ehil-
dren, tu have thei i tsularty and well ted. and ever
attention paid ty Cloawniiness, and keeping them dry
and coulurtable, pr perafory tothe expected attack.
Third y,— the CLES CLUSe ay Pears lo prove fatal Lo
Infants iN) proporton lu their ace. the dan ror Ly, lhe
Lhe less, the farihier th. y are advanecd, rhose atlach-
ed under two iuenths, seldom recover particularly
where the hoop is cdosttaect. and when afllended with
any convulsive sy Wiplows Cfitsy nine out of ten die.
foturtlys—ar bie pertees knowl. dee of the nature
al the specific cuonlagiogn of this disease, am sorry
[oO Sy extends to (he CUFCS fhooiied Cle owe are daC-
quainted with, bay ing any tect ba arrestin its pro-
Shessy in any one of its stages, it appears to run tts
course ladcpendent of our art, and still continues the
opprobriain medic are, In d.urope where medical
ineny are oilea Oblived, as well as here, fo preseribe,
nercly to Keep paticutin hand, and be doing some-
Maing, the taibe or Gemulcents, herbs, oils, and su-
fit da Various touds, has viven Way to emetics and
antitaoiitls, (ose to ciobrocatiuns and internal sti-
miutlanis canthia Ides, &c. those again lo opiates, and
(he never tetling cures of the good women of the
neielibourhoud, and last of alla chango of air is re-
Commended to the Unhappy patient, who is accom-
punted by hismama, wit the consent of doattng pa-
pot. A tew weeks decides the business, if the child
dies the Doctor toresaw the event lone before, if it
Ives, his recommendation was the siving of its dite,
and all is well, tho ¢he enlightened Physician of in-
dependent niitiad does not hesitate to own thatthe ef-
fects of this much ta hed of change of air, are at
least very problematical.
Ho sum up the whole then,, as no reliance is to be
placed on medicine, the utmost attention should be
paid to prevention, by suspending all intercourse
with infected estates, where however it has found iis
way in, it will be found next to lun possible, to pre-
ventall the younger people on the estate being in-
lected, when this 1s ascertsined (as the first approach-
es of the discase are not hasty) the children should
go through the common cause of worm medicine, as
thas been observed by many intelligent gentlemen
amongst us, thal where worms are present in the in-
lestiues, this disease brings Uiem into action. On the
first syimptons of hoop, an emetic of Ip ecacuana may
be given, aud ao it ie ucceaary (il only bo salialy (he
View original |
minds of the mothers) to prescribe something, during
the progress of the disease, the common Antimooral
mixture with paregoric may be adininistered with
advantage, T live never observed + ly wool elfeets
from blisters, though much WnAECESsaALy pu ond ime
conventcace to the little suerers—! prelers rubbing
(heir breast and Spine troquently with ¢ pul prep ore
tons of sptrits of hartshorn and tuepent; sy Wihichy
with a proportion of cantharides are the chicfingres
ents of Roaches famous embrocatio I—costiveness
isto he @uacded avtinst by an occasional evacuant
but nollie more—the cold tand winds which «are
prevalent every mornin at preseat shoukl be avoids
Tyas the day advances however, 1 have not observe
‘dhany harin ensue from allowing the little pa‘rents
ply about as usual, even in the worst stages of the
lisease, he.
hist oj hiun-a-way No srues, in th Colony Stocks of
Bersicn, on the Vth Angusé Wa.
Naines. f Proprietors, By wham brovneot.
Nameu, | Liyenaren, ~ Aant reugens.
Rosa Pin, Ouves wagt Dehacet a
llercules bleu {oC amon
|Larose lo. Mara Crouvcrucug
Murphy Pla. lborscolli ett usecal
Abars hiss Lanrants \daina
Griasius rclleviue \\ lite
stocdney : Leite 4 ld i-cal
irimo Oo. dh. Scuimidt PloUle
Veoral qm dene
Adonus cJem, lem.
Jove vllon eraucadort
riaane, ulach ehncrt.
WD saan ‘Looe tiley
CIpto Join art
Slarcet Cea i,can
J. A. DENNERT, Under Sher? 7
Dib) The Dauehter of Der. Liaot.
i i ee ee 5 a
View original ————e———
P's Osh Sunday after Titaity,
bey oc) Assumption. —New Moouw lO b. 13 im. Morning.~
li, Duke ol Luck boru 1768, (Spring Gdes,
17] 9
9 .
rn 0-X- eae —
Barunvay, AUCUsT 13, 1814,
— ne
Yesterday being the Anniversary of the of
(fis Royal Highness the Prince Reorn 1.—Govzernor
Benvincn, after the usual Military Celelrations, gave
én Commemoraiion of the auspicivuus period, a Grand
Lalland Supper, which entertainment was not oily une
paralleled jor magnificence just and appropriate laste te
the decorations of the Gala scene, but abeve ull, the
number of furr Berbtctans zho graced the Ball, excecded
iu respectabilsly and beauty any Assemblage twe have
witnessed tn this colony on similar occasions.—Ih wae
not tll five o'elock this morning thal the dance tas rea
luctuntly discontinued.
View original SR
One eloud has appeared to damp the brightness of our
lorizon. The publicare already acquaintes with the une
} Phe publ | I | t
happy diflercnces between the Prince Reyent and the
Princess of Wales. ‘They know also that her Majesty
has notificed her intention of holding (wo Drawing-roome
in the course of next mouth. The Prince Kegent, consie
deriag that his own presence at her Majesty’s Court could
not he dispensed with, thouzht proper to declare to Her
lajyesty thatit was his fixed and unalterable determination
not to mect the Princess of Wales upon any occasion cither
in public er in private. This declaration Lea Majesty
conveyed to the Princess of Weles, who thercupon wae
advised to address one letter to Her Naje ty and another
, . > ’ ! f . ay f Loc
to the Prince Regent. ‘The fol!e Wig are Copics, of thse
letlers s—
Li {ler | f the j? NCES of VVales lo the Prince R -renl,
**Si1R—‘am once more reluctantly compelled to dresg
your Koyal Highness, and to inclose for your inspection
> had the honor to receive
from the Queen, and of theanswer which L have th ught ig
ny duty to return to Iler Majesty. Lt would be in vaig
Copics of a note which E bay
for me to cnquire into the reasons of the alarms g Ucclarae
tion made by your toyal Highness, that you have taken
the fixed and unalterable determination n ver tO mect me,
upon any occasion, cither in public or private. Of these
your Royal Highuess is pleased to state yourself to be the
only judge ou will perceive by my answer te llep
‘ “
a 2
View original MM rjesty, thet T hive only heen restrained by motoves if
personal consideration towards Iler Majesty, n exer.
Cisiay my right of appearing before Her Majesty, at th
public Drawinzerooms, to be held in the ensuing Month.
-—but. sir, lest it-sh d be by POSSTDIUG Up pos Gd, thal
the words of your Royal Highness cau convey any isin.
uation from which L shrink, bt am_ be 1 to demand oi
your Royal t shu S..W if rcums Ces Cail just ) Llis
pro ed ryot Nave Is Firt | lu ALO PL i —1owe 1
to mysclf, to my daug ro avd to the Nation, to whi
J am (J : ly ind 1) ror the 1d ‘Ca mol | hoe ry to
remind your Roval Pliginess of what yout now 5 Cild
alter O} P perse FOU at { my teri mS Mga Lt S upon ube
defined charges, the malice of my ¢ s fell cotirely
upon themselves; and tha l wase red by the King.
Vv idvic f his rs. to u .
ank in his Court, t ny co leleacqnuittal, Sin
di Lajesty’s lame |! 3. bo have demanded, in th
fi. Vil ? I imc ivi »~ Con {ry to | , } h) \
or to be trea won if ih my Gee inno.
ent— | fnot subunt to treated a riunilty — ~ YUU
su) the wo Im {know it DP have rif » | id
wi! con real Inolives J horegowmmys, wi this 3 oc, U
meh ftoinv rank. () \ Os. bowever. my al Care
jt (las fardistant) wheo DL omust in pul )
youl Royal Llighness must b JT veoaloo (an youl
} Vd an lies ve rit my ited fy extent of yiry
deciaration 2? Has your Roval Higbtness forgotten th
approaching marriage of oF ry hte nd the possubiltty
oO! our Coro (4 : iowa y rig ly a cise where tl
a not absolut boot CO ¢ reeh inorder to rot
the Queen, as fur ius | () mh the patnfal YIN
WhoiICN »s } ) ACK ( r\ ie \ cn idty S Wot | )
allv Col LOUs tte ) Wool On ally loubt of Th
exisfence of | tO \ Pwortiiness CO ene
yoy f - ) y el tor this Tide
ceed y Id 1 f ii p ing, Mian
allustri yo Miuge! :
“amon ( \ s ,oalh , rWitnstrio } , f
the {| 4 ii) | ) i to t
mv fu re SO Lee \ Jy CNW ty | Wt ity
excludoid ih , Olt | fu)
own, lol ,OvVa | i Cc O
hk. ) ° . | Aiic. LO | ( ]
thy S VWdou \ re biyy
T) j | ! t ii ‘ , i
reason your keyal ti Le roa Uh
wilh if bunoreve bday! : i ae! a-
j (y’s § S. bien) ) ‘ ted vit Poy a
{ig hu rom i Peblbomiy t (a QO tn
gen ail | 1! of ' Cyne
feelings of pride and auecttony, peru y mother
but m
fam, Sic, vour Royal Thi *s faitful Wafe,
(Conn ghil-lheuse, P26, 1 J ¢ CanoLine, P
] ] Rig.
The Queen to the Princes of Water.
. sor | le, May 22 R14
«i The Queen considers | Pe He My » | No We?
¥n acquaint 7 (Ng Prince () . that sue las 4 Vel
a communic mt from hersou the #a petty bua uM
he SuUitCS, ti { lh; ! ’ : s i \ ! h ) | 1 uv (We
drawing-rou sy the yi ' re bccn noticed
to the pil , he must 1) | ae
own nresence at the Court ¢ be dt Nee and
thal | ires ( Di! (| 1] i ) ‘Ae
Ons of ich h le cA
a ut ble det
\\ 1NO | roy) _-
rT} ) (|
i } tO i Wh) !
TI ' : i’ . i > A ‘ Wo
dng. Al I i
ANS af )
CONT an vau—l have recess. iA your .
ts ha | tl Vivi ( ») | : rv
m\ al ‘ < 1 if 4 | ia = i)s v> ' ] WI
be hel ’y \ ir \Dal \ oti, Willa g ‘af
PU YCL 1 | | iw boa iss wali
your Ia { \ ) tC UC a ainful toy l
Dla) as to mysell 1] is well acqtetit
wit noe alee be regird wien whic th mr WAS 8
kind as to ho 5 lof dlis Ma. sty
Indi sition, whic mol sty’s Subjects ha
eo mich ca ise to liment s amdchat tas Mbajpesty
WAS Frac y io 1 fo | ) ! Cie m {C u lee
quivocal and fy feof hy ( and a).
pre f \ S ( ( \ i iy) it is Court (
a Season © ty i 2 hen h pro.
ti io was m C ome y | Wt’. re t Dave s
BOW thout a real protec b> l Caliyot s lar
forge my duty to the } ) n ro | S¢ 5 &S tO urren
der my rizht to appear at any Public rawiug-room to be
held by your Majesty. —That | may aot, however, add
to the dithculty aud uncasiness fy yur \Pajosty’s situati.
“en, Lyteld in the present insta othe willof This oyal
Highness the Prince Regent, announeed to me by youn
Majesty, and shall not present myself at the Drawing.
rooms of the next month —I[t would be presumptuous in
me to attempt to mquire of oe Moy y the reasons of
Hlis Royal Tlishnoess the Prince Regeut for this harsh pro.
evcding, of which Flis Royal Highness can alone be the
judge. Tam unconscious of offence; and in’ that retlec-
tion, Emustendcavour to tind consolation for all the mor-
tific tigms [ ex vrience: even for chis, the last. the most
@nexpected, and the must severe; the prohibitian given to
me aloue before; to appear your Dlajesty, to olus wy
View original eonzratulations upon the hanpy termination of those er.
lamitics with which Murope has been so loug afflicted, in
the presence of the [llustrious Personazes who will in’ all
probability be assembled at your Majesty’s Court, with
whom [Lamso closely connected by birth and marriage.—
P beseech your Maje ty te do me an act of yustice, to
vhich, in the present circumstances, your M Nesty Is the
mly person competent, by acquainting those illustrious
strangers with the motives of persowal consideration to
vorr Majesty which alove can induce m+ fo abstain fom
the exercise of my right to apocar Defors vour Magesty ;
ind that Edo now, as E have done at all times, defy the
malice of my enemies to fix vpon ine the shadow of ary
One imputatic meowhich could render the unworthy of ch te
society or regand,— Your Majesty willy ban sure, not b
displeased that P should ro tewemyscll from a susy chon of
disres pect fowacds your Ml 1) Sty, ly Hakeovg oublic tre
sause of my absence from Corrtar a time when tae do.
ties of my stativa would otherwise peculiarly demand tiy
‘LT have thy honor to be your Majesty's most odedicn
diughtoreinelaw and secwant,
‘Cuounaighl.louse, May 2h, i8ti Canocine, P.
In the TTouse of Commons oy the 2) June. Wr. Moe
thuen made the motion of whieh be hal givca voles. atid
strangers were exclud do from heise pees. eloes,
Now VOR, Mer Motaten rose, fae vue Kero reed ads tte.,
which he had past received from he Pooaces FP Woaloss aa
which, as our Qoeaders walisco. (Per to. Pg rvoss sayy,
- ‘Etis tapos ib! + forth: Proreess a8 ov ~ To Comecal
from herself the inten ian of Che adeace vee bes now becu
viven to the Peres Qoeveuto aad the ores pats fat enor
may beoulfimate oopects mwiew. oceemaat wa) dase to
the sccuritw of the Suecessi yy ad Pte dovaestie peace ol
the Realm.”
Connanazht.llouse, 3d June, W814.
The Prinasss of Wales desires Mero sneaker will ine
For the PPouse of Comnous, that) [is Royal Hicho:
the Prince Regoat has been advised to take such ste. ae
have prevented ber frou appearing at Court, and to d
clare His Royal Highoess’s fixed and av uterable determi.
Nation never ta mest the Prine sss of Wates ueon any oc.
easion, either ty public or private, —Vhe proce has of
[R06 aunt 1SO7, and lasty var, Arcam tae eccolleetion af tp
House, as wellas the ample and wirqaailicd vie liestion of
the Peine ss's conduct to which those | rocecdings | —Tr
iS tinpassible for the Princess of Wales to conceal from
berselfthe intention of the advice which his now been given
to the Prince Resont, and the probabili y that there ar.
ultimate obj cts in view pregnant with danger to the 6e.
curily of the succession, and the doimestic peace of th
realin.— Under these circumstances, even if the Princess's
duty Cowacds herselfcouid sutt-r her Go remain silent. hes
sete Of what is dis to her davehter, and to the highesr
mtorests Of the country, compels her (omake this commu.
nication to the UWouse of Conmmuas.— Phe Priactess. of
Waves encloses Contes of the Correspondence which da
passed, and which she requests Mer. Speaker will couau.
nicatle to the Jluuase.”?
Now we confess we donot understaad to what Jor Roy.
I Highooss alludes: for of course she could not mean that
there i isany persovin the kingdom capable of giving ad.
vice to tue Regent, or thay af there ow is, the Regen:
would tisten to it, ty da any thing which mizht endanger
the righ(s of bis dinehter, and Dring about a civil War.
Mr. Methoen, aftor some discussion, withdrew his mo.
tom. Wo lancnt thatit was ever made Whoever thinks
that such discussions tend to heal dierences, to soften as.
a ‘s, Co produce conciliation, will surely find thom.
Tees mistiken—They always a gravate, thoy always ex.
asperate, they render ec econciliatiosimpossible. And vs by
is Parliament called apon to interfere 2° Mow cou ditine
terfere 2?) The general principle of our Constitution, that
the Prince Regent acts unon the advice of his Ministers,
is applied toa case in which those who apply it Anoce the
Prince must have acted soled) ly upon his own advice and bis
xen feelings,
Some persons advise the Princess to brave the Prince.
[s this their recipe for conciliation 2? Again and again we
say, that where diflcrences are irreconcilable, it is to be
Wished that the parties should newer meet. Far be it from
us to do any thins to wound the feelings of the Princess ;
but there is another person whose feelings it would be
quile as well to consult also, the Prince Regent.
COPPENHAGEN, May 17, 1814.
Tho public prints contain the following letter, which
Prince Christian, late Goveruor of } Norway, has sent to
the King of Sweden :— .
‘*Your Majesty will not ascribe it to any want of res.
pect in me that what] now communicate to you has been
delayed tonger than might seem proper. I could wish that
this communication might be able to clear up every doubt’
respecting my respectfal sen iments towards you, and the
Motives of my actions, Thouzh Iam unable to employ
for that purpose any other means than that which I now:
make use of, you will got wonder thatimy pen, the enly
View original
View original organ of my feclings, expresses them with all the frank.
ness which f oweas well to your Majesty as to the cause
which T defend. Incnnmunicating to your Majesty the
proclamation of the 19th of February, 1 make you ace
puaioted with the feelings which inspire the people of Nure
way, as weil as with the principles which shall always
suide my conduct. The Norwegian nation is not of adise
position calinly to sacrifice its liberty and indepeadences
there is only one voice among these mountaineers, namely,
tou preserve Choir natioaal honor, (a vain should £ have
ewec ited the teoaty of Wicl, in vaty attempted ty give up
he fortresses ao your Majesty’s trooos: the inevitable
consequences ofsuch an attempt would have becn a gencral
Misurrection acatast the only authority whieh could prea
serve a pooole left to themselves from the mealculable evils
favarchy. By such a mode of proceeding, TP shouldine
slantly have lost Ure authority requisits to maintain ore
der, and T should have deserved it by decciving the peo te
by the good opinion which they unis ersally ent rtain of
me, that Poonstantly aimed at theie welfare, and at such a
cei'ical noment will prevent disorder, IT had, therefore,
0 other choice than cither the infamy of abandoning a
people whose whole confidence is placed in me, or the due
'y of retaining for their good the authority which I had
lid then exercised.”?
Lubeck, May 21.—On the 19th, in the evening, the
Crown Prince of Sweden arrived here, intending to procced
yp ywodes by sca from Travemunde. His suile arrived
some hours before him. A Swedish 71, a frigate, and a
yacaty destined fur the voyage, castanchoe at Travemunde
prtae 1Bcn. This Royal Highness willembark on board
ie frgite; the suitein the yacht; and the 74 will take
my trooos. thts Royal dMighness has addressed the fullowe
(12 Proclamation ty his trovps s—
bie Crown Prince of S oeden to His Brethren in Arme,
Suldivst—A conqueror, formidable both for his pros
jecis and his resources, threatened to seize upon all Ene
rope, and made Germany groan under the yoke of hisdo.
minion, Swedentook (henoble resolution of Con0perali: g
in the deliverance of the German netors bat before ie
sent its defenders toa forcign country, it was Necessary (@
secure itself agaiast a neighbouring country, which was
subject to the influence of the common enemy, Waoile
your King hindered the furnation of a Northern Conicve
deratiun, he tadeed saved the country fro.n the unslorti: @
vf becoming a provivee of avuther Kingdoms Dut he Cte
vot declare its freedom to be firmly established, withuut
making (he Norwegians fiiends of the Swedish natiun ¢
solemm ‘Preaties were coucludcd, which guarantecd the
umonof Norway withSweden ; aud the King of Deumarky
by the treaty concluded at Kicl, has reiouneed his rizhts
(vu that country, aud given ty those treatics @ sacred and
tavidlable character.
“Suldiers! Till these treaties aro fulfilled, there is no
repose for us-+-no peace for our lawiliea—no wellare fur
the North.
**Suldiers! Germany is free, and you have contributed
to its deliverance, A Prince to wiiuw the welfare of the
Norwegigus was cougded, will sac.itice their happan ‘S35
by refusing, coutrary to the will of the uatiun, to cxecu!@
a treaty, which, besides ether advantages given by at tu
Denmark, restored to it the Daciies of Sleswick aud Hole
stein, which this Prince should wish some day to gorcin.
If he persists in refusing to listen to the waice of duty ; if
we should be reduced to the unhappy accessity of carp Ye
ing arms to enforce the conditions of the traty, a cna
rights of Sweden, then remember, soldiers, that is not tue
Norwegian nation with whouw we make war, but that it
isenly the fomenters of disturbance why mu. be punished,
and the men who assume the duminiou over the uation
whom we must combat.
**Spare your ratsled brethren, who, when they recover
from their error, will acknowledye (hat the Swedish Goes
verument, in wishing the union of the two Kingdums, has
no other object than Co insure the repose of the North,
and to make the Norwezians free and independent suldiers g
full of the seme contidcuce with which L led you to the
shoses which arevew leaving, Tshatl lead you tu the ace
complisiiment of the high duties which the iuterest of the
country demands from us, You will fullil them as Swedes.
God will prosper our cause, because it is just.
‘Given at my head-quarlers at Lubeck, May 21.
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3 4A ° + s ye
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8 en


13 August 1814