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The Berbice Gazette

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Wy iN
A 4
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me a ns
Twelve dollars p. annum.
—_—s— —__ ——
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Trp resumed Sittings of the Hon. Court of Ciil
Justice, are posiponcd until further notice.
Cour House, Berbice, lth ki druai F 1814.
Ry Command.
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BY Wis Bacellency Uixny Wirrraw BeNrinveK,
Evxquire, Licut nant-Governor anal Commander “
Chicf inavd over the S Cleiment of Rerhice with Ah
Dependencies, Ad Prosident in all Courts and Col-
leses within the sume, Se. SC. XC
WHEREAS It has been duly represented to me, that a
considerable number of the coloured aud black Poputatior :
of this colony, claiming exemption from Slavery shave clan:
destinely introduced themselves as Bree, which not only
tends to the general discredit. of the respectable part on
that class; but as several of them h we NY apparcat mean
of subsistanee, it is to be feared they have recourse Co,
secret illicit practices for a livelihood, which if not ine.
Ty restramed, may in the end be subserstve ol cood order.
Wi isthercfore, that bk have decmed at expedient to nake,
and do heic by declare, Uw following Provisions ¢
6 \ll and very one of the colorcdor black Tuhabitant
within this Settlomeat, chain deg ex mptoa trom Slav ry.
shall, without delay, and at the farthest, within ov
month, fcom the date hercof, exlibit or cause (o be duly
exhibited unto Elis Tlowor the Fiscal, such proof of they
Freedom as they may respectively be in possesion Of able
to procuce, or rcice to.
Cand further, in case any one of the aforesaid colourcd
or bicek Juhaliants, renin in defeult, or cil to comply
with the efurcsaid Order, His Wouor the biscalis direeteu
to cacs him. her or thom to be apprehended and lodged in
the colony Gaol, there to renain until my further Order,
With vepect to them, as the exigency of their respective
characiers or ences may seem tO require.”
Anl un ordee that wo plea, or excuse of ignorance
may be pretended of these presciuts, the saineto be pub.
lished a: customary.
Civen ander iny Hand and Seal at Arms, at the Ming’:
} !
Ins LOth day of I’cbruary.
’ ° .?
bps avy Aus lesdait, 4
ki. YY. sdbui’ a.vuadi.
yp Cre panned.
Io WHIT. Gov. See.
( recon tinr of : bishing. )
BY [Ti Tr: a y [!. vny ye [; CITING. a
gine, TT fe “US ror / ‘ t | Ca
bie s chia the [bingruble Gaver GQ) Pas van hes leu
To all to schon these presents in cy or shill come, De i
WIR EAS Representat on has becn intde tou
of the excessive thirdship sustvred by neiay indis t-
duals, within (his Goveraineat whoare deprived of
the servicers of their slives, on (reir bot sarrendes-,
ed to Justice and captially punished for theie ernues
not only by the Toss ot such staves withculany tee
muncration, but from betae oblised (o delray the,
expences of theie prosecution and conviction + and
whercas we have daken into our cousideriution. that ie
is both equitable and conducive to the pable evod,
that some compensarion should in future be afforded
to such Inhabitants of his colony, asiiay bs deprived
Gf the service’s of any slaves, ta consequence of the:
latter betes sentenced to death, banishment or con-
fincment for file, on the public works of his colony.
We have therefore thought Ot to enaet, anc it ts
hereby enacted accordingly 2 ‘Phat irom and alter
the day of the date ol these presets, Every Planter
ac otier Tnhabitant, whoinay i future be deprived,
of eny of his or her slaves, froin thetr bea y eis tae
ed by us to capital puntslacaty basishnie at tor life,
on the public \v rhe ot this Ci hoy, shill ly, Crit a!
fo reecive from the colontal funds. as a com pensation
for such less, a stun equal to the values to be put on
such slave or slaves, by apprus srs to be apy-sinted|
by us, provided always, thatsuch ay preouscucnt shalt
Ino tasianee exceed the suaro. Qrelve hundred euil-}
ders fora ficld working neeroe, and fifteen hundred
gor a driver or head negroe or tiedesm in,
And lastly we do eneetas ttisher by epacted, that
the expences of prosecution and conviction be detray-
ed at the cost of the colony, and not at that of the
individual :—which compensation and costs of pro-
secution shall ney erdicless not be made ky ihe colony,
should if appear in the course of the trial of such
Slave or slaves, Chat ill Creatment or neglect on thy
part of their masters have bad any share, in leading
them to the commission of (he criines, for which Uhey
have been sentenced to suffer; as in all such cases
Shall in no wise be entided to claim or receive any
compensation tor (te loss of such slave or slaves so
Thus enacted in our ordinary sessions of the Court
of Policy and Criminal Justice of the colony Berbice,
this [lth day of January I814.—Present His Excci-
dency Licutcuant Governor Ll. W. Benrincx, and
View original THE
aS oe EE ores AE SSS Se OS ee
View original SATURDAY, February 26
View original the Wonorable Members I. C. Abbensc.s, Jol
McCamon, James Fraser, Peter batibairn, A. J.
(ilasins and George Munro.
And published on the 24th January following,
present His Execlleney Lieutenant Governor H.W.
SenTINCK, and (he aforegoing Honorable Membeas.
i it. W. BENTINCK.
By command of the Court.
R. C. DOWNER. Secy.
(Second time of prhlishing.)
View original AERBICL.
: 3Y Mis Excellency Wexry Wirrram Bentinck, bse
; giutre, Licutcnant-Goecrnor and Commanuaer in Chic
— tnand over the Settlement of Berbice and tts Dep cu-
deneics, President ia all Courts and Courts and Cui-
1 deges within the sane, dc. Nc SNC.
WHEREAS very Httle observance has been paic:
‘o the Proclamation of the Ulonerable the Court of
Policy, bearing date the 2d April ISTO, requiring
pe riatlical refurns of the run away slaves froin their
‘proprictors in this colony, as therein is spe Hically,
tated. dad ichercas bk am Cesirous of asee pCR
he exact number of slaves now missing, J do order
md direct, that alland every person shi ul Within feur-
een days from the Public: ation hercof , deliver unto,
he nearest Burgher Officer, a listof the names, nuin-
ver and marks of all the slaves from them respees-
vely deserted 5 also the (ime of such desertaon, the
said fists to be collected by the Purgher Others.
‘Commanding Divisions, and forthwith transmitted te
ne, and in case of newlect or de fiult in making the
said returns at present required,jaad in tature the re-
urns as stated periods in cootormity with the afore.
sid Ordonance of (he Honorable the Cour ot Policy
Wis Honor the -P iseal, is diree(ed lo prosccule Ui
defiatters agreable (o Law.
Given under my Tland and Seabat Seme. at th
ine’s tlouse, New cAmoterdaia, this isda day of
Pebruary, isl.
By Communi,
T*. W Wie ls (rove See.
(sccond tine of publishine
— -
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pa 4 ‘
- s

: ’
é a
s ‘ 7
\ '
‘ ia i ;
Aci |} i y . (
i i e a {

' 4
‘ °
5 i
i tity
) I ,
7 i
i + i j
= i i ’ \
> '
‘ : a 4
4 Ab A
. | >
\ Lt ( i
‘ a
( . -
\ } \

a lil ]
Ji Fl a
View original (No. 492
I a a e_e,
View original [ Payable in advance.
View original we © Wee. © ee eee a
and places as before exce;ted) and al! other restrictions
thereon imposed by any Order in Council! relating theres
to, shall forthwith cease and be discontinued,
Thiedly. That all ships and vessels belonging to the said
United Provinces (save and except vessels coming rom,
or procecding to, any ports or places mm tlie possessiow
or under the controul of France) shall have free adinise
sion into His Majesty’s ports, and be permitted to Cire
ry on any trade now Jawfally carried on in the slips of
States in amify with his Majesty.
And the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of
‘is Majesty’s Treasury, his Majesty’s Principal Secreta-
dies of State, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty,
he Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, and the Jad.
cs of the Courts of Vice-Admiralty, arc to take neces
ary measures hercin, as to them may respectively appere
Given under my hand and seal at arms, at the King’s
llouse, New Amsterdam, this 17th day of Feb. 1814.
‘ By command,
. WHITPE, Gov. Sec.
(Secund lime of publishing.)
View original —$—$—__
Ning’s House, New Amst. 19th Fed. 1814.
His Excelléncy the Licutenant-Governor has just res
cived the Lettcr of which the fullowing is a copy, and
has directed the saine to be published for the information
vf atl concerned, By command,
P. WUE, Gor. Sce.
STR, Dromiovary, Carlile Bay,
7 Dorbados, \Vst Bos. ABM.
[ have the honor to acquaint you, for the information
f the Planters and Merchants of the colony under your
mxcelloncy’s Government, that the Convoys for the pres
sent your, will bearranged, to sail from Berbiceabout the
ull Moon in the months of Ayril, June avd July, and
(ata vessel of Ware will call off the River of Berbice, on
tac days of the Full Moon in these months, for the pur.
pore of protecting the ships while compleating their lading
ind taking them to Grenada, from whence they are to
rocecd with the trade of that Island for the place of gence
ral rendczvous.
Tunaking this commurication, will your Excellency be
oleased also to acquaint the Planters and Merchants of
Berbice, thatin consequence of arrangemenfs for the pro.
ection of the homeward bound Fleets from the Leeward
Islands, it will be out ofmy power to defer the periods
stablished for their departure from thence, and that the
axtent of force appropriated for the protection of each,
‘ili prevent the possibility of My granting any extra con.
VOY. I have the hofur to be, iP
Your Excellency ’s most ob. huuble serve.
To His Excellency f Arancis Laronrgy.
UW. W. Bentinck, Meg. &e. &e. &e. Berbice.
(Second tame of publishing. )
is) ilis Evcellency Hexny Wierram BEenvinck,
Esquire, Lieutenant.Governor and Commander in
Chief in and over the Settlement of berbice with its
Dependencies, and President in all Courts ond
Colleges within the same, Sc. &c. Sc.
WIPEREAS in order to prevent the introduction
vfimproper persons in this Settlement, and turther
fo secure the due collection of certain branches of
the colonial revenue. J] have thoucht ht, and do
hereby declare the following Regulations for the pot
of Berbice :—-
All ships or vessels arriving from Europe, or any
of the Islands or Colonies in the \W est-Indies, or
America, are not to be allowed to pass the Fort,
without my Licence.
That for the purpose of obtaining such Licence,
(he Captain of the ship or vessel, must report lis
arrival at Government House, as also the number and
description of Passengers he may have on board.
Phaton such report being made, the Captain (if
no objection appears) will receive a Permit for his
ship or vessel to pass the Port and proceed to the
flown, and such of the Passengers as ] may deem fit
subjects to stay, tarry, or reside, in this colony, will
reecive suctia Licence from meas their character and
conduct may seem to require. And any person
found within this colony, without Licence, will be
subject to prosecution as the Law directs.
Phatit the Master ofany ship or vessel so arriving,
ibe desirous of coming to an entry, the sollowing ree
quisiles must’ be strictly observed, in eddition to
(hose pointed out by the Laws of the Customs.
A Manifest of the general cargo on board such
ship or vessel, as also a list of the Passengers and
urew, duly signed by the Captain, noust be exhibit.
wd to tae following mengioned Colonial Otlicers aud
‘by them subscribed or tndorsed,—viz.
Vite Pisesn,
Reeriver Gesrrag,
Receiver or Peviy Dumr.,
Conronian Srererary.
And on ifs appearing to me that the said Manifest
Aas beef duly passed, the said) Master will receive a
‘Cerliticate to the Ollicers of his Mianjesty’s Custums,
‘that all Colonial requisites have been observed.
View original
View original And with respect to the Master ofany ship or ves-
ecl intending to sail for any other Port, he must in
the like manner prepare a Manifest of the careo on
board his said ship or vessel, as also a list of the
Passengers and Crew, and exhibit the same to the
foregoing Ollicers, to be by them subscribed or in-
dorsed as aforesaid, and on is appearing to me that
the same has been duly passed, as also on product-
ion of the eeneral clearance from the Custom House,
the said Master will receive a Pass for his vessel to’
depart, from this Colony.
Given under my Eland and Seal at Arms, this 10th
day of February , ISI4.
hing’s Louse, Berbice, 10th Febr. 1814.
By command.
F. WIHLEL, Gov. Sec.
(Third time of PUPGning: )
By His E recllency Wen av Woowiay Ben-
TINCK, Esquire, ‘Lteutenant-Gozernor, and

Commander in Chief in and over the Settlement
of Berbice with its Dependencies, and Presi-
dent in all Courts aud Colleges within the same,
we. ae. NC.
WITEREAS it has been duly represented to me,
that the Navigation of the Colonial Craft, belonging
to Estates and Persons in this settlement, is consider-
ably impeded by the existing Regulations, reqairing,
a Pass in writing belore they can be allowed to quit
the River; | have deemed it expedient, in order that
ali unnescessary delays and obstructions may be
avoided to amend the present esisting Regulations,
accordingly rescinding all former Ordinances made,
With respect o the Navigation of Che Colonial Cratt,
‘ as faras they regard Boats coming from the Last’
r West coast of this settlement, exceptas hereafter,
mentioned, and in the place of all such former regu.
lations, [ do orderand direct, thatthe observance of,
acertain Prock uuation of His execllency Gov ernor:
van Darennunc, ofthe Mth February and 19th
March, ISO5, be strictly com plied with wad enforced,
“Phat all Owners or Representatives of Colonial
Boats, do within fourteen days from the Publicato:
hereol, deliver into the Government Secretary’s
mee, the name and description of all such. Boats or
Craftas they Way respectively be possessed of, in
order that a number niay be assigned (rem as a sig-
nal, by which they may be recognized,
“ That each and eve r y oO! “the aturesaid Boats, shall
be in future provided with a white flag, in Which
shall be distinetty marked in dark blue or black their
respective numbers, Independent ofa large B. which
flav is to be ealibited fon the main topmast lead,
whenever any of the atoresaid Boats sliall pass the
‘Town or Fort St. Andrew.
“That vessels so provided with a numercial si@nal,
and being so displayed as aloresaid as an indication,
that they come from the East or West coast with
Produce, or return thither with Supplies, shall be
allowed to pass Port St. Andrew without any written
Perinission. .
And with respect to the Colonial Boats carrying
Produce from the Colon¥ to any other Port or Place.
the saine observanecs must be ateended lo, as Willi
regulirmercuant vesocis, Grading to and from this
And in order that no ignorance may be pretended,
this Proclamation stall be made public in the cus-
tonmviry manner.
Given under my Eland and Seal at Arms, at the
King’s (louse, New Amsterdam, this Ith day
February, 15:2.
By Command.
PWR! Ti in, (rov. See.
(third Une of publishing.)
= -.
View original eva awe” tsa ea ERNE @ es ae
\ » YZ) s Y iy ( [
This és to tnform the Pu Wlicy that the Jollowinyg
sons intend (ld Hing this Colony.
Jos. Barnes in 6 weeks from 22 Jan.
D. Campbell in 6 weeks from 29 Jan.
James Meindoe, in OS weeks from 3 Feb.
A. Theornborrow, with quit’ the colony by tlie A pril
flect, or O weeks from Feb. 19.
W.N. Richurds in G weeks from Feb. 96.
H. Smithson m6 weeks from Feb. 18.
Win. Crott with the next April convoy.
Rh. C. DOWNER, Secy.
NOTICE és here by given th tam nonth aficr date th
folloxing Tira sports and “Mortzages will be passed,
Feb 5. Sutherland Ikeith will transport to M. Jaf-
fray, nine negromen, his property.
M. Jatlray will puss a mortgage, as per
contract, in favor of Sutherland Keith, on 22
negro men, lfis property.
——— W. Brumell, tor himselfand de rato cavee-
rendce, for the late T. G. Heyliger, will pass a
transport of plantation Gibraltar, cum annexis
to W. Hobson and the representatives of Fy
Jeffery, who will, at the same time, pass a
mortgage for the palazice of the purch: IsC INo-
ney. :
Feb. #2. Richard C hapman, Esqr. will transport t
Demeri ary 4 negroes, names to be seen at the
Secretary’s Oflice, his property.
—— A. Ualmer, will Diss a transport af 14 roads
of land, with the buildings the reon, of the
View original southern back halfoftot No. 9. Now Am<ter-
dam, to the free mulatto woman Harriett,
—— John Taping will passa mor 2age in fivor ef
the Curators of the istite, of the late Cowyn
Jones, for the bakuice of the purchase money
of plantation Goldstone Hall in Canje, as per
contract dailed Dee. 21, 1869, to be vested on
plantation Goldstone Hall, and the negroes
. now thereon, a list whereof is to be seen at the
Secrcetary’s Office. .
The said Curators, will at the same time pass:
a transport of that Estate, with the slaves ane
every thing thereto belonging, to the said
John Vapin. :
—+— Ch. Kyte, will transport to J. F. Obber-
muller20 roodds of lot No. 19, with the build.
ings thercon, situate in the first empolder oi
(lis town,
- Sam. Taift will transport to John Papin, all
his rightand interest in plantations Farm and
Supply, or lots No.3 & 4, Canje, together,
with 40 negroes—and John Tapin will pass
a mortgage on said plantations and neers.
for tlfe balance of the repurchase of the said
Estates, particulars whercof to be seen at th
Secretary’s Ollice.
View original ! e \
: On Wednesday the 2d March, will be sold at the
Vendue Oflice, by order of J. van den Brock anc
A. Krieger, Esqrs. in (heir capacity as Curators to
the Estate of the late M.S. Humbert.-—An execllent
vold watch, a large assurtiaent of yy caning apparel and:
Inouks, &c.
~ Also on the same day, cotton and coffee bagging,
dry goods, provisions, &ce.
On the same day, by order of the Executors of the
tate D. Leen, ksqr. dec., houschold lucnilure, some
Iplate, wearing apparel, some fine cattle, &e,
Also by the Vendue Master in commission, a box
of plate, comlatning of tea, table, and gravy spoons,
mn ladle, fish knives, waiters, candlesticks, crue!
stands, decanter stands, snuflers, and (rays, (all soli
silver) a tea urn, tea and coffee services, best China,
lasware, tables, chairs, sophas, &e.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep, Vendue Mastr
On Monday the 7th March, will be sold at the
‘Vendue Office, by order of the Honorable Board o
|Weeskamer, the Effects of the late Be Lohman,
‘iusqr., consisting in houschold furniture, Weartig|
apparel, plate, Jewellery, provisions, some fine ne-
erces, domesticks,’ &c.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Veudue Master.
a ——
View original On 1 Tuesday the Sth Mareh and Tollowing ¢ day.
will be sold on lot No. 15, by order of the Exccutors:
lof the late Mrs. busc, the whole of her house ‘hold
furniture, aC.
Inventary of which may be seen at the Vendue
Oblice » three days previous (o the sale.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Veudue Master.
View original )
On Wednesday the 16th March, will be sold, bs!
order of Messis. Douglas Reid & Co., at the Veudu:
Olliee ; seventy prime neeroes, men and Wome,
payable in Chree, six, and nine wonths, in cash, or
bills of exchange.
D. ©. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original On Monday the 2ist March, will be sold, on th
premises, the Estate Ex prerari Ny or No. 9: Wes
vast Ol Uits colony, containing 300 acres of Land, of:
which 120 acres are in bearing plantains, about O
icres OF new land empoldered, ready for plantin.
plintams; Che front of this destate is excellent. fo,
pistiirage, there are two logics of hard wood 54 ba!
2k lect, covgred with wallaba shingles, water vats.
punis, corals, carpenters touls, &c.—also 40 head!
Wtine cattle, 12 milk cows and other fine young lin-
provinne cattle tcte encrease, 100 head of sheep, a
thorse, &e. In order to euil purchasers, the lanc
will be put up in two lots, with the buildings, each
lot Conlamme the same number of acres, buildings
and cultivation; the whole payable insix, nine, an
(welve mouths, with the exception of purchasers
‘under a thousand guilders, payable in three months.
tor further particulars upply to A. ‘Lhornborrow,
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
wae le The coppered Ship {lANNA,
GrorGe Forsrer, Master,
Will sail hence with the April convoy. This vessel
will leave Demerary for this River on the Ist prox:,
and will be ready to commence loading immediaicly
laiter arrival. bor freight or passage apply to
26 beb. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
WIILO have received, per BELLEIsLe, from Glas-
iow, via Demerary,—hams, cheese,. Planters mess
‘beet aud pork ia half barrels, pease, barley, pota-
oes, herrings in kegs, beer, porter, Port wince, cor-
\dage assorted, canvas, cotton & coffee bagging, cot-'
‘ton & linen check, ready made clothes, umbrellas,
‘trish linen, thread, Osnabrug’s, carpenter & cooper
tools, stationary, sadlery, nails from 4d to 40, diaper
towelling, table cloths, gauze, hoes, shovels, cutlas-
Ises, pruning knives, corn mills, negro hats & blan-
kets, about 40 bhus. lime, aud 12,000 bricks.
View original FOR GLASGOIY.
ry ‘3
-<— rer AAs. ’ 1: AY FO rr ym
: yn Tin CC >] C] dS il} NEP UNE,
vr Krte Petrie Sry
IPSON, Master.
1S NOW ready to receive her Cargo, and will posifives
y sail with the first or April convoy, for {reicht ap-
ly fo William Duncan, or to f -
19 Reb.
. (7 ‘ ) Xr Im ‘ 1 rm
Till? Subseriber finding repeated applications to
‘hose indebted of no use, is now under the necessity
if publicly Informinae those Gendemen,
Inany of
whose accounts have been
‘anding since the year
ICO9, that unless they come forward and liquidate
. . . . ‘
he same, previous to the Ist. of April, IS'4, they
vt be deposited in the hands of his Attorne. , tobe
ocecded agatist without respeet to persons.
proceeadea agaist without Fes pce O persons
20 Feb. TH. C. EMERY.
View original / ADVERTISEMENT.
. TUE Business hitherto carried on, under the Firm
of D.C. Cawenon & Co., this day ceases by mu-
‘nal consent; All those indebted to them by Notes of
‘land or open Acconnts, are requested to come for-
ward wilh payment as carly as possible, to the first
undersigned, who will pay the demands against said
vin, Which they, also request to be rendered yithin
one month from date. D.C. CAMERON,
26 Feb. A. CAMERON.
———a ee
subscriber request all persons holding de-
s against the above property, to render in the
same, on the premises as carly as possible, aml par-
Noululy solicits those indebted to the said Estate, to
setile their accounts, to enable him to liquidate such
thatarce amninst if.
West co st, 26th Peb. 1814. G.T. PHILLIPS.
View original $$
Pu Subscriber have received per big Cossack,
from) London, via Demerary :—India salempores,
red and flowered bordunas, yellow and white nane
Keon company’s pieces, Congon and Hyson tea, &e.
Per Diana, trom Madeira, Gordon Dull, luglis &
Co. Loodon particular Madcira wine in pipes, hhds.
md quarter Cashs.
12 Veb. DOUGLAS REID & Co.
Ix custody, atthe Town Manager, a white and a
red Cow: which willbe exposed at paiblic sate to
detray the expences, after the usual time of publicas
fon, if vot rcleased within that ine, conformable to
the Cour?s Resulidions,
eb. 19, C. RULACH, Town Manacer.
OE ———$—— TT
Aci those that have any claims against, or are in-
debted to the Estate of the late Widuw H.. BUSE,
ire requested Co come forward with (heir statements,
inorder to forward the liguidation.
— 19 beb. J. van dex BROEK,
— eS ee

View original (ee
~ A Tronk of Boots and Shoes, London made: a
anal advanee on the invoice price. Laquire at the
Printing Ollice. 20 Feb.
——=F™® © -\-¢
SaTurpay, Feencvany 26, 1814.
Weare happy to lay before our Readers an account of
the continued and still more glorious successess of the Al.
lied Armics against france—the Allies, after passing
(he Rhine with 200,0CO men, entered [’rance, and took
vossession of Bearn, Alsace, and Franche GComte.—The
Prince of Orange, it wus expected, would soon be pro-
claimed Prince Sovercign of the United Netherlands.—
It ts also said that ina very short time all the Dutch Set.
vlements, tn he West Indics, will be given up to them—
lhe Barbarity of the Freach, on their Offlighl, isunex.
mn pécd.
View original ( $e
January 7.—The following Bulletin was issued yestcr.
day by Government ;—
Forcign O flic >, Jun. 6.
‘*The Allies crossed the Rhine on the 20th ult. thegr
whole arrangements could not be completed before the 5th
of January.
‘Arrangements had been made with the Swiss Canton: ,
und the Allics have pledged themselves to replace Switze;
and in the same state of integrity ae before the Revoluti.
‘The army now in operation against Alsace and Franche
Comte was upwards of 200,000 men. There dre not iny
accounts of any action. ‘Lhe siege of ILuningen was be.
Government have received Jetters of the 30th from Sir
'Thomas Graham. Sir Thomas mentions in his letter that
. : ; ad a
‘(wo entire battalions of Brabant troops had come over to
] 7 ‘ \ > ° . }
‘the Allies. under General Von Bullow, who had Sent
jthem to assist at Gorcum, in the garrison of which place
(here were two other battalions of Brabanters, who ity
thought might follow the example of their country men.
View original ‘The last dispatches from Lord Weilington were dated
on the C6th ult. His Lordship writes that Soult has halt-|
ed his army behind the river Gave, with his left resting!
upon Reishorde.
“Jews reported yesterday. on the authority of ac.
counts from Passages, brought by the Rover sloop of war,
arrived at Plymouth, that Lord WW cllington had advaneca
eight leagues on the road towards Bourdeaux, Icaving
15,000 Spaniards to invest Bay onne.’?
Doz:nirg-Strect, Jun. 3.—Major Hillis arrived will
Dispatches from the Marquis of Willington, dated St. Jea.
de Luz. the 14¢h of December. After Cheenemy has bee:
driven prom the Nive, he cccupied a very strong entrenhy
camp, couducted with the fortress of Bayone. General)
Paris’s division was posted at St. Jean Picd de Port, anc
there were strong bodies at Villa Franca and Manqmis,
between tho Niveand Adour, Upon the 9th, Lord Wil-
lington causcd the right wing, under Sir Rowland Hill.
to cross the Nive at Cambo, and the Gth division crossec:
the same river to favour the operation, Both these ope re
ations were atlended with complete sucess, ‘The sinth dhe
visions distinguished itself in driving the enemy from thi
On the morning of the 10th, the enemy attacked wiil’
great fury the left wing, une der Sir John Tope, and thy
right, uuder General Baron C. Alten; both atiacks weru
replused with success, and Sir John Kobe (ooh S00 pra.
soners. After.his day*s action, the Nassau and Ivrank.
Mayjor-C:cnerals Barnes, Robinson, and Ashworth, ar:
among the wounded. “Phenumbcr of British and Portuguse
rank and Gle who have been killed in) the several actions.
is 572. and wornded about S000,
The Bronch never repeated their attempé against the!
light [ivicion, but they twice attacked the posts of the
left wing, thongh more fecbly, in the course of the two
following days. ‘The enciny was completely replused on)
cach ocrasion; and the foot Guaids distingaished them-
selves in (ho list altemot.
Yhe enciny now vithdrew nearly his whole force from
his righ. and on the morning of the 13th, commenced
fort resimen(s came over from the enemy.
desperets stiack upon Si heowland Till, who had taken
a position Letween the Adour and the Nive.
Foresecing the attempt, Lord Willingtou had ordered)
the forrth aud sixth divisions, and part of the chird, to
reinjorce Sur Rowland—bot the Licu€enant General sauce
ceeded in Coseating the enemy with immense loss, befor.
these incops could i yin ham.
Major-General Barucs (British) and Brigadier Genera’
Ashworth 'sQ ‘ortugwaesce) sustained the severest part of the
conflict, and concueted themselves admirably. ‘Phe cnemy
being b ‘atouatall points, mow retreated into their in.
Lord Willinwten speaks in the highest terms of the con-
ductot Licut.-<General John Wo oe, aud sir ow land Hill
in the different actions, Licut.-<General Sir William Ste.
wart, and Maior-Gonerals Howard, Barnes, Pringle
Robin: Ol. and 3 yup, aro alsy mentioned with Bhecal pra C,
Amite: dam Dec. %— Yesterd iy, abowl Sotclocw. Tis
Serene Hichvess the Prince of Oranee inede his olemn Ce
try isto this capital, through the cate of Taurtom. under
the rear of artillery, and the acclomadonus of the people.
Soon after, the foliowime Proclaciition was issacd bv it
General Co:nmissarics of the National Government, resid.
ing Goverument :
6Contryimen !—The moment is at lenght arrived which
putan end to all your insecurily. yae slonins of chang
are past: and the work cowtmeuccd y coututies ac
by our great forcfoythers, under eroat disor ue is at lenght
concled.d by us under still greater dilicatte No forety
Prince, unacquainted with y our consUtition and manners,
shal bereafter divect: your dearest pemilsses at his plea
sure: vo longer shall the fruit ot vour tadaustry be th
prey of forcigners ; no longer shall your childven be diag-
ged away to foreign parts, to fight for stranvers, cud ial
cause forcign to your happimess + uo longer shal the in.
certitude concerning thesupreme Government weaken yous
force, and vnsines.w your strenoth, It is not Willian th.
sixth who the people cf the Netherlands have recalled.
without knowing what they might to hope or expect fron
hin. ltis William the list, who as Sovereign Prouce by
the wish of the Netherlands, appear as Sovercign amon
that people, which once before has been delivercd by aa-
other Williain the first trom the slavery of a disarac ful
forcien despotism. Your civil Liberty shall bo sceured by
Jaws, by a constitution groundins your freedom, and be
better founded than ever.—But the external occurrences,
the changes among nations, whose political Government
have nartly been tho occasion, the cause of the wonderfu
events, at which Europe tor a while was astonished, shall!
likewise be kept in balance by a similar arrangements: it
requires but a few more sacrifices, and the name of Ffol-
Jand shall again be honored as heretofore, and the flag of|
the Netherlands again seen flying on all seas. ‘Phe ereat
Birth is effec ted; the Netherlands are free; and William
the first is Sove rest Prince of the free Netherlands.
‘(Given at Amsterdam, the 1s st day of December, 1813.
(Signed) “TM. KR EMPER,
Amsterdam, Dec. 2.—The following was issued this
Morning, in the name of William Frederick, Prince of
Orange anil Nassau :—
*““My feelings, upon my entrance this d: ay into this ca’
pital, are inexpressible. Restored to the people whom J]
never ceased to bear remembrance, IT behold myself afte:
19 years absence, as a Father in the midst of his Family
“Never, Netherlands, shall my receptionin Holland—:
never shall my entrance into Amsterdam, be efirced from
my memory; and by your love f promise you, you shal):
not lind yourselves deceived. It is your wish, Nether-
Jands, that I stand in a higher relation towards you, than!
— -_-_-—~-
View original I should have stood in had [never been absent.—Your
‘confidence, your love, places the soverciguty in my hands,
and Lam urged on all sides to assume it, in as much as the,
‘necessity of the country, and the situation of Europe, ree.
quire that Tshould do so.
Beitso. I shall sacrifice my own opinions to your,
wishes; Tundertake what the Netherlands offer me; but]
nndertake it alone ander the guarantee of a wise Consti.
ution, which shall secure your freedom against all possi.
ble futureabuses; L undertake it, under the full impres
—My ancestors gave birth to your independance. The
naintenance thereof shall be the incessant task of me anc
oy posterity.
“I rely in the present circumstances, still somewhat,
‘rilical, upon your co-operation and sacriices 5 and after
1 short period of exertion, under God's assistance, no
foreigner shal any longer he able, upon your own ter-
ritory , to resist the ardour of the renovated nation, andy
triumphant arms of our Allies.
“Done at the Council House at Amsterdam, this 2ng|
day of December, 1813.
sion of the dutics which this acceptance imposes uponme.
SW, F. Prince of ORANGE.
“By order of his Higness, >
“vax pork DUYN van MAASDAM.”
The followingis an Extract of a Proclamation of. th
Prince of Orange, dated the Hague, Dec. bth :—
‘When, on the 2d instant, we accepted at Amsterdam,
the sovereignty over the United Netherlands, in) conse.
juenee of the universally expressed wish of the people,
eroatly wished to confirm and crown by a solemn iistal.
ation, that event, which binds us, our clildven, aod des-
cendauts, more strongly than ever to the fate of this na.
lion. But the circumstances in which our country fs
laced, and the important occupations caused thereby,
have made us deem it expedicut to reserve for the present
the fixing of the time when that ceremony shall lake place,
in the pleasing expectation that in the course of afew
weeks we shall be able to announce to the wauion, aad al-
<o to submit to our beloved f-llow-country men, a const.
tution, which undera monarchial form, they thetselve-
have chosen; may secure to them their morals, their per-
sonal rights and) privtieges—in one wovd, their ancient
(recdom. = [n the mean time we cannot longer delay taking!
the reins of government into our own hands, and charging|
ourselves with the immediate directions of the aflaics of the!
Staie.—We therefore now dec'are, that the hitherto sub-
-isting general goverument of the United Netherlands 3
hls day dissolved, and that henceforward no one can on
may mi ake any order or regulation of binding force, bul
(as far as it has emanated from u 1a or Masyistrates ap-
pointed aud commisstoned by us.’
The Dutch ships of war that were lying in the Texel.
consisting of the following, besides afew others, the naine
’ d
( . . . . '
of which are not stated, are bow im possession of tac Dutch.
Commerce of Amsterdam, 90 goons: Acdiiiial Zoutman,
80; Brabant, 70; Jou de Witt, 69; Dogserbank, OY;
. 4 o>
Yeuus, 30.
, a
French Barbarity and ‘Pyranny !
Pucrden, Nov. 30.—Fresci Barnanitry !—The
ruth of the following narrative may be depended on :—
‘VWiodnesday the 24th instant, was certainly the mos'
leeaful day ever hnown in dhis town, and Which has been
roductive of general sorrow and extreme misery. On the
receding eveniag, about 250 men of the national vuards
rou fhe tleazue, with two pices of cammon, appeared be.
tore this towu, aad demanded of the bk rench Cominandant,
Sho cad possession of it with about 25 men of hisown na.
Gon, to surrender it, This was complicd with, and on the
rene (he town reccived ifs Vow eattrison. Ow the fol.
ming morbing, being the ith of November, this new
Jot rion was unexpectedly surprised by a very uumerous
ody of treuch teoops trom Utrecht, provided with some
pleces OF urlillery, aed after a smait okirnish, in which
ome men foul on both sides, taken by storm, Now com-
meneed the dreadfal plauderings, devastation, and inhue
wan merders. The houses whict could not be opened on
reconut of the dcors and windows hay ing been fastened,
were beaten open by artillery : cabinets, Giests, and boxes, q
rcre cut and broken open; the ready money, uncoined
sold and silver, jewels, linetr, aud clothing, stolen; va.
dable papers destroyed; glasses, china, ani other: car
(henware, broken, and thrown into the streets! the poor
nina! bitants, already frightened almost Co death, and boze.
ing for thete HTS were forced to discover where (hey had
secreted (heir other valuables. — Death and destruction had,
aut length penetrated into every habitation; the bleod of
‘the most virtious husbands aad fathers, of the best mo-
(hers, of grey -haired ancients, of tender infants, stained
the W ‘alls of their peaceful habitations, and streamed out
‘of the houses along the streets. F our-and-twenty Inha.
itauts of this little town, which had already suffered by.
the barbarians, were crually murdered without any rea-
Ison given for such proceedings. About fifty others were
Ww ounded, more or less severely, several of w hem must cer
tainly div; oftheir wounds. Not even the ministers of an)
religion were spared, although they had fled to the alter.
Old menu of upwards of eighty years, and infants in their
mothers’ arms, were immediately shot or slain by thi
en ord. A woman in child bed, and who would have been
delivered of twins, was deliberately shot through her bo-
dy, whilst lyimg in bed, after having uncovered her, and
the bedstead set on fire, after miserehly murdering the
mother and her offspring. No tears of the poor creatures
begging for mercy, no ceies of kneeling children, could
sofien the hearts of these miscreants; who, on the con.
‘trary, and with lond laughter and derision, disgraceful to
‘uma: nity, carried their cruelties so far, as to commit their
‘murders before the eyes of the nearest rejations, throwing!
mut the bleeding bodies, covered with atrts in presence ol
he despairing widows and shricking children; and com-
mitGing all abuses on the naked corpses.—Jt is impossible
ey pe
View original to sive any particularstatement of theafrocitics and cruct.
ties committed, in this slight description ; the pen refuse;
and modesty forbids to describe all the enormitics of these
cannibals, who have rendered the former French tyranny a
mere pastime. Langour and mortal dread are to be read
in every countenance. At the first mecting, people of all
ranks embrace each other, wondering to mect again alive.
‘The bloody streets, the broken buildings, the furniture
(lestroyed, from a picture from which every human being
‘must start with horror. Those who formerly dispensed to
others, are now themselves in want of the first necessaries
uf life, and cast their longing eyes to their fellow Nether-
lands, who, by the Divine Providence, haye been preserve
Jed from these executioners. They remained here tll they
wad carried off their bloody booty with stolen horses aud
carriages, and then, like monsters, who shun the light “of
day, left the town in silence like thieves, in the night of
the 27th, leaving nothing behind them but blood and tears.
God preserve the Netherlands in future from such mise.
ries, and still the hearts of all benevolent people with feel.
ings of due humanity towards these unfortunate creatures,
ind with gratitude for not having partaken of their dread.
ful suflerings, so as to contribute as much as possible, to
restoring their losses, which they themselves never can do
without assistance from others; nor even then until the
irreparable Joss of dear relations and valuable friends shall
have been alleviated by religion aud time.
Subscriptions are opened at Rotterdam for the relief of
the sufferers at Woerden.”
Bremen, Dec 16.—The army of the Grand Artillery,
Von Ililler, is to be strengthened by 60,000 Lussians,
The Erench are fortifying Geneva and Besancon, a cer-
ain proof that they no longer consider Switzerland as a
protection for their southern departments.
By the Ist of January all the contingents of the Princes
formerly belonging to the Confederacy of the Rhine, but
‘who, as is known have all joined the great German Core
ederation must leave the R hine, and as thev are making as
ereat and extraordinary exertions as Russia did before, the
mount of the troops, the late Confederation of the Rhine,
which will by that be complete, will amount to 360.000
pens towhich, if we add the considerable ermics of use
sidy Austria. Prussia, and Sweden, we shall not over-rate
mur calculation tu afirming that at the constacucement of
‘he year Vol $, 800,000 valiant and disciplined warriors
will be in beadiness to conquer the peace of the world.
The territory of Holstein is now entirely occupied by
the Allies. The Danes retired behind the bider, and pose
-oss only the town Rendsburg, on the canal of Holstein,
fhe surrender of Zamosc is confiemed by official accounts
Irecetwed Co-day. NegociaGions have also been entered ine
‘o for the surrender of Modlin, which is the last towu
sUll in the enemy’s hads upon the Vestula,
Paris, Dec. 30.—To-day, ‘Thursday Dec. 30 at two
u’cluck, His Majesty the Emperor and King being seated
on tis Lhroue, surrounded by the Princes, Grand Digni-.
(aries, the Ministers, &c. received the Senate ina body,
vhen Uis laxcellency Count Lacepede, the President, prea
vented to His Majesty the following Address :—
**site—The Senate come to offer to your Imperial Ma.
jesty the trilsute of its attachment and viatitude for the last
communicadon which it has received by the medium of its
Coumuttee, Your Majesty adheres to the proposals cyen
of your cnemics, which have been transmitted by one: of
you. Ministers in Germany. What stronger pledge
cuuld you give of your sincere desire of peace ?—Your
Mi ajesty certainly believes, that power is strengthened by
Deis liisated, and that the “act of favouring the happiness
of ine people is the chief policy of Kings. The Senate
hawk: you forit in the name of the French people.—It
is also im the name of this same people, that we thank you
for all the legiUiniate means of defence which your v isdom
may take tu ensure peace.—The enemy has invaded our
termory. ‘Phe French, united in sentiment under a Chief
like you, will not suiler their energy to be cast down,
Empires, like individuals, have their days of mourning and
prosperity ; itis in great exigencies that great natious show
themselves. —No, the enemy shall not tear asunder this
beautiful and noble I rauce, whichfor these fourteen cen.
turics bas maintained itself with glory through such divers
sities, of fortune; andwhich, fur the interest of the neigh.
buuring nations themselves, can always throw a consider.
able weight into the balance of Kurope.—We have for
pledges your heroic firmness, and the national honor.—
We will fight for our dear country, between the tombs of
our tathers, aud the cradles of our infauts.—Sire, obtain
peace by a last cflort worthy of yourself, aud of the
lrench ; and let your hand, so often victorious, drop your
ATMS, after having signed the repose of the world.— nie,
Sire, is the wish of krance; the wish of the Senate, this is
the wish and want of the human race.”
His Majesty replied —
**Y am sensible to the sentiments which you express tos
ward me.—You have seen by the documents which I have
caused to be laid before you what Ido for the sake of
peace. I will make, without regret, the sacrifices implied
by the preliminary basis which the enemy has propose d,
and which I have accepted ; my life has but one object,
the happiness of the kronch. —Meantime, Be “Urn, Alsace,
tranche Comte, are invaded. The cries of these perts of
my family rend my heart. Lecall upon the French ( suce
cour the brench, Le call upon the French of Paris, of
Normandy, of Campagne, and of the other departme nts,
to the succour of their brethren. Shall we forsake tiem
in their distress? Peace, and the deliverance of our territo.
ry, outto be our rallying cry, At the sight of all this
Nation in arms, the enemy will fly, or will sign peace on
the basis w hich he himself proposed.—The question is now
fe more, to recover the conquests we have made.”
The United States’ ship of war Conséidution, is stated
to have ch&sed the Musquito brig of war into Surin: imea
Tow days ago. On this intelligence reaching Barbad ay
‘His Majesty's ships Queen and Henerable were dispatches
ied in Guest of the enemy.
View original VMARSHALD’s OFFICE,
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Tonorabl
Cou reo © vil Fustice of this colony, given upon i
petition presented by J. Layteld, and ‘the .| Attorney
of Thomas Crudeeon ot Stoke Newington, ueer Lon-
don, nider date of 96th Januarv, PS)4.
Lthe undersigned intend to sell, at public Execu-
tion Sale, in the presence of two Councellors Com-
missaries and thei Seerciary, on Monday the Lith)
March, [S14.
Plantation WKitwonack, situate on (es correntine
cosst oF (his colony, the property of Simon Praser,
Ec with all tts caltivation, Jae » buildings.
ant other ap pe ricnanees thereto bs longine,
Whoever should (hick to haveany right, action o}
Tnterest, on abovenuucd pen ton Kilmorac k, on
is dependencies, and vishes to oppose the Execu-e,
tion Sale thereof, Tetsuch person oe (emselves
to the ATarshal’s OlMee, declaring thetr reason for so.
doing ta dae time and form, as] hereby give notice,
(eb lwill receive op ponitie W from every one thereunto
auatified hy! law. appotnt them a day to have his o1
her claim heard before the Court, and further act
therein as the jaw directs.
This Ord prochimation published as customary.—
Pe: bice the l oth Pebruary. Ps tet,
Kk. FRA NUREN, First | Mar
DY virtue of 3 Hppom next tron the TMonorabl
Courlot Civil Tut: iceoot Gis colony, e@rante J WOT
peution, presente Looby the Roord aE Orphons and
unpre wided Estates, bearing date the Noth Novem.
bes | S15. | (ire hicks: ry anny ra dyal thew eqiest of rf OVe-
sit! Board, do tersby Saurnon by B diet :-— AL per-
sons hay im or ares chiding to have any chiinor righ
onthe Estate of the late Robert Mite hhedl, ta appen
before the Court of © vil Justice of this culony, it
thers session ia the mouth of. Maly, (in the ve Ar One
tho toand etelt tina ed: radh fourteea,) say ISTE, for
hie | ui pr e ool t. were « dive ring in (1) av claims, SCC
the same objected to. saa If be nocessary, amt lo
is Ness, alter the dourth Edietal Summon, the
Const s deeision as i the prefo me nt and concurrem:
moutool claturim: yon pain to such as remain in de-
funlt of bein: for cverdebarred their right of claim.
This Summon b yo bihetsimade known to the mulrslic
by beatot dram from the Court ffouse of this colony
and Carther dealt with aceordiz ne to custom.
Berbiee, the loth Pebruary. INT.
m ri AN KUN, Perst Marshal,
_ ——— —_._ - —_—_— Ss -— — —
BY virtue ofan ap jintiient from the Honorable’
Conztor Civit dustics of his ¢ olony, eranted Upon a
}cution, presented by the Board lor Orphans and
unprovided: Estates, bearing date the loth Novem-
bor INh2.0 0 DP thre rene ratcned, atthe re quest otatore-
sald tyo Tur do hore! \ Sumnon by dict: —Al per
sous avis, or preterc dis we tohave any clatinor rich
on the state of Ales: ae t Houstes } ancl Iluoh Hous-
tonor plonlicor Slew ouvey neoroes nl othey ap-
purlensne ss, lospp car berore the Court of Civil Jus-
tice or this Colony, af their session in the mouth of
July, (nthe veuore thousind efeht hundred and
fomurtocny) ov, ists, torthe purpose of there deliver-
lovin Gaowelatios, cee the sane objected to, shontd
Ibe necessary, oud fo witness, after the fourth
Plictule Sunuoon, the Court's decision es to Che ore.
ferent cad concumreoatrvieht of cla Mmants, 0 Po pxtia te
each ay rou un 1 dault, of bein for ever k barred
UWieir nicht ot ch:
Y his Sunenon bs Edi t, made known to the It or
by beat of druns tony the C one Honse o: thy Is col
anil further dealt with aecord: ine to ecustoin.
Beibte , the L5th Fel. Ary, Sit.
I. ['} a \ ANC KEN ol vrst Var / -
View original _- eer -— Cr; eee
BY virtue ofan appointment trom the Hororab'
Court ot Civil Pustice of this colony, ranted (pola,
peliGon of Wilton tig S,astppointed Cirvwtor to th
Bistate of John Soualedson, dec., Gated Qu:h Janu-
ary Sit. fd ihe aidersisned, at the request of afore.
sunt Curator, do hereby Summon by Edicet.— 4]
hnowaad ualcaw.tcre.titors of the Estate of the lat
Joon Donaliou, dee., to appear before the Bar ar
the Court of Civil Justice of Uhis colony, at thei:
session which willbe held in the month October of
the present vear [Sd 4, there to verify their claims anc
witness the Court’s decision as to the preferent any
concurrent redt of claimants, and further to procecs
according to Law, on pain of being tor ever debarrec
their right of clain.
This Summon by Edict, made known to the public,
by beat of dram fron: the Court [louse of this eulony.
ant further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, the loih Pcbruary, JS 14, !
K.PRANCKIEN, Durst Varsha’,
a _
View original PAAL as4Wmidaen’ Vase LIA A
View original
View original SUMMON zy EDICT.
BY virtue of an appointment from the Tonorabl,
‘Court of Civil Justice of this colony, granted typo :
petiiion, presented by James Sinclair, as appointed
urafor lo-the Ustate and Pfeets of the date .loln
Ninchiir, dec., under dale of 260) January, aSt4.
TE the andersignedgag t the request of aforesaid Curator.
slo hereby SummOM by diet, ad carves coaria 2 — Al
creditors or claimants on the Estate ot che late Joh;
“inchir, to appear in person, er by proxy, betore,
the Court of Civil Justice of this colony, at thei
session Which will be held in the month of January.
(in the year one thousand eight hundred and fit-
rem.) say, ISTO, there fo render in their claims, te!
verity the same, and further to proceed according to
Haw, on pain of being for ever debarred (heir right of
This Summoa hy Edict. made hnown to the public
by beatot dram from the Court House of this colony.
wid further dealt with accordine to custom.
locibice, the 16th FPebraary, IS} 4.
KW. PRANCOKEN, Pirst Marsha’,
BY virlue of anextraet from the minutes of the
‘ourtof Civil Justice, dated 27th January, ESE, i
che cause entitled Win. Leach and Wan. Broser, it.
(heir quality as appointed Curators to the Pstate of
Feywood & Taylor, Plaintifty by Iediet, versus, all
kKnownand unknown creditors of the snid-estate, J
the tindersigped, at the request of afore: jd Curator
do hereby Stumion by Tndbet, tor the second) Cime.
VE Known andl unknown creditors acrinst they estat
Mt treywood & Paytor, Co apnoar on honday Che 7th
Varch ISd4t.and totiowine days, at the Conrt OL
otalls, for the purpose of Chere rendering tao theh
Claims, fo verify the same, eed farther fo proceed a
the Taw directs, '
This second snmmons by edictamade knoy a to th:
public by beat of drust front (ae Conet Peuse of thi:
colony, and turther deatt vithas custunacy.
Berbice, 9th Feb. ts 44.
K.P RANCKIIN, First tlarchol.
BY virtue of an extradt from the minutes of the
‘ourt of Civil Justice, elven in the ease of id ywald
Pheobald, appointed Curator to the Estate and b'-
eets of fue late Henry Croft, dec. Plaintitfs by Edict.
Versus, all known and unknown creditors of the sic.
sate. Pthe uodersigued, at che reguest OF ALO TESatG)
curator Jo hereby, for che second tine Summon by
Gidiet, al known and takoosa creditors against th
fate aed) elects of Hoary Crott, dees, to QPP OF
VTonday Che 7th of Mareh PIS! 4, nd following divs,
(the Court of Rolls, tos the purpose ob there rene.
Joving ia hetrebiims, to verify the same, and fur-
rhe \ precee } Us (lic LW directs,
Vos second summons by edict mide kno on to the
puble by beat ofdrum from the Court House of thi
ony. dnd frien deal’ with according to custom.
berbice, 7th heb. IST 4,
K.P RANCIKIEN, Pint Varsha’.
Uthe request of Colin Doneles, Esquire, in his
j RU Ly as stostiteted Atforney to Alexander Siinmpson,|
leogeneral and special Attorney of the Mercantil:
fonse of Inglish iilee & Co. of London, notice is
koreby given to #ll vy hom itimay coneern, that the
cotton Estate called Mast Lothian, situate on (he
vist sea coust of this colony, being the property of
David: Carneeic, Esquire, has been released foi
waxceution and Scquestration, in form of abovenamed
conceriy Unconscqaence ob an arrangment bebween
mardies having taken place.
berb.ce, the 14th bebruary, IST.
RK. PRANCHKEN, First Marshal.
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Prom a schooner on her way to Nickerie, a cedai
uit Boat, sleped fur two masts, white bottom and
lack bends, with a circular space on the stern for
he name of the owner; Any person having picked
hip the sane, wil reccive a handsome reward by re-
furning it tothe undersigned,
1D Feb. G. BONE & Co.
Ni, ‘The above boat is supposed to have got o1|
shore to windward of the Devils Creek.

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Tur next Moecting ef this Soci ty, will be held on
Priday the lth of Moreh next. at Plantation bplie-
D. Carnegie—IT. W. I] cytineiier
Is hereby give to the Subscribers for the Quarter-
V tatis, thet ie next Bullwill Ace place at the late
tr. Ths sy No. D1, conranttoe coast, on Tuesday
(he Sth of a next —t9 beh.
- — ——_ ee
a a byers an dh iw aported by the shi ? +i.i'=
ue Capt. Simpson, the follwing goods, which
et ot disnose of by the packaye, or olhi e jur
t snnmediate paynent only r—
ov Tr 7
y. Kenda /.
——— — _ = =
London botWed porter. in pm aa ‘ons, pile ale ia
tievees of 7 dozeneach, port wine, Wiltshire ¢ heese,
prime mess beef & pork i In! saves kees lonzues
"hs containing rounds of beet, Cork rose butter in C
Nirhins, flour in r barrels, kees split peese, paerl
bithey, potvtocs in hampers, Din ham must: irc, ens
ing oll, refined strear, candles in boxes of 28 Ibs.
id Os., soap ta dittoy Taverness collon & colle re r
ving san assorfinent of saddlery consisting of haa ine
addlos with plated stirrups, &c., double & snaflle
bridles, plated bits, &e., setis ee Spars
heads & rains wih pl ited buckles, spice snaMfle do
spared wirths ¢ fi Wing ales, asett ical oy he harn 5
enrry omDs & brushes, mane combs with SPUN,
Mall ¢ I Irs, horse nets, spare stirrup leathers, chaise
pekoy & lhunting whips, and nl ted spurs; eliss
are, “phan Rr Wines, il. pint & hal! pint tum.
Mlers, do. pint & quart decanters, do. finger biso
mitter Uishos with covers, saverairee ohasses, Endia
hades, niatcd bottle stands. sinall craces containuer
reeamp st Perch nent Gible service, cloth, era 1b
Inds tioe brushes. tdi s, dress & walking shoes, do.
tele boots, ethene Spauntsh & waxed leather
MOSS ratte ry do. Wellington holf do- dress, halg
Ire: SW sth DI nar shoes, childsens shoes, Wun! 1S aupe-
mires s boothae bhiek, blne & fashiounble coluurcd
One cous, do. coatces, ronnd robbius, Chin cassamere
preeelios, ditto panfoloons, fash Mable colours for
Iress. stitpt 3 rean trosvsers, blac Ih yitoteorts, ftiie
vy Coloured Gassaniers, Mars ‘L saitio, white dite,
matl trunks priated estieoes, do. printed: mustang,
aney & oleh asta for ladies dresses, plata & lrvie
ford jaconet for nee hike 15 Romal, Madras, flisted
nd oweePa DLLs Mu tigate 1 & fodiadoy silk tht
Hae & Pishion ble putter, -4 Dristi linens, dong
IPs. finer haper for lolile Cloths & napkins, Rts
brscaeettue, brown Hollands. linen Brifannias, plie
Wivsyeotion & Haon cheeks, frrnitarce do. futaifure
coffon shi lisse. cotton callica for linine:, linia
Gripe, & sversucher, cinehams, an assortment of
reads. ap os. % shirt butfons, coffon stitpe shirts
rind Crowser.. Guerieey frocks, eenthemen & ladies
Hie Db aver hats, willow hats, planters bread rimed
. (radesimens do. childrens do. negro Dlinhkets, aq
a : ; 14:
“ITN OK (| Mayes, \ yyy Siripe, ereem auc, } bt;
. Cr. yt
; ort: nent of stato ary, perhamcry ladies & contle.
rena sthk & cotton hoses mens stlkh & cotton SOCNS,
-* , ' .
Hildren colton. s! whines, kees nails doy to Orly
Irving pans, Grid’ irous, sod irons, gun powder in
amtisteass shol ta bogs No. 5aG6, large bross vat
oKsy wine ditto, setts while ivory handled thie
stves & forks with deserts & carvers, Buck horn
andled do , cark screws, tea trays, Japan? do waiters,
hook & eye afd T hing s, large Ke sinall sizes, land
dws, Tram saw files, auzers, nest cimblets, ch’ cls,
arpenters adwes, squarins axes, fe Wis mr do. carpen-
ers diamimersy, siaatl hatches, tenn nt sty Ss, screw
evils assorfed, buck knives, chisp do. horse scissars,
“‘Gshing h hs, cases rasors, soc! locks. double & sine
tle bolted padlocks, chamber door locks, (runk do
kitted eondlestiess wit snutlers & stands, brass and
Japancd do., brads. Cus. MACKINTOSH,
At Messrs. D. C. Cameron, & Co's. store.
Berbice, 1Sth Beh
—_— ee ee See
FProw Plo-'ction Kintyre a black bull, with some
waite about ie face and belly, about two years old ;
Inv person Who can sive such information, as will
lead to the discovery of the said bull, will receive
Ole yo re Ward.
— Ne - —__— —— —— — —_— —__
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HE undersi: ene dh: rveing been appointed by the
JTonorably Court of Civil Justice of this colony, | \d-
ministr ators to the Estate and Effects of the late ‘Pho-
tas Robson, dee., requests all those that have any
demands against the same Lsiale, to render thein to
the first undersigned, at his house in New Amsteo
clam, and those that are indebted to the Lstate, are
cequested to make paviment.
19 Feb, O.W. LANTSITERR, for self and
G. MUNRO, app. Administrators.
HWunderd bales cotton, payable in cash er bills on
lelivering.—19 Feb. Bb. ZIPGLER.,
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26 February 1814