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The Berbice Gazette

View original AANBESTEEDING.—Aanneemerstothet
maken van cea Kraal, rondom de veorhelite van het
Exf No. 9, alles van goed boerewy heut, destylen 6,
duimen vierkant en vocten lane, (zynde 3 vt. inden
gronden 5vt. boven deazelven) staande 6 Hm
wan elkanderen, de latten 5 voeten lang 3 duimn bie
en I duimdih, de Gwarslopende lattch 24 voct ling
4 duimen breedhen 2 duimea dik, de spykers door
den Aannemer to Teveren, en voorts alles hegt en
sterk te maken ope manieren als Ly den Hoere H.
W. Hackoita tevien is.— De Aannemers, 169 besho-
ten biljetten, voor te Leverantic van het daartoe be-
ronaigl en gereed| maken van yemelde Kraal,
i oy én 20 December aanstaande moct in or-
der zyn), gulten ontvangenm worden ten huizen van
den Heere JOG. PL Tiicesiva, en geopend worden
oy het Erf Ne. 9, op den I “Lug ustils a taande ten
}¥Z aren des mithiegs, » “7 « ay
De botaasting aabdikte\t ceschi@len na de acheele
Voll voi jim van bef werk en wo goe acuring. :
Rerb ve, 22 daily, 1845. 4; é'
— — es re Fy...
WANTED vor rie
290) to BOO feet lr inch crabwood Lumber, -
SOO) tom Vicet Pinch co.
2500 toF wallaba shingles,
2) lo SO cae®s building Tima,
eas SA. eats,
deo. TOdy ao.
dozen hand-siw Files,
dow whipeiitw do,
ilo. cross*6ut do.
Yor which Tenders will be reecived at the Agency
Oifice, tal Tucsday 25h instant, at Pe’clock. Cash
on delivery.
Ifa iscownt can he allowerl for delivering the
Tasober or shingles st Danfelrheid or Seatvoort
Plhintationy thesime [o%be slated. ~ oF July.
iLOST on Ttesday last, from Plantation Pal-
meta, a white fox houuwl Dited, that answres ta the
nue of Music, a roward of one Jee will he thank-
fully civen for her reeovery:
eo July. B. JEITERY.
— Se Oo
toro w csi
IN CUSLO DW ofthe uadersivned, a white
Siattion, witeh, if aot released,” willebe sald, after
three tuncs havine been adyertiscd, aceordigg the
Peoclamation ol hedgeurt of Policy, of this colony.
22 July. A. PF. PISCHER,
. Duly Authorised.»
eee ee ee eee
‘ee KOOP ter dezer Drakkery.—-De Constitutie
woor de Vereenigde Nederlanden, prys f{ 3. sle Ma.
niere van Procederen veer den Hove van Civiele dus-
titie, inde holenic Berbiery fo— hetOk itary
der kolonic Berbiee J 3.—Hollandsche en 1 ige lsc hb»
Wissclbriev@n en ho snosscmenten, Sehryfboea:a,
pinuneny tik, Ges 7
: eS eee
FOR SALE at thisOMice.—The Manner of Pio-
ceedi:#s b tore the Court of Civih Justice, of b a
bice, at £5-10.—'Tie Charter of Berbice at f3.—
Bills of Rxchweace and Ladint, Books, &c.
- — -
View original TE KOQP. de volgende gocderen, aanz'c -
aangebraget per Capt. Zwart, tot de nevetstaanek
hassa pryzea :—Genever im Kelders af C2.— dito
extra guededn hiuikws 2 7 o>. het deuxvyn,— zocte
melkscheen Levdsehe haazen yao 16.5. a /9.—L-
dammer do. a f2-15.--hem as 2. per Jb.—boter a
Jf 20. per@aatj.,—code G. comida tin a 74. pecgall.
. 15 July. J. GF. TRLLBINS ATA.
_—-- aS eee
me FOR GLASGOW, the Ship Betce-
ts~n,y Thomas Jo.l’d, Master, to sail from
hence in all October; fonfreight or passage apply
to the Master on board, or to
WISO have received by the above vessel, the fol-.
lowing aftles, which they otf-r for Sate on their
usual terms, viz:—Gordon Duff Inglis & Comp’s.
London particular Madciva wine wm pipes, hhds.and
quarter casks; a light fashionable Gig, a genetalas-
soitment of Plantation Stores, alo 50 hhds. eeats,
whitch will be sold reasonable it taken from alongside.
15 July.
CS perennial ee
View original DEN ondergeteekende maakt Wchesch be-
ken), dat ! uy tot zyne Cemad htivde, by Procuratie :
heeft aangesteld tot wvaarneming van ‘alle zyne zaken,
denheer A. Sch. ipler..
lp July. W. HARTMAN,
View original FOR SALE, a few hogsheads of excellent
French Claret, at six Joes cash.
22 July. MW. LINDNER.
—_—_— —
Carr. T. ZWARP informecrd een iegelvk
die hét aangaat, voorneiveus te zyn, om inet de door
hem nu Yeeds gecontracteente lading van colly » mel
zynschipde Johanna Margaretha, van deze rivier
nazr Ainsterdam te refournerca voor het einde dexer
maaad, en dechalven niet linger in ta as te zullen
legge als tot den 25sten dezer, zullente positiet “yn
Brie vezak slniten op den WDsien ‘mice T atid. lee
mand genegen aye met yoarz. sc ae neg eenige
afschee pine te doen, adresseren zich by voornocm-
de C apt. zelve op het Ecf No. I, aan de stad Nieuw
Amsterdain.—I) July.
_ == "“, * —_--
FORS AL E hy the Sulsermbers, af thew Store
on Let No. 4, for i insmediate p- tment -—Prime New
Foundland fish in $ & S quinwal casks, Yorkshire
hams, pickles, pease, builey, oysters, almonds, tai.
Sits, Currant Miiped in gars, mwastud, black Pepper,
i youu & '" 1n-powdl rit at, 8 tilled f al. g alt in LICTECS,
pentlewew’s Cloathing, hosicry, woollen socks, scar-
let, blue, blick, green, olive & brown bread cleths,
kersemere, flannebds do. pachets, oveen baiz y table
covers, do. with borders ego clofhiak | | bl:
kets, perfuracry assorted, bootW & Oh.oes, tow hiteg pi
Ces, ah Assortment of ironmonererv, Cam & treTmain
steel, ¢ cat & whip saws 6 Se7 ter: lone, loc’. frani-
temnet- trite . 4 hand- AWS, fi , Ol ma Ti. rr ) CAiffe
peater & @ugner adzes, dowsle & sncle piine irons,
fcilmme Ax <, locket gauges, chfseh, diawiog knives

poks >loves, squares, braecs & buts, woed & horse
fasps, vugurs, Cleavers, brass cacks, @iuce pans, boi.
lew: ir ni tiles, ‘\ Lilie Pads, te IS, alue kefth ‘5
natl® from dd. toa QOd., @rockecy ware, sliss dow setts
0! table s rvicesy é &e.
— _ — mee ae ae —— <2 —
>] 4 , ' a OR D LO’ t, \ Mis ie night be-
tween the Ob acd 7th inst, trom Dot No. Qt, a four
3 4 bet > @ar | J . “ds
OV ec sat VOrl, Dis geen at: Ca paintcad: any
P@theun giving information of the — » hort, will be
rowan wl.— 15 July. _ ZIFGLER,
— i
TEMS Subsember ofirs for 8 r Four thei
oebeulic feet of builettcce Tunb or, froin 3 to 18
ineh square, to be dclivered in town on short notiee.
QR duly. I. ie OU) PLARTORSED,
pr a ALO a
Per de Jor sy na AfavrGdruriata, Copl. Tjeble
tari, (3s aah acl, on word’ (ot civic Prysen
Or den ond o le bende, cp ef Lirf var Cin heer
J. bP. Oherrieel! be ¥ reoucm=--
BESTE Rhgawysn. dite rode wyn in kisten
en per c mz7ynh, t: Saba ete ts bank. l, Secretaris cn an-
dere oe ker >» x! lLooede so ee Hen preven, was¢ a
hatte O, patonce Enee leche lampenen dito olie, sup
fine douker blaguw con Sroen | ‘hen , mette laarsen . n
achaonen, geruite taheus, gv onede Mirkeny fynie
spevlhaarten, kopere towtel then, tonen band, ve-
fors, Bokhe Livten Negetuy pen, Kantoor boekm in
chape band, Hollindsck post ca scary Ppapier, alle
Soom van Kinder spect @ued, &c.
S July: van ROSSEN.
ee eee, eee SS i I TT
Tris is ta ip er mtite Public, that the follosing
Pertor@®:nicnd | 4 tis: «this colo wy
Robert Elwis, in GO we ks from 24 ! June.
i. be fa Coget, will gait his ( olony, June 30.
lanes Focerinsham in 6 weeks from 13 July.
‘Nathaniel! Huet in do. from do.
Padward Punt in do. frem de.
(dam Stewart in 6 weeks ftom C2 July.
Thomas B. Walte in do. trom do.
Notice is her hy @ivcity thet asmonthanticr dale the
folloi: ive Tran: pe nvsand Mortgages will be passed
June 17.W. He nery 44. Francis Stewart, will (rans-
port J0 cools of jand and the baiidings thereon,
S$: pe on dot No. 8,1 north si ule, to W. Katz.
W. Hencry will tran por to John 3’ Canon
July S. W. Ross qq. Hodtooe, will transport to De-
merary 52 Wedeode names ‘to be seen at thig Of-
July 15. Francis Brittlebank, qq. the Assignees of
John Dawson, will transport to James eee
wand Hugh Berhanc, aq. Alexander Pulloh,
*London, the astern half of Lot 35, West coast
of Berbice.
R. C. DOW NER, See.
View original |
Nolice istherehy guvent, hat the ordinary Sessions
of the Court of Civil Fustice, eye were to have
heen he'd on Menday the Voth July, ave postponcd
until Monday the slat Suly, i152” : m
Seerclary’s Office, Berbice, 14th July, 1815.
. By Command,
NMOTILFICATAO V.—BRy the. H chovable-Coust vf
Policy and Crinal Justice of the. vlony Bere
bice.—To “% WHO there presents mey or
shall come, greetng! Beil hnown:
WHEREAS a vacancy has awain occurred in the
Court of Policy and Crimi lie of thet > léy
‘Berhice, by the depertur
n this o leafy, Sor
James: Fraserand John M’Canae. ond by ress” of
the late appointment of the Honorable M yAwts,
having been declined by that Gentleman ; and a no-
mination having been mide by the Henorile Covrt
ot Poliey, to supply i 70%. becell-ncey the
Covernor has been pleted to selpot Je ty Taping
Esqy., the Rey. Francis Whitfi:/1, and Deo?! Cer-
neat, Paq., to be Members of the Comet Of Pohev aad
Caimiai! tustice.—Notice whereof is rerchy givon,
that the inhabitants ofthe Chhonyimay spect those
Gentlomenin thei@capacity.
Secretary's Ufier, Berbice, &!’ Ful ,VS815.
Ry Canunomd,
&C. DOW NBR, Serr.
NOTLFICATIO N.= Bathe tUconoraite Court of
Polic pand Ctr inal J astice, of the eeloey Be: -
bier, Taall le whom these presents nicy or
thall come, greetine! be ithnozn:
— WHEREAS vacancy has agaity econrrod ia (ue
Court of Poliey and Quminal distice, a this colony;
the Court having been picased tomdiasites there asons
asagned bythe Hon.d. Papin fortis neonace pi@rce of
ihe appoiutment mad. in his fveras Meader of hot
Court Anda nanwin tion hawing beer rigde by the
Honorable Conrt of Policy to supple bis whe o, fs
picket eprop has been plese fier lect
b. Bri(tle 5 ec. to be AM wheme whe Court of
4’ icy and Criminal! osf'cod Notice whereol is here-
ee that (he [nitabitasts of ibe colony May Tose
pect that@entlemen ta Mis capacity adeording!y.
Secretary's O fice, Lereice VON July, \3i>.
% | » By Gormarnl,
fics OPAL £.
Priacg ith Jaly, Ts 5.
BLANK RETCR S tor Rroduce, wmcs
on ra. es SX eM say Prom the Sst
day of De PA st to Letty The mem h are
pow rondy fer art Vhs (Re: which Ree
fares, are tu be adeaatt Wis month, welerc (ender
ot Oath.
). ALT. Den. Rec. Gen,
View original aa
View original PULLIC_VENDWES. q
©n VWonday the C4th inst. will he sold, by orler
UF Messrs. H. Staal and -C. C, Swaiving, on Lot Nay
1D, wifbfut reserve, live, teries, Rane. bricks
dpetdan barrels, starch, paint & oii, cheese, bar,
on Imegir, claret, greenspeese, po tl barley, rol.
wy ber tin, ants, cheeks, Perk.
‘ D. O. CAMERON, Hep. Vendic Master.
+ ee Ce ee ee ees
On Thorsday @7th instant will be sold the follew-
tac cous, Without reserve: 2 prencheens bats, Odo.
g@liec bags, a parcel of carpenter tools, plantation
stores, saddery, coffee and cotton hageing, 2 casks
Jrriysy 10 boxes soap and 10 do. candles, 12 dozen
Port and i2 doze sherry wine, stationary, a pareet
nails ta kegs of 50 Ibs. each, paints & oily spirits of
turpentine, meats foot oil, &c.
Oa thesame day, beet and pork; 1 and sthver
buttons, wateh chains, and seals, Broaches and loc
» kote, carand fiagcr rings ie.
By order of Jaines Walker, Bsq. Principal Accnt
v@ Crown Properties in this ealonw, 9% kews be st
Lienper lime, paeketie puncheons, Which will
be eld without reserve.
ies dey by the Vendue Mater in con-
ih ie. Wtrorees, 0 chaise & hernes:, 2 siding mules,
t stop watch with patent lever, 2 or $ setts of
pena pred’ just & diner epiees, re ady made oh ths,
ced wel/cr y.— The whole «£ 3&6 months aed,
—fhe hares i arranted sound, and there aca pa
Of ponies amongst then tiat draw ve ry gentle toge-
ther or Serarol fy.
D.G. CAMERON, Dep. Vendne Master.
So oe me... ee ———-_ - e———
On Monday the Stst vast. will be sald, by omer of
Siader Fraser, qq. Benficids Estates, at Planta.
ion TeMertowa, west coasi, [0 a40 bead of fine ecat-
fe, Vhorse sonl tule, also the whole of the furniture
the dwellin= hones, as tately occupied hy the dec.
rod. Brelerick, consisting in mahoe my dining ta-
Kies card do, side boards, S-dsteads and beds, softs,
rains, giass and earthen ware, knives & forks, wall
caindlesticks and shades, ylass lamps, &c.
D.C. Caumron, De». lerkdue Master.
Che Thursday a Augusl will be wold, by order oi
WR. Ross. Usq. Gy on the spot, Plantation Ceanice.
Seven ss Lot ho. Sand fol Lot No. § 3, wu all
Po Dulldines, oulliivationgand wether appurtenances,
b's pi if 6, | Pyat IS mouths,
Agthc same F.neRl0 seep wand TO tiead of cattle,
the Teck ol Plo ietion Ta leer, AnOWn to we ame
@ Me Cece is this colony, also coetten bageiny.
pete cod oof, Garpouter aiid cooper fools, hocs and
sahiclss Payable in 3 and 6 months,
DOU. UAMLRON, Dep. Verdue Master.
. eS ss
On Syrday the Mth ef Augusty wilt he sold. by
pr ier oped atate ltouse ofed. A. de la Court Psq, th,
whole of lis hetsebok? sapnifure, mest of Mic “has
Sacly arrive} from) London, chiefly” consisting of
pew amd clegictstiver cages, writers apdiother silyer
Wars. wulivcon siver edged plated aricles, vis, a
we@ept-te setLot large and small dishes and Covers,
crue le sticks and chandeliers witlespare shades, teu
evel band walters, Huor & crnet stands, porter cups,
ate ura, Xy. mthosiwy bedsteads ant turnituce a
yetewt Guise table, tor 24 covss, side boul, sols,
emt pembiahe tables, Croan Shits, trays, fin-
feet ptetores, Jings, looking glasses, war) robes,
cWestoo dias €rey waghhand stands a nuiober a lage
WweW table clollis, 1: iph dns, a emaplete blue tal ce
victor 2 pea@ple, 2 fa Deole few Wer iors. lage es
Dicach oft pas, cewsthery amonwet which ae
ogling cet’) Bariess complete, cul lerp, UN- Dress. iron
al tess AE pore Very old ana Shoe liquors,
PIPE 7a Wiehe LD Bottles, &e.
Alo tie oo toan and woinan, the former a cook,
fie etter a come servant, al 2 montas vedit.
(0! sitheut reserves 2 few pipes Mecdeiva wine
aed fet, hi by © Upwign, constantia, and fron.
(i ge} owl wines OV He dozen.
().C. Castgroy, Depo Vendue Mastes.
,_® ~~
View original . NEW AMSEERDAM
atheist et
View original a iz I ee Ege CE. wu
oe ———-_ -
Nonews ! War had not been preclaimed on the
160 of Juic.—I[t was reported that Murat, in one
of Ue late cugagements iv Ltaly, had been taken pri-
POD by the Au: Lriatis.
= bee
** Barbados, June 29,
ec \' {clin our-last a report havingreached v
' tthe tri-celoured lag flying (ls
. clligence js prof ned'bi fhearrnival
b>) > by yriuiny. from Anti-
or Sus On the
; ‘ nh beaks ly
j ; ' ; ; fii j yCW | ic hex
Ws ypal osectcric, du the alaivetimeredible short
View original period of seven hours, when he immoadintely arre-ted
the Governor, puta euard of soldiers round his chwel-
iug.anlatele ven o'clock pluuted the (i-colaured flag
on all the@ertiissc:, under a salute of Ol euus. ‘TN:
Mossure had occasioned great disturbances, and it is
loarad the consequence will be dreadtul, as the plin-
seis and ialphitants, of the Island had stated their dee
torinination (eo tke uparmns and resist (he further pros
rressof the Prench (ro ps. The Intewdant. next in
rouk fo the Governor, viewing the storm approaching,
with More apprehension, got om board a small sloop,
and made his escape to the Saints, where a British
brig of war waslaying, supposed to he the Barbados.
‘* The Governor has since beet ieleased, and has
resnmed his fanctioiis undeg the authortly of Napo-
*¢ The French schooner cf war, Morche,; had that
morning arrived from St. Martin’s, with the Bourbon
lee flying; aad imimediat ly on heranchevieg was
laken possession of by a cuand of su diers, whe were
sent! on hy ard l r (bat perry oC’, ‘| he ollie is b bey) -
ing to the schooner, who lad a thoment Befure lei.
cd, were arrested
‘The French troops at Guadeloupe amount to
about 9090, under the command of General Pov yer.
‘Sine Jan Rebjinson broucht up dispatches tron
Col. Nixon, the Commaiuder of the troopsat Antigua,
rad from Sir Charles Durham, to Mis ExceHency the
(oinimanuder in chief.’
6s Barbados, July }.
6 Sice our last, we heve heard some nate yl
of the procee Fimerg ater ach loupe, Ipon replaciigathe
Nt {cpm i! Stancda: i Ot i mance with (hy fo] t}) . { #t
- + pany : ; , ” , . '
Of iis Throat. I gypears, that Ay ele schooner hw
araved at that Cilowey with disor Ses tron Dona.
prart » ‘iin tcres % Pe. CPM 8 (he Ciovernes te
host the trrecologred Mas, and wiaiwtain his wnthber
as Emperor o the Pron wor his. ty nl
vasat first dostrevapled- ot tremer.| sor anh tiy
(roops, was well as the rel om partial the anleibaray
“* ‘ 4 ' ; : >» P .
cop boop '*, mpea Li j mer Te ! iN eq ‘ mNCcaACc jilatit<
} . ‘ a ' ; a _! j : .
Cui wil th Haw Oo re aC i.e sort se ytte net gt r)
cai bi OL. Lane ile ©. mpl! WCE. al ' in) fet lace
HUN wider arrest for ty | thts w be » th submitted

° : » 3 , '’ ~
maton the The@triag ofthe (ah a iM ren ol Nao.
' ¥. ; .
OD Ws pl Ce on the: be mel umeg, Ciovern i byle
Dhaai. I NS Stace lbemaula we clu tion. whieh it Ls
declarcd. (hat thooe ta authiBrity awili live or (ie ine
derthé presentburmer, aed We exhorts the inhosiante
tebe frthlulto the Gump ‘The laters Vrint Cob Ce ames
ul} baal os a) Lies feo if »m& iclamed lorie sl
protection which aw i. Pisede dt Tig, low i.
. .
-> No.8] “eh ,s
om 72 A / ' . one .
yl i ar! idos, Um } ti) { {i To. 8
co Mae 04 te fa bimshris
wor hiin thes was the case, for be jrard bee (spats ieakdoy
Aa hel farce, vod BS persom demanded : bet this was
Serv ywmptly pebtped fy cle 1 teh Gores ak
vb stated, that as the Lntendant had solic cd }
protection, he should continue teafford it as Jo.« os
wiht he reguiredt, SOME ACCOMM sint *. that ti
D giitc rs ati.) fiberst resiyecialsle porcion in lane ;
Hien Gurdeluipe ave in favour of Lonix xX}
In winase Clusc likey vould take UD arcs r
Quy { tobability Ol veby sucecsoin! agajnot che other
) WV
© Barbados, Ju 'y 3.
© \fer thy OF\cor egitmmam!ing the » heoner, 1 4i-
ole had tulélied ties Mission af(s a: Aloup be he sliaped
his course sor Martiniquey Ween Wwe ure prowd to
ate if, bis reception was for deb@ent. | pon pres
pemiity: hes lis; «i ches, aneuncing them (e be tea e-
pare, toc tmperor, the loyal and caked Gewemor
exc! ii@dh, © T hana wep seach ani milly when this
Whiten of Bone oarie’s retare@erd (ops »wer,—S Done
haow Btn !! he will eoon teach you whohe is.” ‘Uh
ront Cromernor (hen as report goes, WuIMestint
dered bitthinto custody and h-adabe vessel teken
Charge vi avd placed under the white flag.
The numerous assemble of troons at Barbade S,
from wheace they are daily depert ve for Wi Clemkjue,
would waluce a beliel that offen Ive Operations awainst
Guadeloupe are in Gon!cmplation. On the Lat inet,
2Umen oi the Ist W. I. Regiment arrived at (lire
Dados, from Jamaica, and on the 8d, wpwardsef 700
of the Royal West tintia Ronwers, vnder the com-
mand of Capt. Jack, from Trinidad and Talago, and
a part of the 63d fom Greaade. Thre COMpaaics
of the 8th WT. Reginient had soiled for Martinique,
and the'remainder of (hat corps were to follow iiune-
diatcly. A number of Artille: yinen and a@uantity of
ordnance stores, together wih the heavy bagare of
the 25th and 90th York Rangers had Ijhke wise depart-
cdl for (he same place.
——*>g °- § eae ——
Though we have been in the babit of civing a most
atlentiye consideration to the prucecdings ot Parlia-
mont for many prececdwe Sesrions, we never our:
selves remember, and we have no doubt that adne of
our readers can reinember, any similar scene to vs hat
he Parliament las egeedced siuge the beginning of
View original DA Wreare 4 ea Fes #~ 4} ’ RR rat
Pp q iwe r i (he
1)’ : , tl { i }) bol MIIVO,
+ png m ievery « ho hag t odot the
’ 'T \ ile ’ til » AT ! COmM~«.
~eVEN ys pines I} YCXalion
: : . .
tia ‘ : i r¢° of thie . wt
Th . on . d ; j q ;
: ' i ‘ i lie
: y ,
Cal ros ferleres with the
- - ‘ ' yryac anf VV ¢ Lili reme
‘ : .
i) ! i ; * CON, bat SON Qi Ti bl (
> ¢ ,
; , s . , ‘ys r ~
> | ‘ ) i ly 7 eA & clit {
' ° :
ui ol | » &Tolatton of his own, 2s the

Dar .% ’ 4 ‘ : . ‘ .
WL) -Plemiy | 0 Court of St. Pe.
’ : ,
I< : } ‘ ’ :
' » © ; ‘ : > : 5 | ’ ’ ‘ til i
1} ’ . I }
; j : : : 5 Lidia (rT ie iss
. ¢ )
' } " Nict .} \ i Crtal ‘ }- tla | 1! 9
; ‘ ’ j re , | Ovener is
’ . 4 :
’ . lls al bit i ie 4 try WOU CNe
’ : ' >
' ‘ ‘ ' ae ' thf ‘ ‘ if] in }
; ‘
oe } ne : i [ ic KOubTE I
‘ . ( ; : Cc } (rt j ¢
7 ‘ ' «°T) e*? y
’ -
‘4 I | , of ft : ; y
; i) ¢ ! f ' I
: if ‘ CH . +} f
‘ ‘ ; 7 i | af
5 r 7
: ' : ‘ ‘ : Se tt Cilae
“ Cry be
: } , ’ ° ,
’ : P i ! yr) 7 j o
: | } :

’ : ; »8i ra
‘ w. ' :
. | '\
. ’ '
i, i : : j .
i 2
, y« 7”
. :
4 I ’ ’ he
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bow I ‘ } 8
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‘ ' \ ; ii ret rd
hi : : ' 7 . cid li e , Lor 7
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: ' ‘ | i tt) ‘ i:
, : (os i. Ue ‘ (7] "we (fi-
e the : ’ 4 ' et) ;
: : bap et a8 UO. , i
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: l we neycerre.-
’ st ¥) . ; ; ‘Me
' : : iN, MI]
‘ . 7 | , ,
j s ; 5 ; s thos) ’ 2
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‘ bis’
© | (i | Mie
elt of
itl ae
: fue
4 i ha $ ‘ i
F : , hae ? ,
: ; oti Nn Massie
rr J ' ‘ ' ' : ‘ | re
i ) ; lide,
*< | che
lu is the
5 ’
: 7 r .
: . . e
i y (7G)
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1 [ rs

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"4 : ) ° »?

, “ ’ , aN
’ ‘ , ; s
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i cl
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‘ \é . a ’ { } e
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: : » ( : CTY .
, . iis i y i” £2 om
_ il : 5 ;
, ‘ ‘ ' .
: : tia : ‘ ‘ :
‘3 ss Wise . ns 6 ( . 4 pak
heyy ' . ‘7
‘ f eye ‘
a i . : l ‘ } / ra
(! “ . ' . ral
‘ ,>« oy i P ‘it
ul) bin) wa pyieeit «!? mM th ‘ ia
vi r lo: | ! | LOrban
Be, | ’ ' ' ;
against Murat, aud was sull nou he should
: ' >» ¢ ; 7
e'-é p ( ly FOND Use .t 4 -4 . a” ' td éi MiGlice,
View original Bat all dovhtof Vurat’s cliarecter was at ance re-
moved by the documents of the Foreign Office, at
Prrisfwhieh the »nex pecte.! Con Cae
pital, and the ant.ertty ef the ProviGonal Govera-
mont, put iato the hats of the Alins.
Ainonk these documents were several letters to
an.l brook Ie Court of Naples, in whieh Murat evi-
demly comiaued lis double conduct long atter the
‘Vreaty had becn signed. Jt will be seen threat he wrote
to Bonaparte te this effect, and that Nepoleon, tn one
very important letter, desired him to contiiue ©
write in the same manner, and lo he cacful that his
letters were vit intercepted. Bonapure, himself,
clttactexise hitn as of the same double character and
eflections; bul seews to make sure that his real wish-
s< sere with him, and that he was only detained in
this doubl: @ ahag track hy his want of moral cou-
race. The leer of Bonaparne is Curious in more
ports of vicw than he. Being a private letter, it
shews the chtracter of the man, and it is inn possible
to (Ny, comidering the circumstances of the wrifer
at the time, Matit is boleh an«| manly, aml scts him
ipfnwely abwe his enoning and doo dle- dealing bro-
ther. be. ‘liza Bonaparte weetcs like a woman of
sputt and andonr, w lich augments the contempt lor
Mitafl Upon Seti we refer our readers to
Lod Casthersagh w ranch puet chou. Ttisa
developement as (uli as 118 CUlious @t falar poli-
ticss ' . .
v7 —_—_"o——!
Ri ade hy Tyr Ci Me cachein hig Spek tn th
T/ Wse | C Gy aOR C71 the Vil ).&%, Iso. “e'
° Shiau, T ods. MW, Lol
«Si rr--0 have had the honear of & rh
Majesty. by ory reperts of theduradd © oh of Ui:
of the eoncentratiog movements peratcd hy
ot Luecea pon Pisa,” in comeguence of thee
stances Which irdiuerd me to quibPlorcice, te orded
the creat ot that ciuveand to asscubie all the
troops of the GW iston i pointofgre tse sccuri rr
The Pritec bog mamteintd tinase! fat Piss til new,
but baving receiwed adwig@otan Log lis l expedition,
avountin® by all occoamts af least 6,000 men} ard
which ap peatyto be umlonbredly tirected trom S.cily
ca_aihs! Lagorn, Spezia, or Geno, Lhavedetc nnined
toorter (haf bigeiread may not Se Cut off by the euly
rod wiiteh Sail com tinsepen. y 4
‘J have ben comficmed inthis plinby having as-
certaified That ae Neapolitan Looms, SWperor in
nom bers. areal dy al Pistoya, whe e le our
advanced post#to pbanton the passage ee
Pais khaow Ma thee ony ments fo cut ofour
Commun Cati@ns, fy seizing Gee road which conducts
trom Vustr niole te ® [7% 41a, My! the Hivicra, di Gunes,
Phas thought paper ica noticctoheep
some tis ps npon which the Viceroy must have ree-
bened, and which renur rany very decesive
serv icen clsewhere, ,
Phe projectsot the’ English and (ustriins deaway
all the doubts whieh the peroual Conc ue. of the King
of Naples nightereate, Touzhtr tts coneeal from
your Majesty that Phavemecess<@ srom him sever
betters, Mitch al varidice Bi the op ciations of his
troops. .
* TheKine is ina state of wrest «it tiem. = The ta
astonished that (ie Viceroy sed Nae retived from
the Ad ce, antihatf haven Hed “Tascamy. upon
the notion thathe could be theenemy at your Majesty
and of France.” He loudly et pres. his devetion and
gratitude for your peisdn, and He even svid to vie
‘Tuscan Deputies, that be wonld prefer rceiving the
first blow, fo drawing his sword aecinst a Pren€hinan.
“i hnow not how to recaveite this lan gate yn
Which | do pet suspect the sincerity, with all the arb).
trary iregsures which have endangered my Authority,
and those which oblige me even now tl» proside fox
the safety OF the French troops assembled at Pisa,
Your Majesty will appreciste these e®@tradictiens,
which sceins tu ine to proceed (roma resolution Menm-
ed by the King conforgable to his interests, but into
which he has been dragged contrary ( his own affec-
tions. Fam assured that the lamguaes and conduet
of the King are similar in his cominunications with
the Viceroy. ~ o
“Tt is, nevertheless, certain, that a Proclamation
of Gencral Bellegarde’s, which recals the nations of
Jtaly to (yeir former state, has been reprinted at Bo-
logatu the eyes of the King.
‘6 This Proclamation, drawn up with much art, has
produced the greatest affection in Tuscany, where it
i extensively gire@ulated.—f am, with profound ves.
pect, Sir, &c.
(Sisned) “ELIZA.”
‘© Nangis, Leb. V7.
¢¢ Your Uushand iga very brave man in the field of
battle, but he is more cowardly then a woman or a
Monk whcu not in presence of the cnemy. ile has
hecn frightcucd, aud be hasnut hauzarded losing for a!
View original moarnent thatwhich he ecannet hold buthyme and with
me. Make him fully sensible of his absurdity.
When he quilted the army without my onder, I fore-
saw all the evil councils whieh would be givea him.
fam, howewer, better sivtisficd with che message he
has scutine through you. Ithebe sincerely sorry, fet
him watch he Moment for proving to me that he has
not been se ungrefefalas he is pu-dlanmnonrs. Linay
yet pardoa bim the injury which he has done me.
“ Tueca, Fei. 18, 1814.
“ Sine—!I have received ihe letter from the Minis-
ter at War traasmitting to me the itstructions your
May sty concerming Ue evacurtion os he Roman Sta-
tesand of Taseany. fowmcdintely after the tecciptof
thatletter, | set out for Bologna, where the hing of
Naples was. | experienced no difteulty as fag as
tlorence, but, upon my arrival in (iattown, the new)
Authority siguilicd toine that fFeould nether continue
my route, narremain at I loreacc, and that | mustgo_
back as far as Prato, there toawait the answer of the
King.” I dispatched a Courier to that Princes and,
an returned to Lacea, where } am in greater safety
than at Prato, which is ina state of insurrection. I
know not what the Ning will be allowed to answer.
The Austrian apd Kaglish Ministers reprovch bis
with being Freuck, atel particularly with being too!
much attached to yout Maj sty. Phe Revolutiouists,
whogovers Flovemee Just now, assert loudly that the
hing of Naples has an nadertanding with (he french,
and that he ceeives the Italians. Thyy atthibute to
ny Councils the inaction of the Ne }potitans treopys,
whieh the Alies whites should march against the
Viee-loy at the moment when he was about beieg
attacked by General Beliegarde. ‘The Ning is sick
Mtacriet. Henowdhroughly feclsin what situation
het placed. It isdifheult for me to inake my ad-
vitereech hun. [i there were as much finnnessin tris
chavacter as good qualitics in hie heart, nc would be
stronecr in Ttaly than the Caoslition.
(Sigrigd) * ‘hhc Dukc a OPRANTO.”
Letter fromthe Coreul at Ancona (i thow! date, ant
supposed lo be wii''en from Leccu. )
“ The Consult had occasion to eee the King of Na-
ples on account of bis paseports. “Thre following is
substance of the conversation he had with lim. Nee
cessity alone, said the King, kas obliged me to unite
with the Allies: the greatextent oi the coasts of my
kingdom expyse them to the invasion of the Lagtish.
their maritime streneth,and Cheir force in [taly , are
well known. Who would heve d- fuded ny Ainge
dom, had | carrie! my army Devon! the Po? Be-
sides if would have been Impaysibie fur we to nt
leave the kingdom. Ou the other hand, my people
were discontented in consequence of the stagnation of
commerce, Which prevented them trom reatizalg the
productions of the sail; it would have been « sy hoy
ihe enciny to have geduced thera, tothe sole detriment
ull s sett J yb ramce. Onthe other! and, my nalion
ould have Leen dissatisticd had Lt not acceded to the
proposals which (ie AMies made me, of indenmily tn ¢
lapeclt for Sietly hy the countries on Chis stcle the Po,
vebech diis Majesty (he denperor of the French was
ablivedto feacunee by the torce of cite umstances.
Meacdded that his tatcutions vere somueh the purcron
this head, aS it Wits weoreedl Chiat bei HrimywWoesnmerverlo
felit@eainst the Freneh; be would peeol'cet comtant-
ly that he Wwesa Preuchman; and that he would yor
forgetallhe owed to his Ulastrges brothee-in-la.
tle desired the Coasul to remain at Ancona, and to
continue hes funchions, assuring hom that bis cores.
\) mualcuce should be tre : since he Wasmt war with
France. ‘The Cansul did not think that it was for
him to make any @ebjection.
‘On their arrival at Ancona, the Neapolitan Au-
thorities had all the Plalian arins taken down. The
aris Of France, placed at the Cousul’s buuse, were
“Volta, Feb. 2905 1814.
‘¢Sine—lI have the hononr to address to your Ma-
iesty a veturn of your aviny of Maly up to the ISth of
this mont).
‘The king of Naples, whoappear’d inclined tomarch
omainst us, and to yield to the eolicitatian., af the Aus-
(clans, paused as soon as he became acquainted with
your Majesty’s late victories of the 10th, Ilth, and
iMh. be had not yet received the ratification of
this Treaty theevening before last. } therefore hope
that he will not add te the wrones of which he has
been guilty towatds your Majesty, by firing upon
your troops.—! am, with Tespect, Sire, &e.
“7 say nothing to you of my displeasure at your
conduct, which has been diametrically opposite to
yourduty. That, however, belongs tothe weakness
of yourmature, Yeu are a good suldicr upon the
View original Aeld of battle, but, eae there, you hatetho \
gour, and no character. ake advantageDf an act
of treachery Which T only atisibure to fear, in ofdcr
to serve me by gom! intelligence. | rely — yoo,
upon your ContMMion, Upon yewr promises. Wit were
other » Fecolloet that you would have fo repent it.
I suppose that you not one of thos? who imarcine
that the Lion is dead, and that he may be———pon
(et qu'on peut lui pisser desstigy Westie are your
ealeulations, they are » Idefaatedthe Austrians
yesterday, and [am im pursuit of the remnant of their
colums. Anothersuch beeen you wil! .ecthst
airs are not so desperate as you have been led
vu have done me all the harry that you coul.l
‘Sice your departure from Wilnz, but we shal! soy
no more aboutit. ‘The title of King has turned your
brain. If you wish to, behave well, ard
keep your word.” »
* .
March 5.—Sir, ny Brother—l have already
i you my ‘opinion of your conduc.
Your situation had set you eg yourself, my ro.
serves have completely tara your brain, have
AI Rt aS pc mea who hate brance, a vale.
sure toruia yeu. I formerly cave youn ATM
ings. What you write (ome is atvariance will] ‘onr
actionsy, J shall, howeversee by your manner ot tct-
ing at Ancomayif your heart is still French, and if i¢
ie y tlone that you yield), I write to my
War ‘inigler, in order toset hiavat eade \ itWrecsrd
fo your comluet.. -Reeollect thit Your Kinedemn,
which has cost so much blood and trouble to Prone ‘
bencht of those who guzeit yM.
mean answer uiless wu fiive
something liGate, Re member th ut Tmuce
youea . for the inlereste™ f WY ty heots-
Do not. decei %, ity yan shonld cease lo bea
icc enener tae fome.. Continue
10 correspond will the V toeroy, taking cate that yous
tetlers be ae egeep
Fic hal Blucher hedive he le Berlin, ad-
. ins acl tion to his A rmny —_—
& Com > Majesfythe King his been pleas.
el to co e the chic
Pcomimand of the Anny.
receive this fivour with the most livel wegratitude.
fam resoiced t To you again, fo find you im the fields
of honour p cd for a new eontest, full af neay
hopes. Itis*given fousacainto combat tor the rreat
couse, for ecw! peace! T congratulate yeu uponit.
«he cercer of glory is again Opencd to you; an ope.
portanuy offcrsta increase oy new dee, ule military
wlory whith have alreac Vacguiret!. Place) at
your head, Lata confident of ceriain and eforions suc.
cess !—Shew tae in this pe Sliugal the contite ce
you placed in me, during the last, and J am convince
ed that yon will gloriously extend the fare of vout
brilliant decds in arms, / ** Brecner.”’
EE se —<-« —_———<
, JULY watu 31 DAMS.
View original Phases of the Moon.
New Moon, 6th Day, at 7h. 55m. Cvenine.
First Quarter, 15th Day, at 10h. 20in. Moning.
Pull Moon, 2tyst Day, at 4h. 4im. Morotmr.
Vast Quarter, 20th Day, at 7h. Jom. Votnineg.
=... ee
>. of i. W,
wm. M.
“a Ww. Tolidays, Phenomena, &c.:
View original ) a
4\ Ta
5 | \V
(> | h
O, Su
1 | ‘
Moi Tu
pol W
16) Sa
Is} Pu
19; W
90! Th
o9 Ss
93 Su
21| M
99; Tu
2°01 W
27 th
90) Su
Jl | M
Spring Tides.
7th Sunday after Triaity.
Court of Kolls,
Neop Tides.
Sih Sunday after T init,
Court of Civil Justice.
Sorine Tides,
Su | 6th Sunday after Trinity. Viet. of
Ct. of P.& Crim. Justice: 7B. .3
St. Martin.
rr rrr
oo e & OOM =
Gy Sunday alter ‘Trimity. Sun en-
Sf . Ja més.
=i. ANA,
Neap Tides.
[ters Leo
tw 2
= we
~ =_—
7 Je —_ ew ic :
pw N= DS WO Se wv)
: a
0] 16
if) 1)
lhl G7
} )
2' Sa
4; 9
4 | 17
J} 265
6 | FS
7 | 2
8 {ty
lO Ys
si 4
View original ‘4 ~ ~ J 2° te * ‘
- 7 ——
> « ~~ 2 7. . —ry ,
> ae
as ’ ; ‘ t ——m | VAT!
‘ } ’
, - °
i a.
; ( | . :
' ae aw | [ 7

*) ‘ |
: ’

“ ;
: :

. . ‘ ’
; P }
’ ss

* :
. ,
. ’
‘ j
. : ’

‘ .
i '
‘ ° ,
: ;
- > ‘ - —
° he
a x

. ‘
‘ hi’ i ,
Lic! a

’ ' ’ ;
. ‘
; -

; j
. €
‘ ‘ ,
, ,
: a.
- - ,

° ~~? =
, 5 “
} : wd
~_ . > »
¢ :
. ;
. ’


' ‘ , foo
. 4
» Ge
> > :
‘ 7”
-_ , ~
> i .
. ' -
~ , : ~ » 4 . i \ ‘ th sa
- ‘
View original ores, &¢. ke. Sec. dated (4th Fume, 1815+ given tp-
apehtion presealsdby Joba WCaimon, as are ot the
S questi Nor@or Pidataiion Jeeis Manor. 1 the tin-
de rstgtan!) att he pe Citest of aforesaid JV Cu 101.4.
do bert Re ie by balict:” AM hnoen at ame
hedwn ehiimagts on the preceéds of Plivtation Le-
eis Manus, cum annenxis, fo »ppear before the Court
ot Civildiesicey ot this colony, on Monday the 17th
Iniv, S15, snd tellowing days, for the purpose of
there rendering in their claimpagainst the proceeds
Plantation Lewis Manor, Gim annexis,, debete
be same, and jo witnesses the Court’s decision on the;
oshtefcliiumants, and further to preceed secorling
TW law,-—- n pain, after thedeurih Udiefal citation, of
being ferever debarred thei: richt of claim.
This Summons by Matict made haown to the Pa-
hlic by beat of deum from the Court louse of this
colouy, and further dealt With aecording to eustou.
Berbice, S0tb fime, S15,
>» FRANCK EN, Virst Marshal.
ee ee —_—s
BY virtpe of an Anpointment from the Fo;
wt le Conet of Civd J usti®e, ot this'c Houy, given
npn petition prestatad hy dna, Wa. nomad W,
{ - to their capmcitics as Scovestrators for the tn-
he vidded bral! “ Plantation 7) csowree tie lite proper-
iv ot brederich Cort, said appeimtment bearing date
the [Sth M *Y 9) i ». Pte undersigned, at the ree
Gucs! of aloresit Scdtestiators, de her wy Stummnoa
by Pdtet: AU Chetmants on the proceeds of the an-
cisielec) halt ot ple lation A: .aea7;ce—— Pe appear
belore the Gourtor Civtl itioe, of UW calengy at
t/ ‘ ’ es bene vwhuch vill Ly P liek on Viond »y tise ivth
Julv, IS15, cad fellowme d. y*, there te ro eder ia
ineir Claine, lovertly tae same, and father (o pro-
heed &¢confiag to fiw,
sSamiho why babet made known tothe Pubhe
by tet of dram fromthe Court lous: ot ch s colony,
amd fiber Tealt with according to cusiviu.
Ber iCe, ed ene aa) 5.
As FRANCK ON. Eiret 1: forshal.
_ — —— a —
— as 2 - - —
bs virtue ofan Batract from the AT antes of
tie Court ol Raji, dafed the Loch ht is!) orven
la the cous®@ Gatiled.tobn Lane amd P. tay bairn,
im Cane ily as See a 0 lows to Dlomfatwin Jim 4. the
late mor ity of De iy Weds: vethu call Ole
oa the proc ods of pt Mteiion ) vil, ( se) DMO .
wii al Laeceution S \. ° j Lie aelersigua!, aft!
Pequest of Atoccsant SOqmestrvois, (oOo bevel, Buen-
an by dalots (lor the Hurt time ex sag. aban
dali Clotinacis cm the the PPCM hp oF Penta.
Mr Yeovil, togenenebe tore (he Coun of Covil dos.
1h *, OLth se vi we Niu “| iy te vi tJuey, isi ;
(bere te reneler a thet chit, to vomiv the site,
tydturh nto hceewtthe Calis cecgsteat es to ©
preferent and concursent iizht ot clatainis On the
j Foe «le of sold LD vtate.
{bis Saewmens by Pelict mad kaown to the Pu-
bii@ihvi~waf of drum froertbhe Court Ligwee ef Ure
ome. aad Mather deel wi accoitling tv euston.
jicsbice, the J tune. | ),
i.) ANCA N. l irat Varah al.
——-e~e me ee ee ~~ ef wm - 2 — “- -@ee —-
Be ‘ virtueof an Ajmpotr ituent from the Ifo-
hort Court of Civil Justice, OF this Qélonys viven
Tou prescited by Wim. Gort, and dC.
Mi Leod, ie Uheie co petites 4sSequestratoredio: pla
lation Geanie® and halt of Lot Ne. 80, Cer ayn,
siich age, 0. tient Dearing date 15th May, (605. 1
the utes st ried, atthe request of atorcakh Se use
trateas, de hareby Summon by Mdicts wll elaintint.
on tle eS “ys of plintation Geames, and the ball
Ol Lot Nw. 80, Corentya, ta apy pear heh fore the Court
Ob Civil testicey of this colonyy on Mondey the 171'
July, ISD », and followtay days, there to render in
(Mor claies, to verify the sume, andMurther to paw.
coed oror inane ) law.
Ths Stmw.aon hy Edict male known to the Pilbhic
by be al dvuar trom the Court [leuse of (uw colony
and fafther dealt with ace: rtling tocustem.
etbice, 2d unc, 1805.
A. IRAN KEN, Virst Whar hal.
BY virtue.of an Appointinent from Eisilex-
cellency TL WW. Dawaivex, Evnive, Litutenant-
Groveruer of tie Coion ly Berbice and ifs 2D pon line
( a. »&. Sec. dated the Oth Jame M15, wiven
pea a petition presented by Daniel Alit, Dieyeat
Recoiver (cera and Reeviveno! the C ee t Prucnal.
1 the undersigned at thee questofatoresaid Reeeiver
Giencral ariel Receiver of the C hurch Pand, Summon
by Pdict:—All Knowsgiand unknown creditors of'plan-
lation De Vocdster, cum anncris, sold at Execution
ile, to appear beiore the Howor: ble Court of se
luStice, ol this « Mony, on mclay the 7th .J
S15, ail tollow ine « VE, {i v mi pr pese of the me
render (heir chums, to mow stein the same, arid (0
lear, alter the towrth Ee ne 4 “rinmon, the Court's
decision, as to the preter rid ceneurrent right of
cltimants on the pr adg!: oi tie Sale of said batate,
on pata of perpe i it silefiee to these who semain in
eaulvol rcadering Whir claims,
— _—_ — _ _——
View original ; Pyare er 7
This Seitmons by Edict rade Known to the Publia
by bet of deum from the Court Lfouse AT cvlonyys
son! fapther dealt with acc ordimeto eustima.
' rice, (he Oth dune, Jt 15.
Kh. Pi: ascnws, First Marshal.
_———— Sl ie - 1.
BY virtue ofan Extgact from thé Minutes
of the Cows of Rolls, dated the 1Od1 April, 4815,
givenin the cause entithed He Staalend 1. Luthers,
appointed! Cureters to the Insolvent Ustate of Corne-
lis Foching, dec. oersus, all hngwo and uaknown
eraditors against the I siate of (. Fockine, d-c.—I
he mndersigned, at the request of aforesaid Curators
do hemby (ier the fourth Vitue ex super abandanti)
Sammon by litict: Allknown and unbtown cree
ditors await the Metatc of C. Fe cking, dec. ‘Lo
appear beture the Courtef Civil Justice, of this co.
lony, on Souday thed 7th Julyj 815, and following
days, There to rendeg 1m their, clatms, fo vcrily the
sanic, wubdurther tu hear the Court's decision as to
the preterent and coneurren( right of claimantsion (be
pPreces ds olsdad Estate.
‘Tits Sesmmon by Patict made katwnto the public
by beat oF dram trom the Coury Wouse of GS cola
ny, and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, 16 June, ISIS." oe
K.LRANCKEN, First Marshal.
ae Se ee eee
BY virtue of an Extract from the Minutes
of the Courhot Rolls, dated 10 Aveil, Sloe civen in
the cause entitled Thomas boa) figh|, oatotthe Exce
citors to Ue istate of the late obert Wilson, and
\itoracy of Thomas Bond, auotherul ta? Lxeentors
wad one ol thedleizs of the said Rebert W ileon, and
of WySinal, appoimted i ihe place of W. Dodgson,
durin: hisabseace from the colony, versusyall clainte
ehts onthe proceeds ef plantation Lemuitece, cum
eanevisS. Pthe tndersigned, at theseqhemt of afore.
suid ‘Thomas Pe Day ficld, gy.—o herby Suimor
by IMalict: (ior the sourth tioc, ex superabaadants)
All Claimaits on the proceeds of pigatation Ucrrate
lage, CUM ANNE Tis, fo appear beipre the Caurt-af Cis
vil.iustice of this colony, an Menday 7 July, 1815,
and jolowing days, these @ Pender in (verr claims, to
verity the seme, and twetWr to bear the Court's des
eision ox the preferent of Copencrent right of claim
ants onthe procecdof sid P8tate.
itis Stimows by Datict mace known tothe Pue
Dhe Dy bowtvel drum from the Courtveuse of this
Cuiunv,@ial further dealt with accordi gto caston,
b.thice, tie 16th June, 1395.
WK. Prancnen, Pirst Marshal.
——— Se Sw wwe eee: ene ~ Se oe ery
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22 July 1815