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The Berbice Gazette

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View original Twelve dollars p. annum.
I a
View original ES
EEN aatste gedeclte van het Erf No. 16, gclegen
inde Itse Polder dezerstede N. Amst. aan de middel-
weer, met het dasrop stiande wo muhuis, onlangs
geheel nieuw getinmerd, van de beste materialen
ecbouwd en bewerkt, 7ynte lang O8 on breed 16 voe-
ten, henevens con ganndeiy wan 10 vocten, rondoem
met Jalosivy en avo de win lyde inet elosrumen voor-
zien, zvoile Po verdicpier, mef cen p Ahuis onder
het woonhuis, van 0 vo ( hoog, benevens nieuw:
zygzebouwcuwen alles wat ve.der tot eomok aan een
Kfcine fantelje moa. cone Lyodst te bevracen by
— ———_— —
WET eroot en spicieus vo hiice op berf No. 15.
eelecl of in ged | vhebbende vy bapparte nenten
in de cerste, en zes lo repble borers inde (weede vere
diepine, benevens een ruime d ry} fe My de re ls ywen
pakhiizen, tocreihende om cen scheeps lading te
bergen.—Mede te koop twee quarten van gemcide
erf, in7?t front van de middclweg, te bevragen op
gemelde erf of by
93 April. J. SCHLARHOS ST.
View original NOTICE.
ATT. persons having demands against the Fs‘ate
of the late Santcn Deresrorp, are gecuired to
render them to RoC. POW NER, Secy.
Secretary’s OTce, Oth April tole.
BY C.RULACIT, in Conmission, Dutch sweet
milk Checse, do. comyn or Leyden clreese, do. but-
ter, all very ‘fresh. ee. Ypril.
—_— —-—_
~—— #+§-
a ~_—.+ —— — -_
BY the underigael, 12 prime Mates, jost tm-
omted from the Oronogue— a tow comet Cralt
and saddle Horses.
25 April. B.JEPREAY.
IS hereby givea to all ‘hose who are intebled to
the Pstate of Jous slorainov, dec. fo come fer-
ward with payrne t, bevore the Peter Ju rey an Lal!
those having claims agaist sud) Pstere, to render
them in before the above dite, to Vir. Cowan. in N,
Amst. as after Ghat date no clit will be received.
23 April. Ie MeN AY. for scl and
W. wf VV fie. Exeentors
View original = — EEE Pn o'r - —_—_—. + —- ——— _ _ __
Corn for Sale,
On Plautacon Scotland.
23 April. as
THE Subseriber havios received his European
and Colony News Papers, hepos a continuance of the
public favor; such genticmienas iitends widhdrawing
their names from the Subscriptron List, are requested
to notily the same, previous io the 10th of May 1814.
Subscription Rooms, April Qord.
View original NOT
IS hereby given, that a! those who having any
elaim acninst the Ps ‘delof \. Scunaprer, dee. can
receive their payment, at the house of Jd. G. FP.
Tirrensma, Esg., and those indebted to the said
Bocdel, are reqgusted Co come forward with inmmediate
YO April, J.A.HICKEN, qq.
Vv— oo TT
View original } , “1 °
0 tAC 1 rc | POS le
nel. ot I i
View original a
- *
View original SATURDAY, April 23.
View original SECRETAR Y's OFFICE.
This is to inform the Public, that the Jollowing pere
sons tatend quitting (ris Gulony.
Th. Fraser in 6 weeks from 20 March.
Hl. Wylie indo. from do.
Cico. Bagot, tanily, and t slaves, will quit) the co-
lony Berbice by the arstop, ortunity,
I. C. DOWNER, Sec.
Ne —
View original A OLIC bees Porch wlecily lho a month G/gCr date the
folluzsine Tednsvors cad Mo frases will oe passed.
April 2.0. Znuine rman wil! tevispert to J.Cr. Jones
2 roods of Loto fio toh. northern bach grt.
of Now 19, New SL.
——— J. 18. Ride will tioascert to J. G. Jones, 7
roo ls hand QO! . ~ I>, N \y At ist. adjoining
the back dam.
April 9. daanes Morison qq. Innis Arthur, will rans-
port to Demerary Jo ues Tocs, Nuiigs lo be secn
al this office.
—- John Fraser will transfer to W. Cowie 14 rods
ol the back partot loo Tf, det empolder of the
W. Cowie will transfer to W. Katz the said
14 reods land ot toe lt.
IG Apr. Peter Rose will transport lo Demeray, 100
Negroes, rou planiabon J IVETIESS, Wl CCust
—rmanes to be seen at this ovice.
—— J. Bakacr aq. Telward Bornw. tl, will trans-
port to Francis Ariiur, plantation vary ’s Tope,
situatedon the Coventine coast, No. iY.
ee bra Clo ‘1 I rovyill Jeuns a morta ae to]. Petice
heraqq. Edw. tarnwell, on plaataiiow Mary ’s
Tope, cattle, sheep, and Eb iegrocs, (names ol
neeroes to ve sccavat Chis owee,
—— ‘the Curvtors of Idichard Garry’s estate, will
transport to the Curators of Joba Stobte’s estate,
plintation Richland, the south balfui No. 14,
West Corts.
-— ‘The Curators of J. Stobie’s estate will (rans-
port to ilizabeth Johuston plantation hichlaad,
sittiate on the west Coast of Berbice, bowie south
halfot No. 14.
93 Apr. G. Gordon, will transport fo Domerary six
nesroe slaves, nated Bachus, Mentor, Ld-
moud, Londoa, Mars, aud Samba.
—— Henciy and Paylor will Gransport to L. DB.
Meltac, 20 reds ot lind, more or less, of the
casiera haltoft lot No. 18, comuccnciny trom the
new road, north side.
6 ©. DOWNER, Sec.
9 .
View original oe. wewws === © = ° =
yy} r Ty Rye
} ENDULE OK] 1Car.
On Monday the 25th in-fant, will be sold by or-
der of the Execcutors of the late © sr. Buse, on lot
Now 15, sundry articles of house hol! turniture— also
a number of water fats, plantation stores, &c.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Vendue Master.
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View original (No. 5
~ ne
« IL J.
; = 7
D , “7
i : 48
View original —$——$«— a
[ Payable in advance.

View original — IIIS EE
indlesticks, plated snuffers and trays, kitchen fumtes
ire, a chaise and harness, &c.
NB. Refreshinent will be provided at the place
F sale,
D. C. CAMFRON Dey. Vendue Master.
On Thursday the 5th May next, by orler of
§. Ziegler, Fsquire, at his store, will be sold the
lowing goods, viz :—Beet and pork in burr Is, sole
ion in do., hams, eh ese, ox tongues in khees, here
ines indo., salt, salt Ash, tobacco in barrels, tarin
‘o., earthen-, glass- and tine ware; tos, strovels,
ron pots, ent- and hand- saws, soup, curls, lor€
ugar, tea, pickles, fish sauces assorted, province oil,
yrinted calicoes, Linens and cottons checks, Tosh
incn, cotton shirting, salemporis, Russir sheeting,
yrown Hollands, platillas, pullicats, sche, beaver.
and leghorn. hats; Madeira wise in bottles and
pipes, beer, porter, and sundry articles.
D. C. CAMERON, Dep. Veadve Mustr
View original —————
———__— —_—_— -_——
=” Ce
Sarunday, Aprik 16, 1814.
— 2 DS
No arrivals this iceck.—The Pa-ket, ts said, have
arrtccd tn Suri tam on Suaday last, so that we are now
expecting her ecoryurement,
rE ae -
View original ree ee
We ) arn fy ua i Or JNO | bey (hat in Feh. last, tw >
sangninacy battles had been fougut between the Roy cists
and Revolutionist; one metre Couro, and the other iene
Os; iu Sy in which the former were COul| letev clotmous—e
the force of the Republicans in the latter is stated a -
wards of 2000. The town of Auyustusa, in @ ssequcucey
Was briliiaatly iiomioated.
——= T= —
Feb. 22.—We have received in the Paris Parors to
1Gth, official accowuts of the military o elas
ious from the Jd to the morning of (he Lot. bas
reviewing them to the order in waica tiey ov
some similitude between them: aad tie «
ilbe that preceded and prepared ¢1
Bonaparte’s first intention seems to ha.
movements against the allied army unde.
zenberg. Accordingly on his arrival at 16”
3d, he made his dispositions witha view to kes,
in check ; but the rapid advanceol Marshal bic
Chalons and Vitry, obliged h.w to proceed with a
sible speed to Nogcat, leaving the Beld open to the.
strians under the Prince of Schwar(zenberg—Macduna ¢
is on the 7th between Chalons and Eperia., and on the
(Oth at Meaux, three.» ches only from Paris, Nota
moment was to be lore’. All Bowipartc’s forces was nee
cessary in this qvsetor: he arrived hunself at Nogent on
the 7th, Blucher was on the 10th at Vertos, midway bee
tween Chalens and Montimirail, whilst General Alsusiel¥
sat Champ Anbert, and the more advancml divisions,
under Sachon and Yorck, at La Ferté sons Jouaire not
lore than ZO miles from Paris. Macdonald had tiken
the precaution to brake down the biidges as be retreated.
Sum: pe sons seem to think Blucher oc unicd too long 2
line, cnd that (he cxatent of it necessarily vy kening ity
gaye Bonanarle an opportunity of cutting through it, and
parating one part from the other, We shall be slow to
censure the operatious of a man who has done more thaa
any other General towards contributing to the present
glorious stats of aluirs. TLowcever, on éhe 10th, Bonae
parte cudcavoured to cut the Silesian aruiy ia two.
View original a
) \
I hi
‘ '
A’ i
4 ' : a
f ’
4 ’ ¥
IU ‘ e if i
* +
a 1) .
« |!
i )
> ¢

, . ‘
A °
f .
sr i
, ’
i , i
} .
\ »
i ) »T isftl )
ai \ } 0%
? >
r 1 ic 13th. and
I (
i] rete f
‘ , 4
i me L-]
, ?
ACU ym 4 -
‘ 4 is be
y y * .e
; ™
- 7 j a
. and a
. . 4 i
. } ° 4 iS f V ¢
, —I} (
i I
‘ > i :
‘ ( i
. 0D \
Pai og 4681S VEC ha @&is\sA LAL =a 4
4 a :
View original ‘the Silesian army, composed of the Russian corps of
sacken and Langeron, and (he Prussian of Wleist) aod
Yorck, 80,000 strony, has boon in four days beater, dise
persed, annihilated, without agencralaction, and withont
any loss proportioned to such great results.’—We heve
Deen so accustomed to Bonaparte’s aunihiladiag arn ies
upon paper, which we find afterwards to be healthy and
active in the field, that we confoos we are not much ine
tinidated by the sentence we have just quoted.— WV here
Bonaparte was on the morning of the Loth itis not said,
but we believe at Montmirail,
London, Feb. 20.—The Paris papers to the 19th justify
the belief weexpressed yesterday, thatthe Austrian army,
ander Prince Swarizenborg, had not been inactive during
the operations against the Silesian army. The Prince
inarched from Troyes, as we said he intended tv do, on the
10th, and proceed towards Nogent and Bray. Bonaparte
had left Victor and Gerard before Nogent; OQudinot at
Provins, nearer Paris; and Pajol ucar Moutereau and
Melun, As soon as the Austrians had broken up from
Troyes, Victor retired from Negont across the Seine, aud
left Gen. Bourmont at Nogent with about [200 men.
Vhe Preuch oficial account inform us, the Austctans ap.
peared before Nogent on the Pith, and that on (hat and
the next day they made several attacks upon it withon
sticcess. - But we suspect that these were mere foiuts
calculated to deceive the enemy, aud draw their atlention
npow Nogent, whilst the main bedy of the army took
df rf let Jit cll mM. 153 ly Ol tae Sel! 5 ral: er WCAPCEr
Paris than Nosent. had uot boon forufted, and uo corps
cooms to have been stationed chore for its defence. VI
Austrians entcicd ily avd cross the Soine without oposi-
Con, ‘The poston of Nogeut thew became of tiith> im.
yrfances su theensmy. and Victur dstroyvirs & lide
fell back upow Nangis. Oucdnot aaidoncd Provins at
the sume time, and reticed to the litt!eriver Yoresy, which
runs into tae Seine, Payol took the sae dir cua, after
blowing up the bridges of Moatcreau and sbelun. Dla
. . . . ep ft , ® . '
was the sitvation of aliatr nothe PSth. ac do rcoen
army wbhout JO miles—the ANuctrian ariey arcel
. ) Wore
than 40 iniles from Paris.
On the 16th, Bonaparte, recalled from AMontmirail by
the advance of the Austrians iio Proyes, arrived upon
the Yeres, and fiaed his headquarter at Guignes, on the
southern bank of the Yeres.—Jfere the official account
es. on the morming of the ]7th.—But the Wowdlow ol

\ ' )
(he sch adds, that letters from the army, dated frou
x : ‘
Nanvis. at uoun, on tae 17th, announce that Bonaparte

bad ateucked the enctry, and had, ‘fat that moment in
) pllsoners, amongst whom were several
lis JOM [ (
Cseneralys and a ercat number of Oilicers, and L+ picces of
Calubot. He Ww 4s follow) s Wp his success.’”?
We have thus only Ore account of the conmnencement
vf the Dattle—ea battle su fully becan Indy Not wc sce
cessfully end de Lhe great b’redoric’s campaigns furnish
a memorable instance of Uiis:—he wrote once to th
Queen at Berliu, sayvig, that the day was his own, and
desire Te Derm to be celenrated. In the evening, he
cut a d.spatch of a very dilerent nature—‘* Victory is
against us, remove the atchievcs from Beilin, and make
the best terms you can for the city.’ To these letters,
written by no official persons, little attention perhaps is
due.—If letters could be written; an oflicial dispatch could
also be written; and as the Moutteur of the 18th is print.
ed like our Morning Papers, on the night of the 17th, «
dispatch sent olf on the evening of the 17th mocht ea (1
“ ~
feach Paris time enough to appear in the Monéleur of the
18th. <A signal Victory over the Austrians would be of
that importance to Bonaparte that he would immediately
transmit it to all parts. The guns of Bolosne would
have announced it, and telegraphic dispatches would
have reached us from the French coast, We might easily
have had this morning a telegraphic dispatch frou the
army down to the 20th inclusive.
In what an anxious, critical state do these papers leave
us! The armies of Austria, and Prussia, so near Paris
that the sound of the caunon may almost be heard at
the Thuilleries !
W hilt these events arc passing within 30 miles of Paris
Bulow and Winzingede must be cuming up to reinforce
Marshal blucher.—The former was, on the 12th, pushing
on to Mons. The latter, having his head-quarters at
Namur, has sent his advanced-guard to Avyesnes and
Rheims, of whichit had taken pussessicn, Ly the 20th,
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View original arrived } .
Hine I. Cil iid ( \\

ry ‘ >
‘ + \
‘ ‘ i
. i
mi \
View original
View original HNHOLLAND.
Amsterdam, Feb. 5.—Vhe Council of commerce informs
the merchants, that Lord Clancarty, the British Anibase
sudor, has communicated to our Government, that his
Royal Highness the Prince Regent wishing on eEVUTY OCCa=
sion to shew the greatest liberality towards Holland, as far
as the interests of his Majesty’s States will permit, hay de.
clared that the navigation and commerce between Holland
and the Dutch colonies is opened under the following
s{ipulations : --
Aur. 1. The navigation of Holland with the colonies,
must be direct and not circuitous. ‘To prevent any abuse,
Licenees will be given by his Majesty’s Minister at tha
Hague, or by the English Consuls at Am-terdam and Rote
terdam. ‘The ports and colonies to whichthe the vessels are
ahout to repair must be specified in the licences.
2. That this commerce may be placed upon the same foot.
Ins as that between Great Britain and these colonies, due
ics Shall be imposed ou the articles exported and in ported
from thence, equal to those paid in england on the same
3. Licences can only be granted to vesscts belonging to
Tolland, and manned with Dutch seaman, With regard
fo convoy, the Dutch vessels may avail themselves of any
Ing ish convoy, destined to protect. the commerce of
Grreat Britain 5 and the Commander of his Majusty’s sli) 8
shall give orders that all legal fot ‘ction be aNordcd to all
Dutch vessels as shal sail vader Koetizh con voy.
The Prince Regent will always shew bimesell disposed to
grant every hind of assistance to any persou who may be
vithorised by the Dutch Government to Uesuciate treaties
with the Barbary Powers,
Tiolen, Jan, 20.—Yesterday evi ning, obout seven
o'clock, His ikoyal Highness the Duke of Clarence, third
son of his Majesty the King of Mugland, arrived in this
town A part of the Knglish garcison, together with the
Whole of the Armed Burghers, were underarms, and postel
inthe Groat Market, through which it was necassasy for
his Royal Highness to pass ou his w ly tothe Governm uf
House, Meanwhile aimounted guard of honor, compoxd
A the most distinguished of the inhabitants of tis tox Ny
went out to mect Ilis Royal Hishness, a d Lccompanied
dah ther, whea the whole town brilliantly iMluouwateds
itis Koyal Highness having alighted, grinted, in the even.
biz, an audience to the Burzgomaster and Council, whom
de received in a inost cordial manner.
This morning at ten o'clock, the Minister of Reglizion
were adinitted to an audicnee, on which occasion ‘ho Rev.
Hteer van Ryssel, Pastor of the Dutch Reforsed C NEE Ce
sation of (his town, delivercd tie fo lowdng specch :—
‘6 Vosd hoyal anid Illustrious Prénce.—The Ministers
of the Protesiaut Religion in this town have to paform,
as Well fur themselves as in the name of their Felloy Me
Nisters im this country, the agreeable duty of Seluting
your Joval Hisganess on your errival wituin ouc walls.
bes, We are fully scasible of the honor which is Cuuferred
Won us, by beholding in the midts of us a Prince of the
oval Ibouse of England, which has at all times taken sa
Inuch interest ha the prosperity and welfare of our country,
and which has never ceased to watch over the honor and
glory of the Llustrious Prince of Oranuse, of which it now
Sives the most atlecting proofs,
‘We are convinced, Royal and Ilustrious Prince, thaé
the security of dlulland depends, above all things, on a
stricl alaace with the powerful kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland; wherefore can never cease servently to ime
plore the Almighty ; that the bonds of alliance may be
drawn more and nore close, and, in parucular, that thig
may beetlected by the Matrimonial Union Of the Illustrie
vus Hereditary Prince of Orange with the R oval Princess
Charlotte of England !
‘* My God for ever be with the father of his people, the
venerable King of mighty Britain, aud nay his Hoavenly
Grace bless, inthe most distinguis ti. inanner, the Governe
ment of the Prince Regeut, that Pusland, underhis admie
Nistration, may continue to be the most powerful kings
dom of Murope! God bless all the Princes aod Princesses
of the Royal blood! Above all, may the Almighty render
your Roayl and Illustrious Highness a happy instrument
in expelling the enemy of mankind, whereby you may bee
come the object of the Sratetull Llessings of the Dutch
‘*We shall henceforth have thehonor, weand ourcome
mutiGes, Of relying most humbly on your Roya. High.
loss protecuion,”
This speech was most graciously listened to by his Royal
Highness, and was answered ina manner the Most to coh
ing, and, at the same (ine, the most important to the
country. Fis Royal Highness declared with enthusiasin,
that England never could forget that one of the Princes of
Orange, William JIL. had ascended the ‘hroue of ngs
land, aud that his reign was most fortunate to that coun.
try, and that england wow aimed at Nothing more than the
honor and glory of the House of Orange, and the closest
allianes of the two nations, Eng'and aud Holland.
His Royal Highness then passed through the principal
streets of the town, aad ascended the walls, when he was
saluted with one and twenty guns: after which his High.
Ness having inspected the fortifications, and returned to
the Goverament House, granted aa audience to the Ollie
cers of the garrison and the armed Burghers,
— ——€S SS SS = _ <= TT.
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View original
View original BLERBICE.
Kiuets Howse, Vk Aprit, IBV.
THE Tientenart-Governor bas beca pleased to
make the followi) «appointmonf:—Vr. RoprricK
Mchunzie, te ‘dag Civil Comritssary, and
Acting Deputy [ot Viaster General, during the ab-
sence of Win. Score, lsd.
Py command
: Tr. WHIPi, Gov. See.
$$$ $$$. —_— —— —_———$_—$—$———
View original — — se Sao
jos TMoace, Sth Apri, S14.
Notice isherchbs civen, that Daniel Alf, besqr.,
has beenappointid Depicy Receiver Coneral, All
persons are eno ed to resicet bind br sod eapaeity.
By the Dreut eant-Coveriors command,
PD. Welithy, Gov. Svc.
- -——o— om -
~ wuervieys .worrg yy nm
¥ f ’ 1 ‘gn
a 7 LC is
TS herebe @ivene to all persons ind) bted to the
c Sonreccon Cor Putty Datics. That the Re-
ceiver dias oven Cte fod to furnish the Marshel with

Mor ofti ie cot alters. cad unless payment is made
vo ointend
ays from (he date Lereof, their names
will be incehided in sad lest. }eor the Reeeiver,
1G April. PP. WHEE,
> OS — — = ——— ———=
_ ._—~— - + - _
View original PROCLAMATION:
BY [Tre Bee eae ie coy Winsstay BRextriner,
Iisa - - / / 1) ( ,? c| oh. Culury / Clie
(-: GIG tts )) : Vict 4 / Pe ~ 6 A le c Cc.
Andth Uonurabe Co rbd Bolly wud Crimtaal Sus.
i af / - Sic. ‘ e
" ° 1 Seat - Cc ) ! ’
WE RES S Ge ape am Sormed, that) doubts have
ari ean the Wil! t hot the ad i soot this
Golooy, whether byoome Coot et ee Sth ot
J earl on thie } re iif ) ( ry if . nie \ : ' ion Oe
Lely [vy | rt | od ye \ ib FO, Joye wd | 1 | (ry
Whoeties (re useal Poolheays tla. od Dy inv foeer
Orlinaoees of Ours Were to be dieonieiied In to.
wo olor farther plow caie be sienified,
Jno der ther doo. that our views and. centinrents
maybe nore dis veil hoown and usd rsteod. we
Go hereby distinc ce ned ae cuttively for the present
Go avy ty-—** Wiloiduvs cloved by aay fernter Or.
dinvnces or Lsiecs, sive and exe proSu: lnws.”
And we sfricthy onsen and entoca teat thos our Order
De obeyed ly ul prey bletocs. Pou ds OF atl Psy
boavine directa aC dit | We Owe T Lye b On pore)
of severe pentiass should Cis Gur prec ation be
isobe ver .
And that ro ioneraree may be profended. those
mrescifs sliili. o ptohshed and cacubats das custo.
Phas dane ao dy ablishediat the Cont Touse of
the col ey Cece, Vth April, Pst ot Present THis
Pineedler ov U. 2 bet NTIS WE teri iteGovere
Morea () The So ris c ’ !
bors att | . i isd, mony als,
! ! ‘Te A - hehe ry \. de tts, ritl (a. Munro;
dempto, La. . subeoure ts.
Ry Corr rand of the Cone,
Rh. C. DO\ NU, SOC.
(diad time of publilire.)
Ow = es. 0 ee
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View original
View original SUMMON ty EDICT.
BY virtue ofan appointment from the Tonoratte
Courtol Civil Justice of this colony, granted qe na
vetinion, presented by Thomas P tyer Layfield and
Robert Douglas, as © tenets to the Estate a Jolin
aS, dee., and of ames Sinchiuras Curator to the
state of John Sinclair, dee., vader date of 29h dae
nuary ISP. 2 the undersicred. at dis re qirest ot
aforesaid Curator, do hereby Sum oon by Ldiet:—
tor the fourth time ex stiocnu cadet, oll ercdivors
y choumants on the Late fina of acess cael Sivelury or
plintation Nice, stttete witha this colony, or on
tlhe SC PATALE BNcITC S| Ts ota dons melnte,
focivetn theirel | 2OF OY pteNyy betor
the Borct the LAN ibe oey ot ivie SESSION
ich wil! bya I. \ lhe PU Ove liay Ix] 1, there
Cohoar the ebro t raede Gir lay ie nceessary, and
“riner to proceed aces ing te Pow, oa pain to all
sey te mbdyG © ity Ol Yang for ever debar-
coi irl: stor il.
Ados Seocsonb Odtet, med hnawn tothe pebtc
by beat ofdrie a va the Court House of this colony,
and further dealt dy eco Tine to custuin.
Berbice, the lo. ' i Lavery Ve | ry, l.
Ae bade OW bi, Tirst Warshot.
BY virtue ofan iuppointincat Cron the Poon ra!
Courtot Civil Justice o: this ¢ lone yer odio n
petition, presented by the Losid tor Orolo os aad

unprovided Estates, beartue dhoc the Jota Nove
ber ISIS. PE the undersigned, at the requ tol: oo
sald Board, do hereby Stumime a ty iodiet :— Abb pore
sous Pavinzorpreten dire to diese any ley ror!’
on the Estate of the bite Pooler elodly te . prey
before the Court of Civ lustece ot his colony, at
there sesston ta the month of baby, (a the voor oa
(honcandet cht bundrcd end tourtee...) y lott, for
tlhe pu pase of there delivestne dn their chamas. sce
(hes. me objected toy should tf be necessary, aut to
Vitne y atter the fourth Porat Stminon, the
Courts deeis on as to the prof rent and coneurrent
reht of claimeonts, on prin to such as remain in des

lanl! of beine foreverd barred Cher rioht of Clit.
Dhis Stenmeon by diet, made known to the public
by beatof drum trom the ( ort Louse of this colony,
nd father dealt with according to cust i.
Beibiee, Ure forth | ‘ohn: iry, INI,
h. baw lsChiin, Lert Washkal,
— ——.
a - a ——_, ——
View original SUMMON cy LDICT'.
BY virtne ofan appointment from Cie Tlonarvdte
“ourt ot Civil dustice ofthis col: uwVy. ey) Very WI »")
petition, preseated by thre Bown 1 ' rt is al
uoprovided Estates, bearinge Cate the 16) Novem.
ber ISEB. | Ptheandsrsiened, at he rescues. ote tore
suid board, do hereby Sunenon by ds MI me
son havoc. er pretending to ive’ HV chair io 7
oy the distate of Mlenander Toc ustem aad Prue yo ons.
ctor phintation Mary’. ou. 0, neeroes and over Vp-
Ienanees, Co appear betore Gre Courtot Civil Jus.
Heo of this eoloryy, at their seston im the anenth of
July, (Gu the yourone thousond eleht tha Ared) and
fourteen.) say ESE t, forthe purpose ot th ve deliver.
ingin thetrelains, sce the saae objected to, shoukd
I be necessary, and to witness, atter the fourth
dictale Summon, the Courts deeitonas to the pre=
terentand concurrent richtof elainriat , Olr pitin to
such as rematoin default, of being toe ever debarred
their right of cl:im,. :
This Sumimon by Edict, made knoywn to the public
by beat of drum trom the Couet House of this colony,
wid further dealt with according to custom.
Berbic:, the 15th February, IS14.
RK. FRANCKEN, First Marshal,
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TAR the use of Phintation Augsbura, ta be delve
ercd in town, af (he water side of Lot No. O._'7]
preees Bullettrie Timber, or Sibiry wood, the bl n-ht
and breadth to be seen at the UBuse of the undetstone
ed. Toucers for which will be received until the Yd
of Mav next, when they will be opened, and the lo-
west ofier, 1 approved of, be accepted.
16 April. J. M.C. REUSS, qq.
—_—_ Ce
View original TE HUCR.,
HTT woonhuis staande op het erf No. 29, aan de
voordam—te bevragen by
9 April. J. MUNNO,
IMPORTED hy the Subseribers, in the Simo,
Cochk—Per lation sy orls with be lis, epaulets, sv urd
knots, soshis, gold lacs, fringe, &e
POR the use of the Civil Covernment, (49 be lone
deat Goveroment st Vine) SOOO Veet (one inehyy
Croby ood Lumber. Por which Len ters will be ree
ceived by (he Subsernih yd Phan roy the Ylst ine
sfantyat LO o'clock in th mornic cg © tren they vy dl
de Opened ta pres ace of His T. celluney the Gaoyt ce
NOT, alli Lie lowest Oale Ty if apy ’ Uy dec pl dl.
16 April. RL MACKENZIE, ton Con.
A —
View original TENDERS ror COTTON.
NINETEEN Dales anda poekctt good clean cotton,
and a bate yellow do, deliversdte on 2onraben est Me
for ext on deliv ry: Penders for which will b> res
erved until Wednesday the Ofth inst. at the store
of J.T. Scutanionst, Esq.
Jovavnry PRON,
0 pri. A. KRIEGER,
—— —_—-—— = —- tit
-_— _
View original FOP Sinn
— _
Lav CNC( Wert cfr yr saddle TT] orse (ormerly a ran]
ao Shorse) so that (he same, after a Hftle trouble
vill be again uscful tor the chaise—en jure att. is
attic (, 9 April
_—_— ——

View original ——
_—_ OOo
Brasx biils of exchanre, ditto of bdloe, ‘he
anner of orecec. nes before tae Con trv) Muse
terofthecolyoy Poabier. Sewell? nh YX touteh
for y Dy th TH cu divfo,—
dsaowii be pes ~ lo oof thig
"yan hye ( fs, — colo Vv Ig, [eo
nomily printe basa pos 7 9 April.
I eS
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Subscription Roo..s.
A number of Subscribers having aot yet paw thei,
Subscriptions 0 the above Rooms, the ved
revuests them to do so as carly as possible, so as to
ible him tomect some presssing demands for Lue
ropean Newspapers. &c. &c. &c.
9 April. J. BINNING.
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23 April 1814