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The Berbice Gazette

View original ———————————————————_————
Rine’s Mouse, 12th Dee. 1814.
The following isa copy of a letter, received
yesterday by the Lieutenant Governor, from His
Excellency Rear Admiral P. C. Dunitams And is
bereby published tur general information.
Boy Command,
Pr. WHITL, Gov. Sec.
“Venerable, BurladosQ
66oqih November, 1814.9
6ST have the honor to inform your Fix.
cellency for the information of the Merchants aud Pian.
ters of the Colony under your ixccilency’s Government,
that the Convoys for the cusuing year, are arrange (| to
Sail from Borbice on the 7th Pebraary, 22d April, 19tn
June, and 19th July; before which days a vessel of War
will be at Berbice, for the puryose of taking the Trade
fryin thence to the pace of general rendezvous.
‘Po have the hovor to be, Sir,
“Your most obedient humble servant,
“Pp, Cc, DURUAM,
Reary-Aduiral, Commander ia Chief.
To His Frcellency
H.W. Bent ick, &ce. Xe. Ke.
Three Sloops of War perinanently fred
; lo tiie Station ove at cach Colony,
wale See en eee eee
View original ww sei See ee ee eee eee
— «C+
THUS Subseribor baving recetved full powers froin
the Restduary Leratee of the Inte Thana. Till, dee.,
Hereby inforins all persons tidebted to the said Ps-
tate, that unless dmmeditte pavient be made hin
before the Ist Jannerv, their Notes and) Accounts
will be handed over to an Attorney at Law, to suc
for wilhout disttuction,
17 Dee.
View original ryy \’ CC
a “4 x 4 & y
FOR S14 bales good, on} 2 boites yellow Colton,
from Plantation Jiope, payable imesh, will he re-
ceived af the house ot oy thers, Exq. New Amst
until Monday the 2d January neats—the cotton to
be delivered in the river Gerbioe.
17 Oct. PL PAIRBAERN, y Seq Ts.
FOR 8 bales good, and Tbe yell eettan, from
Plantation Lritannia, Ol Jast er prin COWS woad
Cotton of the present crop, yay bie da cash, will be
Tece1ve d al the Store ot Vlessts. Deore \ Raja AY ‘ ,
New Amsterdaing until Mon oy the Oo) January next
—the cotton deliverible in - eriver Berbice.
17 Dec. P.PTeBarRn, gy ce:
View original NQ Pic}
XX Jje
ATT those tndodted to Plant ition Auecbure, ei-
ther by Notes of hand or open Vecounts, are request.
ed tomake pryveica’ to lie uadersieancd, who other-
Wise will be under the unpforsant NECEssily, to Sue
for all ealslotig dy Diss without distinction, at the
ensuing Courts.
17 Dee. 1G. 0h. THIENSMA, qq.
View original ——_ - -=
ALA Io de gencn welse tets te vordere hebben van,
of verschuldigd zyn aan den ondergelcehende, ge-
lieve hunne pretentien optegeven, en be talinee tc
doea ten hhuize van den Weer HW. Luthers, in New
Amsterdain, voor den Eersten January vans: rande
gullende de inzebreken blyvende, in reeten betrok-
ken worden zonter onderscheid van personen.
17 Dec. J. van per SCHROETEP.
View original ALL persons tolding Demands against the under-
siened, or indebred to him, are hereby requested to
render their claims, and to make payment to Mr. EH.
Luthers, in New Amsterdam, before the Ist of Ja-
nuary next, as the Law will be put in force against
all defaulters.
View original FELLOWSHIP LODGE, Bernice.
A Meeting of the Lodve will be held on Wednes-
day the 2Ist instant, when all the Meinbers are re-
qucsted to atteud.
10 Dee. H. LUTITERS, Sec.
View original CANJE FERRY.
ALT, Accounts duethe ondersigned, for Perriage,
np tothe last of (his month, will be ready for deliv-
ery, onthe first January next, and it is expected
thatthe same willbe taken upand puld in the course
of that month, after the expiration of which time,
all unpaid debts wili be potin swt, without respect
to persons. To such detiatter., i further credit
will be allowed, andthe &thavtich of the Canje Fer-
ry Reguletions, will be stricthy entorced,
After the Ist of January next, no credit for Fere.
ringe cin be allowed: but for the accommodation of
the Public, Goods will be taken from ereditable per-
sons who are frequent: passengers over the Ferry :
provided these Goods be made ready at home, and
pail for whenever they have accumulated to Eleven
Cotton will be taken in payment of the old acct’s.
Wanten to be plante “Joon P ath tion Lyrish,
Corentine coast, a piece of Front Land. of abont69
Acres, i has been vine months undo salt water, aud
consequently, alinast atl dhe geass and weeds are dese
froved onyits it will: reqoired to begun immediate.
lv alter Christinis, the lowest offer will be ace pled,
and pavinent ill bemride as soon as the OTK IS
finished. Por further tetormation, please, apply to
Vir. Re. Douglas, on the Estate. 10 Dee.
WHEREAS a Piczo Forte, was twelve months
aro, consiried to the care of Ge Subsectber, by W.
Murray. sa. of Barbados: hy ex cure of the re-
prirs, of which tovether wilt the brewht, having
been patd by the Subseriber, and notice repeatedly
given persoually and by letter tothe parties to whom
it belonged, to take away and pay the expence of
(he same, without effeet; (he Subscriber now thro’
(he medium of the Gazett:, apprizes the parties cone
cerned, that ifthe said Piano be not oN nauway and
all ih Cpences paid On or be { iT? ihe Ist. Pecnyyy. ir¢g JS 13,
itwill be sold at the fist Public Vgnduc fcllowing,
tu meet the same
—_—_—_—_ ~ —s—_ -e e e e — $$
View original ——
PROM 95 to SA bales of Cotton, fiom Plantation
Seanics. Touders for which will be received by the
Sequestrators, payable incash, at Ma. J. Wualff’s,
New Amsterdain, ungil Wedne Adi ry the 20th curtt.,.
when the highest, ivappioved, will be accepted.
lo Decent! CT.
View original —_—-
4ithe New Town Tavenn, the following Arti:
cles, on moderate Lernisy Jor tamediate payment.
CRATES of ware, pipes in boxes, pork in half
barrels, flour in Gierees, Port, claret, and) Madeira
wine, Gentlemen's dress aud Plaater’s shoes, Ladies
and children ditto, ealicoes, shirt, salad oil, raspber-
ry Vinegar, rose and lavender water, ink stands, con-
cert flutes, fish hooks, ee gs codlers, table knives and
forks, sailors and pen Knives, toot brushes, pewter
(able and tea spoons, ditto single and treeble plated
do., soup ladies, stecl Cop thnmbles, needles, chest
and cupboard lochs, round bolts, chest binges, stcel
palm drons, japan tumblers, stationary, tin ware, and
dish covers, glass and horn lanthorus, hair brooms,
graters, shot bells, split pease, barley, corks, empty
coffee bags, &c.
10 Dec. D. MARTIN
View original a —
—— — a
THE undersigned understands, (hi: ome person
or persons have been int fy abit of drawing Order
and giving @oods in his name; this is to Torn » tlre
Public in general, that he will not except of any of
these notes, as he has never himselt put Mis name to
more than three Goods, which ts taken up, a rewa rd
of Ten does will be vive n toany person that will g
such information as ma Ly lead to a discovery ot “the
fraudulent act.
10 Dec. Rozut. FORK.
Berbice, 26th November, 1814.
NOTICE is hereby given: that the Accounts
against Plantations and Individuals, for the Extra
Hlead-Money on Negrees (acreable to the Procla-
mation of the Honorable Court of Policy, of the
Oth of October last,) are now ready for delivery,
and that the same must be paid into this Otlice in alk
DANTELALLT, Dep. Rec. Gen.
Se a
ree a
ALJ, those indebted to the Winkel Department,
etther for Accounts over TSJ2 or ISto, or by Notes
of Hand, are fer dhe last lime desired, to come for-
ward wah | AVC - alluns tiled accounts will be
sucd for at the first sittings of the Court of Civil Jus
fice, or their Coninissartes.
lu Dee, lM. NiICOLAY, Commissary,
For (be Principal Ageat forthe Crown Proveity.
5 a J
FOR 40 bales clean Cotton, or part thereof, (not
less Cien 10 bales) the produce of Plantation Mieg,
wiil be received at the house of Mr. Tl. Luthers,
until the Qist instant, on which day they will be
‘ned by Curators. Pavynic be made in cas]
opened by Curators. aynicul (oy be made in cash.
10 Deeember.
ee ee eee ee)
View original es weer soe aS ee ome
This §s to inform the Public, that the following pér-
sons idend quuling this Col UNY.
A. Simpson in 6 weeks from Noy. 19.
Isaac Parley in G weeks from November 26,
Samuel WeoNae in 6 weeks from ditto.
a Soor with one servant in 3 weeks trom Nov. 96.
» Kewley, with one servant, in tx weebs or three
nnn frony November. 26.
1, Manskiin O weeks from Dee. 3.
Eeverhardus ten Bosch tn do. from do.
Jurgen Sauucls i ditto from dillo.
Rh. Cy DOWNER, Secy.
View original NOTICE is hereby given, that a month after date the
foldoicing Dransports and Morigages will be passed.
Nor. 26. J. G. ©. de Nicuwerkerk qq. the Estate
of his late Excellency A. J. van Imbyze van
Batenburg, intends to pass a mortgage iv favor
of Conradus Schwiers, on 40 Negros, names to
be seen at this Office.
— The Curators to the Estate of Wm. Threlfall,
will transport fo Wim. Fraser, a part of lot No.
7, faciig the front dam, with all the buildings
—— H. Downie will transport to Demerary 2 Nee
erocs, names to be seenat this Onlice.
Dec. 10. Jolin Quarles will transport to W. Kewley
his part of (he lower half of lot No. S. in New
Ainsierdam, with the buildings thereon,
Dec. 17. Dehnert and Zimmerman will transport to
J.G. Jones, the ground! formerly called “Land
Canaan,’ and now “Te Vreden,” situated in
Canje between the Plantations Planter’s Lust
and the ground het Graaflyk Slot.
Rh. C. DOWNER, Secy.
View original NOTICE.
ALI, persons having any claim or demand on the
Plantation Cuidieyh, situated within this colony, are
required, within one month from this date, to render
in such account to the Hlon. W. Ikutz, on plantation
Vryheid.—S December.
View original
View original PUBLIC VENDUES.
The sale of Nezrocs, advertised to take place on
Monday the 19th inst. by order of J.G.C. de Nieu-
werkerk, Esq. qq. the kstale of the late Governor
van Batenburg, is postponed until Monday 9th Ja-
nuary, ensuing.
D. C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original Orn Monday the 19th inst. will be sold at the Ven-
due Oltice, by order of W. Katz, Esq. on account of
these concerned 27 kegs nails, assorted, marked
W.K., imported in the ship Planter, to Demerary,
and forwarded on said ships account to {his colony.
By Mr. Joho M’Donald a prime negro man, named
By the Vendue Master in commission 3 negro men
and 1 woman.
D.C. CAMERON Dep. Vendue Master.
View original Py virtue ofan appointment granted by the Eon.
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, upon a Pett
tion of J. C. Spangenberg and P.B. Bender, Esq’ rs.
ns Curators to the Lstate of J. A. Docher, dec. and
Guardians to his minor children, dated 25d) July
Jast, will be sold on Friday the 23d Dec. inst. the
Coffee Estate called Planters-Lust, situated on the
right bank of Canje, with all ils slaves, buildings, cul-
tivation, and further appurtenances.
The condition of sale, as well as inventory of the
Estate may be seen at the Vendue Office eight days
previous to the sale, and the Plantation may be view-
ed any day after the 19th inst.—The sale will take
place on the spot, and commence at 11 o'clock pre-
D. C. CAMURCON Dep. Vendue Master.
rr ee
Uit kragte van appointcment, verleend op een Re-
quest, ten dten cinde gepresenteerd aan den Hove van
Civicle JustiGe dezer koloni+, in dato 23 July UL.
door den Heeron J.C. Spangenberg en P. B. Bender,
in qualitcit als Curateuren inden boedel wylen J. A
Doschier,en Voorden over de minderjarize kinderen,
2al op Vrydag den Q3sten December aanstaande, wor-
den verkogt: de Wofly Plantagie genaamd Planters-
Juust, geleven aan de regterhand van Rio Canje, met
de gebouwen, beplanting, slaven cn wat daar verder
De inventaris en kondigen van verkoop zullen te
zien zynactdigen voor de verkooping, aan het Comp-
tor van den Venducmeester, en de Plintagie kan be-
zivticd worden yan Maandie den l9den December
tot cle verkoop toe.—De Verkooping mil beginnen
om TP ounren precies, op de Plaatagie Planters-Lust
D.C. CAXMIENON, Gidep. Vendue Meester.
@Qeaeqmmmremess- erie - Ct #£ £2 ee Be . oe SeeD
View original Qpeeteeess er ee ES Ee A < eT
THE neat Mecdeg of Cie Whit C
Meat steciow ot tic by hist Club, willbe on
J vurs bev tthe Od ir etant. 17 Dee.
View original zA' "UST ae
1N i \ BJle
TIVE Sulscciber fram belee made a conrenience
of in several bisiances lately, by refusal of Plantains
afier bh ine ordered, bers leave (o inform his Friends
and the Public. that no Plantains will be delivered
in future from No. 9, west coast, without a specific
writen order, mentioning (he supply, ifonce oftner,
or for any lenght of time; Ile also intimates the
price will depend apon time of paymest and man-
ner of delivery from setea und one half slivers up-
NB. Letters addressed to care Messrs. Geo. Bone
& Co. will mect full allention.
shapes insnensmsset nese hep ee eg ces
View original easels leiden cp sees
THE undersigned has for Sale, a very elegant
Curricle, made to order, quite new, with harness
with silver, also a very fine pair of Envlish horses,
ecasoned to the climate, perfeetly gentle in’ harness
end under the saddle, the whole will be sold toge-
ther, very moderate for cash, or an approved Bill of
Exchange. Ue has also some very excellent’ Lon-
don particular Madeira wine, which he will dispose
of for cash at {1200 per pipe, and a few pieces of
real broad Inverness cotton bagging, 60 yard each,
at (66. per ps. cash.
17 Dec. B. JEFFERY.
_—---oOOoOor i
View original —_—
—— OO Se
View original a Sn Se
14s Wh Sunday in Advent,
a°)/Mikisst quarter 8 h. 13 m. evcning.——Neap tides.
9 ;* }
a |\\'st. Thoinas.
2c/P \Sun Enters Capricornus,
231 1°
2 ils
In all thi§ month the Provision Ficlds for the Slaves are
to be inspected by the Burgher Officers, who are to ren-
der their reports of such inspections to the GVeurtof Policy,
fa it Acat asscinbly in (he yar l8le.
View original
View original a
—==> 6 -X- 6
By the arrival of the Packet, this week, we have
receive English Papers to the 17th of October, and
Barbados Papers are also received here, of which we
are favored with the loan of, containing London in-
tclligence to the 27th of that month; of the follow-
ing are some interesling extracts.
The closing of the Mail is put off until Monday at
6 o'clock in the morning, as we have information
that the Packet does not sail from Demerary unil
Tuesday mornirg the 20th inst.
eT OT s:«= 5s — —-— -
View original rr OS _-.:—:—“‘ SCT
BARBADOS, Drcemsuer, 6, I8lf.
Since our last, we obtained the loan of a London Paver
of the 26th October, which wasin possession of the Capt.
of the Fur Packet, and have copied an article which ev-
plains the reasow for protracting the wccting of the Gene-
ral Consress of Vienna, and also affords sume infurt ation
relative te the Note that was to be presented by Talley-
rand, from which it appears that France is jealous of the
increase of territory that is expected by the neighbouring
Powers, and wishes that with the reductton of her limits,
to what they were in 1792 the Continental Nations may
likewise be placed upon the same footing that they were at
that period.
It has been reported by an arrival from America at St.
Bartholomew’s that since their Army under Major-Cen.
Brown had been reinforced by by the troops which left
Plattsburgh with Gen, Tzard, an action had takea place
some time about the 25th October, and terminated success.
fully on the part of the.: eux, who had also possessed him-
self of Fort George.
Sir James Yoo, it is said, has beeu compe'ted, in con-
sequence of ill health, to resign the Command of our Squa-
dron on Lake Ontario, and he has been snccecded by an
Admiral, whose name we are unacquainted with.
The London Gazette of the 27th October, we are inform.
ed, notifies the appointment of Lerd Hil! to be Governer
ef Canada, and als@Commander in Chief of His Majasty’s
Troeps in both Provinces ; and his Lordship was prepar-
lug to leave England as sogn as possible for thatSettlement.
Barbados, Dec. 8.
We have this day the inexpressible satisfactian to con-
gratulate our readers upon the favorable icsue of the cam-
pain in Upper Canada. Our flect on the 17th of Octo.
ber, arrived at the head of Lake Ontario, with supplice
for our forces under General Drummond,—who immedia-
tely advanced to attack the enemy, and compelled them,
without the loss ef a man, to destroy their works at [ort
rie, aud retreat entirely beyond the boundary of our ter-
ritory. Gen. Brown had gone to Sacket’s Harbor, where
the Americans were in momentary expectation of au attack.
Massachusetts has proposed a General Convention by
Deputation from all the States, to be held at Hartford in
Connecticut, on the 15th of December. Connecticut,
New-Hampshire and Rhode-Islands have acceded to the
preposition, and nomivated their pleviputentiaries.
Interruption of the Proceedings of the Congress of
This morning (Oct. 26) we received Paris Papers of
Friday and Saturday last, they state, that the proceedings
of the Congress have been suddenly suspended until the
Ist of Nov... The following declaration has appearcd on
the subject :—
**Vienna, Oct. 8—The Plenipotentiaries of the various
Courts, who signed the Treaty of Peace of Paris, on the
30th of May, 1814, have taken into consideration the22d
article of this Treaty, by which it is said, ‘that all Powers
Who have been engaged on both sides in the present war
shall send Plenipotentiaries to Vienna, in order to regulate,
in a general Congress, the arrangements hecessary fer cem-
Dieting the dispesitious of the present Treat ¥,
View original ‘And after having maturely reflected on the situation
in which they are placed, and on the dutics which are ime
posed on them, they have ayrced that they cannot better
fulfil them than by establishing, im the frst instance, free
and confidential! communications between the Plouipoten.
-tiaries of all the powers.
*“But they are convinced at the same time, that itis the
interest of all the intervenning Powers to suspend Phe ge-
ucral meeting of their Plenipotentiaries until the period
when the question on which they must decide shall have
attained a degrees of maturity sullicient for the result, bee
ing conformable tu the principles of public law, to the
stipulations of the Treaty of Paris, aud to the just expec.
(ation of our conicmporarics.
‘Phe formal opening of the Congress is, therefore, ad.
journed to the st of November, and the undersigned
Licnipotentiarics flatter themselves that the labours to
which this interval will be devoted, in fixing the ideas and
coneliating opinions, will essentially advance the great
vbject, waich is the objcet of their common mission.”
On the above subject the following important article also
reached us this morning, through the medium ef a Dutch
und Piussel Mai!:—
‘henna, Ot. 10, ~-Tt has transpired that the Prince
vf Beacvente has presented a Note, in which he protests
avainst the ug randisement tha€ scems te be intended for
several Pow Crs
that b'vamce, not to hinder the restoration
of Peace, has fuillered her frontiers to be reduced to their
stare in 1792,
‘that, (hercfore, if she is not tobe exposed to powerful
neighbours, they must also agree to the reeestablisbinent
of their fronticrs, asin that same year, as a basis of the
negociations ;—'That France would not, in any case, ope
pose these agerandisements by force, or do any thing to
(reuble dhe peace; but that it would be obliged to refuse
(o recogivise such increase to the pussessivos of the neigh.
bouring Stales.’?
a ee
View original Se eee
Oct. 17.—Paris Papers to the 14th inst. arrived yes
terday. ‘The accounts of the Patristic insurrection ia
Spaiu are conficmed ; and resistance becomes every day
more determined against the icfatuated Ferdiuand and the
bigotted Pope, whosedark and tyrannical procecdings, if
tamecly tolerated, might lead to the mortifying conclusion
that theeflorts of lngland and of Hurope bad mainly en.
ded in the success of those aceursed measures, tlie re-estae
Llishmeut of the Inquisition and che restoration of the Je.
sults. According to an article from Pampeluna, the Pa.
(rivtic Mina has actually made an attempt upon that for.
tress, and though in this instance he has proved unsuccese
ful, sufficient is admited to shew that the most serious ap.
prehensions are catertuined with respect to the future ope.
radions of that enterprizing Chieftain. His present daring
eaploits are stated to be only a ramification of a plan ef
insurrection which embraces several of the pruvinces ; and
vigorous hustility sceins determined upon against a Gow
verament which has perfidieusly overthrown the liberties
ofits Ceuntry, purchased at the high price of the blood
and treasure of Great Briiain, and the most heroic sacrie
lices and trying privations of the people of Spain, Any
thing of a general eflort against such a Government cane
uot reasonably be expected to fail of success ; nor can the
honest patriotic heart be otherwise animated, than by a
sincere wish for the prompt accomplishment of so god-like
hauobject. With respect to the bigotted Pope, we are ree
juiced (u find that he is likely to experience sore disap.
pointment alone in all his endeavours te have his dark
example followed in fercign countries. Already has Ause
(ria most virtuously refused to comply with any of his re.
quests; and there isevery reason to hope that a similar en.
lightened spirit will in this respect be fuund to actuate all,
the other powers of the Continent.-—The intelligence frous
Vienna (contained in the Papers which arrived en Satur.
day,) gives reason to believe the aflairs of the Congress, in
which the Foreign Powers are chiefly interested, will soon
he dispatched, and that the matters touching the internaq
regulations ef Germany will be left to the adjustment of
a minor Parliament of German Princes. The Ministers of
Austria, Russia, Prussia, England, and Spain, had a pres
paratory conferrence on the 30th Sept. On the formal
opening, Miuisters from Sweden and Pourtugal would, it
was supposed, be admitted. ‘The Crown Prince, accords
ing te amarticle from Berlis, was vet invited te Viewna
View original with the other Sovercigns; and an interest for the son of
the late King of Sweden is again intimated.—It is suppos-
ed the grand political affairs of urope only will be settled
at the General Congress, and that those of Germany will
be afterwards separatcly adjusted. The offairs of Poland
aud Saxony, it is presumed, are those that will be attended
with the greatest dificully. Another article under the
head of V.enna, iu the Paris Papers, alleged to have been
eopicd from a paper published on the Banks of the Rhine,
detai!s some of the general principles which the several
Pewers mean to adopt as forming in future a part of the
law of nations. Itstates, that France and Russia are to
stipulate, in the name of humavity—we presume the hu-
manity that defends the Slave Trade—that neutral com-
merce shall not be plundered in future in time of war, and
that war shall not be declared without a previous notice,
and even a specific time for negociation ; that it is also
meant to reduce the standing armies of the European Pow-
s one half, aud that the gradual abolition of the Slave
rade will also form a part of the gencral compact. The
greater part of this article is so decidedly directed against
England, and agrees so much with the policy of France,
wedo not hesitate to pronounce it of French manufactur.
That France will iaterfere in every mode that ingenuity
can devise to recover Some portion of her lost iniluence,
that she will even endeavour to obtaina high and imposing
characier among the nations, by talking of rights and jus.
tice, and independence, the talents of Talley rand, and the
natural policy of France, have no roomtodoubt. If her
interferrence is dangerous we know but one way of per-
manently checking it. It can only be effected by adher-
ing to those priniples of justice and moderation, which were
read with pleasure in the declarations of the Allicd Sove-
reigns. Du justice to all the States, small as well as great,
which make up the common-wealth of Europe, aad you
will deprive [’rance of the pewer aud pretence of inter-
meddling with other States; you wiilmake various nations
centend, and French intrigue and French dictation will,
fora long time, cease to disturd the workd.—The French
Government anxious (0 relieve itself from the suspicien of
sanctiening articles of the nature of that now before us,
has caused a short grasph to be inserted in the Moniteur,
#tating that “*forcign jouruals and some persons in France
do not form an exact notion of the nature and character
of the French Journals—that the Monileur is theonly of.
ficial jourgal.”? It is certainly true that the Moniteur is
the only vehicle in which decrees and other acts of the
Government are orginally published ; it is no less certain
that there are Official Cencors for all the Journals of France
to whom every article inserted is tirst submitted ; and hence
Wwe must continue to censider the Government responsible
for the acts of the Journals which obviously in this respect
ebtaia the previous sanction and approbation of its agents.
Brussels, Oct. 1.—Animportant Decree relative to th :
Press has just beco published, abrogating all the Frencl
Jaws on that subject. Every one is responsible for what
he writes and publishes, for what be prints, sells, and dis-
tributes: the printce alone is responsible if the author is
wnkuown, Every thing printed te have the name of the
author, the Priuter, the date, and place of publication,
The property of a work ss in the author, his widow,
and heirs for their lives. An orginal M.S. in the hands
ofa stranger cannot be printed during the lives of the au-
thor, bis widow, aud heirs. All printed editions, printed
pa Belgium, or introduced from ab oad, tv be confiscated
fer the profit of the author, and a fine of the value of 309
Oct. 8.— Weare extremely pleased here with the Decree
ef the Prince Sover ign, increasing the salaries of the Ca.
thelic Clergy in Belgium. Baron Capellan, the Secretary
wf State sets out to-iaorrew for Paris, where he will make
m short stay, and then return to Holland, to go out as
Governer of Batavia.
By the last accounts from Ghent, it appears, that the
Jateeveutsia North America have madea very deep impres-
@ion on the American Negociators. After a short ab-
@ense, they are returned to Ghent, and expect with impa.
tience instructions from their Government, which will pro-
bably decide the fate of the negociations.
From th¢ French frontiers we hear, that the spirit of
discontent which has prevailed in the French army is by
me meade appeased, A vast uumber ef soldicis, aceustum.
View original ed te the licence ef war, cannot accommodate themselves
to a state of peace. It is remarked, however, with plea-
sure, that the most violent of the Odicers are placed upon
half-pay, or arc pensioned ; and the most mutinous of the
soldiers choseu for the service of the colonics. It is thougt
very probable that there is a party in France disposed to
go to war to recover the left bank of ths Khine; but the
Irench Monarch is too just and too moderate not to dis-
appoint such criminal project.
It is known that a Russian army of above 30,000 men,
under General Benningsen, is still in and about Hamburg.
We learn from good authority, that in case France should
unexpectly shew a disposition to oppose the arrangements
which the Allied Monarchs intend to make for the repose
of lsurope, this Russian army is destined to be placed on
our freutiers. These energetic measures, added to those
which are taken here in our country, are calculated to
(ranquillizing the most desponding, who might still fear the
ambition of the French army. On the least appearance
of danger eur country would be covered by 150,000 cho.
sen troops.
Calais, Sept. 29.—The monument to beerected in com.
memoration of the landing of His Majesty at this port, on
his auspicious restoration, will be of marble, 30 feet high,
of the Doric order, crowucd with a globe, bearing the
fleur de lis.
Many Calaisians think a bust of his Majesty would be
better. The pedestal will record the happy occcasion
which caused its erection, M. Ilobque, of this town, is
the architect. ‘The spot on which the Kiig first’ put his
footon French ground, is deeply cut ia ihe rock, and the
Shape of the foot will be incrasted in brouze: it ts close to
the column, ‘Lhe whole will be fiaished by the 16ta Nov.
Vienna, Sept. 22.—The following letters have been ad-
dressed by the Emperor to the Princes of Schwarzenberg
and of Metternich :—
66 My dear Prince Scheartzenberg!—Tnu transmitting to
you a certain number of crosses for military decoration,
formed with the metal ef the cannon (akea fromthe cnemy,
for the honorary reward of those warriors of my army who
participated in the glorious events of 1813 and 1814, I
charge you to renew, on this occasion, to my arniy, the
assurance of my grateful sense of the mu'tiplied proofs of
bravery, constancy, and devotion, which they have given
in these campaigns, which will form onc of the most bril-
tant epochs in our military annals. I trust these dis-
uincuions wt}! serve always to recall to the army, the im-
por(ant duties which they have so well fulfilled—and that,
iu the very bosom of peace, they will continue to practise
the military virtues,
**Desirous, also, to afford you a distinguished proof of
my estimation of your very transcendaat merits in the
course of the late war, I transmit te you, in addition to
the metal cross, one fermed like it of pure gold, and which
[ authorize you alone te wear, pendant from the neck.
(Signed) MPRANCIS.”
‘‘My dear Prince de Metternich—In creating a civil
decoration in memory of the events of this and the last year,
my object is to recompense, henorarily, services rendered
jn one of the most important epochs of modern history.
I desire to recompense, in a particular manner, the ability
and the geal with which you have contributed to re.
the inquiry of the Commission as to the different indivi-|
establish order and justice, in the social state. Tending
duals entitled to the Czui Cross of Honor, I transmit to
you the first cross in gold, and which you alone are autho-
rized to wear pendant from the neck, with the decorative
ribbon, as a mark of singular distinction.
(Signed ) “FRANCIS.”
The English Minister at Madrid has succeeded in sus-
pending, for a few months, the prohibitory Decree issued
against British goods.
A ferced loan has been levied at Cadiz, to equip an ex-
pedition ef 9000 troops, under Gen. Morillo, for South
America. The British are tohave the Floridas and Loui.
siana, with theapprobation of the Spanish Government.
We hear that a Dutch vessel is arrived in Demerary with
21 passengers for that celony, including as it is further
said, the new Dutch Custom-House oficers. It was also
mentioned thata Dutch ship was off the bar here.
View original An Act of Parliament having lately been passed
with respect to the conveyance of letters in vessels
that are not in the Packet service, by which the Masa
ters are liable to several penalties of guilty if a con-
(ravention of the Act, we have therefore sclected from
it such Sections as particularly appertain to them :—
**\Sectiun 5.—For the security of Letters coming to
Great Britain, and to place them under the operations of
this Act, Sect. 5 and 6, the Postmaster General is to authoe
rise persons abroad to collect Letters from Masters of Ships
and others, and to make them up in scaled bags or parceis
addressed to the Postmaster General, putting inte the said
bags or parcels a certlicate of the number of Letters cone
fained in Che same, aod an impression of the seal which shall
be uscd, and the date when sealed, and for their care and
trouble the Masters to whom the bags or parcels shall be
confided for convey ance Lo Great Britain, shall pay to such
authorised person at the rate of 3s. British money, for
every 50 Letters, and so in proportion for greater or Jese
scr number.— The Packet Agents and Deputies to the Poste
masier-Gencral in the King’s Dominions, or Countries bee
yond the Scas, the Colonial Postmasters, His Majesty’
Consuls, or Vice Consuls, or where there are no publi¢
Officers of these descriptions, any other public Officers or
respectable persons will be authorised by the Postmaster.
General tv make up bags and parcels of Letters in the mane
ner before described.
**Sect. 6.— Masters of ships are to pay as above for the
bays entrusted to them, and on delivering the same ina
perfect state at any Post-Oflice in Great Britain, will be
repaid by the Postmaster, the sum of inoney which they
shail have so advanced, and also for their own care and
trouble thesum of twupence per Letter for every letter or
packet contained in such bags or parcels.
“Sect. 7.—If any Master shall open any bag or parcel
entrusted to him, or take vut any letter, or not duly dee
liver the bay with the letters at the Post-Oflice of the place
where he suall arrive, without wilful or unavoidable delay,
every Master sha | forfeit and pay € 500.
‘Sect, 8—Ifany person whatsoever shall send any letter
or packet by any ship or vessel of which he shall not be
the owner, or if any master shall have on board or carrry
any letter not being the letter of his owners, without sucla
official mark thereon, the persons so offending shall forfeit
aud pay & 5. for every such letter or packet.
Sect. 11.—The masters are required on their arrival ia
port, to sign a declaration that they have delivered all lete
ters on board according to the Act; and until such declae
raion, the Officers are uot to permit the vessel to Dreak
bulk, aud every master wilfully neglecting shall forfeit
Z€ 50.
‘sAnd, with respect to letters from Great Britain to
Countries abroad, masters of vessels are required to take
notice, that if they shall have on board any such lciter
(except the letters of their owners) neither inclosed in the
sealed bags that will continue te be made up at the Genve
ral Post-Office, and at the outports, nor haying the official
mark and stamp, to denote a rate of postage has been paid
for the same (of which stamp impresssions are exhibited at
every Pést-Office,) such master shall, as aforesaid, forfeit
the sum of five pounds for every letter. Aud the Ofbcers
of the Customs are, under this Act, to administer an gath
to every Master, that he has not avy letters on board cone
trary to law.
‘Sect. 9.—The principal Officers of the Customs ae
every portare required to search Ships for Letters on board,
contrary te the Act, and to seize them, and they are te be
intitled to a Moicty of the Penalties.
** Sect. 10.—Such Officers are required ty ad ninister an
Oath to every Master outward-bound, that he has not any
Letter on board which have not paid the Rates, vot being
the Letters of the Owners.x—A Declaration is to be signed
by every Master arriving from abroad, as explained in that
part of this Advertisement immediately addressed to them,
aud until such Declaration the Officers are net to permit
the Vessel to break Bulk, and (Sect. 12) ifany Collector,
Comptrollor, or Principal Ollicer, hereby required to proe
hibit any Shipor Vessel breaking Bulk until the Provisiong
of this Act be complied with, shall permit such Ship or
Vessel to break Bulk, such Collector, Comptroller, or
Officer so permitting such Ship er Vessel to Break Bulk,
shall forfeit and pay the sum of £ 20; one Moiety thereof
to be paid to the Luformer.
**Sect. 14.—Any Person who shall forge or counters
feit the Stamp Mark of Postage, or Designation, to be put
upon the Letters by Authority of the Postmaster-Gencral,
with intent te aveid the Pystage, will bc guilty of a Mis.
View original
View original NOTIFICATION.
Tir Court of Poliov ao) Crimiicl Justice, of the
Colony Bevdices lavage Ordered and Required all
Returas of the White aol Black Population of the
different Pstates within this Colony, to be rendered
in atthe Reesiver General’s Ollice, ina particaliy
form: Notice thercof ts hercby given, as also that
Blank Forms are now re ady, and lying at the Re-
ecivers Gener. Ciice. where the same may be had
by the respective Tnuabitaots and Planters of his coe
ony, in order thatthe pleasure of the JTonorable
Court way be carried into effeet.
Py Command of the Court.
R. C. DOWNER, Secretary.

“ee SAS Tithe uadters) ned have received from
Rie ythe Newsprpers contvining the Advertise.
neat C atti up the Creditors of the tnsolvent Estate
of Corncliv kocline, Gdeccased. Notice ts hereby
given fo the Public: by virtue ofan Order, obtained
from [lis Pxccllency the Governor, dated 3d De-
cember, [5] [ by the Curaters of satd Mstate, that
the Creditors of Che Estate of CG. hocking, afore onid,
are hereby Summoned: To appear before the Hon.
Court of Civil Justice, of this colony, on Monday
the 16th dvy of January, [S15, and following days :
for the purpose of there rendering their claims, to
verify the same, and further to proceed according to
Law.—Uerbice, 91h December, IST.
ho. FRANCKEN, First Marhals.

View original 4s
View original
View original ee
BY virtue of an Order from His Excellency the
Governor, dited the 2Oth October, [8l4, given up-
ona Petiuon presented by Ths. Pryer Layfield, one
of the Exccutois to the bstate of the Inte Robt. Wil-
son, and Attorney of Thomas Bond;—Another o!
the Executors aad one of the Tleirs ot said) Robert
Wilson, cad of Pl. Staal appointed in the place of
Won. Dade son during his absence from the colony.
Pthe wa lersigned, at the request of aforesaid Lx-
ecifors, do hereby Summon by Edict:
All clatmrimts cathe proceeds of Piantation L7er-
mivcre,s cum anicnxis, to render in heir cians before
the Cout of Civil fusttee, of this colony, at their
ordinary Sesstomen Mond oy the Poth day oo January
S19, and dollowins days, aod turther to proceed ac-
cording to Jaw. OQnepart, after the fourth Udictal
Suimmons, of boing debarred theie rucht of clatim.
PlisSuomon by edict imade Knowato the public
by beatof dria tron the Court Louse of this coloiy,
and further det. ith accordine to custom.
Berbice, 9b November, Isit.
KW PRANCKIUN, Pirst Varsahl.
EEE ET EE ew ©
View original Tit Subscribers ave now Janding from the sliy
Pelleisle, from Glaszow and Madeira, and have on
hand from recent irportations, the follo wie Groods,
witich (ey otler for Sale on acasounble ters, bor
Cash or Produces
Pork ia barrels, Linen & cotton ch rs,
PTonr in ditto, Print l calicoss wad ging
Beer and puiler, livtys,
Port wine, je (fon shirting,
Poise ard, barley in press te sh dimen,
No Sho hats ald loteaa! cf 7 ' k Une
Do. jackets and trowsersy Vlivesds vtsl Caper,
\W Melnves s COuLS, \M eloh flan a
Women’s wrappers and 1 reer wan,
petticoats, IS ine an dd sew re twine,
Negro and old ruly pel Cars act Nheetin,
puncheon, ISidlsry ana stat onary,
Geathomen’s super fing Ladies boots and shucsy
coats wad coatees, Hitto’s sith bats,
yo. vests, soeas & stoc-! ln le kaives and forks,
kines, Pocket and pentnives,
Mo. boats and shoes, I ‘hamber door and stock
Do. silk, wallow, and Jae! locks
pan’d tats, “oapand candles in boxes
Do. fine bit vloves, Damask fable cloths,
Crystal, earthen % Linwarre iape rtowelin-s,
Hoes and shovels, Hinen and plat: Iles,
Varin birgcis, “orm mills complete,
lt Tach COS a Ginch! vin cranks with brasses,
cable “teclvards of different size
While r: rape, it ish and tea kettles,
Cooper & ¢ yrpenter tool orand window hinges,
Coton bags / perarrd waiters,
Nas trons tty to SN Do. Led room candlesticks
Catlacses, Sy PRUs meer cof ‘opper gin house lamps,
Osnubure’s, Ic. Ac. &c.
Cornvon Durr Tnenrs & Co's Choice London
partiewar Navenatwrie, Vy pipes, hogsheads, and
quarter casks 3 likewise some bhds. of building line
and afew thousand bricks.
View original POR SALE,
Situated on the West Sear Coast, of this Colony,
being the middle third of Lots No’s. 35 & 56. The
cultivation consists of Oue handred and sixty three
Acres of Cotton, chicsly young, and of ‘Thirty acres
of Plantains.
There is a comfortable Dwelling House on the
property, as well as good Negro Houses, and the
bach lands afford exccllent Pasturace.
Possession to be given on the 2d ot April next.—
The Terms of Payment will be made suitable to an
approved purchaser,
For particulars apply to
3 Dec. . DOUGLAS REID & Co.
—_—_—— — ew oe a
For Twenty Bales good clean Cotton, from Plan-'
tation Lewis Manor, pryable i in cash, will be recei-
ved at the house of the second understeneds until
Monday the 19th instant. ~M’CAMON,
e Dee. Sequesltiaters.
View original ee

View original POR SALE,
Pine long leaf Toboeco in hogsheads and barrels,
Pirst quality Newfoundland aad Codfsh,
Lil's Pale Ale per pancheon or dozen,
‘Tercas in heesheads, and
A guantity of Lime sto. -
S Dec. Ino. W ( F FF.
ese e*
View original — —
THE SUBSCRIBER is much concerned albeing,
again aden the mn, are ty of nahin further applica-
fron (hier this mediuiny to those persons waa have
Deen so foae indel ‘ to evs some for maay years.
Sheds lead toa cathtroon them tn this way, as severak
hts mot eoucese ud od to answer hee solicitations z
consequence of Vic biting tascttting their accounts
diy, she bas with infinite didiculty been enwbled to
mntke her oo yineuts 1d) remittances in proper time,
acreable fu lion ens ovements : She therefore informe
WE persous waom Chis miry concent thet, all such
Vecotats and Notes of Hand, remained unsettled afs
heradewdesys, will be pat into the hands of the
Dourwatrder tu be sucd for next Courts.
& Dee. M. LINDNER,
View original POR SADLY
By the Subscriber,
Tn casks of 4, 6, and 8 Quintals
3 Dee. B. ZIEGLER.
~ °
] yR SALE,
Tire half Lot No. to, situated tn the second eme
pokker of this ‘Paun, ictal rei full width from
the front dam to the nai Tle road, with all the buotl-
dings thereupon, ts Lite ly occupied by OLE. Landes
hecr, esq. Por further patticulars, cnqutre 0
S Dec. . A.A. po La COURT.
NB. Vf the said honse and lot, &c. is not disposed
of by private sale previous to the Qoth of Chis
month, it will be sold at Public Veidue, on the
Od January nent.
View original
Zits The well known Ship Belisle,
Tiromas Topp, Master,
Tosvil with the Januiry convoy. For freight of a
vet, apply to the Master on
lew Pre 1gesy OF P.tss”
l2 Nov. board or DOUGLAS REID& Co.
The Manners of Proceedines b-fore the Court of Cir
Justice, in En slish and Dateh.
The Charter of the colony Berbice, in English.
The new Dutch Constitution, in Dutch.
Coffee Certificates, Bills of Exchange and Lading.
All hind of Books, blank and ruled, Quills, Pencils,
Ready made Ink in Bottles, &c.
List of Run-a-way Negroes, in the Colony Stocks of
Bireicr, on the 0th December 1814.
By whom brougha.
Names. Proprietors,
_ Nauter, juigenuren. Aanbreagers.
Divon. Pin. Berestein Fiscal
Rosa Pin. Onverwagt |Dehnert
Hercules fdem McCamoa
Horatius Pln. Mara W hite
Mars. Miss Laurants Adami
Mandar Pin. Herstelling | Fiscat
Nicolaas {dem {dem.
Primo i’, L. Schmiat Dehner*
April idem. Idem.
Adonus idem. [dein
Primo shanks (Dem.) Idem.
Danicl sacepel Sneepel
Aboke Kewly Brumont
Jee Alten Frauendorf
J. A. DEHNERT, Under Sheriff.
2 Ee a ae oS
View original Publish d CTE TY Satur l 12/ af
Privileged Government

17 December 1814